Transient things Photographed in Time


This be the Rocky Mountain Way2 lewk @ da werd transient!.werd of da’ week was transient….Transient..Drifters, nomads, and even the state of impermanence: this week, share your photos of transient…..well my choice is a few things that only the photo keeps forever in time..

there are a few different ways to interpret that werd but for me it is thngs that do not stick around……….so in a way jest bout anything can be transient dependin upon ur perspective….especially things which once photogaphed will never be the same…..

here are a couple of shots of things that are transient in my werld but come back evry year.cept well.the tree has fallen now so no more shots of lightnin’ or rainbows beyond it..etc etc. my take on transient with a couple a few of my fav shots…i have taken over the years!

peace-out frum da’



twas’ a darin’ night to be out walkin on hilltops….






………..Drivin’ into da’ storm Photo: by Quarksire 🙂


Rainbows ussually appear 2 be curved an not straight

20 brutal truths about life

Twaz a 3 blog night in Q’s werld & here are the 20 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants to Admit I promised ya…I myself recoverin’ frum crashin’ lastnight! …outa’ character fer da’ Q but sumtimez a power greater than ourselves is at play! React or create our choice right! sumtimes people like me do both – before during an after “the crash”
till we LEARN! an get a grip! lol; yes takez Time!

Headin’ into da’ storm Photo: by Quarksire

Time is your most valuable asset–you need to prioritize how you spend it.

It’s much easier to talk about the weather, sports, and celebrities than your fear of mortality.

Unfortunately, the more time you spend pretending that ultimate truths don’t exist, the more time you waste not being your authentic self and getting the most out of every precious second.

Time, not money, is your most valuable asset. Allow the list below to ignite the spark of motivation you need to make better use of the time you have on this planet.

Sometimes we need to head into the storm to appreciate the light and have a renewed passion for the beauty of life.

Here are 20 brutal truths that every single person needs to hear.

1. You’re going to die and you have no idea when.

Stop pretending that you’re invincible. Acknowledge the fact of your own mortality, and then start structuring your life in a more meaningful way.

2. Everyone you love is going to die, and you don’t know when.

This truth may be saddening at first, but it also gives you permission to make amends with past difficulties and re-establish meaningful relationships with important figures in your life.

3. Your material wealth won’t make you a better or happier person.

Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who achieves his or her materialistic dreams, money only amplifies that which was already present.

4. Your obsession with finding happiness is what prevents its attainment.

Happiness is always present in your life–it’s just a matter of connecting to it and allowing it to flow through you that’s challenging.

5. Donating money does less than donating time.

Giving your time is a way to change your perception and create a memory for yourself and others that will last forever.

6. You can’t make everyone happy, and if you try, you’ll lose yourself.

Stop trying to please, and start respecting your values, principles, and autonomy.

7. You can’t be perfect, and holding yourself to unrealistic standards creates suffering.

Many perfectionists have unrelenting inner critics that are full of so much rage and self-hate that it tears them apart inside. Fight back against that negative voice, amplify your intuition, and start challenging your unrealistic standards.

8. Your thoughts are less important than your feelings and your feelings need acknowledgment.

Intellectually thinking through your problems isn’t as helpful as expressing the feelings that create your difficulties in the first place.

9. Your actions speak louder than your words, so you need to hold yourself accountable.

Be responsible and take actions that increase positivity and love.

10. Your achievements and successes won’t matter on your death bed.

When your time has come to transition from this reality, you won’t be thinking about that raise; you’ll be thinking about the relationships you’ve made–so start acting accordingly.

11. Your talent means nothing without consistent effort and practice.

Some of the most talented people in the world never move out from their parent’s basement.

12. Now is the only time that matters, so stop wasting it by ruminating on the past or planning the future.

You can’t control the past, and you can’t predict the future, and trying to do so only removes you from the one thing you can control–the present.

13. Nobody cares how difficult your life is, and you are the author of your life’s story.

Stop looking for people to give you sympathy and start creating the life story you want to read.

14. Your words are more important than your thoughts, so start inspiring people.

Words have the power to oppress, hurt, and shame, but they also have the power to liberate and inspire–start using them more wisely.

15. Investing in yourself isn’t selfish. It’s the most worthwhile thing you can do.

You have to put on your own gas mask to save the person sitting right next to you.

16. It’s not what happens, it’s how you react that matters.

Train yourself to respond in a way that leads to better outcomes.

