4 Ever on an Eternal Quest

Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY!…an Eternal Quests..well!!!..


xmas 1970 @ Q’s house

A Very Versatile Werd this week: da’ werd of da’ week…it is ” QUEST “….
depending upon what context it is used in an how it can be shown in photos is endless…..What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera says Cheri @ da’ daily post this week!….. So, well, ever since furst kiss…many years ago…became a quest of another kind for a lifetime! πŸ™‚ ! as shown in 3 pics here!


furst kiss started da’ Quest!



^^^^^^Β  came a twist on da’ Quest!

..here kitty kitty!… ❀


so da’ eternal quest continues lewkin’ fer da right Kitty to plug into!Β  an OMG i think i found her! says da’ Q LoL!

Seems that’s what is kewl bout life is watching everyone elses Quests!….will be interesting with what everyone at wordpress across the world comes up with in regards to “QUEST”…I have already seen about 200+ entries…an will be lots more for the viewin’ as they roll in!….over 400 so far this week!..
For me well, my ultimate Quest in life is …simple sumtimes…Simply SurvivaL!…then the quests go on frum there…mental quests to physical quests…an then there is the Quest that is History but always fun to reflect back upon..had a lota quests in my lifetime now, all over the usa , ultralight trips an hangliding trips, an mexico, scuba adventure, & to peru etc etc, but the #1 quest still remains! lol!!!!

We shall see what becomes of {HER} πŸ™‚ he smiles!…as he embraces an welcomes dis’ New Quest!..


So, as one can see Quest is a very versatile werd to say the least that can be used an put into many different contexts!….
There are Monthly, Yearly, Weekly, Daily Quests? Hourly Quests? an even moment to moment quests! BELIEVE IT ER NOT!…ALL DEPENDS UPON HOW ONE LEWKS AT IT!


What are you in search of? Capture a quest with your camera.

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Peru Adventure

Paragliding Adventures


8 thoughts on “4 Ever on an Eternal Quest

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  2. Reblogged this on Quarksire and commented:

    ~~~~Hola everyone welcome again to Q’s werld on the net…~~~~
    Yeas the eternal quest to survive is what it is …among other kinsa quests indeed…I thought i woud re-blog this cuz of the way my site is set up an the Frequency of posts an how they get hidden in the past lol …Anyhow there is a motive to why i do blog…an if ya browse round the catagories section a bit ya will see what i mean…an where i am headed with lotsa my stuff….
    So here it is…If an when ya find a good Love hang on to it an love it with all ur might πŸ™‚ an have a good time with it as best as possible….be at peace with ur self an the world to the best of ones ability an try not to let the greedy bad guys er whatnot get ya down….evr since 2013 moving forward without hesitation has been my main theme an “CRASHING IS NOT AN OPTION”…well untill ya do crash…an i have crashed….maintenance of an in recovery with this one this time round well is going to be a fun one…with the actual dialysis center (if i make it that long, chances are feeling good to me?) is 50 miles away…@ that point in time i will have to drive 50 miles to get dialysis…am thinking i shall set up motorhome somewhere in durango..an have a place to hide out when i do not feel like making the drive…..they say after dialysis…i might not feel like driving 50 miles home 3 times a week….so we shall see what the future beholds..will keep the Q ster fans That are concerned Informed here..Take care an over an out frum da’ Q Mike in colorful southern colorado…
    Whats been keepin me alive??? well check out my catagory on a cure for most diseases!….has been a fun journey …an well with all good choices an the higher order of things being on my side i might jest get a new kidney in 2017 ? we shall see…. am hoping for that before x-mas that might be a reality in this guys life….”one day at a time”
    So even though Q’s been on eternal quests it appears an seems for a future with some half hazard good health..well….I will Re- inforce what i said in my last post…. LOVE IS THE ANSWER….truly……..the answer to what? well??? Life my friends! no matter what! an how bad ya feel ….It can’t halp but make ya feel better to LOVE! …an when ya do ya will know what mean….@ that point ….no matter how much one might hurt ..well for me anyhow most of the pain goes away when i shift my focus to that which i love…an stay connected to whom i love also…
    I donot have a clue how many people are on my mailing list an not jest blog followers but i get looked at a lot on lotsa specific stuff frum round the net….That was the intention here an was not intended to go to mailboxes…but i see its an option on my site an lotsa people follow me thata way…To all of ya that do an read me an my stuff for so long thanks a lot again!…I do see many of u all over my site frum time to time … an then see others come hang out at a specific catagory or whatnot a read all the related posts …thanks to all of u cuz i feel like i am half werth readin sumtimes fer fun..an thats the reason why i started it all in the furst place fun…jest fun fun an more fun is all an share a bit of knowledge along the way!
    peace out to oe an all today whm migh venture along to find urself at QThe page of Quarked one in Colorado! ……
    Once again .Over an out frum da’ Q …..Keep on Keepin’ on . πŸ™‚
    ~~~~oh an to my green eyed lady love ❀ this is my publiK display to U that i truly miss ya when u are not on top of me the way u are a lot an need to be…So thank U frum the bottom of my heart for Being My ❀ # 1 support!….So very very happy to have YOU in my life!….The sanDs of time have finally werked in my favor…thata way at least! lol….hopefully we can get another 5-10 er 15 er 20 outa this body with todays new teck an all…..an a matter of staying on the right freQuency!…. What FreQuency is dat one might ask? well the freQuency of love ..thats bout it frum the whacked werld of Q this fine day! over an out!…….

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