still alive in Q’s Werld


Quite a trip the last few months have been without internet..etc etc…..

jest wanted all my readers to know i am still alive etc etc…… i shall return in the next couple of days an do a real post-it……….

Till then i jest wanted all my readers to know…….dialysis every other day an 500 miles a week on my old car i am still maikin it one month @ a time………without outside help i would have failed at this program already… i am very thankful for that an those that have helped me in this journey…….

    Feelin much better i am now ……….an am not on the roll of gettin sick evry day er so…………..

    My catagories on the right are getting viewed a lot now since i haven’t been posting @ of if ur bored please check them out.i have a Vast world of post-its here 99% articles written by center a lot on bio-energetic healing………

Hope evryone is having a slendid new i shall connect with ya once again soon! peace-out frum Quarksire.aka mike in southern colorado high in da rockies!…..


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