Werd of Da week waz Dense

Da’ Werd of da’ week was Dense….
so dense was da’ day til it warmed up

an then da’ dense dissapeared poof ya go*** haha***

πŸ™‚ lol… πŸ™‚
well i playing catch-up with viewing some of the recent worldwide wordpress photo challenges…welp Ha…could have jest showed a pic of me lol…but that’s a different kinda dense…an i got a half an ego bout my grey matter fer whatevr it’s werth…so..first thoughts that came to mind when dense was seen @ werd of da’ week…was Clouds for me…I could dedicate a lotta pics frum the air to the dense clouds i am not supposed to get too close to …i’m jest a kite in da’ wind with a 60 horsepower engine an a wing an oh yeah..an some people call me dense cuz i fly an cuz i smoke my ganga so whatevr…they are scared of weed an flying all i can say is wtf? an move on …..

i like livin on a wing an a prayer! …the day this was shot was frum the paraglider though instead of the hanglider wing …as u can see frum the reflection on top of the cloud ..
A splendid week to anyone who pops by the world of Q this week ..the web page that jest goes on an on an on an on an on an well. u get the idea…Thanks for visiting

an heres another sense one fer ya fer ur eyes to gander @ …

……………frum A Trike Wing perspective



6 thoughts on “Werd of Da week waz Dense

    • mt 2 this year also i have not got in the air yet this year…hopefully when i get my body in check in the next couple of months i can do it we shall see…an airplane nees a few goodies also so does the trailer i transport it with / so will keep ya posted! πŸ™‚ Q hope ur doing better now πŸ™‚ smiles across da’ miles 2 U πŸ™‚

  1. All things will come in their own time. You must stay in great physical condition to go through what you do in the air. You must work out a lot getting ready for each flight. I don’t know how you can do it? An angel riding on each wing must help.

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