Werd of da’ week is Mirror

~ SO, werd of da’ week at wordpress worldwide photo challenge is mirror..


mirror reflection in black painted chevelle

yes i restore body an paint on cars also in my garage fer

πŸ™‚ fun! πŸ™‚


a mirror like reflection in black

takes me back in time to a couple a few shots..


da’ roof

i thought were shareable.


i strive for a mirror like finish!

..so many kewl shots frum around the world this week with over 300 entries so far.


..of reflections an mirror like images is a perty visual werd to use for the week…check out the other entries here @ wordpress weekly photo challenge by da’ daily post!…have a splendid week everyone whom comes across the wacky werld of the quasicle Q…..

~oh an by the way my mirror lewked like this when i started! πŸ™‚


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

Β .check out my other mirror like projekts here below

….Autobody by Quarksire……


This week’s challenge is all about reflections.

13 thoughts on “Werd of da’ week is Mirror

  1. Man I’ve been reading through a lot of your stuff just now, so I wasn’t sure where to post this, but… You’ve got a crazy chill vibe. It’s unique as hell and definitely worth a read. I appreciate the originality, man. Keep it up!

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