On Da Edge of space wit James May BBC

in the list an frum da list of the most viewed blog posts at quarksires world here…this comes up on the top 10 of all time…besides the music videos…seems to be the extra-ordinary place ya are taken when watching this video i guess…
Still alive here in Q’s werld yep mikey is..an as has been for a year an a half plus every other day till i die or get a new kidney well off to drive 130 milles evry other day…so much fun driving acrosst the 4 corners it is…most amazing part of any given day besides having them poke me with needles is the Weather an the storms across the 4 corners is amazing sometimes an lotsa fun driving in serious downpours…
Have a post i did for wordpress here but left the cd at home so next time i get to the library here i shall put er up….

Meanwhile i did start a go fund me site finally…..i had been holding out for quite some time but since i need a new kidney or have to result to this 500 mile a week adventure 4 evr ? we shall see what happens with all that….
in case ya be interested in checkin that out! more to come.take care world frum Q .aka Mike in sunny souther colorado! 🙂


In dis’ vid go to da’ edge of space wit- James May –


in this BBC documentary ` In this ride of a lifetime one can see da’ curvature of the earth in a spectacular new way..


a vid werth da’ watchin’ cuz u’ll prolly never get to do this urself..but thru the internet ya can see how it be

🙂 fer realzzzzzzz 🙂

So, come an take a ride wit james may to da’ edge of space.

🙂 Enjoy ur ryde 🙂



don’t inflate ur flight suit now without ur visor down, ur head might pop out the hole …….safety furst …yes indeed 🙂 ~~~an well;

Your brains didn’t blow up your eyes didn’t bulge out and your guts didn’t fall out, that’s a good day so far…this second vid is the complete show, an what james had to go through jest to be able to go…

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still alive in Q’s Werld


Quite a trip the last few months have been without internet..etc etc…..

jest wanted all my readers to know i am still alive etc etc……..an i shall return in the next couple of days an do a real post-it……….

Till then i jest wanted all my readers to know…….dialysis every other day an 500 miles a week on my old car i am still maikin it one month @ a time………without outside help i would have failed at this program already…..so i am very thankful for that an those that have helped me in this journey…….

    Feelin much better i am now ……….an am not on the roll of gettin sick evry day er so…………..

    My catagories on the right are getting viewed a lot now since i haven’t been posting @ of late..an if ur bored please check them out.i have a Vast world of post-its here 99% articles written by me.an center a lot on bio-energetic healing………

Hope evryone is having a slendid new years.an i shall connect with ya once again soon! peace-out frum Quarksire.aka mike in southern colorado high in da rockies!…..


Quarked Shiny ProjeKts

~~quark’s shinny paint job! on a quarked projekt frum scratch~~twaz a corvette to start with! believe it er not! in da’ 80’s i built quite a few of these kit cars like on t.v.show miami vice they had a couple of our cars also, we built cars for princes an rich football players like lyle alzedo etc etc.they would bring us their vette an we’d make it a ferrari…till we got sued by ferrari an shut down :(~~~

