Quarked Shiny ProjeKts

~~quark’s shinny paint job! on a quarked projekt frum scratch~~twaz a corvette to start with! believe it er not! in da’ 80’s i built quite a few of these kit cars like on t.v.show miami vice they had a couple of our cars also, we built cars for princes an rich football players like lyle alzedo etc etc.they would bring us their vette an we’d make it a ferrari…till we got sued by ferrari an shut down :(~~~

I always like my projeKts to be shiny when i give them back to the customer…


these here are a few examples of my SHINY projeKts when i have finished them….

~~~~~~ frum one kinna shiny to another kinna shiny lol ~~~~

to another!…. πŸ™‚ ……

a shine on for many years to come some of them have been the customers gem 4-ever…



each one i have built an painted an sanded an polished has been a β€œDiversion, distraction and delightful detour,” in my life; sumtimes for a year er so! an it is this weeks theme for β€œOoh Shiny”. jesta few of my shiny projeKts πŸ™‚

Ooh, Shiny!

Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours


12 thoughts on “Quarked Shiny ProjeKts

  1. Did that Ferrari shutdown really happen – I am not what I term a petrol head (not a derogatary term, but cars (and those really passionate about them) is certainly a distraction

    • yes the mc burnie coachcraft company had to close its doors due to mr ferrarris law suit .for millions of dollars an destruction of all the kits…so they blew up our car on the show …an ferrari of miami picked up the contract by givin them 2 new testarossas for the show…..there are over 125 of them kit cars built still runnin round though.last one i saw went for a pert good price…the owners soent anywheres frum 60,000 on up to have a car built by mc burnies coachcraft at the time…. thanks for replyin take care..Q

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