Quarksire’s Tribute to Carl Haas an Paul Newman

In this short 2 min video it is a Tribute to Carl Haas – 2016..


Carl waz one of the most notable evr of drivers an team owners, with Newman/Hass racing…those whom follow motorsports, well, they don’;t need to be told the story of Carl Haas….this furst vid is a tribute vid recently done with some footage frum da’ past…..

The second video relating to Carl Haas is a fun watch… which chronicled the unlikely and amazing history of the Newman/Haas racing team. In this first installment of the three-part series, the protagonists recount their dubious beginnings and auspicious first victory with Andretti at the wheel. The features aired on CBS Sports. Personally interviewing Paul Newman and Mario Andretti will always be career moments.

A Doubtful Turn of the Wheel: Paul Newman, Mario Andretti, & Carl Haas

3 men with a passion for the sport of auto racing like none other…

Paul Newman with Jay Leno 08-04-2005 part 1/2

Paul Newman with Jay Leno 08-04-2005 part 2/2 watch jay an paul race round da’ studio on  little kart cars on stage at nbc 🙂 lol is great watch 🙂

an believe it er not when u buy paul newman products


sO WIT DA’ PASSING OF Paul Newman an now carl haas….2 great legends in motor racing an now i feel older …an older yet..

Ever since the movie “on any sunday”.

Greatest of admiration an thoughts go out to these 2 awesome souls an their families this day frum da’ werld of



Paul Newman’s last interview, with Renée Loux Inside Edition


If ur still interested watch this CBS Sunday Morning on the Death of Paul Newman: is an awesome life story really! da’ last half of part 2 freeses up but da audio is still there…i washed dishes an listened to it 🙂 take care all. Jest my day to remember i am getting old an these 2 guys were 2 of the best of the best! 🙂




In case u missed da’ 2016 Indianapolis 500


I am layte to many things perpetually an will prolly be layte to my own funeral if there is one lol…But I choose in 2005 to not have “LIVE TV” evr since an have to “PAY” for it! Datz Crazy!  All my life TV was free, but now in my neck of the woods there is no free tv, cept 4 like 2 netwerk channels frum fuzzy Albuquerque 200 miles away, an pbs is free, so 3 channels wow, thats if u buy a new digital tv an or a digital converter! antenna etc etc,,,or go cable an pay up to 100 or more a month jest to watch TV at home, how insane in my bewk of life, so I wake at 3 am an watch Q-tube etc etc…Cost me less bandwidth thata way …So Anyhew if u missed the race this year ; here it is frum indycar at u-tube…COMMERCIAL FREE! 🙂

f1 Driver wins 100th Indy 500


Photo by: TopSpeed.com

100th Running Of The Indianapolis 500 Time Lapse Camera set above raceway. frum before the race to after the race all in a minute ..

Where Fear is not an option although failure is the enemy lol

More indy 2016 coverage comin soon..till then check out this re-run.. Simon Pagenaud kicks but in dis race .last 5 minutes in pert incredible…an wow deze guys have 5.8 second pitstops with 4 tires an fuel  truly incredible … 🙂

IndyCar 2016: Round 4. Alabama. Birmingham. Full Race

Nascars Not Just About Racing

Month of May time for many NASCAR charitable events… An One of my fav wordpress sites Nascar nbc sports just posted an article bout this which is inspirational.

Regan Smith (right) works on a car to help 4-year-old Scarlett overcome some of her mobility issues. Her father, Aarron McKibbin also helps with the car. (Photo by Dustin Long)

*********Many of the kids who received a specially fitted car to help with their mobility issues at a Go Baby Go event Wednesday at Tommy Baldwin Racing. (Photo by Dustin Long)

Many of the kids who received a specially fitted car to help with their mobility issues at a Go Baby Go event Wednesday at Tommy Baldwin Racing. (Photo by Dustin Long)

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Throughout the two weeks of racing in May at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the NASCAR community takes part in several charitable activities. Among the various charitable activities, Tommy Baldwin Racing had 10 area families in its shop Wednesday with team members and volunteers to build specially fitted cars for children with mobility issues to help make it easier for them to get around. The Go Baby Go event provides modified ride-on toy cars to young children with disabilities, including Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome…

See an read the rest of and the complete article here > http://nascar.nbcsports.com/2016/05/26/month-of-may-time-for-many-nascar-charitable-events/

When Up is da only way to go

doffetime on da veranda!

coffetime on da veranda!

an or ur finnaly on top er headed to the top whichever it might be!


In da end welp up is da way i like to go an welp the 2 vids here today show a representation of UP!^ to me


have a splendid day up er down whichever way u go this fine day!