17. You need to improve your relationships to have lasting happiness.

Relationships have a greater impact on your wellbeing and happiness than your income or your occupation, so make sure you give your relationship the attention and work it deserves.

18. Pleasure is temporary and fleeting, so stop chasing fireworks and start building a constellation.

Don’t settle for an ego boost right now when you can delay gratification and experience deeper fulfillment.

19. Your ambition means nothing without execution–it’s time to put in the work.

If you want to change the world, then go out there and do it!

20. Time is your most valuable asset–you need to prioritize how you spend it.

You have the power and responsibility to decide what you do with the time you have, so choose wisely.


~~~~ OH  an one i’ll add #21 🙂 ..we all crash sumtimes 😦 even though i preach “crashing is not an option!” well, the important thing about the crash, once it starts happening if it does; is to attempt to CRASH SOFTLY – GENTLY CRASH,  if one has to crash…Be nice to Urself it hurts to crash hard – both mentally an or physically no matter how ya crash…physically or mentally…either way it B crashin’…so if’n ya have to control ur crash! all i’m sayin! One step at a time in slow motion…life will catch up with ya in Recovery!…oh thats after the crash – another story!  🙂  … Q ~~~~~

Inspirational Reads


Gettin a Grip

Planetary Declaration of Independence

Stayin’ Grounded when Lightnin’ Strikes in da’ Mind

The art of awakening…or waking up should i say!?


Stayin Grounded is important when lightnin storms inside da’ mind!

AN STAYIN’ GROUNDED when Lightnin strikes! in da’ mind!… well,
when overwhelmed, sumtimes life being difficult, so it becomes life in the now.

With every new strike!…
to integrate the past into the future truly steals frum the now,,
challenges are inseparable frum being here in dis werld,,,
but do we have to exist in our past any more?
does living in the past help today?
well, the BAD” past i have not forgiven an released…comes back whenever i focus on da’ past! so cure 2 dat is every time a negative or “BAD” memory comes up i must forgive an forget it so it don’t get in my way of today an the future! an make irrational decisions…etc etc..every time i i don’t dive a lot anymore…Not seeking the “Bad” stuff anyhow…it is senseless torture for one to let all the strikes frum the past hiot on an hurt on today an tomorrow as a result also!

well to the analytical judge,,elemental. an mentally finding meaning in- an deccerning way is important at this juncture in life..or i fail an go backwards in time! Simply Said! > , the past well, does not help the future….Not the bad parts anyhow, ones got to take the good an forgive da’ da’ past! an move on…

Keen Perception is the key to this new reality!
Even when lightnin’ strikes again an again!
An, well Not miss-percieving what someone is talking bout is what it is all bout anyhew right….unless they are talkin’ bout something u do not agree with…well, some people don’t wish to be any part of it, because of judgements; mostly false frum the past perceptions that brought them to this point in life in the furst place,.still wit me?? Well, when Lightnin’ strikes….an one is woken up so to say or shocked into a new perception of reality, well at that point in time life can change for the better! sumtimes it takes lightnin’ to strike though an disas’ter or close happen to make that a possibility!…so as the synapses in ur brain strike away, imagine thousands of thousands of little lightnin strike within da brain!


to awaken the mind to anew day an a new reality to be held.tomorrow .
Maybe! well who knows.can only werk on it one day at a time as time see if the dreams can become reality.:)
some say well, Q u are jest to hard to some say well, Q> i can’t subscribe to what ya gots to say,well, so be it! is what it is to me..! 🙂
well, with many people it’s very simple…its the receiver thats messed up, the receiver of signals of fight or flight embedded in da’ ol brain coming to the surface so often it is….when fear is embedded in ones soul a thought can be a scary thought when it is really not…so miss interpretation is summoned upon the mind when that happens sumtimes….
there are as many different ways as there are people in a way but in the end the results are usually very similar…an the learning curve is pert much the same…
So, simply said> time is irrelevant when one is able to step back an forth frum the days of the future past rapidly as fast as lightnin’ & without judgement but jest using discernment to gather the conscious action to be taken in the future!…or even the NOW! …Comprende’
~ Q ~

PS: every one has a bottom…but only that person knows when they reach it…some peoples bottoms are deeper than others……some have more tapes frum the past to unreel to get it together for today an tomorrow…so they are not there to bother them anynmore….an forgiveness is the ONLY KEY HERE!..resentments are killers i tell ya!…an that well
