The Twin Flame Test LoL jest 4 fun!


“Twin flames are our mirrors. They reflect back to us our every strength, insecurity, weakness and shadow element. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo soulwork and become the best version of ourselves possible.”   

~Mateo Sol

LOL: hey i passed the test? wow…now what?

Believe it er Not“!

Results: You found your twin flame! says the website. Well i took the twin flame test an this is s what happened 🙂 lol….. so is it smoke er mirrors u tell me? ur guess is good as mine at this point! this is what the answer to the test said to me!


What an immense blessing. You are both like two sides of the same coin: you compliment each other’s strengths, weaknesses, light and dark sides perfectly. Your twin flame is someone who you completely trust and feel a sense of inner expansion around. Your life may have changed drastically since meeting your twin flame and you can’t help but feel that this person has inspired you to become better as a whole. And although you both tend to mirror each other’s unresolved wounds, sometimes leading to conflict, you both accept each other unconditionally. Deep down, you feel that you have known this person for eternity, and you both share the same spiritual calling.


I guess u can take the test ur self flame on or flame out  i don’t have a clue anymore…lol cept for well, i passed the test; yeppurz;  with an A+ lol. now what 🙂

have a splendid’ one


an see what u come up with thinkin’ of ur mate u want in life



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