I always like my projeKts to be shiny when i give them back to the customer…


these here are a few examples of my SHINY projeKts when i have finished them….

~~~~~~ frum one kinna shiny to another kinna shiny lol ~~~~

to another!…. 🙂 ……

a shine on for many years to come some of them have been the customers gem 4-ever…



each one i have built an painted an sanded an polished has been a “Diversion, distraction and delightful detour,” in my life; sumtimes for a year er so! an it is this weeks theme for “Ooh Shiny”. jesta few of my shiny projeKts 🙂

Ooh, Shiny!

Diversions, distractions, and delightful detours


Sending money by Paypal is free


Did u Know u could send money free on the internet to anyone in the werld with paypal?

well, ya can an it is really awesome …within seconds ya can send someone cash…….if i did not have the internet……..be it that it is jest “what it is presentlY” an i am lucky i do! weekly i travel the werld with all my subscribers…has become my full time job now…and am hoping my quarksire.com an all the articles an time i have put into this is werth something to someone out there in the world….

I know it has been worthwhile when someone that came across my page found sobriety an some extra strength out of reading the right article at the right time in their lives…i have had e-mails regarding that an warms my heart to know i made the correct decision years ago when i was on a limited budget in life…Internet or T.V.? well i chose the internet an for that am very thankful…so at this point in my life i need help keeping internet an myself alive it appears……any help at all would be appreciated 4 life by me…….4 every 20 bucks extra i got adds up to another 2 days of life for me… the gas ability to get to dialysis an back rides on this very fact!..So; out of the choices i have made over the years..this is one that means a lot to me…I have the internet still…but i keep loosing it every month cuza cash flow problems an go da last week er so without… cuza expenses related to kidney dialysis an operations an hospital visits etc etc..an traveling is costing me 300 plus a month. So here i am thinking bout; what if i DID NOT HAVE THE NET? i would have lotsa money for my expenses….
i have prolly bout 10,000 dollars of time an money invested into this site over the years…I do not have cable tv or streaming tv as a result of this choice also….

ckick here to help keep quarksire an his web werld alive!


  or if ya prefer the old way well, the mailing adress 4 da Q is Quarksire aka mike weed @ 1112 gunbarrel rd. pagosa springs ; colorado 81147
so now i feel it is time to put a donate here button on my page for those long term readers that have got something positive outa my post-it werld here…….if ya got a paypal account it is easy an free to send $$$ cept the amount u are sending lol…

Recently a relative sent me some money by wire an it cost them 25 bucks ; well with paypal it doesn’t cost anything to send money to anyone on the planet if they have an account! an within seconds also ; is 2 kewl fer skewl really!.

     So, ?  If per chance? ya have any extra resources i am in serious need to say the least,,,am literally fighting for my life on a weekly basis now…. I actually love my life as fuked up as it is it jest is that “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” BOUT IT!

In recovery every other day frum dialysis so i do not get a lot done anymore cept water my garden etc etc an werk on my car so i can get back an forth…..sleep till noon a lot. Then in the middle of the night i do internet stuff a lot. research, reading an blog posting etc etc…an e-mailin i get prolly 25-50 e-mails a day now frum different people around the werld an follow a lotta blog post-its also is my fun in my spare time an recovery …a way i can travel the werld in a way an reflect upon others lives etc etc an places an things.is quite rewarding ..rather than watching tv……..so for that i pay – an in the end i am hoping i can get some kinda return on my investment….

………………………………………….wish i could !…………

So…if ur a long lost friend that owes me money or a debt now is the time to pay up lol. an if ur a newfound reader please do not be sidetracked by me asking for help “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DATS ALL FOLKS…by the way i am also doing a go fund me site asap to help with this endeavor to LIVE…some more before i leave this ol’ planet…..read more bout da’ plight of my pkd below….da fight of my life……

Chronically Speaking

polycystic kidney disease

Donate 2 this Website here

12 Steps to Recovery

32′ Seaview Triton v-10 Motorhome 4 Sale


This post-it is for my Neighbor Mark; He has a 32′ Motorcoach for sale, wants to downsise his life a bit. It is in like new condition in many ways it is a 1999 Ford Triton V-10 Engine which pulls like a diesel….other vehicles on the road are amazed when ya pass them on by!


     It has a 12′ foot slide-out an a good bed an interior..has been lived in off an on for the past few years since new. He is the second owner, This motorhome has not much road time for it has mostly been parked since bout 2008 as a campspot. in the rocky mountains here.

6.8 litre Triton V-10 surpasses most mtorhomes on the road an gets relatively good gas mileage for what it is…
automatic transmission with an engine oil cooler also, 130 amp auxillary start system in case of emergencies.
Radial tires, tilt steering wheel an cruise control.
has a powerstep an believe it er not a t.v. antenna lol.
Water heater an shower with bath…with a 41 gallon holding tank…
5000 lb trailer winch….an a 5.5 generac generator with dual roof air conditioners
aluminum roof ladder, conan countertop,
12 ft.slide out ..an 12 foot awning also…’
Rear vision system with microphone an speaker…
has mini blinds throughout…
stainless steel wheel liners…
50 amp power converter with charger
35000, btu standard furnace..steel construction with dura frame chassis…Steel framed laminated sidewalls with solid foam insulation an gel coat finish..an has fiberglass formed front an rear caps also
2 6 volt house batteries….4 point hydraulic jacks…battery disconnect switch,linoleum floor in galley an bath…with a double door reefer…
microwave oven …has a nice stove an oven also….


 It has 32,000miles…new windshield on the passengers side an a crack in the drivers side not in line of sight, 1000.00 spent yesterday on new right side windshield which was really bad.


    Thanks for checkin’ out this page..will ad pics to this manana…..if ur interested see the ad @ craigslist or jest text me frum here .970-046-9083 will be glad to communicate bout it !


so dats that for the day will get back to ya soon the Q will..manana another round of dialysis fer mikey here is a job in itself indeeD! 🙂 take care

over an out frum da’ Q



It be Elemental Sir’ Watson sayz da’ Q

It be Very Elemental Watson! there are 2 ways 2 fly er more yes indeed if ya don’t got lotsa $$$

🙂 an dats me folks lol 🙂

so quark sayz :

..an so many variables there of also …but; all different forms of the ultralights are fun to fly

well, instructor johnny moved to utah, so if ya want lessons frum him ya would have to visit salt lake area now…:(

…not as fun maybe as a powered glider but i can’t afford one they cost way to much mula…sosa i fly a raged ol’ butterfly wing

..not really though; she is in pert good shape. not many hours an lots to go as far as i am concerned, this wing will last me my lifetime ..i am sure when it comes to the ultralight trikes i fly…

