When Ya got it ya got it Polycystic Kidney Disease Facts

GOOD NEWS IN Q’s WERLD THESE DAYS CONCERINING HIS DEAD KIDNEYS! lol…Well FACTS ARE NOT ALWAYS the truth forever 🙂 lol thank the higher order of things for that!..AN THANKS FOR GENETIC FLIPS I GUESS! …No thanks but evry thank also to evry “FLIP KITTY” i ever met that brought me to this point in my life!
.THE NEW NEPHROLOGIST I HAVE well! he says no prob! he can do a transplant on me ! an he wants to !…especially if i have a donor with a kidney for me!…So contrary to what i have been told by other kidney docs an surgeons in da’ past…well this man is in agreement with Mike here…So next tuesday i spend all day at the kidney world in my area here…an get all the mapping done etc etc …so they can get access in case they have to dialysis…He tells me it would be great if i have a match in my kidneys an all frum my donor…If that becomes the case ( A MATCH) .. i believe so!… well then he wants to proceed with getting me into the state of mind an state of being an take the proper pre drugs etc etc an follow orders…an get the kidney installed ASAP!… says i can get anywheres frum a year plus to 5 er 10 even more depending upon the rest of my bodys organs …
Couple of links for the day here for my followers whom might care to check it out……Kidney transplantation is a life-extending procedure.[46] The typical patient will live 10 to 15 years longer with a kidney transplant than if kept on dialysis.[47] The increase in longevity is greater for younger patients, but even 75-year-old recipients (the oldest group for which there is data) gain an average four more years of life

……………….SO …….we shall see ……………as the world turns…..I am jest one of many with the same problem all over the world…OR? well, i should rather call it a situation..that needs a solution..an no problem .right .lol.well…time will tell here.an shall keep the world that wunders informed 🙂 PS: thanks to those of u whom have written an or called me concerning my latest rants…an the condition of my health 🙂 etc etc..Means the world to me …
LAST few days here a has been a regular course in miracles for me… many syncronicities etc etc..all over the place ..creating the MOMENTS to experience for what they are…
My greatest thanks to all whom have assisted this ol guy in his plight of life here on this rock flying through space at an incredible speed LOL .well. that in itself is a miracle to me ..HOW IT ALL WERKS IS JEST 2 kewl foer skewl 🙂 indeed…. over an out frum all
@ facts change …things change! yes indeed. I am jesta hopin the changes here will be for the better for myself an also my precious donor…Beside myself with love an thanks for this person in my life…..
an whats weird is all the bad things done to me etc etc over the years brought me to this stage of being blessed with the greatest thing on the planet! LOve …Kindness…Compassion…an the awareness that one day @ a time …” IT IS WHAT IT IS” …an well.. jest got to “DEAL WITH IT! .yep.
Got to stay on the right freQuency ya know!….


Behind Closed doors!

Chronically Speaking

over 15 years ago I was Diagnosed accidentally after crashing my snowmobile with ADPKD,


the doctor had told me that my what my father had died of { an anyuerism }  an he didn’t even know but he did because it is hereditary! 12 years ago with PKD i was diagoosed an evr since it has been traking havoc on my systems. too many cysts for mikey to have a kidney transplant now  i am told 😦 if ya do not know what PKD is please check see the following video; recently i did another stint in hospital for 2 days seems to happen every few months, today i has a lady do a deep photoscopy in my werld, in my abdomen, she says my cysts are all over inside an well is suprised i am still aliv3e.well i’d somehow call that co existin with…

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Stayin’ Grounded when Lightnin’ Strikes in da’ Mind

****YES LIGHTNIN’ HAS STRUCK! ha….*** So Docs orders are a Fistula! .THEN A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT!
………………whats a Fistula ya say…????????

