…… 🙂 Quark Quark !

Be epic. Be you.” 🙂

Oh and one more –

“Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry.”

: ) : ) : )
Thanking Dawn Fer Da Courage to Move forward without hesitation! 🙂


Cherokee Blessings

Cherokee/Irish Blessingz

crowbirdFrom a day of hurting ( i crashed friday and dislocated my shoulder:( to a weekend of recovery to a night of wunder,
For today i have to thank for my healing
” cherokee blessingz”
an da song cherokee woman goes round an round in me head 🙂
Ever since my loving friend and healer “Crow” whom has passed away to the other side now has been gone, i kinna knew he was sending me my lessons and aquantainces and miracles and friends in my life, that were somehow related to the tribal culture an music etc etc…So as Crow used to tell me, life is really to short mikey to allow urself to be abused by others who do not appreciate u or ur life etc etc… release urself from those whom carry the burden of the werld on their shoulders with false flag resentments and fears and allow the holy spirit to connect ya with the ones that are meant to be with ya!,,so is hard advice but many years laterz now i have taken it and well, was the best advice i could ever get, to get out of the way of my own destiny and allow the world i wish for to grow around and come to me the way i wish it to…
So, that it is happening “One Day at a Time now again. More Cherokee Blessings.


So This post it is for u and with much thanks to u for being U “cherokee/irish woman” an help me to heal in the times i now need it so very much, for that

ALL MY LOVE 2 U this day!……….


peace out to the werld an forgiveness to those whom haven’t really a clue what they now have done….For I believe man and womans greatest endeavor is to be a person of LOVE & HONOR

…more to come…… yep yep 🙂
over an out frum

PS: Follow da links below if ya don’t know lots bout the cherokee nation and the cherokee healers and cherokee woman……

Cherokee Women – First People of America and Canada

AN YEAH STILL TO THIS DAY MIKEY BELIEVES IN THE “POWER” and FORTITUDE OF the Native AMerican Woman 🙂 Seemed to Hewk with my soul ever since years ago i saw da movie

“A Man Called Horse”

i always thought what an awesome path, so here i am in the end living on my purchased sacred indian land 🙂 i do,,, i feel very blessed evry day i wake up and go out an lewk at my view 🙂

Quarks front yard

Quarks front yard…800 ft deep canyon ou frt there

…Adios frum Q will keep ya posted….

A short update on the energies – September 3, 2014

……Simply that bygones are bygones, and now, these bygones keep accumulating at an ever increasing rate…. Amazing Werds fer da day are as follows – and – please follow the link provided at view complete article , until laters ….an remember > For here is still so much of you to embrace, and for every second of the day now, you continue to widen you grasp on just who it is you really are, and why it is you came here in the first place…step by step and piece by piece.

” Keep on Keepin on “

” One Day @ a Time “…..

Peace-out 2 U an Namaste’ frum da Quasicle Q 🙂

my life day-to-day

……..da 23rd of july waz my passed fathers birthday, an well he would be suprised i made it this long auctually! My Friend Dawn here an i have similar situations in life as a result of living with daily pain… Life changed many years ago for both of us and to this day it is what it is.

1DAAT “One Day At A Time!”

May any an all of the werld that comes by here also Find their Inner Courage also….That was when i found out who i was and what i truly wanted outa the rest of my life.

So! jest for 2 Day i move forward without hesitation,,,no matter what the pain an how much it hurts….acceptance is a key to this fine day!


Namaste frum Q

an thanQ Dawn also !

Colorado Stickbug Keepin a Grip

Well now today they take the color option out of the text editor an pagebuilder ?  like whats dat all bout i got to wunder ?…….why can’t things that werk good jest get left alone i do not know anymore Oh well …



and why 5 out of 10 people are positively negative or stuck in false judgement i jest do not know anymore, what happened to good ol’ value systems, honesty and integrity, that were kinna in one way set up around the world as a standard once, lol, yeah the book of standards the united nations way…..thats right…NOT!…. why are so many folks at war in their life?, a war they gots going between the brain and the mind, the brains fears always trying to one up on the mind with a false ego ussually made out of lies made from alcohol or other things that cause dillusional thinking, yeah thats some smart stuff huh! lol..

