More frum da’ Mind of Q 4 420 greetings

Normally i would post this over at 420 greetings site an reblog to here but I have noticed that many readers nevr go to the original article an see the rest of the post… they click like over here an there is 80% of the post over there so the long post it goes here […]

420 greeetings back in action!

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420 Greetings back in action! saved the site but is not a dot com any more : so read up an educate urself….Back 2 da future 🙂 Compound In Cannabis Shown To Remove Toxic Alzheimer’s Protein From The Brain An active compound found in the cannabis plant called tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly…

More frum Lot 420

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More frum da’ mind of Smiley YA KNOW if the federal government would just put a $0.75 cent per gram tax just for therecreational usage and say 25% of America was to buy just ONE GRAM PER DAY the feds would make around 30 BILLION A YEAR, now factor in the…

420 Da’ Real Deal

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~~~~~~~ Da’ Real Deal ~~~~~~~ 2015 – da’ dea fda aap an a fake war on drugs ****** Watch closely as the Congress and the President work in a bipartisan manner in the best interests of the citizens. It all occurs below the surface at a very slow pace and after…

More from lot 420

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 Weed has been disguised as the bad guy when weed holds together the structure and integrity of the soil as so does the myocillin fields underground! Both illegal to cultivate and grow on most of the planet? evr wunder why? when it was a law that farmers had to also grow…

21 Points bout POT frum 420 Greetings

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21 more Quarked Pointz an Knots bout P.O.T. Click on da’ all bout pot link to learn more frum lot 420 Stops, Relaxes, Prevents,Treats,reduces, Cures, is anti bad orgAnism, makes numerous products, an COULD POSSIBLY REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING AND SAVE THE WORLD FROM DE-FORESTATION!.nOW wHAT YA THINK BOUT THAT!?.. hAVE A…