Nothing else Matters scott davis piano

***** some of the people that read my page are lucky..they are experiencing summer lol……Wish i were there..snow snow an more snow here…I have a love hate relationship with the white stuff ya know! ………AM so glad 2016 is bout over!….Is lewking forward to a New Years that is blessed with love an light .whomever an wherever ya are….Nothing else matters ..Important part of me life these dayzzzzzzzzz…..Being Blessed with a loving soul that loves me an vice a versa ….an me becomin a grandpa..frum my second son is all jest 2 cool fer skewl :)…New years a comin .be safe Wathch out fer do other guy! lol..peace-out frum da Q


Ever since we met ..well..anyhow, can’t stop listening to certain piano riffs…good fer da’ mind on a snowy night in paradise anyhew, an someone said spi=ring was here lol.yeah right .NOT!….some thingz remain the same, ie; like winter brrr.
bored check out my page here of a few of my favorite …
..these  vids of scotts are superb….an well, i can’t stop promoting his music and extraordinary talent at the ivorys!….so i gotz to do a scott davis post evr now an again 🙂
🙂 ADIOS AN OVER AN OUT frum quarksires u-tube werld 🙂
if ya liked those 2 u wil  also like this one.
A medley to give the audience a taste of the “Pianotarium: Piano Tribute to Metallica” CD. From the March 28 & 29, 2008 concerts at the Dixon Perf. Arts Theater.

Info and sheet…

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