…well, one thing i have found is way evident is ya can control some of the people some of the time, and the ones ya can’t well? depends upon what they do, how the world rocks and rolls now it it poetic justice for the love poet to be hater at heart 😦 why there is so much dis-onor an hipocracy in the world also, i jest don’t have a clue, always for a dollar or 2 more it seems, the ol money and material things and how big and bad things are being more important than truth and honor ? ..

Anyhow watching this bug crawl up da wall was a trip, it uses the cracks, as a climber would the crevices and cracks up a big horizontal wall, was very kewl u could auctually see the bug analysing the next best step, anyhow , a reminder, to take life

one step at a time

one day at a time

with precision,

No Crashing now

still got a way 2 go!

if ya wanna make it to da top!

ya know!

nuff said fer one day…


click on either one of the pics to see the full size version of

dis Colorado stick bug


Da’ Disabled Warrior

Yeas, well at timez i feel like a disabled worn out warrior… truly tired of fighting battles, with alcoholics and incompassionate people whom are all talk an jest hipocrytes to the holy spirit… so i wrote this one this eve….all the same….. jest another opinion of the Q take it er leave it…..

Fake it till ya make it


er ya don’t i guess…

lIVING ON dISABILITY!……WELL, SOUNDS EASY RIGHT, NOT,, when ya have a mortgage to pay and electric bill an internet etc etc etc , is not an easy thing to do, especially when ya are down an out by the disability itself….I work still, work a lot an hard really, but do it for myself, at my own house and for me, the werk i am talking bout is simple werk like doing the dishes er werking on me house,,,,jest attempting to get by another hour sometimes without the pain of someone knitting inside my back is a giant chore and fatiquing in itself.. 😦 PKD surely sucks if i must say 😦 is very pain full and causes one to be very depressed also a lot because of the limitations upon oneself an not being able to do simple things like even tying my shoelaces with out it being pain full…. so such as life with polysyctic kidney disease and the chronic fatigue syndrum that goes along with it, the body is busy deaLING WITH THE DISEASE and is overwhelmed to the point that it is fatiguing to keep a grip on daily things a lot….At least i can say i am alcohol free and have been since 1997 or i prolly would be dead this very day!
  A heriditary diseasei do so hope they find a cure to before my kids and grandkids are diagnosed with it….i didnt’t even know i had this disease but always knew i had a chronic back ache didn’t know why till the scans when i crashed a snowmobile in 1997 ever since it has been getting progressively werse and my kidneys are like the size of a football now….each…yes now the poly cysts have migrated also to the pancreas and the liver also, so time is well, either on my side or it is not, for me to accomplish a few goals i have for the rest of my life i do so have that i appreciate every day i do! 4 outa 5 days i arize very ill from this disease and do all i can to stay outa taking myself to the hospital every time it happens….
Being disabled means jest what it says,,,u are disabled to be able to function in a normal lifestyle and type of life without pain medication… 😦 sometimes it is hard enuff to jest get through the next hour to get on with whatevr it is i am attemptimg to accomplish. Not on no pity pot it jest is what it is!
I now have limitations i did not have before and evry day it seems as though the limitations are growing as fast as my kidneys are 😦 sorry to say :(… it is not reversing itself even though i have stabalized it with the healing energies and frequencies of the rife machine…..I have extended my days sure i have, but as a result there is pain to go along with it, but to me well is a lot better than dying….I have a grand desire to meet my estranged family and long lost son…etc etc.whom i haven’t been able to see since he was 6 due to circumstances beyond my control 😦 my father before me i would rather not die without meeeting up and making ammends with that side of my family!
So today yes once again i have to “fake it till i make it” as they say to get through jest one more day…I have to put on that smile and wear that crown of thorns, no matter what, an try not to frown when i feel so damn down 😦 DIS ABILTY YES IT IS FER DA Q!….


Nanu Nanu Mork 4 Ever

The world lost a true genius today!!


Mork & Mindy House
1619 Pine St
Boulder, CO 80302

Today my reader was full of one of my favorite people on the planet, an i cried ,,,oh did i cry ,,, with the rest of the werld that cries also 2> Rest in Peace, Robin Williams, you will always be remembered for your genius talent, in so many fields, such as stand-up comedy, comedic movies, as well as serious, dramatic movies. You, Sir, made the world laugh & cry and your talents as well as you will be missed more than you ever realized. My thoughts & prayers are with your family at this time of grieving. I want them all to know that you, Sir, were and always will be remembered and loved as one of the greatest talents of all time. My own world will NEVER see another great talent/human being such as Robin Williams. You have had your own personal demons/problems but YOU ALWAYS MADE THIS WORLD LAUGH, and for that, I for one will be eternally grateful for having the opportunity to see and listen to that great comedic genius known as ROBIN WILLIAMS. I have watched your career blossom since the beginning and you never failed to entertain the world with your genius. The Multiplicity of characters u were! REST IN PEACE, your job is now finished here on Earth, and you have passed with HONORS, Sir. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.



