Word of da’ week Was Relax

Werd of da’ week was relax – have been out of the photo challenges @ of late…am returning on this note*** Relax! says O’MAlly!

……………….. Relax – an enjoy life while ya can! …………………….

Photo Challenge
This week, the note was

“share a photo that relaxes you”.

an he shall return! Indeed !

will try to get updated after recovery frum surgery in the next few weeks! an get back on track!…with the current post-its…I’m always layete it seems…well, attempting to try to be on time more often now that others have to depend upon me being there on time ie…like surgery..think ill show early! …so nice also to have a house sitter whilst i be away fer a day er 2 when i yonder about now…lewks like i will get to do a lotta posts etc etc while in hospital 3 times a week 4 4 hours 4 ever jeez… such as life huh!…So relaX an take a chill pill! is what i am told…HA!

7 thoughts on “Word of da’ week Was Relax

    • Jest came back frum la la land an anastesia 🙂 now 4 6 weeks to recover they say!…so recoverY is what it is ..part of my life for many years now ..dang it..oh well, at least i am still alive **all that counts to me ..i like life 2 much to go down to soon right now…thanks woman ..hugs to u an blessins 2 ur other half also!. Q

    • yup thankU my friend! … 6 weeks now an i can start dialysis..an maybe start feelin a bit better …should have been on this a year ago i guess…i went to far without having this done so i could plug in when kidneys died…so i am now Livin on the EDGE! HA well nutin’ new to me..now both me an my other lovely green eyed live on the EDGE!…Thanks fer ur support my friend. Heart-felt ❤ blessings 2 u an urzzz also…. Q 🙂

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