Remembering Your Star Origins – Book of the Cube

…………sOME PEOPLE ARE FOLKS OF HONOR AN DIGNITY AN INTEGRITY AN SOME ARE NOT IS BOUT THE WAY IT IS.TRULY SUCKS WHEN THE RICH FOLKS USE SOMEONE LIKE ME FOR FUN…AN ABUSE WITH WORDS AN FINALLY ACTIONS AN HIPOCRACY…. so many years same game going down with all these “MILLIONAIRES” lol……sick ass users an abusers i have to put up with in my life .involve themselves with me …an offer to help me etc etc…make deals even
Then they go back on the deals after ya put evrything ya got into the deal they offered ya….whether marraige…or borrowing a vehicle or lending one a couple a grand……to be dishonorable an back out of deals made or to betray one whom u made a deal with through others an passing the blame to others is insidiously insane!!!!!!…
So meanwhile what i was promised (a truck) if i insured it) has been taken away an parked where it is not needed ? a mile an a half frum my house? wtf is all i can say.well if i have an emergency an need the truck? i can’t very well walk up there an get it now can i can only call EMS an i live in middle of no the time they get here an hour later whats happened has happened….so is what it is.still with me…..
…Well MY READER WILL NOT OPEN …NOR WILL MY EDITOR….So another re-post it frum the past is twat it is…I had written a few paragraphs bout the above..but decided that this old post said more bout it than any present rants could…4 Some folks will comne to the realization to remember who they are an why they are here an others…they will even die not even having a clue what the life they lived an live is all was all bout……..PS: USE IT ER YA LOOSE IT

“BELIEVE it er NOT!!”
like i noted in the above an so below post-it……..
4 ever (HERS) … yes inDeeD! mr Q is an grateful also
4 (She) has shown me the way! to many truths and saved me frum many a Lie…also…Namaste’ 2 one an all this 2017 frum da’ Q …


a realization a day keeps da’ doctor away


Remembering Your Star Origins – Book of the Cube (26/52)

enlightnenment through cosmic consciousness and the infinite # of parrallel universes for us to explore,

we need to realize where we are in the order of time and the quantum mindset, to be able to be unified, in the noosphere


…check out the vid below by michelvec once again @ frum Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 7

Book of the Cube by José Argüelles and Stephanie South…

cosmic enlightenment yes can be urs also…. like i said a realization a day keeps da doctor away :)…..

me well, i have crossed a threshold beyond all measure of time to a higher dimension where well, reality is seen different to me than when i was a even the past as recent as 5 years ago!.


click on video to hear an learn…

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