The Good Ol’ days

plug in container lol.

more of the same ol in Q’s wunderful werld these days…
lets see…plug in errors…java script errors lol…menu errors…shut down errors… but nothing wrong with the computer.yeah right huh!….wordpress editor will not open! stalls at half way point…so therefore cannot do fresh new blog posts…computer it self is running out of memory lol…well…it is quite old by todays standards an is full of music….guess this will become the music server here soon ennuff…this program must end sorry for the inconvenience yeah guess so….we are using 100% of ur computers ability jest to browse the internet now lol.jeez……virtual memory shot…physical memory still has lots..but time to re format really but can’t find cd now lol is what it is…wont post a phot with this cuz it will get hung up trying to open the photo editor an such…but figured i’d update some of my friends that might be a wundering….WAS UP?….
Like i have old computers out in garage that operate on windows 2000 an such..they still work…an are not for the internet but for music….hundred of hours worth of stuff on the old hard drives out there an they serve the purpose ..even today still..get good use out of my older equipment…
Back to the point of planned obsolescence…with stuff…in the new throw away age? kinna disgusting to me really!….piles of unnecessary trash in the world cuz teck can’t be happy with itself enuff to jest stabilize for a few years lol…
Put me out of business a few years back teck did…when it took lotsa money to keep up in the TECK industry of computers an such.the industry grew amazingly fast!..I got stuck with an inventory of 5 megapixel cameras an older com[puters etc etc…stuff that was well …one day werth 500 bucks was werth 100..cuz of tech changes …also i bought an sold “high DEF” monitors ” an regular monitors also ..but really expensive 4-500 dollar high def drafting monitors…when teck came out with the new flat screen monitors etc etc..well that was killed….@ same with when i had racks an racks of dial up servers…an switch boxes..that well today ..are rubbish….Old Teck New tecK…New teck took over on this old guy frum the LAST GENERATION…
The last generation that remembers station wagon s full of kids headed off to the beach in sandy eggo with surfboards on top…59 chevy wagon…mom drives to beach every day takes kids lol…so she can bask in the sun…those were the well, no seat belts were even in the darn car..cept for the frt seat lap belts…yep those were the days…when a 9 year old could roam round an have a great old time in publik on his skateboard er whatnot…an not have to woory bout “bad guys” lol..geez…yep those were the days…Now ur a criminal if u leave ur 9 year old unattended Like wtf? …….glad i don’t live where that is …but appears that is appearing to be the way it is all over the country an werld where there are too many people packed into one area….
So those were the days with lotsa things in Q’s werld these days…LOng story bout the hows an whys that i do NOT have a fistula i my arm yet…was supposed to be in there months last month it did not this month it is supposed to happen next week providing i have a ride to an frum surgery? that sucks…so werking on that still…my closest is not in town this next week an everyone i know that can is working to support themselves…so i will hit up a couple of retired guys tomorrow an see if they can help mr mikey here..we shall see….they told me they had a cab service that does transport for patients like me an well i called em an since i am medicare an not medicaid they can’t do ..they are a medicaid program lol…so i ask okay how much to take me over there an back..they say well.. oh way $190.00 I am like wtf again ..ya got to be kidding me takes 45 minutes an 12 bucks werth of gas..where do they get off at that kinna price …insane…..
So my 2 cents werth for the day ….If i haven’t been round ur sites or the wordpress photo challenges…well…is because of the computer issues…an also life issues i talk bout throughout my blog werld here…Strange how for a month now i have not had a bad bout with my dis-ease! highly unusual as bad as it me being at a 8.7 on creatine level I crashed 6 weeks ago…I think LOVE has lots to do with me not being sick @ present! also!
another 2 cents werth is well, when one is down an out an attacked or feeling attacked by others or the disease they might have…My suggestion to them is not matter what an no matter how much it might hurt physically also, enduring an getting thru it is might be very hard…but with LOVE ON UR SIDE! well it sure helps….. .Focus on the Love u do Have a see right in front of Ya…
I have placed my focus on the things an people i love instead of the things i hate an regret although they are there lol…but focusing on the now an what matters the most is what is important…
My deal is truly “ONE DAY AT A TIME’ here…an every day is a as far as i am concerned….is kinna of a strange thing when the love of ur life can’t be by ur side @ present due to different situations…mostly an mainly though because of money now….ah yeas the big money trap…they got me right where they want me…Say retire ol’ man ur too sick to work….so ya retire an they don’t give ya enuff to do anything more than get by with…if the wintertime one is reaching out when stranded by the snows an broken down vehicles an whatnot..but this last year well..i was on my own….Sure i choose to live way out here which is good in so very very many ways…but if i were to live anywhere else @ present on my “retirement” ssdi income well… i would DIE! came close to that this last winter here anyhew….so, @ least my house is 3/4 paid for lol…thats a blessing….bout a couple a years more if i live that long to see it…am hopin so….
So, til next time round the house of values….

Check out Quarksire’s web world if ya have not ever ….there are lotsa catagories an many blogs to go thru..frum my years upon this wordpress platform….
To all my long term readers that come round ever so often etc etc…..I think the world of ya all….an thank ya for all the suppoort an understanding over the years!……

Q aka mike in the colorful san juan mtns of colorado! 🙂 …

3 thoughts on “The Good Ol’ days

  1. I’m running on Windows Vista 07, 3 GB, and running out of room….start deleting Q !
    I sure hope you can find a ride, there must be some organization that can help you, or maybe advertise on a local site looking for a ride?? Someone will help you! (because of Love)! That’s crazy how much that place was charging! Greedy bastards! Hope all goes well Q ! ((hugs)) T.

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