Being Crazy With Gracefullness

 Flying Graceful came to mind wit’ this one.

This is the Word Press Challenge this past week. . If graceful is defined as showing grace of form, movement and proportion…..well then it can be found in even outrageous things also….Grace is in the eye of the beholder!…i do so believe…I have to be able to have the grsace to not be real mad at wordpress right now… have been trying to post this blog for days an it will not allow me to add a pic ……So here is a bit a graceful craziness! ….got my werdpress editor to open for the furst time in like a month !..Whether it’s a person, a building, or an abstract shape, show us something that exists harmoniously with its surroundings.
So to me is this ;Being grace ful one way er another in the sky! if my photos do not display Blame da’ dog!

Namaste’ An a splendid’ week 2 all

whom come round to ponder da’ pages of

da’ ol Q…

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