an next time lightning strikes the heart an soul with things frum the past..forgive them an move on…instead of trying to escape em….without forgiveness there is no escape…Believe it er not!……will be 20 years alcohol free here next year…so i do have some sort of clue as to what i am speakin about.take care everyone

Word of da’ week “Rare”

 …Werd of da’ week is rare


Rocky Mountain Lynx by Quarksire

4 da’ werdpress werldwide photo …i didn’t have to dig far to get to the rare one of a kind shots..


da’ white wolf dat digz it by Q

i have a few





rarely do one see animals like these an get to photograph em,


Da’ Eagle by Quarksire

it is also rare even in the winter to get Icicle starz also.


a Superspike by Quarksire



da’ ramstar by Quark

an in da moonsoon months it is rare that i get a kewl shot er 2 of lightnin’ storms also..


a shot frum my frt porch

cya on da’ flip side everyone.



For this week’s challenge, show us something that stands out from the everyday.


enjoy ur week ahead….



Animals Only No People Allowed,  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Werd of da’ Week Fun



well, i do have fun doing a few thingz in my life…Flying…Riding my bike…an chasing lightning storms round an takin’ pics of them after dark!…so here is one shot to link to the photo challenc=]ge of the week…the werd of the week is fun! so staying with that i shall post a pic of fun in Q’s werld…an well, if ya want to read bout MY PERCEPTION of the werd fun, keeping with the theme of mental health an healing! in a long article i wrote bout it follow to the next post it here…an i shall explain myself to ya.till next time hope ur having fun lewking at all the pics frum round the werld of peoples interpretation of fun!

adios an over an out frum da’ Q


I love a serious or metaphorical theme as much as the next photographer… but this week, let’s just have some fun.

WPC: Opposing Energies

………Da Weld of Opposing .Thoughtz – Ideas – morals – ethics – religions –

energy – positive an er verses negative, have both gewd an bad effects,
all depending upon how one chooses to interpret or lewk at it.whatevr it is.there is always an opposite, those that tend to go with the flow always tend to see the positive side of things even if things go bad, those are the ones that can laugh off breaking something one was trying not to break instead of getting mad at the sitch, those that like to see the brighter side of anything an everything are the ones that choose this brighter side of life the side of sunshine an love, then well there are the others whom are truly satisfied with being nocturnal, sleep through the hot days an then werk through the cool nights, also there are less people out an about so is a lot more fun going out at the opposing hours of everyone else a lot…i be coming home from a night out when they are jest heading off to werk, i be relaxin’ watchin a movie an gettin ready fer bed when they are jest gettin started at werk,, also well, when i arise an jest get going an get round to be out an about well, it is cool an i get a lot done when not always under the sun….
So Anyhow one could go on fer hours bout opposites an opposing ideas an alls,,,,all i can say to simplyfy things a lot is, Will it matter in 100 years? whatevr it is ur doing er thinking, er is it as futile as this spark of lightning caused by opposite charges hitting umongst one another, an fer a split second, becomes something totally different an then well, in a split of a second it is gone, well life is like that in the werld of opposites i believe, one minute it is there an another minute is is not, gone but indifferent to the original reality one has to wunder that if in the werld of opposites one, keeps bouncing round the universes with free choice as a sentient being but in holy spirit version? what bout opposites. then an opposing ideas an all, well i say if it won’t matter in 100 years then well, why do it? well whos to say it won’t matter in 100 years, what one thinks an does this fine day today, well, guess that all depends upon whom ya are in this werld of opposites..all i can say is i hope the good guys win! in the end! 🙂 OPPOSITES DO ATTRACT!


Case Closed over an out fer the night frum da’ Q………..

whom lives in the werld of highly charged opposites so often yes indeed


RainMan What?

an da’ rest of me welllllllll its raining like what? cats an what? well yeah its up to that round here an a few thunderboomers also….i gotz 750 watts in here an stage speakers so i trying to out do the thunderstors with this.for the neighbors lol 🙂 Here is what scott D has to say! …..

Photo; By Quarsire

Photo; By Quarsire

Soul of the Storm – Scott D. Davis – solo piano

From the solo piano album “Tahoma.” Get the CD, MP3, PDF sheet music or the complete Tahoma Songbook at
jest stopping to watch da' show! a bit!

Q jest stopping to watch da’ show! a bit!

boom boom says da’ rainman as da’ supercells pass on by!
Tis below is what scott says bout it! an check out the riffs he does of all of metallicas music is pert awesome also 🙂 @ old folks homes imagine dat!

