No GroundHogs out yet lol


Yep ….am attempting to open my wordpress page editor..It tells me FLASH! reducers may not dispatch actions? whats that mean? oh well? .

Still an amazing amount of Problems with this issue….

Shortcuts to no wheres an takes forever to load an color editor an text editor dont werk also…so i guess bear with the whacked out world of Q whilst i attempt to resolve this issue…Have been able to get off one post in the past week or so..cuza this internet problem!…Java scripting errors er speed issues are my prob…if i click to add a photo i will be forever in the photo editor an it will not open the index?….

so i can work around that when posting video..but not with photos…so till then well…i jest took a browse thru my own site by typing different words into the search bar on my page at the top right an well different words come up with a variety of web pages posted over the years by Q…a-z think of a werd that comes to mind i might possibly write bout an type it in up there an see what comes up is pert interesting to say the least!..

Enjoy for whatevr it’s werth an have a great we be looking forward to Valentines day…when i get surgery…an have a fistula installed in my left arm…jest hopin’ my little lady that’s driver for the day won’t wreck us lol…not worried bout living thru the surgery really…but not like going under needle an knife an waking up 3 hours laters ? pain what pain i won’t know till that happens either lol. not wooried bout that ..

Jest pray 4 me With {HER} driving dat’ woories me!……

frum da Q aka mike in colorful Colorado! well, white everywhere here right now i escape playing with an watching vids i have created…an werk on inside of house finishing a 10 year projekt lol… a house! .what else for the disabled trike pilot here…didn’t get round to skiis this season..on the trike so well, spring is a coming an summer for sure! … flying when it is T-shirt weather also…


Being Crazy With Gracefullness

 Flying Graceful came to mind wit’ this one.

This is the Word Press Challenge this past week. . If graceful is defined as showing grace of form, movement and proportion…..well then it can be found in even outrageous things also….Grace is in the eye of the beholder!…i do so believe…I have to be able to have the grsace to not be real mad at wordpress right now… have been trying to post this blog for days an it will not allow me to add a pic ……So here is a bit a graceful craziness! ….got my werdpress editor to open for the furst time in like a month !..Whether it’s a person, a building, or an abstract shape, show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings.
So to me is this ;Being grace ful one way er another in the sky! if my photos do not display Blame da’ dog!

Namaste’ An a splendid’ week 2 all

whom come round to ponder da’ pages of

da’ ol Q…