Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money an Motorcycles

Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money am Motorcycles

an not exactly in this or that order lol…

Then theres this thing called Security
there are 6 er 7  kinds right up front to me truly…

#1 is Money!

“da security of money! “

#2 That i always attach the “jesus” bolt with a wire safety!

Da’ Jesus bolt is da’ one with the safety clip in it, if it comes out ya jest say “OH JEEESuS!”

#3 security that when the Vario is beeping real fast means ya are climbing 🙂

Morning Airtime is Q’s favorite Time 🙂

also, security ya got a grip when the Vario is pointing straight down!

#4 – that there is K-9 security round me life! 🙂

#5 – The Security of being in love with a partner!

an #6 a good running motorcycle! haha..

oh an again
on top of the bottom of the list i can’t forget the Security of me DOGs ( knowing they are going to get food!…

dinnertime @ Q’s place


da’……..Quarked dog “Willy”

It is my belief! that
Paws an wagin tailZ! ie dogs an women!
heal more wounds & scars than any other therapist can.
so i have always had a dog round as a sorta Security Blanket! an a woman also when one can!
an even someone to talk to ..yep my dogs understand English pert good! indeeD!

best security blanket & gurlfriend i ever had! was sugar!

🙂 …
so – jest a few shots of some live security blankets frum Q’s perspective it twas an is!

da’ security of being warm an having a roof over my head i believe is the most important security next to LOVE!

an da’ security of knowing i have kicked tha alcohol an being co-herent an sober for almost 20 years feels good also!
Peace-out 4 now an have a good week werld!
Whatever ya be up 2 🙂
over an out frum

6 thoughts on “Women – Jesus Bolts – Love Money an Motorcycles

    • no that’s not my lady doc.will send ya an e-mail when i go to my mail! 🙂 …an yeah all the pics are mine…Her an I presently are keeping out blogs annonymous an seperate there are pics of her at her site though …i have sent u before cuz u introduced us …an again thanQ 2 U dr. rex! have gained an lost a lotta friends here also over the years thanks for hanging with me ! sumday we might get down to florida to go to the fly-in there…if that happens ever will check in with ya! Q ,….Hugz! 🙂

      • Hey there!! Hugs sweet friend … yes, if in FL let me know!! Where in FL?
        If all pics are yours that means you are flying .. cool!
        Feeing better? ❤️

  1. not flying this season yet! am hoping to when it warms up though after i get stabilized a bit on the dialysis…will stay on the ground for a couple of more months till i get stable i believe an summer gets here…walked out to car a bit ago before sun-up an still to chilly to fly also…an my plane needs repairs….an so does my body …but will prolly take a long bike ryde soon! ….so one day @ a time here.is rule of da’ thunb fer now..fixing broken vehicles! @ i can afford to 🙂 tada 🙂 ….namaste’ 2 u an ursz frum da Q …..

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