WPC: Opposing Energies

***** Since the wordpress editor won’t work for me since they made the software changes…The Re-blogger function werks…werks so good i accidentally posted the last post to here instead of 420greetings lol oh well…if ya come across the World of Q here Be patient While i get my life Sorted out again in all ways including the wordpress editor that won’t function properly for me…~~~ hAPPY hOLIDAzE 2 oNE AN ALL THAT COME ROUND THE WERLD OF DA’ Q ….WHERE THE MESSAGE HERE THIS YEAR IS LOVE COMPASSION PEACE AN A BIT OF UNDERSTANDIN…NAMASTE’ FRUM DA’ Q ***iF y A SLID ACROSS TO MY WEB PAGE HERE …CHECK OUT THE CATAGORIES! LOL TO THE RIGHT AN SEE IF SUMPIN MIGHT BE OF INTEREST TO YA.AN HAPPY BROWSIN’…….ENJOY 4 U HAVE ENTERED THE QUASICLE WERLD OF DA’ Q 🙂 PEACE-OUT WORLD .OH AN MERRY CHRISTMASS~***(*@*@*)*********** 🙂


………Da Weld of Opposing .Thoughtz – Ideas – morals – ethics – religions –

energy – positive an er verses negative, have both gewd an bad effects,
all depending upon how one chooses to interpret or lewk at it.whatevr it is.there is always an opposite, those that tend to go with the flow always tend to see the positive side of things even if things go bad, those are the ones that can laugh off breaking something one was trying not to break instead of getting mad at the sitch, those that like to see the brighter side of anything an everything are the ones that choose this brighter side of life the side of sunshine an love, then well there are the others whom are truly satisfied with being nocturnal, sleep through the hot days an then werk through the cool nights, also there are less people out…

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