I here have many of the same similar feelings as hastywerdz bout robin, an have this other to say in regard, Robin Williams suffered from some of the very same things so many do, although, 12 steps does not always werk for evryone, nor does anti-depressants etc etc,,Neither does love marraige er whatevr make ya happy! ,,I had always thought robin would be one of the ones to help with educating the americans an da werld these facts also, and that alcohol and pharmacueticals were killers, he said himself in an interview a few weeks back that , going back out drinking was his biggest mistake evr!I feel like robin w was a man whom was not only betrayed by the love of his life he felt ,,,that with his coupounding pressures? i still can’t see him hanging himself…but he did 😦 so sad 😦 😦 😦  So is all the more reason for me to not go back to drinking evr, cuz i been alcohol free since 1997 and well, do not feel like meeting up with robin in what dreams may come anytime soon ……

Again God bless the soul of Robin Williams 4 evr 🙂

over an out Tearfully Urs Quarksire! so all these links came flying at me in my reader this afternoon an through this eve,,,Thought i’d share em all with ya .I so love my readers that have a heart an soul to have blogged bout this also , thanks to all of u Links should all be blue cuza is da color of da eve thanks to Robins werld ….but i cant get it to stick ! so!

hard for me to CELEBRATE when it is SUICIDE all dere is to it!


Tip of da day for the sober drinker,,,

DON’T GO BACK OUT! 😦 well, robin would tell u that!

Nanu, Nanu
Mork 4 evr he will be 2 me

……….oh an along with a few other great characters also 🙂


here is a very fun watch> an yeah i was one of his followers on my utuber werld etc etc,,,,an in real life,,,seems his personality an many others i like became a part of my mind,,, i will forver love,,,an i will truly miss robin not leading up the 420 werld this year,,,will see who the all might gives us to do that although no one can ever evr replace ROBIN WILLIAMS…a one of a kind act! yep teop!……Although, now as with many things in my life where there was once laughter there is now a TEAR!er 2 er more 4 its everness now……..out! Q


Cosmic Awareness Speaks

Breakin’ Da Chains That bind U.

Can be interpreted many ways…
Depending upon ur perception….
Whether Chains of Love
Whether Chains of passion or chains of hate,
or even Chains or resentment that might fill ones heart
Or Chains of Addictions AllSo, Unn-Naturally, so this is fer my blue angel wolf that is the female voice here that speaks to me!…AN ALSO AN INTRO TO ANOTHER OF MY “BIG BOOKS” I USE Fer Me Life 🙂

Believe it er not !



Everything I tried to be
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Let the poison into me
(My heart in silence weeps)

All the beauty my sins cost
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Everything that I have lost
(My heart in silence weeps)
Everything I tried to do
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Whispered me away from you
(My heart in silence weeps)

You are present in my sleep
You haunt me when I’m awake
My thoughts you always seem to keep
Is it too late?
If you and I cannot be one
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Then forever will be gone
(My heart in silence weeps)
Now that I have lost everything
My heart in silence weeps
is it too late?
couple of kewl links fer da’ day to u frum Q  is a link to the book of Cosmic Awareness if u are interested in a readin a bit

meanwhile enjoy ur holiday weekend


Above art Created and Done by Jennifer B. Chaz <{link}whom has allowed me to post her art on this page bout freedom and removing the chains that might bind us to a different fate or destiny that we might wish for, sometime one jest has to like give up ya know and break all the chains so one can have a chance to heal and werk n themselves, break the chains that bind us to addictions and people evrn are very hard thing to do but sometimes for ones very own sanity is is the best move to make at the time,,,,and jest say WOW

so? if ur an avid reader of me ? remember the blog bout Watch It! …well this is a deeper perspective and a long bok link also, to many an answers, this for the link at the bottom of page here a definite book  for future reference i do so believe please INDULGE URSELF &  click on the pdf link an check out the


Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny




couple of kewl links fer readin’ material da’ weekend to u frum Q 🙂 Open me to the authors of this beaten path…check it out u might really get intrigued 🙂

i was! once a voice got stuck in me head 🙂 lol…..

color me kwayz i know! yep yep !

question everything till ya get to the point where ya understand and then jest become a doer and a be ir 🙂 er not!



