More Piano Licks: frum Jackson Taylor

….Rainy day in paradise here an missin’ an thinkin’ of a friend that plays!


As mosta my readers know i am a Scott Davis, Linkin park, Rick Wakeman, imagine dragons fan. etc etc..

So, this is an intro to ya of another guy who likes piano an posts his stuff to u-tube quite often….fun to listen to on a rainy day, brings da’ emotions to da’ surface…yes indeed..

enjoy if’n ya like piano licks…

jest a way to lighten an otherwise dreary day!

Jackson Taylor has like 90+ vids at his web werld, if u like piano licks like i do – well u will like his page here…furst lick here makes one all emotional is all i can say …..what a grand piece created by U-2..

Piano Cover: Pride (In the Name of Love) [U2]

2nd lick of da’ day

Piano Cover: Sweet Surrender [Wet Wet Wet]

an 3rd of da’ day

Piano Cover – Every Breath You Take (The Police)

An check out his playlist of all his stuff, is a great playlist to listen to, a splendid day 2 one an all frum


ICU an A Radio-Active Pink Bear Imagine Dragons an a Shepard of Fire

Jesta Checkin in here wit gratitude 2 my reflections! 🙂

a friend is still alive! an wit me…all systems go here an dere’ She felt like da’ pink bear  an i felt like da’ guy in da’ cage behind da bars. While she layed in durango icu…times like this all i can do is pray fer the other! …such as life sumtimes, so time fer a couple of vids to lighten things up a bit in Q’s werld here..enjoy if’n ya like rock…i do 🙂 ..


Imagine Dragons – Radioactive…has over 1/2 a billion views…has hit the top ten charts in da’ 4 corners multiple times, an nikki sixx plays it to “death” lol..So along with eyes wide open an “Shepard of fire“22,111,031 views – these  songs seems to be heard here bout 4 times a day er more it appears..

on our local 96.9 da’ big dog rocks!.


da’ big dog 96.9 s a I-heart Radio station also..Listen to nikki sixx an jen nightly

PS; i was outa touch fer a few days cuza my best friend ended up in da hospital an almost went to see the other side of phone time is used up 4 outgoin calls still till 8-3-2016 also…so call if’n ya wish – i jest can’t call out..

PEACE 2 U frum da’ Q..

Strangest things happen at the strangest times it appears also…many lessons in Love-truth-honor-respect-an whats important in life comes to mind today, Had to drop a note to let my closest that knew all is well with her an she will be A-OK!

all my love 2 U my best friend.

8 days a week! thanks fer bein U..she knows who she be. an i am happy she is is outa icu an still alive an well to be able to read this.

nuff said!


No Earthly Connection – Rick Wakeman


Rick Wakeman – in them old days

Yes; Yes; Yes an more er less; yessiree 🙂

Rick Wakeman- no earthy connection -I bought this vinyl my graduating year @ high skewl….where i had developed a taste for extra-ordinary piano riffs…an rock extrodinaires…like Yes, Renaissance, King Crimson, ELP…an deep purple. whom highly influenced my fav of all time “rush” an alex an his keyboard werld.


The days of the prophetic robes an kewl hair!

Rick Wakeman – 1976 Hammersmith Odeon and another fav; journey to the center of the earth, an also the family album, all were awesome vinyls in thier day!


rick wakeman; Like i say i might be old but i am still good! lol

So, developing a taste for Rock opera i did…I practically wore out this album an 8 track tape also i had…some called it strange, as some called me strange, driving round with my station wagon – surfboard on top an listening to yes, hunting the coast fer gewd morning waves! listenin’ 2 the famous keyboard bands of the day.

an smokin dat’ illegal stuff

OH yeah; HAPPY 420 evryone 🙂 by the way lol 🙂 frum da’ weedman 🙂

Yep the days where the co-pilot was always on the lewk out fer the bad guys the cops then in sandy eggo who would take ya to jail fer having seeds in ur possession let alone smokin’ an drivin lol…

420 Greetings 2 U 2 Day


chronic 🙂 420 greetingz 2 u frum Q on lot 420

..Different tastes an states in music yes indeed, but i even got my father hooked on yes – floyd, and emerson lake an palmer…he even sent me a tape of elp – the werks – in 1977 while i was livin @ da’ ski area…an thanked me for turning him onto floyd an elp…..imagine dat a symphony listenin’ guy turnt on to rock opera 🙂 which in turn turned him frum the jazz an symphonies he has listened to for years to listening to more advanced rock opera style music…many albums to choose frum. but this is one of the most memorable! Enjoy if ya choose to listen to this track. I still find enjoyment an get uplifted by listening to this old vinyl piece..


old is good! yessiree!

also ya can find all his albums an music mostly @ u-tube werld.

