Good News Bad News in Quarksires World…hmmm

And that leadz me to this!!!! I got the WordPress Editor to open for the furst time in a month since they changed up on all the stuff here…an it accepts my colored text etc etc..will see laters if it takes a pic added…Well,,,,that was the good news….second bit of good news for 2016 for me is it is almost over…….Hoping many things i have talked bout over the years are werth something to someone along the line as they read my blogwerld here…Years ago i started blogging to help keep myself mentally healthy an share with others on the planet how i do that an also physically healthy to the best of my abilities, an everyones ability is different an some folks are jest capable of more than others depending upon the disability they have.

     I have written many post-its bout love an healing an moving forward without hesitation in life through out my blog werld here…each with an idea to help another to solve a particular problem they might have concerning that subjekt…or sumtimes jest to bring a bit of light of humor into ones day…

     !0 years ago i was told i had a short amount of time to survive on this planet…in the months..wouldn’t make it many years they said…Well.I have no surpassed the marker with my dis-ease that well…they say the normal person would be in bed 4 ever over….so i am doing pert good in my opinion…but doc says get things in order mikey…An has ordered me to do kidney dialysis….my level of kreatinin has risin to the level of 8.5 on the rickter scale…..

     Essentially my kidneys have stopped functioning as far as he is concerned…an they ordered an ultrasound for tuesday…all well an fine in a way…but they ordering me to dialysis which is 40 miles away an is 3 times a week an quite a commitment…i can make it but all 3 of my vehicles are broken down an have been since thanksgiving…living on disability suks when ya can’t jest fix the shit ya need to cuz ya don’t have enuff $$$ but is what it is so i stranded @ it is..werking on my course in a miracle..evry day in my life for the last 10 years it has been.i still here….

     MOrtgage means death note lol…an i only have a couple of years till its totally paid…now they tell its time to leave get my shit my stuff in order for that happy moment..damn i was jest starting to have fun in this life…is a trip that when ya get to the point where it is alll werth while an all that was was werth while also…welll.the good news comes in? 😦 well, depends upon how ya lewk at it huh!…I myself like this life…an wish i could stay around for a while an intend to ….but ya never know really i guess the way i see it now..

     all i can do is hope an pray thati have had somethin to offer the ones that needed my help in recovery over the years ..frum whatevr the dis-ease might have been.hope i did a good job at helpin ya all get a better grip on some of the simple yet very complicated things on this planet…..One is love verses fear……….an i hope that love wins over in 2017 for one an allz that come across the whacked werld of Q here……….Yep There is a reason why i do this blog site an its not jest for my entertainment……or learnin But for YOURS!.Namaste 2 one an all frum the Q aka mike in southern colorado…..

PS: its gonna snow again tomorrow..! lol ya would nevr know we shall see…….

adios til next time Q……..!

14 thoughts on “Good News Bad News in Quarksires World…hmmm

  1. happy new year Q.. i wish you good health and more happiness this coming new year.. i’m also glad that 2016 would be over soon.. lots of bad memories that i should leave behind and let 2016 carry them.. but there are also nice ones which i would save in my heart..

  2. One breath. One step. One hour. One day at a time, Q. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and humor, as well as your rants! Holding Love and Light for you, my friend. Happy 2017! 😉 xoM

    • ur so very right margarita! …& thanks 2 u for all ur ❤ felt support this past year..has been Marvelous!….keep on keepin on also…an May U an Urs have a blessed 2017! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your wisdom, your caring and your personal perseverance. I pray that something will come to you to resolve the issue with your vehicles so you can get to dialysis

    Where do you live? I could reblog your post noting attention your neck of the woods. Dawn

    Big hugs

    • @ keast sumone knowz watz up lol……..
      yeah 2 bad sumtimez i don’t think of “ME” furst…well,,, stopped sufferin frum me-itis…when i realized some angels deserve to well,,, U know lol… we move on to bigger an better commitments for the future huh! …..cuz it’s hard to laugh off! even though i have been makin jokes over it.(pleaze excuse da’ one wit no excuse) such as life huh sandra 🙂 hugZZZZZZ..2017 movin forward without hesitation! yup yup! …

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