A Bit of Nostalgia frum Quarksire

Nostalgia < werd of da’ week!

What kinds of experiences stir emotions for the past within you?!

asks> jeffgolenski …….frum wordpress weekly photo challenge this week…what a great werd fer da’ week!

yes indeed!

target practice

a bit of target practice

So here is a bit of nostalgia frum Q’s werld..i am 60 years old now…& ..i like to bring life back to old things, women an cars!

lol….sumpthin with my name on it an put into it!

that will last for many years after i am dead an gone……






My form of art is to bring back nostalgic vehicles to a werkin condition an showable thing to drive round fer fun!


lifes a grind then ya get over it!

yes hot rods ..an hot cars are fun to restore in Q’s werld

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

got to peel away the past to start a new beginning

fer a few bucks more an a lotta fun an sumpin to do in the summertime round here!


i strive for a mirror like finish!

…jesta couple of my nostalgic pieces here fer ya…


again Lifes a Grind! The ya get over it!


Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

follow the link here Autobody by Quarksire to see more

Autobody by da’ Quarked one mikey here!

Take care an have a great week everyone…


so far there be some kewl nostalgic pics to lewk at frum all over the Werld at wordpress weekly photo challenge!


~~~ peace out 2 U ~~~

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Autobody by Quarksire


9 thoughts on “A Bit of Nostalgia frum Quarksire

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    • not sure unburied the car body out of the desert… had been there for years….have another one also one day was buried 2 feet in the sand all bent up i will do for fun also..they fit on old toyota truck chassiss jest fine 🙂 next one i do i want to do 4 wheel drive an keep to drive …

    • ME i do custom body an pain in my garage…. ;;;all in fun i done all these here…car is a 69 Chev SS 454 4speed. used to be a race car i made back to a street car..took me 2 years 2 do 🙂 in my spare time ..full time spare time lol……

  2. Not sure if you know George but if you do he is quite ill right now. I have a post on my blog with a link that will bring you to his blog where information can be found about what is going on. I’m trying to find people George knows.

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