Meet Nano da’ flyin’ Pug


Meet da’Flying Pug “Nano” & Parapente Miraflores, Lima – Peru with him: dis’ dog definitely has a fun time lewkin’ round an flyin’ round

fabulous Mira flores area in Lima – Peru.

Who sayz dogz can’t fly lol…


Mira Flores Paragliding wit Mikey

Peru Adventure

Mira Flores Paragliding wit Mikey


Frum da captains seat of Windrydr aka Quarksire aka mikey

Parapente en Lima Peru / Vuelos Biplaza Miraflores / Paragliding Lima

Couldn’t resist posting bout this, when i came acroos a version of my sunset pic here above tonight, then i got carried away watching a few vids of my fav flying guys on the planet 🙂


floatin over tha marriot!

Most Extreme an Kewl vacation i ever took in my life; was when i went to visit an internet friend in Peru i had met right after my lady at the time passed away , i seriously needed a break frum life…was one of the most incredible eye opening adventures i have ever had in my life for many reasons besides the daily flying an trying to interpret an communicate in a language i halp hassardly understand an speak..This post is jest bout the flying….In one day u can have a lesson an be flying there, Mikes dad took paragliding an hangliding to the coast some 20+ years ago, an he was raised there paragliding an is a great awesome pilot with thousands of hours flying, these guys jest love to fly, flip em 25 bucks an ur up for an hour ..more money more time is al there is to it,,,some days i would spend 100 bucks going for all day flights. etc etc,,,is a blast when the conditions are correct..After spending a month down there i almost up an sold everything i had but my ultralight an took it to Peru an stayed there so i could have the ability to fly every day, an jest take American vacationers on rides etc etc, but well, my faith in my spanish skills was not good enuff at the time, an I feared if i left the united states for that log well, i would never come back, one of those lifes choices i i had a fear i would not be able to make it eventually an get stuck down there …so i stayed here in Colorado… Sumtimes i wish i would have stayed there also…who knows maybe i’ll vacation there again, is the kewlest vacation ya can imagine an the culture of time passed they know an believe in down there is pert incredible …an the trade exchange rate is incredible also…jest watch out for the street vendors that exchange money ,,, that they give ya the correct amount 🙂 ..if ya do choose to go there ..more on Peru an da’ culture there another day! Outback an to the small towns an Peruvian wilderness an coastlines is another story another day Q..


PS: who says money don’t talk…Money did most of the talking for me a lot when i was down there, don’t need to know the language jest how to count LOL :).

An another perspective of flying thew same spot frum another angle….. i nevr got tired of flying here…flew almost daily for 3 of the weeks i was there.took lotsa old skewl video lol….

Vuelo Alto en Parapente en Miraflores, Lima – Perú con AeroXtreme





fun times yeahhhhhh!




Lima sunset frum da' air Photo by Quarksire aka windrydr


10 Electric Bikes an a side trip to Peru


10 Best Electric Bicycles To Buy In 2016 is a matter of opinion an lotsa research an also the styles ya might want an the performance abilities – enhancements – instruments an whatnot..all i can say is do ur research …although i’ll have to say da’ folding e-bike is extremely kewl…the music in between segments sucks ..too loud ..but what da hay , is an informative watch an if ur disabled well check out the 3 wheeler 🙂 if’n ur interested in electric bikes @ all 🙂 take care till next time . Q…


Test to Magic Pie 4 – 2KW Electric Bike – Ride around Miraflores, Lima – Perú.

One of my fav spots in the Werld i have traveled to …Mira flores in Lima, an enchanting town an place to see, if ya never been there well, i spent a month there once upon a time, flying the paraglider almost daily by the seashore there,,,an walked all over Mira fFores,,,etc etc,,,this vid is a great trip round down town pert kewl really! the drive down the mira flores park pathway above the ocean is way kewl u can actually hear the ocean when ya walk up there also is way above the ocean..goes for miles across the front of the ocean front between the big hotels an the sea…a beautiful walk an er bike ride 🙂 ..the traffic there is unreal an the drivers scary,,would be pert kewl really to have a bike like this there 🙂 yep yep : brought back a lotta memories fer me as i walked that pathway every day for a while an hung out at mira flores park for week flying paragliders. ANother post -it i’ll take ya flyin round there soon 🙂

🙂 check it out if’n ur bored 🙂

Test to Magic Pie 4 – 2KW Electric Bike – Ride around Miraflores, Lima – Perú.


