More frum Mr. Weed’s Gallery

Because it is what it is!… Thanks to the world that reads da’ Quarked werds of da’ Q 🙂 .An invitation to check out my “other world” lol……My sub-domain over there attached to here is this 420greetings….helps to keep the pain threshold down helps both mentally an physically dealing with chronic disease like mine…an it helps to reduce the amount of prescribed pills to take for pain…sumtimes am able to go it alone on the concentrated versions of weed…an the kief residue that falls offa da’ bud da best for pain especiallyy chronic pain… so check out my other site if ya would be interested…thanks for visiting as always the Q aka smiley in Colorado a place where the focus is on weed!….hopefully the werld can learn frum me there also cheerz! 🙂 Q 🙂 Have a great week evryone More to come soon! 🙂 … ~~*(*@*@*)~~~~

420 Greetings

so in other news frum da’ gallery in weeds werld of opinionated 420 greetings……

…art by visionary artist alex grey

Thoughts i have today remind me of a movie i saw many moons ago when i was a child…in the day of CINERAMA… was pert kewl auctually the format was CINERAMA….but the movie itself was called “IT’S A MAD MAD WORLD”… @ the end well left ones head a spinning as did the shots frum the helicopter above a freeway interchange  whilst spinning round an round!………truly like wtf? folks? what are we trying to prove anyhow in the good ol usa eh? we already knew we had the missiles that would do this so why the fuk be testin them what are we trying to prove ? .we have had these minute man missles for years wtf? guys why?“an important demonstration of our nation’s nuclear deterrent capabilities”??? when i…

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2 thoughts on “More frum Mr. Weed’s Gallery

  1. I used to make cookies with the stuff off the buds, wholly cow! Hubby called them Moon Rocks! He handed them out to his ball team, what a mistake! A couple the guys were found hiding in a parking lot after eating one, and they spoke to GOD ! I’d go to work, and hubby was sitting in his chair, he never moved the whole 9 hrs. I was gone! I quit making them! lol.. ( I never tried them).

    • 200mg indica tootsie rools here are pert awesome tastin’an jest bout the right amount…they are the cure absolutely!…takes my pain away fer a few hours indeeD! …

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