Livin’ on Da’ Edge of life! @ 60

Furst thingz furst I live on the EDGE of a 800ft. cliff!


august 2016 frum Q’s ledge on da’ edge!

well, 100 ft back frum da’ edge is da house…40ft frum da’ edge is da’ garage!


In Da’ wintertime lotsa snow is on da’ edge! dis’ was furst snow 2015

This weeks WordPress worldwide photo werld focuses on the werd…”EDGE” an well, fits my werld to a “T” cuz i believe i live on the edge in so many different wayzzzz..even wit my health on da’ edge of death itself lol



..Secondly livin on the edge with thingz i choose to do also, for some it’s over the edge.


for others they are fascinated that a disabled old retired guy can do such thingz still lol…


off da’ edge yes indeeD!

…cuz well munday i decided to come to this planet 60 years ago…


Moonsoon season on da’ edge

only to find myself livin’ on the edge in da’ end lol


Drivin’ on da’ edge is as fun as livin’ an flyin’ on da’ edge in colorful Colorado!


cya on da’ flip side frum da’ top of da’ edge on a ledge!

.. ๐Ÿ™‚ LIVIN’ on Da’ Edge! ๐Ÿ™‚ ..


jest sayin’ goodbye an high! frum da’ edge of my seat! 2 U 2 day!


11 thoughts on “Livin’ on Da’ Edge of life! @ 60

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