Healthy Verses Un-Healthy Co-dependencies by quarksire

If you’re the enabler in a codependent relationship — meaning you promote the other person’s dysfunctions — you can prevent them from learning common and needed life lessons.”


an is the last thing i wish to do is change anothers destiny and fate unless it is for the better, guess for the better might jest be in the eye of the beholder.
Tonights topic for the Q is C0_dependent Relationships. the healthy and the unhealthy aspects an view points of it!
First off The Wiki Definition!
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Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. People with a predisposition to be a codependent enabler often find themselves in relationships where their primary role is that of rescuer, supporter, and confidante. These helper types are often dependent on the other person’s poor functioning to satisfy their own emotional needs. Codependency often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.


Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including family, work, friendship, and also romantic, peer or community relationships.Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns.
So from there is where i wish to take the discussion to the forms… an to a direction that might make a person take a better lewk at whether they live in a healthy or an Unhealthy for of C0 Dependency.
Yes there is healthy co-dependency… it is of the simplest kind,,,the honorable approach to daily life etc etc… with constant loving communication, and then comes the all knowingness trust because of knowing the other is faithful and committed and true to ya. A healthy kind of co-dependent relationship honors each individual for that which they truly are. A healthy kind of co dependency is that where one lives with faith that the other party will do the best they can to communicate and honor what it is said will or wil not be done or promised, to honor them.
The Healthy kind of co dependency comes from knowing an believing in another person and what they say and preach is to be true, many can talk the talk but when it comes down to it in life they can’t walk the walk.For Example, if i am to tell u “i’ll call ya later” and don’t call till tomorrow or the next day? well is that healthy or not?…

Some believe that codependency is not a negative trait, and does not need to be treated, as it is more likely a healthy personality trait taken to excess. Codependency in nonclinical populations has some links with favorable characteristics of family functioning.
An unhealthy kind co-dependency come into play when like for example a person tells ya they will call in the am and they do not? or that that are dying to see ya but blow ya off for another way? or person? then call ya an try to convince ya all is ok even though they chose another person over u 😦 is insane really!.

So, point of this blog is kinna the same as the last few post-its frum me, bout the essene mirrors and which mirrors we choose for which people to reflect our lives offa of, don’t let ur self get trapped into the mirror that wants to use U for to release thier pain and anger upon, an if they do well, all one can really do bout it is cry a bit, try to forgive them an move on for the ignorance they imposed upon ur friendship and honor u might have shown them with all ya had to the best of ur ability, a sad loss truly, jest another caring individual…U might be, but if they do not or judge U and find someone or something better than u and turn u into something U or they are not, like fear; well like i said unhealthy people hold pain inside from things of the past and until they release that pain an memory they will keep living that thing over and over, all things relative to that bad what ya can do is Say a prayer to the holy spirit to hel[p that person forgive thier memories of the past and forgive them again for taking it out on U. sad but true, move on move forward an recgonize a love lost that will never be replaced for that which it could have been ,yes one of the saddest things in the werld it is yes…but,,don’t blame urself don’t bl;ame them,,,forgive it all an let it be give it up to god … the best i can do when dealing with another unhealthy co-dependent behavior, making u a reactor to thier drama filled egoistic life now 😦 where money – judgements-an opinion become more inmportant than love an honor an truth. .again forgive an move on .pray for them an thier allergies to the truth to be removed !.an want to bounce thier negative energy offa u they say they do not own? 😦  well, Enuff on this subjekt fer now i think ya get my point jest mayvbe !



I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself!

I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself! or another!

Love an light 2 u today!



Cannabis Science

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“believe it er not!”


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420 Greetings

Points and its Knots bout some of the latest news in Cannabis Science.


Marijuana Use Is Associated With Decreased Mortality In TBI Patients CBG Administration Halts Cancer Progression .


Parkinson’s Patients Respond Favorably to Cannabis Therapy


Marijuana Use Mitigates Symptoms of Opiate Withdrawal


Inhaled Cannabis Facilitates Disease Remission In Patients With Crohn’s Disease .


Read the complete article concerning each of the above statements 🙂 an have a splendid one! ……

Frum da 🙂 smiley one, an da’ smiley side of life

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New Moon Blessings of the Fifth Stage of Endurance: The Harrowing of the Soul

……..D & D Day fer me 🙂 no not Dungeons an Dwagonz but because of Dawn an Derek & Brandi! I start a new day, moving forward without hesitation!