A Lone White Wolf 4 Two Cents Tuesday

This White Wolf sees!
***** diggin’ fer truth *****

an is what it is postit* by Q

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to find Lies an betrayal instead :(

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to jest find a snake Lies an betrayal instead 😦

TWO CENTS TUESDAY here bout my last 5 yearz
~~~~~~~~~ once upon a time ~~~~~~~~~~
till used an abused for 50 years
she was a innocent ignorant beautiful soul
till struck with da’ tree of knowledge…….of..
free flight an Loves delight….
till, NOW; a very dark wolf yess indeed…….
ignorance is NOW da’ excuse
to be a liberated from being human human 😦
but beyond gods judgement and or the universes also…
SO! cause effect and karma an dharma will now be so 😦
she decided to say farewell, and call him an old love….
whilst her bleeding heart is a soul now torn apart,,
such a sacrafice for the ego,
Intentional in ur face neglect denial of truths an
abuse and taking what is not hers 😦 her new life book story
all for the glory of what i wunder? for a few dollars more?
an oh yeah her art commission? wtf ?
torn apart from all her reality … to new creational beliefs 😦
she misses already the days of the future passed…
those days she knew would only last in…… da memory of her mind…
although would never come to again pass…….
on account of false flafz an false fears
deciding heart was not a home and home was not really a heart
love she began to see as torn apart…before it came to pass……
believing she deserved a heart made out of Gems of the Universe
he offered her all of that an more!
she then decided to become a thing of a promise never to be….
jest at last to realize……..that she herself didn’t “deserve”
his smile
his love
his soul
his life….
jest the money he sent to her for years
😦 yeah right well , well…
what was it she really yearned…..
all the poems and stories and fantasies turnt to lies
– so now…free at last!
Libeerated from having to be human…
she decided to be selfish instead and attack an berate…an falsify so….
not the angel he once met!
so take da’ money an run 😦
lies hiding deciet neglect disregard and pain
to became her story 4 her 4 ever in time…Hipocracy and dishonorable betrayal… akashically!
~ No longer an innocent soul ~
she decided shed be better off with the incriminating lying wolves
of darkness…than the “White Wolf”
rare in breed yes indeed! was dis’ wolf they called weed
a loner on a mountaintop….ol’ white wolf getting older by the day
waits for a not so similar mate to come thy way,,, i guess……….
so, but all one can do is dig in; an do what one has to do to survive
without the bluengelwolf hanging round lurking daily trolling and patrolling
~~~~~~~ My 2 Cents Werth ~~~~~~


The Werd Waz CelebRate

a note er 2 bout the dissertation above ……..

