No Option sumtimez in Recovery

What Next!?…..An all of a sudden?..that’s life!.wat a mess

options an no options! ? …& that’s life also!..

Night before last my younger brother past away! his birthday would have been this next week on the 31st 😦

last weekend now since he passed an i wrote this… 😦
sad to say..&.changed my mothers life 4 evr in an instant also…i pray for my mom… ❤
the one this has mostly affected. Although yesterday am i woke up @ 9 am an got that
all of a sudden feeling going…ya know the one where ya gots the flu an ya are outa control…yep..that one…so went on for bout 2 hours…till i was past the point of no return for driving myself to the hospital!………i was almost on the verge of going unconscious frum dehydration an high B.P. etc etc ..that goes with my illness…so, I called EMS…didn’t have anyone here to drive me to hospital…an i live a long ways out…most secrure measure i could do is call ambulance….cuz i knew i needed fluids in me at any cost…was getting seriously dizzy!… 🙂 😦
Was bout ready to pass out when ems showed up…but the guy that was a medic knew what to do right away! 🙂 ..was amazing….got me into bed in the ambulance in my drive way…i was aching in pain…he immediately started an IV into me for some fluid regeneration…an gave me a shot of pain killer in the iv also….ahhhhhh..within 2 minutes i was feeling better! was amazing….I think i need a nurse at home that could do this for me whenever it happens i need it lol… would save me a lot of trouble an EMS also…So; before i even left the driveway in the ambulance i was feeling better!…
So whats it CALLED? REcovery! ? yep… if i only knew what i know now then huh! i find myself saying a lot these days!….but is how one lives an learns i assume…I have been stranded many times in the past …so now this is becoming a norm i do not like…being sick with my pkd….wasn’t such a big deal when it was sumthing i could deal with my self.. but now it has reached far beyond my personal control…kinna like the spiraling out of control economy! haha…funny but so true….
As with my flying; SPIN RECOVERY is very important… the only way to get that recovery is by experience an doing what is necessary not to crash! @ whatevr it is ya are doing…me i relate it to my flying…ya really never know when the wind might toss ya over an ya might go into a spin…when that happens ya have to accelerate opposite forces upon it as the direction of the spin..only natural right…well, with a lot of practice is thata way..but for the un-experienced pilot could be deadly…so…i have to revert always to my most assertive of werds ” Crashing is NOt an Option!” an move on frum there….Even if u are “Experienced”…..
After beiung released frum the hospital on foot..without a ride home i hitchhiked…that is always a trip round here also …out of towners jest flip ya off an roar on by etc etc for 1/2 an hour …till finally someone i know drives up…gots me to almost home…an them within 1/2 mile of walking i got picked up again by a guy an drivin’ all the way up to my house way out in the middle of sumwheres lol…So had luck an good fortune running with me that day i would say! @ least!….
An also as i have stated in the past it is always a good idea to really have a back up plan Jest in case one might “crash” …accidentally…….if ya find ur self in that predicament remember this….time slows down during the crash! lol… An at that point the best one can do is try to counter it to crash softly!…an remember that the ground is the hardest part of flying….! ha……
So, they say i’ll feel better once i get to be on dialysis….well…? shall see how that goes…I have to be able to guarantee them (the doctors) an me that i can get to dialysis over a mtn pass…3 times a week 60 miles away for 4 hours at a time…so main thing is to attempt to have dependable transportation, an gas money to do it 12 times a month!…The docs say i will prolly be on dialysis for some time till i get my systems stabilized…@ that point he wishes to get a team together to be able to replace my kidney with a live kidney frum a donor..If not i will simply be on dialysis for the rest of my life!….

