Whether er not 2 he still has 2 go inevetibly so lol

Welp, no matter what the weather is doing he must drive across the 4 corners 3 times a week now like it is a job so………without hesitation!…it’s a job {she} says…an da’ satisfaction comes in knowing ya made it home alive

“one more day”

Although i do not earn $$$ i simply earn life by being able to accomplish going to my dialysis….My arm is sore! a lot…an  Sumtimes i becomes light headed!….(not good) is where it is good when {SHE} sumtimes takes the wheel! lol….i can only hope anyhow…she will be takin’ the wheel a lot in the future!…

     I think i need a car like the airplane i used to fly… one that has 2 sets of controls or yeah like my trike; where either person on board can take control of the aircraft….it would be pert kewl…….

     Have thought a lot how to design such a car in the garage in the spare time sumday ..

sumday if i got the time…i have the car…jest need the time an the $ for the parts lol…oh! an the health also?…..

   ~~~~White knucklin it! river on da’ right road on da’ left~~~~


we shall see what i am capable of doing in the near future…….would be a fun projekt that will prolly never happen anyhew now…although it would be jest the ticket an helpful cure for a simple problem 4 a guy like me..with occasional…..{LATHARGY}

..So that way if i were driving with {her} or anyone else, when it came upon me… instead of me having to pull over an take a break if i were alone…{she} could jest take over an get us to our destination safely!………..


I am enjoying every 130 mile round trip i take to Durango more an more in a way!…i am forced to get out an see the world a bit and to be a part of it instead of laying in pain at home…it is becoming like a 3 day a week job & it is helping me feel better also……..i no longer wake up with morning sickness as often as i used to it used to happen a lot!…kicked this 60 yr old guys arse down a bit it did…..polycystic kidney disease an dialysis..now i seem to be eternally tired an worn out…..whew!..

..But what i do so possibly think is? I have to question how long i can …not only afford to but …..simply physically be able to keep on keepin’ on driving myself?…. that’ll be the day huh…when king driver has to be driven a lot 😦 So, it’s on with the dialysis 3 times a week for life..wheew what a trip really….Rain – Snow – er shine..is a must do program now that i cannot escape, and now retired guy here cannot retire ever!  it is what it is! thats bout it!…a new full-time JOB fer’ LIFE!..


Never thought my life would end up this way really …

    So, anyhow in the future i see {her} kicking my ass into shape again ..and also being my right arm..an doing some of the driving….i pray {wait} lol bout this one a lot these days…cuz i know i am aging …one day @ a time lol …an jest have to learn how to rely on others for help @ i have been the last couple of months……without i guess…i would simply die within weeks the doctors say….


     A note to ALL whom have helped me get thru this last month in all ways….socially, spiritually, financially, physically an in every other creative way that has come about…dis’ has been a sure course in miracles for me!…Thanks so very much to all of u whom have lended a hand in any way to mr. weed here!!! i shall be 4 ever eternally grateful for ya all! – an i would have failed if i did not have ur help ! thats a fact so thank UUUUUU!


You know whom ya are………so between him an them an he an she well, i have been literally saved by many others this time round! frum my lady to family an friends! and all the wunderful doctors an nurses in the 4 corners that have layed thier hands on me! I than  YOU!

    STAy safe 2 one an all frum da’ Q dis here ol moonsoon season in da’ rockies…..the most fun time of the year to me…Summertime storms an whatnot daily weather changes are phenomenal and fun to experience. In one way er another……..

      so once AGAIN thanks to  anyone whom has helped me to stay alive as of lately!….@ life is what it is fer each an evry one of us…all one can do is go along an do life .one day @ a time …sumtimes one minute at a time…and do the best one can!

in Q’s life it is a fight an a job jest to stay alive! yep!

a full time job it is staying alive now!!!

wtf? ever happened to retirement i guess i don’t get that! geez!

Namaste’ to one an all frum the world of da’ Q …aka mike in colorful colorado!

🙂 ………….. 🙂




19 thoughts on “Whether er not 2 he still has 2 go inevetibly so lol

  1. Life has a way of pulling its punches at times. Keep kicking, Q!! Just don’t give up and keep your humor too. Slow and steady does it!! 😉 Loved your photographs!

  2. Good to see you are keeping your spirits up Mike. I hope you will continue to get the best possible care and help possible. Sending you smiles across the miles ☺🐾🐾

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  4. Keep your spirits soaring even if you can’t get that plane to fly your there. That looked like a wet drive. Great photos. Hopefully not all of them are like that. I hope you can get a driver to drive you home. I know you can feel more than a bit drained after a session. Any hope of home dialysis in the future? Hope all goes well.

      • am hoping i can be instrumental in bringing a dialysis chair er 2 2 pagosa an a nurse to do the stickin etc etc we have a new hospital but they did not include that it appears dialysis centers are outside services…so i gonna see if i can help to get one started in pagosa springs …might even do a fund me page fer dat one also.we shall see. 🙂 chhers to ya this week ahead ! 🙂 Q

      • Good luck with that. The community I last lived in formed a kidney association made up of people with kidney problems and their loved ones and other interested people. They raised money via community markets and eventually had enough money to buy a house, convert it and buy six machines. They then got a government grant which covered the wages of two nurses (one of which was me). It was the only community set up dialysis centre in Australia and it was great for the community saving them the distance you travel or more. A go fund me page is a great idea. Hope your week is good.

      • wow how inspirational u are! wow…thank u for replying ….i am having a hard time every month to get 3000 miles outa me old car..plus the almost 300 in gas each month we desperately need a centre here if not jest for my sake but the many others that drive frum pagosa! thanQ for inspiring me more to do this! luv ur comment here hugs across da’ werld to UUUUUUUU Q aka mike in sunny thunderstormy monsoony southern colorado 🙂 i want to come fly the roll cloud in aussie land with billo before i die i do ! thats a must if ya got dialysis centers there that can treat me upon a visit…u an norway are on my bucketlist

      • You can do it but you’ll need others to support you in the cause. Even perhaps one or two machines at your local hospital. Good luck with it. Would love to see you visit Australia. You can organise your itinerary around places that provide holiday dialysis.

      • yup i coud meet billo an get my lifes dream to fly the roll cloud sumday would be so very very kewl…if not is a good dream to have right! lol… thanks for ur support! am going to do that go fund me site soon for the dialysis center an one for me personally also for my transplant …to get there frum here it appears to be the only way in the good ol U.S.A. right now eh lol. oh well. bye 4 now namaste’ 2 u an urz frum Q ❤ appreciate ya a lot! …..

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