whilst i watch the wolves troll around an hipocritically

click like on all kinds of things than in front of my face blatently ACTS 1000% opposite of all said,,,true hipocracy in my eyes:(
song of the day? thought of da day? ……hmmmm? ran outa fluidity and thoughtz jest like my life has over the last few yearz… totally insane…to me when “Humans Betray Humans”. i mean why …… clue sayz dis’ ol’ white wolf…….why with intention dumping on and hurting on people u claim to love…
ya , so, when da innocent soul becomes not so innocent out of choice,,,one can only wunder what got into that soul in the first place to …..CHANGE ? what they said they were and how and why etc etc…well, one day at a time is all one can do an accept that if other wish to lie cheat steal or kill and mame minds an men etc etc, to viciously and cruelly publickly attack with sarcastic werdz an visions not of love, is disheartening to me,,, well all one can do is pray for them to find themselves someday again…Is hard to accept ya can’t change another whom might go mental, but ya can’t …they are going to do what they bred the mind to do anyhow…out of either fear or love is bout it….. so peace to those whove been hurt on so, if ur one of them also, jest got to move forward , one minute – one day at a time …an accept the fact ya can’t fix others , an the harder ya try well, will bring ya down to that level and space, and is not a space i can afford to be, so fact of the matter is i got to one has to change perception, jest a wee bit, to accept the insanity. move forward without hesitation and ask god to forgive those i cannot. simple as that i guess.but not so simple really So, ..for those that do not have the courage or spine to make ammends and be honest and true to those they hurt on and or do other totally way off the mark things like lie steal or cheat on ,,,well, all ya can do is pray for them…… that point an move on!!!.an if they well, kill themselves or drink themselves to death cuz they would not listen to u, or because their conscience finnally gets to them, well try not to take it to personal, if ya hold urself responsible for thier actions, even if they affected u in every way ?….well, sick people are jest sick is all there is to it, and well, only the god of thier understanding can save them from the lack of innocent they have now become……..Q
ps women an men alike whom strike blows with werds to get a negative reactions from thier mate really suck, some push it to the point of getting violent re-actions or werds thrown back for thier actions,,,which in my book is very apprapo,sumtimes, what can one do but defend themselves frum insane thinking anyhow.,,but well,, the accusers are always the victim it seems when they are really the ones perpertrating the crimes to start with, , an it goes frum there,,,then after that the lying and the denial and all the other bs that follows also,, what for to try to justify or rationalize it all and why they did what they did,,then to only but judge and act on the response as the FAULT! what herasey!,,,seems like i have been dealing with these kinna folks all over the planet, an for many yearz, ..where if i turn the other cheek i get slapped round and if i fight back well i am guilty of abuse like my abuser ,,,has the werld all reall gone that mad really now ,,i mean c’mon ,,maybe one day i’ll meet a lady whose got a grip ….and is honorable an not jest a gold digger out for a dollar or 2 more..holds a heart of love and not fear..yes definitely not a fear monger that hangs her god out on a cross to dry and well, an definitely not someone that says they are an angel that wouyldnt hurt a flY,,,,cuz in the end ,,,thats alwayz been the biggest common fly of the hurting kind 😦 whom lives with lacks and in judgemenbt and pain and misery of nevr having things jest right for them, 😦 always negative and not happy ain’t fer me; i’d rather keep living alone , …i don’t need no misery buddie!.nor hipocracy and lies I needed a woman that loved me was all , an she knew that, an it is a 2 person werld here but she knew that salso said shed be back to help after a 77 day stay? 4 years ago 😦 ….she calls her crap to me lifes lessons her abuseive fearbased jelous love 😦 ,,,then took the money and shut me off ,,,imagine that huh….yeah all her blogs were to me for the last 5 years, what hogwash huh My blueangel turnt wolf 😦 yeah lifes lesson to be ripped off by an
HONEST ANGEL THAT WOULD NOT HURT A FLY YEAH RIGHT :(guess thats what happens when ya grow up believing in humpty dumpty and cinderella and all da fairy talez lol.whilst being verybally an mentally abused by ur parents 😦 ..then all ur life ya dig for gold and once ya find gold like she did da Q here well, turns it all into sand instead,,,, well we all have to lie in our own bed, an if we got a conscience well….we know whatz in da head..all dere is to it no excuses no rational or lies will hide the factz! nor entitle one to not see it either ..the truth that is,,,some believe they are “entitled” to lie cheat and steal well well,,,is all i can think; bummer says dis lone white wolf, not on da hunt but definitely in need…oh what fun it musta been to burn on the Q here for years 😦 not , simply crazy… Q 😦


***so well, heres as good as any place to say it, any single ladies that might be in for a change, Q is only gettin older an is tired of living on his colorado mountaintop “ALONE” …not like i am taking applications here lol…but well, maybe it is me thats applying 🙂 so yeah thats it turn it round a bit 🙂 i have lived the single life 5 years 2 long now! an a few years before that so, thought i knew who my eternity was an well that is only me..presently, an a buncha eternal  good times an bad times a past i guess, was livin single and celebate for honor an a reason, but well, those following me know da story, so anyone single, footloose an fancy free ? fer some fun let me know, well i think it’d be fun, depends on what one does now huh whether its “fun” er not an i like to have fun, yes that is in my agenda, she said fun an wunderful! was not in hers so, i am ,,,well right here right now all there is to it 🙂 who be U ?

******* Q *******

quarksire at the big Y dot com

why because dats me an i am yes lewking for a mate to come hang out with me in colorado 🙂 chow! 🙂


Fer a bit a Love Screaming in Digital click here


my answer in many situations….

Ur Love WILL Conquer All Thingz:)


2 U frum Q

> Rage for Order Neue Regel <

Sometimes just being with somebody, rather than words, is all that is needed to help…well so that was my 2 cents werth……Hope everyone has a great HUMP DAY!