I’ve always loved thunderstorms, and yet I’ve always been afraid of them. They have an irresistible draw that is scary and yet strangely beautiful, much like this original composition for piano.
once again let it rain

The Unforgiven, Amazing performance

by Scott D. Davis – solo piano





In Ur Face – Lightnin’ photoz by Q


In ur face Lightnin' by Q

In ur face Lightnin’ Foto by Quarksire

CAME TO MIND DRIVIN ROUND TAKIN PICS OF LIGHTNIN STORMS LAST NIGHT! – ah but what does Q do when it’s dar an lightning storms are keepin him awake…chase the storms thats what! is a lotta fun!

one-strike2best_by_Quarksire 002…I gots lots to get developed an werked with here bout 3 rolls will see what comes back…since now i have to send out for my lab werk…heres a couple of shotZ nevertheless!

behind_tree_lightning_by_Quarksire 001

4 More “IN UR FACE”

lightnin2012aLIGHTNING pHOTOGRAPHY by Q click here


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Reward

Imagine this….I said to myself for 24 hours? reward?


hmm..well i came up with a few rewarding pics etc etc…


an have seen some rewarding times also, but could not really pinpoint a post-it concerning the werd of the week here “reward” so i typed it into my own search bar in my site here an saw what i feel is the greatest reward for doing the weekly

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge 

i come up with a few web pages here an the top 2 with hundreds of visits

so i guess the reward is in knowing that some people do see some of my stuff an like it evr so often ,,,an if ur one of them there likes, then I thank U for rewarding me with a “like”


have a splendid rewarding week everyone wherever ya might be – me well i am being rewarded with lots an lots of snow here …More to come

More WordPress weekly entries concerning the word Reward click on da’ logo below …Peace out


werd of da week "Reward"

werd of da week “Reward”


Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime2 Bo’s shot

Lightning Electrical Sky

Quarksire Loves to take photographs at night in colorado of the incredible rocky mountain Kind that are very awesome an incredible my latest on NIghttime

Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime by quarksire

So as my introduction to U.. I am entering this pic of bo’s an link to his page as an intro to the werdpress werld i hang with that bos stuff exists, and like mine u can buy prints etc etc, rolled up and sent to u ready to frame of some kewl stuff so no further adoo!

🙂 !

Striking Photography By “Bo” click on the link here to see the Video> Frum Striking Photography..

     The Shot above links to my web-friend an colorado local!  james-insogna Bo!’s website and his incredible Lightning photography also ..will have to add him to

my You Tube.

check out bo’s vid below :)!

Storm Catcher – July Sky Time Lapse Video

Werd of da' week Nightime

Werd of da’ week Nightime

WordPress weekly photo challenge

PS: Now maybe bo will come here an post a shot a week fer fun HUH ! Thanbks Bo for ur kewl stuff! keep em coming 🙂 Q

About bouldercountyphotographer

James “Bo” Insogna was Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. He studied with the New York Institute of Photography. He Started his photography career 1984. He opened a studio in Boulder, Colorado downtown on the Boulder mall. Shooting for local newspapers, magazines, Skiing, Bicycling, models portfolios and some commercial work. In 1987 the economy got bad in Boulder so he decided to make a move to Scottsdale Arizona. Once in Arizona, He became a staff photographer for the Phoenician Arabian Horse Magazine doing the covers, inside lay outs and a two page spread called Bo Trek. In the late 1980’s – 1990’s he was a respected member of the Arabian Horse Community in Arizona, chosen to photograph champions, riders, trainers and owners. From the first Arizona lightning monsoon season, Bo very quickly became a Lightning Storm Chaser., and aka was born. A very fun, exciting and dangerous job! Since 1987 he has spent many years pursuing elusive lightning storms spanning miles of natural desert. It takes great dedication, courage and desire to grip a metal camera upon a metal tripod astride mountain peaks with lightning crashing mere paces away. His prints reflect the courage and passion he feels for his art. He has been featured on television and in print. In 1991 The VVA honored him by choosing his Photograph “Operation Desert Storm” as the official print of the Arizona Desert Storm Memorial Fund. The men and the flag represent the “Operation” and the Victory and Liberation of Kuwait. The Saguaro represents the “Desert” and the men and women who served in the Gulf. The Lightning represents the “Storm” and the Air War with swift, precise strikes. Twenty years after leaving Boulder, Bo decided to relocate his family back in Colorado. He settled in Boulder County. Lovin Life in Boulder County! Facebook Twitter G+ Bo featured on ABC News TV 15 Bo featured on TV 3