Lima sunset frum da’ pilots seat by Quarksire



Lovers @ mira flores park lima peru 🙂

2001 a Spaced Oddessey

Skeered of Ghosts, No way, so i was invited to a trip to spend a month in Peru in 2001, an what a trip it was, i should have gone back a couple years ago also when there was a calling before the Earthquake near Lima came and Destroyed this here ol’ Castle:frum what a lady in peru has told me as of late 😦


so before i head out to greet the day having my cupa java an NUt well,,,thought i’d start off sharing a few shots i took of this Haunted Castle; twas late afternoon, cuz once upon a time here for Q i had a question? since cristianity had its viewpoint? i had to know, how old mankind was and about out history 78,000 plus years ago as a “CIVILIZED WERLD!” ,,,,So we spent evening almost to sunset  at this place with quite a history! I took quite a few photographs; was jest one afternoon of 30 days with camera in hand in this Place represented a time of history we discovered was bout the late 1600’s


Nevr before that day in my life was i really truly CONVINCED that there is simultaneously happening at the same time a quantum invisible Werld all round us all the time, for better or for werse somehere on the planet, no where the same of course,,

the castle is bout a mile from the beach an kinna visible from the highway we were on that lead to the Ballestos islands islands of the seals, is an awesome journey through many a shanty town and very diversified culturally, where waste management well, is a different story, from town to town, evry town different, this castle was in the middle of no wheres but there was a little shanty town: and i mean shanty town i mean a town made mostly of crude building materials most of the cultural world could not even imagine, and this town of like 60-100 people er so, well, they survived off catering to tourists giving them tours of the castle, although they could all take up abode in this castle they choose to live next to it in fear, yes fear,,from dark till sunup. we wanted to pay them to spend the night but they say no touristas overnight, because they say violent noises and things and furniture even moves and stuff like that since they locked gate day before! etc etc.. 


so we took the tour till dark , tried to even pay extra money and all but well the local ushered us out of the locked the GATE and put gaurd on duty and went back to the town they had built out of anything they could find next door, out of respect they asked me not to take photos of their town and post them to the world but to photograph castle instead so i did, and did not point my cam down towards the sad little shanty town, they so happily lived in..


So we come to find out bout half way through the tour This Castle like complex was auctually once a live in prison…! yes a prison to house bad folks , that well picked the cotton field that went for miles and miles round this place at the time, cotton capital of Peru in the 16th century, as so i am told any Peruvians that might come across my page or anyone from lima can please clarify truths for me here also. thank you! Meanwhile in the amazement of this tour my cameras were all affected, shutter locked up on one of my minoltas lol…and one other digital cam went dead,,, and my video cam as were walking inside approaching the dungeon where they used to quarantine slaves down below i guess well, my video cam went 100% dead, and had lotsa power to go, Ya evr get the weird feeling something is near er touching u but ya can’t see it , but can sense it is weird all i can say,,proof was verified in pics fer me …of our feelings, I have a box somewhere here with a few pics that came out with orbs starlike figures in the sky between me and my subjekt and what lewks like apparitions in the courtyard where they used to hang people 300 years ago.this complex is auctually framed with wood timbers , and covered with a like a substance we would call stucco or concrete made of sand….


..Believe it er not! so i will lewk forward to some time in the future when i find all the shots from this trip and can sit down and share some night with my friends interested in the trip an the month spent there immersed in the Peruvian culture;


,More to come from the land of Peru in the land of Q stay tuned , all tags will be Peru! 🙂 what else huh 🙂 but Parapente’ peru is why i went there, plus a few other things on me agenda also! Again future posts bout Awesome Country of Peru to cometh…


Till then over an out frum Q,.,