Whats it means 2Be Content

fer whatevr its werth!

~~~~~Be content i say! ~~~~~

Be Content – YOU are a living magnet! yes you!

Believe it er not!

an this post-it to me is bout unconditional love!

and ACCEPTANCE i have 2 accept these too curtain facts!

Wherever I am is wherever I am meant to be, whatever I am doing is whatever I am meant to be doing and whatever everyone else is doing is exactly what they are meant to be doing – this is contentment. If you do want to change where you are, or what you are doing, the first thing is to be content with wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now! Paradoxically that’s what attracts opportunities and invitations to be somewhere else! Why? Because you are a living magnet and contentment is one of your most attractive qualities. And the law of attraction says that according to your dominant thoughts so you will attract the people and circumstances into your life. Being content right now attracts the best possible future!
The one who is the master is the one who creates positive thoughts under all circumstances.


Expression: The one who is the master of himself is always able to create the right kind of thoughts according to the circumstance. Never is there the dependency on situations or people for the right kind of responses. Since there is mastery over thoughts, there is also mastery over all words spoken and everything done.

Experience: When I am able to be a master of myself, I am able to constantly create positive thoughts. I am in touch with the inner resources and I am able to make use of these resources in a timely way. I never get confused or pressurized with outside situations, but am able to be in control in all situations.
an also some THOuGHTS 2 PONDER 2 DAY!

All Life experiences will move through a range “full to empty or empty to full” (- It is just a way to describe) which the conditioned mind is not able to grasp. For the conditioned mind, to go from “full to empty,” means to lose, to be worse off, to go down, etc. Likewise when someone is going from “empty to full,” we label that as becoming better, improving, getting to the top, etc.
Notice that our labeling will determine how we feel about our experience.
Although we are the same human beings, we are different. Every human represents a particular point of an experience on the range of experiences.
For instance, a fat man with a high appetite, low sexual libido, a funny personality and a great fear of heights; represents different ranges of different experiences, all in one “package” which we label as “John Doe.” But then, A thin, bulimic woman with a high sexual libido and bipolar personality, represents another range of outstanding! experiences.
There is nothing to judge or to label but to observe that there will be people in between those ranges of the fat guy and the beautiful little thin woman. Life will offer us through all living beings different ranges of experiences and possibilities. Those things are never static, change is an absolute guarantee.
Humans caged by their mental “static” conditioning, will be in charge of labeling and defining what is “right/wrong, good and bad.”
This creates a “traumatic & quote experience.
Every experience in Life, is just that… an experience. We may go to sleep and never wake up again. That experience is out of our control.
Choosing one experience in duality, will bring unavoidably the rejected one. So why choose? Why attach our consciousness to an ideal which will bring the opposite? Simply go with the flow!

Have NO FEAR and without abandon recognize &
Notice that because we are alive, then death is a certainty.

Notice that because we are young, old age is certain. That is the range of experiences.
We (some folks) like to compare labels such as “young” is “better than” “old.”
However, it is a polarity of the same type of experience: Aging.
Every single individual has a perception, a way of looking at things based on their conditioning. We like to label that as “true” or “truth, ” but it is just a perception.
Many individuals are caught up in finding the “right” experience in Life, the “true” perception of “reality,” and in that search, they are willing to fake it and will pursue what is not for them to experience.
That is how we betray ourselves. If the “majority” ; sees a blue sky and I don’t; I must believe that the sky is blue to fit in. Peer pressure. Majority rules. The power of the masses.
What is the bottom line?
To enjoy whatever perception we truly experience, for it is only a perception and it is meant to change, to evolve.
What do we do instead?
We want to hold on to a mental ideal of what “should be.” We strive for that.
We hear many times: ” Be yourself.”
That is meaningless unless we are willing to de-conditioning by dissolving our beliefs, taboos, hang ups, ideals and values;

That is what Spirituality in ones life is meant to bring.
Someone may be experiencing a debilitating disease as an experience. What is there to enjoy?
A disease does not come by itself but adds up a circumstance around our lives. There are many other items that come along. For instance, the opportunity to have free time, the opportunity to be in the company of loved ones, the opportunity to enjoy certain items which other “normal” individuals cannot. There are so many other things to enjoy around the circumstance. of having a messed up dis-ease like mine or urs if u have a dis-ease?
What do we do instead? well some of us anyhow?
We curse our lives, our “luck,” the moment we were born, our parents. That focus in one particular aspect of Life which we reject will poison our being.
Because we are so focused on that one thing, we are unable to see the rest, we do not have the capacity to step outside ourselves, out of the pitiful “I” to observe beyond our narrow tunnel of thoughts. Whatever it is, it will change.
Enjoyment is around that “I.” Enjoy that moment!

sumtimes its jest fun 2 jest be an do an do an be an let well enuff alone!

ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS Sad as it sounds sumtimes

There is nothing that could last forever. That is a great blessing, indeed! 🙂

as so are u my worldwide friend 🙂 whomever ya be!

and this i must say to {HER}



2 thoughts on “Whats it means 2Be Content

  1. scottyd Outwest just saying I am able to read your blogs and not given up entirely on yahoo. but its weak and feeble. nice blog and thanks, for being so proliferate. scottyd

  2. An a ThanQ also to u fer hangin’ wit me fer all these years!
    an my whole werld is connected to yahoo-do don’t ya know lol…
    proliferate? kewl …rate pert good for sumpthin’ thought up an put together @ 3 am…..so whilst da’ sun still be out i am on a mission! lol..peace out scottyd 🙂 Q….

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