Not quite so easy as going to the auto parts store an buying a replacement organ!…or well i could have had my brothers kidney…but who’d know huh!..who would know…
so point of this post it today is .whatevr ya are doing ..whomever ya are…if ya gots pains an trials an tribulations…well, they too will pass, an the next time similar things happen in ur life ya will be better prepared with how to deal with it an also how to deal with helping others that might be affected by the loss also…..Keep in mind 🙂 ya are alive….
Point is what ya going to do with that alive 🙂 ? enjoy it the best one can is what i have to say to that …Jest make da’ best of it “One Day @ a Time”! 🙂

……..namaste’ frum da’ king of pain lol…….


ie remember! A realization a day will help keep da doc away…..jest maybe anyhew!

an when there appears to be no options…

there are always options

…as long as one is still alive….
Today my best friends dog had to be put down…is a very depressing event to have to go thru…she is devastated an ..cuz she is i am also now .i can feelher hurt an her loss……he was the cutest little lovable creature… well, i jest love dogs…especially cute little happy dogs….so sad to see him go heart an soul are with ya lady if an when ya read this…cuz i am not there ..know my tears flow also 4 u cuza u an ur mutt! ….wish i could be there to hug an hold ya…but as ya know in the next couple of days i have to deal with my surgery…ON THE ROAD 2 RECOVERY I SHALL BE round the block an back round to ssee everyone an get it back together once again! till then.HAPPY TRAILS keep on keepin on! 🙂

an as 4 me an my agenda in the next 48 hours are most important…i hate going under anastesia!…hope i wake up always…PEACE -OUT to one an all an all of my readers on the w.w.w

…… Q……

an after all that …no fooling round ..i deserve a road trip…john john is back to watch place whilst i run away for a few days...will keep ya posted…


8 thoughts on “No Option sumtimez in Recovery

  1. So sorry about your brother. Such an awful thing for a parent to lose a child. I am sorry about the current health problems- you have such a good attitude about it. I need to stop complaining about the nonsense in my life when I read what you are going through. I do hope you get that kidney. 2 people I know had transplants this year- they were able to get from family members.

    • wow thats incredibleY good sounding 2 me….if my green eyed lady’s kidney is compatible ..well I am thinking i will have part of her 4 evr in this werld if i am lucky an her 2 she wants me to live @ bad @ i wanna keep living for a few years!….my sitch is all my family members that would work also have the gene…cept 4 a couple of the grandkids i do so hope i didn’t pass it on to all of them geez! 😦 ….we shall see …if diagnosed early enuff ..i am sure This is cureable totally without transplant by the bio-energetic frequencies an the rife machine…it is the main reason why i was able to halt the serious effects of this disease etc etc…like the hypertension..there are frequencies for that 2 i use…so thank u mr dr. royal rife is what i have to say 2 day! ….for assisting me in getting this far along…will keep working on it thanks 4 ur support my friend…blessings 2 u an uUR other half! frum da’ Q aka mike in pagosa…… 🙂

    • ur a dear soul an u know it 🙂 … thanks for being a supporter of da’ Q here… keep on keepin’ on my lady keepposting post-its.sumone likes em! ….. is so very cool an interestin’ really the internet can bring souls together frum anywhere in the world…@ so in my travels ..ya never know who ya might meet! …luvin evry minute of it(Retired Life) that is ..aside of the physical an health difficulties! jeez…thanks dad lol..freiking genetics…werkin on da’ cure still IndeeD! ThanKZ MARG! ❤ … an no need to be part of life ..damn death huh!…sad is basically the werd 4 it fer me… an … one more thing the higher order of things gives me to recover frum – put in new perspective an deal with! anyhow thank u my friend lots! ..recovery time for me here!….zzz

  2. So sorry about your brother Q, and all the crap you’ve had/having going on, I do hope your surgery goes well, and I know it will, because your a strange but wonderful guy and your a fighter! ((hugs)) I’ll be thinking of ya! ❤ T.

    • surgery went well…Fistula is installed….now i have to recover bout 6 weeks…then they will start dialysis a few times a week…so much fun …ha…then i shall attempt to find a new kidney!….one thing @ a time…hasta T….. namaste’ 2 u .frum da’ Q

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