Well, it is one of 3 ways to access the body for dialysis….
fistulafirst.org will give ya the info if ya nevr heard of it…
My Kreatine level has reached a deadly point…to the point i have been
toxic to the levels that are not allowable for the normal human body…
My current stage is 8.5 and one year ago it was 4.0 so has doubled in the last year..also my kidneys have stopped filtering..so filtration rate is nill….so as a result i have collapsed twice in the past few weeks now…when that happens they check my rates an my Blood pressure is 230 over 140 an pulse is rapid over 130+….I usually end up vomiting an feeling like i am going to die before it gets werse….these bouts have been happening for years…but as of lately they happen daily now totally sucks….
What sucks is being stranded*** lol with no help fronm the outside….*** seems to be all bout a buck or 2 more to evryone in my werld these days……..DOC SAYS I AM TERMINAL IF I DO NOT GET DIALYSIS……an well.the dialysis can’t start till they do the fistula an it heals…So betweens now an that time is my critical stage in my life the way they put it…biding my time till the 24th when i go in for vein mapping an to set up to get the fistula installed in my arm…is where they join an artery an blood vessel to make a bigger one and an interface to be able to get the needle in to acess blood system to do dialysis………..CATCH 22″ it has to heal for bout 2 months before they can use it….So almost liquid type of diet here for this guy whom can’t filter anything rough no more….Is truly a one day at a time adventure for me here in my werld yes indeed!……
So since my wordpress editor won’t open i thought i’d share this one frum this last year bout stayin grounded…since well, that appears to be a big mission for me presently….All my life doin for others lol.an to get to this point where i need a helping hand…an it’s a boy who cried wolf kinna response i get frum those whom i seek help? i sincerely do not understand…the dog eat dog …mentality of those whom are all bout fear an materialism…duh whats that going to get them in the end i wunder? oh well,,,,,,,,,,The older we all get we know the end is near…the question is though? what can i do to help that inevitable end to last longer..even though i am in pain frum this disease…
Well Best news i have for my own personal world is i have a hell of a good relationship with a Lovely LAdy Friend whom….has helped me along the way Spiritually over the past year……an i feel indebted to her …but WELL…she has offered to give me one of her kidneys if we are a match should i be able to get to the point of the

TRANSPLANT WHICH IS IN ORDER # 2 ORDER FRUM THE DOC! A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT IN 2017 …or i stay on dialysis the rest of my life ….3 times a week 40 miles away? well, we shall see now an time will tell what hap[pens huh..


The art of awakening…or waking up should i say!?

groundedStayin Grounded is important when lightnin storms inside da’ mind!

AN STAYIN’ GROUNDED when Lightnin strikes! in da’ mind!… well,
when overwhelmed, sumtimes life being difficult, so it becomes life in the now.

With every new strike!…
to integrate the past into the future truly steals frum the now,,
challenges are inseparable frum being here in dis werld,,,
but do we have to exist in our past any more?
does living in the past help today?
well, the BAD” past i have not forgiven an released…comes back whenever i focus on da’ past! so cure 2 dat is every time a negative or “BAD” memory comes up i must forgive an forget it so it don’t get in my way of today an the future! an make irrational decisions…etc etc..every time i dive..so i don’t dive a lot anymore…Not seeking the…

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Remembering Your Star Origins – Book of the Cube

…………sOME PEOPLE ARE FOLKS OF HONOR AN DIGNITY AN INTEGRITY AN SOME ARE NOT IS BOUT THE WAY IT IS.TRULY SUCKS WHEN THE RICH FOLKS USE SOMEONE LIKE ME FOR FUN…AN ABUSE WITH WORDS AN FINALLY ACTIONS AN HIPOCRACY…. so many years same game going down with all these “MILLIONAIRES” lol……sick ass users an abusers i have to put up with in my life .involve themselves with me …an offer to help me etc etc…make deals even
Then they go back on the deals after ya put evrything ya got into the deal they offered ya….whether marraige…or borrowing a vehicle or lending one a couple a grand……to be dishonorable an back out of deals made or to betray one whom u made a deal with through others an passing the blame to others is insidiously insane!!!!!!…
So meanwhile what i was promised (a truck) if i insured it) has been taken away an parked where it is not needed ? a mile an a half frum my house? wtf is all i can say.well if i have an emergency an need the truck? i can’t very well walk up there an get it now can i can only call EMS an i live in middle of no wheres.by the time they get here an hour later whats happened has happened….so is what it is.still with me…..
…Well MY READER WILL NOT OPEN …NOR WILL MY EDITOR….So another re-post it frum the past is twat it is…I had written a few paragraphs bout the above..but decided that this old post said more bout it than any present rants could…4 Some folks will comne to the realization to remember who they are an why they are here an others…they will even die not even having a clue what the life they lived an live is all bout.an was all bout……..PS: USE IT ER YA LOOSE IT

