A Sabatical Sunday

Twas a sunday sabaticle for like 2 weeks plus now..
Indeed…..an well not a lota activity at all at my site since i was gone…

Ever now an again someone re-blogsd my stuff or someone will re write something i have written lol also…an ever now an again i will get a day where i get hundreds of web views….an then another day where web page views are rarely read by anyone at all….is a trip how the web werks an also how people werk..who cares bout who etc etc….
Seems as when i post a lot i get a lotta traffic …but well the last couple weeks i have not had internet!….and i am now very busy…jest attempting to SURVIVE!…yes survive…..
In order for me to survive now i have to do kidney dialysis 3 times a week now…if not they say sure thing i will die….so i have been on this mission for the past couple of weeks…an is quite the routine…Since my dialysis machine is an hour plus away….I have to drive 130 miles every other day to be able to accomplish this…GAS alone is like killing me now 😦 financially…i am not a rich person an do not charge for my photos or the internet i have…. am thinking a fundme site might be apprapo in this kinna situation …now the medications they are going to give me are going to cost me more than i can afford!…Is a trip ….they say ..well give ya dialysis an even a new kidney…but well, u have to pay for transportation an getting the donor to ya etc etc an even pay fopr the expensive meds to take to make ya solvent an match when the operation is done…so what is a poor guy supposed to do to make that happen…i am not really to sure cept i need to be able to accomplish that or i well die soon…..is all there is to it…..I can’t be living on the edge of life for the rest of my life even though i live on the edge literally! lool…….HAH so only in america huh! land of the free……….well….I have not freedom any more…i am locked into the medical dialysis system till i get a new kidney or i die…so i believe i shell start a fundme website for my kidney werld…4 WHATEVR IT COULD BE WERTH..YA NEVER KNOW IS ALL I KNOW……but what i do know an realise is that time is well….all anyone ever has got …..HOWMUCH? no one really knows……but in my werld i want to get as much time out of life as i possibly can!…
I need my new kidney an need to get back that freedom once again…even if it is only for a few years er whatnot …every minute of every day NOW MEANS A LOT TO THIS GUY!……1 in 20.000………
So —- heree it is back to werk with the rife machine….werkin on me skin cancers…..they did 13 biopsies a couple of weeks ago…an they want to do sugery on like 5 er 6 spots….well..they gave me the name of the type of cancer it is so i am attacking it with the rifemachine right now to see what happens.will keep ya all posted……

My arm left arm with the fistula is very bruised an sore right now…last saturday was a fail…poking an poking an not being able to get the needle into the upper blood vessel……..so was a fail that day….an could not do dialysis….last run here though …the head nurse was in control…an took over an did it herself …an last round werked…so i am on round seven next time round……..five successful dialysis treatments…an one fail….so we shall see what the future has in sore right.
Twas an up[date to let anyone that knows me personally what is happening now!….an over coming the depression that comes with this program an disease…well, thats a whole nother post!
Take care evryone …an keep a positive attitude no matter what ..it could be werse….WHATEVR IT IS IN UR ARENA ER MINE!….

Finding balance in these times is most important for me right now in my lifes jurney!….accepting change an going with the flow an not resisting it .WHATEVR IT IS AT THAT POINT IN TIME LOL!….may i know change is also always happening an to make the next best correct choice in that change an may u so do the same also! ..hoping that the power of the human spirit an prayer an fortitude will pay off is all one that has a serious dysfunction can hope for..accused condemned blessed or not whatevr it is in whatevr fashion ones own past…is what to do with the future that counts…no matter whom ya be!..Namaste’ to one an all………
Quite a humbling experience this is for a tough guy not so tough no more livin’ on da’ edge of life…..today was hard…2 say the least felt like real wimp….an my arm is all hurt an bruised up now…an they say i’lll get used to it.bah humbug to that i want my new kidney! asap……….this is hard to do every other day……whew…..an round 7 now done …time fer recovery once again..is what it is!!!!!!!!

take care evryone that reads me


10 thoughts on “A Sabatical Sunday

  1. My dearest friend!! Good to see you here … always miss you. I may say I quite know what you are going through. My only brother was in your same situation!
    Sending you tight, tight Puerto Rican hugs, bright light & healing energy!! ❤️🇵🇷❤️

    • Thanks for the advice Margarita… i shall get some…need all the good advice i can get at this stage to get thru this frum other knowledgeable folks…Namaste’ to ya an urs my friend Q

  2. Sorry to hear your going through all this crap! I hope they can find you a kidney so you can get back to life! It’s a never ending circle this medical crap isn’t it? Amurica land of the Free…ya right! (gentle hugs) T.

  3. I must admit, I am quite shocked as I read your thoughts on “A Sabbatical Sunday”. I only picture you soaring above the clouds, in the bright sunshine. I mean, free as the breeze doing as you always, please. You sure don’t need this stuff you’re going through to bring you down. Knowing you, I know you can beat it, you have what it takes to get through it and still hang on to your pride. The medical people like to slowly take it away from us. I believe you know my history quite well, it’s been a slow downhill slide, but I refuse to give up. I just spent over a month in our local Care and Rehab, recovering from influenza. They kept telling me I was too weak to go home and I was safer there. I told them bull s***. I feel safer at home in my little apartment where I know what I can hang on to for support and the floors are not so slippery I will fall on my butt every time I turn around. They let me come home and I’m going to stay here until they carry me out, with no signs of life left in me. We both understand life is good no matter what the day’s look like. I’m sending you the best wishes I can come up with. I want to also thank you for the visit to my blog, you set me a new record for visitors that day. I have thought of giving up on this blog but actually, that’s all I’ve got left to hold onto, friends like you sure make it better.

    • IndeeD so true leland….best of wishes to ya also..an like i said to u before u might want to lewk into the dr. royal rife blogs an videos i gots, it has helped me tremendously has got rid of all my skin cancers almost an they wanted to cut on me all i needed was name of dis-ease…an rife frequencies fixed em right up..am werkin on my kidney stuff also with this maybe da’ comeback thru that i do so hope. take care leland . Q 🙂

  4. Holy cow…er, kidney, Batman! This is a challenge for sure. I’m sending healing vibes your way, and sincerely hope you’re back up there soaring soon.

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