Zen Dis’ thought fer da’ day

*****Posted this on for my birthday blog in 2016 an thought it was werth the re-run since neither my wordpress reader or editor is co-operating with me…SO ZEN DIS’ is WAT i gots to say 2 day also to ya ..whomever an wherever ya are some things are werth readin more than once in a lifetime 🙂 …….yup . WOW! Wish Only Well!
An hope ur doin Swell! the beginning of 2017 whomevber ya are wherever ya are……
**************************(*@*@*)***~~~~~~ .Peace-Out!.frum Da’ Q……….


Yes it’s 10 2 Zen sumwheres sumplace! this day!
other times all I can say is
WOW: Wish Only Well!

I think. Therefore,

I Wish Only Well.

Wow 2 U 2 today!

A Q ful frum da’ wishin’ well..

🙂 of wow!:)

Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well,
you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..
..it’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Well, most of da’ time enyhew!
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know

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5 thoughts on “Zen Dis’ thought fer da’ day

  1. Thanks for reblogging this today,Q, my darling daughter’s birthday! AND, I read it immediately after I’d delivered a message of wish only well to a dear friend. Synchronicity? I think so! 😉 xoM

  2. Wonderful post Q., funny thing…almost every time (except tonight) when I try to read your post’s my computer crashes so forgive me if I can’t read them all…Here’s hoping your health gets better in the New Year ! Cheers Mike!! ((hugs) T. take care of yourself!

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