Would Like 2 say Happy Orangutan Day 2016 but well…

can’t say i am really happy bout the day! being called that by greenpeace


being called dat! jest reminds me as to how fucked up mankind is being to other creatures on the planet, an all the negative bs comments an viewpoints frum people that are so selfish an self centered to as judge these magnificent unique an beautiful creatures to me… orangutans an gorillas are 2 kewl fer skewl in Q’s bewk 

Bornean Orangutans have officially been classified as “critically endangered” – meaning they’re now on the brink of extinction. an Gee wunder why?

We use to live quite happily without palm oil, there appears to be no life saving or life enhancing benefit for humans in the present day.  Cheap to produce, yet so costly in other ways.

yep; The arrogance of humans over yet another species.  Welcome to another day on Planet Earth ..such an emotional piano riff an video here…

– Save the Orangutan – Stop Palm Oil

Meanwhile Q shall try 2 have a splendid fry day an hope u really do also…Been up all night wit da full moon as any monkey in love would an should,  i love full moon nights…as so also the creatures of this planet…wunder when the heck the majority of mankind will get a clue really!…..everyones to busy being distracted by tv an all an livin’ life to pay attention any more to the reality of it all , frum the oceans to the air, to the plants an animals…when originally it was all given to use freely , but not to destroy like wtf? anyhow is all i gots to say jest ask koko the gorilla an see what she has to say……on enuff for now ..jest makes one sad is all – like one of my commenters yesterday says.the werld goin to chit!!!!!!!!…for greed an corporate profit..by senseless heartless human beings……yep yep………..

these 2 vids go back a couple of years but both remind me that i do have a heart ! for these creatures! yes indeed..call e a freaking animal that’s okay with me…..at least i have a heart! as so many humans truly don’t ..sad but true fact of life, in real daily life! they will hear it all the way they wish no matter what ya say, people with one way selfish hearts an souls..lie an then in the end say don;t know what else i can do..same ol chit different scenario huh! .all there is to it.very much reminds me of the movie Avatar! also…the whole concept an idea behind it all!


following is a Multi award winning. Set in Indonesia this heart renderin’ film.  Meet Green, an orangutan and victim of human impact. Follow the devastating journey as her home is destroyed by logging, clearing for palm oil plantations, and the choking haze of rainforest fires. Hauntingly poetic and without narration, the film creatively depicts the effects of consumerism on tropical rainforests as we are faced with our personal accountability in the loss of the world’s treasures. More info here https://www.greenplanetfilms.org/prod…

an well, in my real personal life i am truly blessed an happy today really no matter what,,cuz i do have a friend…that i can adore an care bout as much as i do my self ..frum my dogs to …an awesome person this heartfelt friend…..i am so very gratefulan touched this fine day 2day = one day @ a time here in Q’s werld…will enlighten ya to all da’ whats an hows an whys as they happen! in my life life – unfolding future  life that is…Namaste’ 2 one an all frum da’ Q

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