~~~~~~~~~~~it’s Elemental Watson no matter how ya fly it is a different lewkin’ werld frum up dere’ @ 3 er 400 ft.



Erica v says; For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire. How do you capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water? Or, more personally, is there a place you go to feel connected to the earth?

After i land when i go flying i feel more connected to the earth in a different way! 🙂 indeeD! so!

Take a moment to explore these elements, in or out of balance, together or individually, as you pick up your camera this week.


Textures in da’ Sky when ya fly!

There is a certain texture to the air an the clouds also…..yes indeed.the air density changes a lot an also the humidity which changes the texture an creates the clouds etc etc an is evident when ya fly in the skies in an ultralight… 🙂 even the clouds have texture an the ground does also frum da’ air!

an ya can feel it when ya fly at different temperatures an speeds also…whether it is hot or cold the air density changes an so inevitably does the texture of the air i call it!…in sailplane terms when the texture is coolest is when there are thermals an the air is thick an dense an warm an rising 🙂 best days of flying ever that is .

and enjoying the different textures of ground an sky is pert awesome sometimes yes indeed i must say so myself 


~~~ if da’ texture of da’ air is jest right!


an once upon da ground an back home Q notices da’ stickbug relies on texture to climb upon! and well, when i am home alone an frazzled werkin’ in da’ garage er whatnot..well, texture is da’ name of the game an thats a whole another sketched out blog haha…some of my sketched metal photoart! frum da’ garage “grinder art” i call it !…yep it qualifies for the werd of da’ week at the photo challenge “texture” lol.

Cheers to one an all over an out frum

Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

Quarksire’s Photos of da’ Year!

Pic’s of da’ year Award!!!

a couple few pics i did not take

I have spent hours going thru all the pics i have collected in the last year! er so This one comes frum my gurlfriends site…an da rainbow shot also….an no U can’t know who she is// lol. unless ya are one of those privy to know ! ya know……!!!….. i cannot find the higher resolution shot i had in my puter here…but when i do i shall replace this post-it’s pic with thata one…This pic simply amazes me an i think it is pert incredible …an even though i did not take this shot…got to hand it to the person that did..although i do not know whom that is..or i’d give home er her credit…


an here is second place to the pic of da year award! frum da’ Q



~~~~~ mc namara on another wave of a lifetime ~~~~~

an 3rd place of da pic of da year is here

AN 4th place fer da pic of da year is……..

Ok till next Post-it Over an out frum da’ Q

I have had no internet for 2 weeks an have to play catch-up here.

dis’ one goes in my Quarked Photography page


Whether er not 2 he still has 2 go inevetibly so lol

Welp, no matter what the weather is doing he must drive across the 4 corners 3 times a week now like it is a job so………without hesitation!…it’s a job {she} says…an da’ satisfaction comes in knowing ya made it home alive

“one more day”

Although i do not earn $$$ i simply earn life by being able to accomplish going to my dialysis….My arm is sore! a lot…an  Sumtimes i becomes light headed!….(not good) is where it is good when {SHE} sumtimes takes the wheel! lol….i can only hope anyhow…she will be takin’ the wheel a lot in the future!…

     I think i need a car like the airplane i used to fly… one that has 2 sets of controls or yeah like my trike; where either person on board can take control of the aircraft….it would be pert kewl…….