With a bit of Endurance!

“It is because of the burst of new life that our life may seem again to stumble too near the edge, and jump right into the abyss again. But this time, the love of the inner masculine and the old Wild Self will sustain us as never before.”

ThanQ Derek H an Dawn & Brandi

for being whom ya all be 🙂

Da’ following is a long post-it so, get a cupa jave an sit down fer a spell an read if’n ya wish ,,, Peace out to one an all frum


PS: I did this re blog an post-it before they came up with the werd of the week Endurance 🙂 so i am jest linking this page to the wordpress weekly photo challenge: Makes it an easy one fer me 2 day! Endurance

Werd of da' week Endurance

Werd of da’ week Endurance

Have a splendid weekend everyone


Healey Institute for Healers


Please, join in where ever you are. Awake or asleep. Read this and reflect, and meditate. Wednesday, September 24th 2014 at 8pm EST.

Three months ago, we began a journey towards wholeness by diving deep into our psyches. Through calm reflection and/or meditation, we have explored the foolish “devil’s bargains” that we have made in our past, and what we have given up or what has been taken away from us. We have discovered and continue to discover the things and people which no longer serve us and have learned to healthily cut and break free from them. We have begun to learn to wander with instinct and eat that which feeds our minds, bodies, and souls, and now we delve into what the Sufies call “The Longing, in the wilderness of loneliness” or the pain of the soul.

(I shared and wrote a brief article yesterday on the subject of The Longing:…

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…… 🙂 Quark Quark !

Be epic. Be you.” 🙂

Oh and one more –

“Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry.”

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Thanking Dawn Fer Da Courage to Move forward without hesitation! 🙂


Cherokee Blessings

Cherokee/Irish Blessingz

crowbirdFrom a day of hurting ( i crashed friday and dislocated my shoulder:( to a weekend of recovery to a night of wunder,
For today i have to thank for my healing
” cherokee blessingz”
an da song cherokee woman goes round an round in me head 🙂
Ever since my loving friend and healer “Crow” whom has passed away to the other side now has been gone, i kinna knew he was sending me my lessons and aquantainces and miracles and friends in my life, that were somehow related to the tribal culture an music etc etc…So as Crow used to tell me, life is really to short mikey to allow urself to be abused by others who do not appreciate u or ur life etc etc… release urself from those whom carry the burden of the werld on their shoulders with false flag resentments and fears and allow the holy spirit to connect ya with the ones that are meant to be with ya!,,so is hard advice but many years laterz now i have taken it and well, was the best advice i could ever get, to get out of the way of my own destiny and allow the world i wish for to grow around and come to me the way i wish it to…
So, that it is happening “One Day at a Time now again. More Cherokee Blessings.


So This post it is for u and with much thanks to u for being U “cherokee/irish woman” an help me to heal in the times i now need it so very much, for that

ALL MY LOVE 2 U this day!……….


peace out to the werld an forgiveness to those whom haven’t really a clue what they now have done….For I believe man and womans greatest endeavor is to be a person of LOVE & HONOR

…more to come…… yep yep 🙂
over an out frum

PS: Follow da links below if ya don’t know lots bout the cherokee nation and the cherokee healers and cherokee woman……

Cherokee Women – First People of America and Canada

AN YEAH STILL TO THIS DAY MIKEY BELIEVES IN THE “POWER” and FORTITUDE OF the Native AMerican Woman 🙂 Seemed to Hewk with my soul ever since years ago i saw da movie

“A Man Called Horse”

i always thought what an awesome path, so here i am in the end living on my purchased sacred indian land 🙂 i do,,, i feel very blessed evry day i wake up and go out an lewk at my view 🙂

Quarks front yard

Quarks front yard…800 ft deep canyon ou frt there

…Adios frum Q will keep ya posted….

A short update on the energies – September 3, 2014

……Simply that bygones are bygones, and now, these bygones keep accumulating at an ever increasing rate…. Amazing Werds fer da day are as follows – and – please follow the link provided at view complete article , until laters ….an remember > For here is still so much of you to embrace, and for every second of the day now, you continue to widen you grasp on just who it is you really are, and why it is you came here in the first place…step by step and piece by piece.

” Keep on Keepin on “

” One Day @ a Time “…..

Peace-out 2 U an Namaste’ frum da Quasicle Q 🙂