Enjoy da’ Ryde! da best ya can!


all downhill frum here now i suppose when ur finally at the top!

all downhill frum here now i suppose when ur finally at the top of da hill! ****Believeiternot! a matter of perception!

Onboard with David Hauser (Dallara GP2) – Course de côte de St. Ursanne – Les Rangiers 2013

BEST-OF — MICKHAUSEN (D) 2013 — Bergrennen (Berg-Cup) / Hillclimb / Course de Côte

IndyCar 2015 – Long Beach Grand Prix Full Race

a pic from many seasons back @ long beach grand prix by quarksire

a pic from many seasons back @ long beach grand prix by quarksire

Fer many years i went to the Toyota grand prix of long beach, since i werked for the first toyota dealer in the usa an had commitee of 300 tickets every year, since it was formula one, now is a cart race there every year the same track is a kewl track a couple of laps round an ya are addicted to this place. They close the streets of long beach for 2 weeks for this event is a great place to hang out with a lotta events an carshows etc etc..aan now the all nw formula E racing , frum carting to Cart racing to drifting competions now an lotsa music an concerts is quite an even to attend! is the longest track in the circuit..awesome coverage without a lotta talk, a lotta in car an track action in this race here! could scott dixon pull it off we shall see !

powers – pablo montoya – an pagenaud an scott dixon!.

if nutin else fast forward to the last 10 laps was a great raceday! @ da long beach grand prix 2015

a gewd fight fer a day!This is the crown jewel of open wheel racing in the ol USA! eh 🙂


Enjoy the race if ya click on this link …..amazing in car cam footage here …see if montoya er powers does it ? adreniline on demand fer you this fine day



IndyCar 2015 – Round03 Long Beach – Race [Full + 1080p] [S1HD]

The Gladiators are Back Isle of ManTT


Today an this week i wished to show all my readers that do not know bout the isle of man race what it is all bout!. Beyond werdz really is something one must come an see .. So i gots a wiki thing here an a few vids fer dis’ dreary Sunday inside watching vids.. have a splendid day whomever ya are an wherever ya are…..


The International Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) Race is an annual motor-cycle racing event held on the Isle of Man which was for many years the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world.[1] The event was part of the FIM Motorcycle Grand Prix World Championship from 1949–1976 before the Grand Prix was transferred to the United Kingdom after safety concerns including a riders’ boycott,[2] and then run by the FIM as the British Grand Prix for the 1977 season.[3] The Isle of Man TT Races became part of the TT Formula 1 Championship from 1977 to 1990 to preserve the event’s racing status. From 1989 the racing has been developed by the Isle of Man Department of Tourism as the Isle of Man TT Festival. The Isle of Man TT is held during May/June of each year and traditionally concludes with the Blue Riband event, the prestigious Isle of Man Senior TT race.

~ THE GLADIATORS ARE BACK ~ ✔ Isle of Man TT – 200 Mph Street Race

World’s MOST Dangerous Race ★HD★ World’s Greatest Motor-Sporting Event✔ FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH ★HD★ 322kmh-200mph Street Race ✔ ISLE of MAN TT

Indycar 2015 Round 2 Louisiana

Yes Q had his day racing cars once upon a time

#42 Quarksire gettin passed! @ el cajon speedway nascar short track series

#42 Quarksire gettin Trapped! @ el cajon speedway nascar short track series

On a purpose built track for racing an not one which is run on streets this is one of my favb tracks in the ol usa…..in the indy cars this year? is it will powers er da penske program that kicks arse this year er not well we shall see, tune in an keep tuned in i assume …Staying on the track today a wet path yes indeed, will dry out an be a fun race we shall watch see as the track dries out ….

quarksire an his camaro

quarksire an his super stock camaro

Enjoy this one also if’n u like a cool broadcast without the comercials!


peace out


Published on Apr 12, 2015

Indycar 2015. Round 2. Louisiana

Formula 1 2015 Round 03 China Final Race

F1 2015 Round 03 Chinese Grand Prix Final Full Race: Full race results for round three of the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship (F1), the Chinese Grand Prix at Shanghai International Circuit


For many many years i have followed 2 sports heavily an watched the shows of excellence whenever i could get a chance during season, I am starting a new catagory wityh this post,, “A Cart an Formula 1 Fan”…This catagory is another fer the gearheads that might want to keep up with some kewl vids i watch since i do not use television link as a direct tv hook up i jest use internet!..Enjoy an take care an have a great sunday!…hamilton on pole an well enjoy da race! Q..