Keyboardist Rick Wakeman (who also played with the Strawbs and several other acts as a session player in the 1960s) began releasing solo albums while still a member of Yes, and let no grass grow under his feet after…


..have a splendid week everyone……..


an in case ur bored an gots lotsa bandwidth here are some More Related articles an music frum Q’s werld here below U might enjoy…so  🙂  EnjoY! 🙂 on dis’ 420/2016

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Hopin ya enjoyed anoh=ther visit 2 Quarkland

over an out frum Q


Da’ Quantum Quasicle Quarked one!


The Unforgiven: Master of Puppets: Sweet Child A Mine: More Scott Davis: Piano

We 2 are being invited to: Re-Frame the past.
2 Re-Think the present
2 Re-Member the Future.


^ then ^


^ an NOW ^

an 2 go where the surest of truest feelins do come out an about.

An dis post-it is cuz the post i did the other  bout scott has been getting lewked at an the vids watched a lot, Having though quite a few followers though I attempting not to over an over it in one catagory er another……  I thought i’d share a couple more riffs frum his library.I gots 700 watts an stage speakers in me little house here an well when i play scotts stuff my neighbor thinks i play the piano lol…NOT i sure wish though wow is he good to me…rates with rick wakeman in my day 🙂 an the sounds of yes 🙂 ..Hope ya all are having a great week….

In this furst Video Rock concert pianist Scott D. Davis performs “The Unforgiven” by Metallica on a solo grand piano. From a house concert in Florence, Oregon, June 6, 2009. This arrangement also appears on his CD “Pianotarium: Piano Tribute to Metallica.”

imagine that.. all these people watching this performance are in an old folks home 🙂 The unforgiven lol how i feel sumtimez 2 ; oh well …when i’m in an old folks home sumday i hope i can witness acts like this 🙂 ….

Then on top of that well …feelin’ sumptime like those with the fire pull the strings lol…well, is true ain’t it 🙂 so i become a master of puppets  in one way or another , either by an employer, friend – er woooman 🙂 lol…oh well, such as life in the Quarked land of 420 puffeteers


This was a bangin night on piano with Scott D. Davis performing Master of Puppets by Metallica at the All-Star Jam to Benefit Chi Cheng of Deftones in Fullerton California.

an to finish it off.A Guns an Roses Riff…..enjoy!

🙂 sweet child of mine 🙂




Info and sheet music at


Nothing else Matters scott davis piano

Ever since we met ..well..anyhow, can’t stop listening to certain piano riffs…good fer da’ mind on a snowy night in paradise anyhew, an someone said spi=ring was here lol.yeah right .NOT!….some thingz remain the same, ie; like winter brrr.
bored check out my page here of a few of my favorite …
..these  vids of scotts are superb….an well, i can’t stop promoting his music and extraordinary talent at the ivorys!….so i gotz to do a scott davis post evr now an again 🙂
🙂 ADIOS AN OVER AN OUT frum quarksires u-tube werld 🙂
if ya liked those 2 u wil  also like this one.
A medley to give the audience a taste of the “Pianotarium: Piano Tribute to Metallica” CD. From the March 28 & 29, 2008 concerts at the Dixon Perf. Arts Theater.

Info and sheet music at

an jest one more to end da’ eve b 4 sleep 🙂

Rock, punk and rap legends Hall of Fame


Links of the day 🙂 Rock, punk and rap legends put into Hall of Fame 🙂 frum cbs news see who the 5 are click on the links below, i am so happy to see Chicago & Deep purple get in finally!…even though ice cube knocks rock well….hmmmis all i gots to say bein an ol rocker here.

RainMan What?

an da’ rest of me welllllllll its raining like what? cats an what? well yeah its up to that round here an a few thunderboomers also….i gotz 750 watts in here an stage speakers so i trying to out do the thunderstors with this.for the neighbors lol 🙂 Here is what scott D has to say! …..

Photo; By Quarsire

Photo; By Quarsire

Soul of the Storm – Scott D. Davis – solo piano

From the solo piano album “Tahoma.” Get the CD, MP3, PDF sheet music or the complete Tahoma Songbook at
jest stopping to watch da' show! a bit!

Q jest stopping to watch da’ show! a bit!

boom boom says da’ rainman as da’ supercells pass on by!
Tis below is what scott says bout it! an check out the riffs he does of all of metallicas music is pert awesome also 🙂 @ old folks homes imagine dat!

I’ve always loved thunderstorms, and yet I’ve always been afraid of them. They have an irresistible draw that is scary and yet strangely beautiful, much like this original composition for piano.
once again let it rain

The Unforgiven, Amazing performance

by Scott D. Davis – solo piano