     Have thought a lot how to design such a car in the garage in the spare time sumday ..

sumday if i got the time…i have the car…jest need the time an the $ for the parts lol…oh! an the health also?…..

   ~~~~White knucklin it! river on da’ right road on da’ left~~~~


we shall see what i am capable of doing in the near future…….would be a fun projekt that will prolly never happen anyhew now…although it would be jest the ticket an helpful cure for a simple problem 4 a guy like me..with occasional…..{LATHARGY}

..So that way if i were driving with {her} or anyone else, when it came upon me… instead of me having to pull over an take a break if i were alone…{she} could jest take over an get us to our destination safely!………..


I am enjoying every 130 mile round trip i take to Durango more an more in a way!…i am forced to get out an see the world a bit and to be a part of it instead of laying in pain at home…it is becoming like a 3 day a week job & it is helping me feel better also……..i no longer wake up with morning sickness as often as i used to it used to happen a lot!…kicked this 60 yr old guys arse down a bit it did…..polycystic kidney disease an dialysis..now i seem to be eternally tired an worn out…..whew!..

..But what i do so possibly think is? I have to question how long i can …not only afford to but …..simply physically be able to keep on keepin’ on driving myself?…. that’ll be the day huh…when king driver has to be driven a lot 😦 So, it’s on with the dialysis 3 times a week for life..wheew what a trip really….Rain – Snow – er shine..is a must do program now that i cannot escape, and now retired guy here cannot retire ever!  it is what it is! thats bout it!…a new full-time JOB fer’ LIFE!..


Never thought my life would end up this way really …

    So, anyhow in the future i see {her} kicking my ass into shape again ..and also being my right arm..an doing some of the driving….i pray {wait} lol bout this one a lot these days…cuz i know i am aging …one day @ a time lol …an jest have to learn how to rely on others for help @ i have been the last couple of months……without i guess…i would simply die within weeks the doctors say….


     A note to ALL whom have helped me get thru this last month in all ways….socially, spiritually, financially, physically an in every other creative way that has come about…dis’ has been a sure course in miracles for me!…Thanks so very much to all of u whom have lended a hand in any way to mr. weed here!!! i shall be 4 ever eternally grateful for ya all! – an i would have failed if i did not have ur help ! thats a fact so thank UUUUUU!


You know whom ya are………so between him an them an he an she well, i have been literally saved by many others this time round! frum my lady to family an friends! and all the wunderful doctors an nurses in the 4 corners that have layed thier hands on me! I than  YOU!

    STAy safe 2 one an all frum da’ Q dis here ol moonsoon season in da’ rockies…..the most fun time of the year to me…Summertime storms an whatnot daily weather changes are phenomenal and fun to experience. In one way er another……..

      so once AGAIN thanks to  anyone whom has helped me to stay alive as of lately!….@ life is what it is fer each an evry one of us…all one can do is go along an do life .one day @ a time …sumtimes one minute at a time…and do the best one can!

in Q’s life it is a fight an a job jest to stay alive! yep!

a full time job it is staying alive now!!!

wtf? ever happened to retirement i guess i don’t get that! geez!

Namaste’ to one an all frum the world of da’ Q …aka mike in colorful colorado!

🙂 ………….. 🙂




The Twin Flame Test LoL jest 4 fun!

~~~~~ some re-runs are werth the fun 🙂 enjoy an have a splendid day! 🙂 Q

take da test here . 🙂              http://lonerwolf.com/twin-flame-test/



“Twin flames are our mirrors. They reflect back to us our every strength, insecurity, weakness and shadow element. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to help us undergo soulwork and become the best version of ourselves possible.”   

~Mateo Sol

LOL: hey i passed the test? wow…now what?

Believe it er Not“!

Results: You found your twin flame! says the website. Well i took the twin flame test an this is s what happened 🙂 lol….. so is it smoke er mirrors u tell me? ur guess is good as mine at this point! this is what the answer to the test said to me!


What an immense blessing. You are both like two sides of the same coin: you compliment each other’s strengths, weaknesses, light and dark sides perfectly. Your twin flame is someone who you completely trust and feel a sense of inner expansion around. Your life may…

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