Flying Colorado wit Henry Trike in his Ultralight trike

Drift Upon The Sky an come take a ride wit henry! in Kolorful Colorado.. FRum henry trike πŸ™‚ come flY Colorado; a few vids today fer ur viewing pleasurE…


come fly wit da’ Q

Fly at 15,000 feet over Pikes Peak in Colorado with Ultralight Trike
Henry says: This was one of my dream flights. Tracy, Rick and I flew over world-famous Pikes Peak (14,110 feet) with our trikes. We took off from Meadow Lake Airport and flew to the north of the peak and approached the peak from the west side to avoid the rotors created by 45 mph westerly wind. It was the most exciting and beautiful flight I ever had


~Fly Colorado Ultralights–Pikes Peak Flight–July 23-2015

an last but not least …

~Colorado Springs Flying with Tracy Tomlinson
One of the beautiful places I visited in this summer. Fun flights with Joe, Rick and Tracy near Colorado Springs. I want to go back there and fly again…..


So, Skybound wit Henry in Colorado, waz wat my mind waz all bout this fine day!…

have a splendid week werld…frum da’ Q


… More ultralight trike stuff frum Q below …

Ultralight Trike Flying

8 thoughts on “Flying Colorado wit Henry Trike in his Ultralight trike

    • i have a dream to get around to a few of the national parks in colorado an go fly above them this next spring into summer! πŸ™‚ yes indeeD! πŸ™‚ thanks fer droppin in amy..hope allz well wit u an ur family! Q

    • very kewl….Most folks don’t have a clue what i am talkin’ bout mosta the time when it comes to trikes, if they never flown one…a lot different than ur standard ol’ airplane :). did u perchance get to fly with paradise trikes b-4 the owner crashed an they had to close? take care john-bo! πŸ™‚ Q

      • In fact, it was them. The pilot I had was the pilot who was killed. If you search my blog, you’ll find two posts, one my original about the trip and another about the accident with some TV news video. Sometimes I think how lucky I was that I could have been the passenger who was killed.

      • when i fly i have to remember…altitude is my best friend………an so is speed…low an slow sumtimes knocs one to the ground to quick to be able to do anything bout it………think i remember readin ur blog posts a whiole back commentin.thanks for comin round my werld also..take care.Q

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