“BELIEVE it er NOT!!”
like i noted in the above an so below post-it……..
4 ever (HERS) … yes inDeeD! mr Q is an grateful also
4 (She) has shown me the way! to many truths and saved me frum many a Lie…also…Namaste’ 2 one an all this 2017 frum da’ Q …


a realization a day keeps da’ doctor away


Remembering Your Star Origins – Book of the Cube (26/52)

enlightnenment through cosmic consciousness and the infinite # of parrallel universes for us to explore,

we need to realize where we are in the order of time and the quantum mindset, to be able to be unified, in the noosphere


…check out the vid below by michelvec once again @ frum Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 7

Book of the Cube by José Argüelles and Stephanie South…

cosmic enlightenment yes can be urs also…. like i said a realization a day keeps da doctor away :)…..

me well, i have crossed a threshold beyond all measure of time to a higher dimension where well, reality is seen different to me than when i was a child..an even the past as recent as 5 years ago!.


click on video to hear an learn…

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At the end of the day …. “Israeli Settlements Explained … this is so wrong”!!

********* yeah i wunder howmuch longer the world is going to watch the systematic destruction of a culture an complete race of people ……when i was a kid i rememebr the map as isreal jest being a little country….like look what has happened now is insanity really truly….wunder why the whole world believes in lies an all that it is correct in what is going down there an also in our rain forests..is criminal in evry aspect when the fuk is the world going to wake up i wunder an will it really..especially to crimes like this…an none of our presiddents an the un can do anything bout it huh! what a trip? truly?…bless the Palestinians souls truly….have a splendid 2017 miss Dr. Rex.an thanks for postin this one…sure hope people click over to read rest of original post..okay over an out !…Namaste’ 2 U an the World frum da’.Q..

It Is What It Is


~~September 29, 2015~~ 


Israeli settlements are Israeli civilian communities built on lands occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six-Day War. Such settlements currently exist in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and in the Golan Heights. Settlements previously existed in the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza Strip until Israel evacuated the Sinai settlements following the 1979 Israel-Egypt peace agreement and from the Gaza Strip in 2005 under Israel’s unilateral disengagement plan.

Israel dismantled 18 settlements in the Sinai Peninsula in 1982, and all 21 in the Gaza Strip and 4 in the West Bank in 2005, but continues to both expand its settlements and settle new areas in the West Bank, despite pressure to desist from the international community.

The international community considers the settlements in occupied territory to be illegal,and the United Nations has repeatedly upheld the view that Israel’s construction of settlements constitutes a…

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Zen Dis’ thought fer da’ day

*****Posted this on for my birthday blog in 2016 an thought it was werth the re-run since neither my wordpress reader or editor is co-operating with me…SO ZEN DIS’ is WAT i gots to say 2 day also to ya ..whomever an wherever ya are some things are werth readin more than once in a lifetime 🙂 …….yup . WOW! Wish Only Well!
An hope ur doin Swell! the beginning of 2017 whomevber ya are wherever ya are……
**************************(*@*@*)***~~~~~~ .Peace-Out!.frum Da’ Q……….


Yes it’s 10 2 Zen sumwheres sumplace! this day!
other times all I can say is
WOW: Wish Only Well!

I think. Therefore,

I Wish Only Well.

Wow 2 U 2 today!

A Q ful frum da’ wishin’ well..

🙂 of wow!:)

Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well,
you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..
..it’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Well, most of da’ time enyhew!
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know

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