A DELTA Winged Flyer da’ Quark is

*** Variations on a theme ***

**** da’werd of da week is Delta.

an is sumpin i think about a lot..but in a different sense…than the rushing of water going out to sea for my kinaa thoughts of DELTA are those of my wings i fly…da’ delta wing…damn i want to get back in da air soon! Being grounded sucks! Truly………so i spend a lotta time in recovery thinking bout the cool days i got to fly my DELTA wing i da past…lotsa hours upon da’ wizard wings …an bout 40 er 50 hours on da ol’ butterfly in da garage an bout 20 0on a wrecked 21.5 golf strutted wing in da garage i got to fix an repair sumday another projekt yep! lol …jest sortin thru some pics of da past here!……an rememberin.”crashin is not an option” but if one must do it gracefullY! 🙂 ***


For this week’s photo challenge, share a picture that symbolizes transitions, change, and the passing of time.

~Bottom Line is at all facets of my life @ present …Reality has it i have been in recovery for the last week not able to hardly stand the pain, very humbled here to say the least..when everyday chores become a challenge let alone going out to fly lol….. ~

check out last weeks post-t if’n ya missed it bout Transient things Photographed in Time

Nascar + 2017 = Hipocracy

quarksire an his camaro circa 1986 – 1987 checkin tire pressures

nascar pulls a boner! they announce..that they will not let a cbd oil pipe company sponsor a nascar team ..like WTF? I used to race nascar small time..but i could not afford the tires without a sponser…let alone all the new rules frum nascar..takes a really rich guy to jest race in their forum now 😦 bummer ..was not that way in the sixties…70’s even into the 80’s till everything changed wow….an – So, to me well this is an atrocious decision by the nascar family??? i so therefore remove the nascar sticker frum my automobile!

Doesn’t NASCAR remember its roots? The tobacco industry was its largest sponsor and got them to where they are today….

what hipocrytes..wow….No marijuana sponsors! Only Budweiser, Heineken, Coors, DosEquis, Keystone, Miller, Marlboro, Newport, Camel, or Phizer….Considering that NASCAR got its start from the “rum” runners during alcohol prohibition, this seems like hypocrisy to me. so sue me nascar! says veedwerks….

    NASCAR bans this newest advertiser veedwerks frum Colorado! , but has a company (Monster Energy) sponsoring the series. These folks are purveyors of one of the most detrimental bottles of swill sold in America. It offers no benefits unless you want a lot of sugar and caffeine..an before dat it was “winston” ..so like again wtf?

#42 Quarksire gettin passed! @ el cajon speedway nascar short track series

     An organization that regulates a sport that has its roots in the illegal running of alcohol – a toxic and fatal drug that kills an average of 88,000 Americans each year;also which proudly accepts sponsors who distribute that killer drug; and had an entire race ‘series’ named after a company that sells the MOST ADDICTIVE drug known, even more addictive than heroin – nicotine; is so falsely self-righteous as to prohibit sponsors who sell products that create NO DEATH, and NO ADDICTION, and which helps many people with chronic pain and PTSD! I knew there was a reason that I didn’t watch NASCAR – it is UNAMERICAN ant-freedom, irrational, and a pompous dictatorial institution. I will NEVER watch or attend a NASCAR event; and I’m a motorhead and motorsports fan. But I’m done with overbearing institutional ignorance such as NASCAR is based upon/ Booze it up. Take that #$%$ pill. Smoke, smoke, smoke those cigarettes. But whatever you do, don’t advertise the “evil weed.” Why advertise something as benign as pot when you can advertise for some real killers.

then came colorado an dirt tracks… had built 2 cars over the course of 2 years..was a blast getting sideways an all but kicks ur but to drive on da’ dirt it does…an Q had a problem with alcohol in da day an wrecked a lot lol…

…….then came colorado dirt tracks ! in da’ 90’s yeahaa…

I’d guess that N.A.S,C.A.R. management never had anyone in their family with cancer, who needed the benefits from Hemp. Must be nice.

oh well ….Jest thought it twas werth my 2 cents werth since i used to support nascar! …

….Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

Werd of Da week waz Dense

Da’ Werd of da’ week was Dense….
so dense was da’ day til it warmed up

an then da’ dense dissapeared poof ya go*** haha***

🙂 lol… 🙂
well i playing catch-up with viewing some of the recent worldwide wordpress photo challenges…welp Ha…could have jest showed a pic of me lol…but that’s a different kinda dense…an i got a half an ego bout my grey matter fer whatevr it’s werth…so..first thoughts that came to mind when dense was seen @ werd of da’ week…was Clouds for me…I could dedicate a lotta pics frum the air to the dense clouds i am not supposed to get too close to …i’m jest a kite in da’ wind with a 60 horsepower engine an a wing an oh yeah..an some people call me dense cuz i fly an cuz i smoke my ganga so whatevr…they are scared of weed an flying all i can say is wtf? an move on …..

i like livin on a wing an a prayer! …the day this was shot was frum the paraglider though instead of the hanglider wing …as u can see frum the reflection on top of the cloud ..
A splendid week to anyone who pops by the world of Q this week ..the web page that jest goes on an on an on an on an on an well. u get the idea…Thanks for visiting

an heres another sense one fer ya fer ur eyes to gander @ …

……………frum A Trike Wing perspective



When da’Sun Rises

thinking?….one has to think bout things ever so often lol…an well as the sun rises early sumtimes one has to figure out what path they are going to ttake fer da’ day?..so here ya go!!

when ya gotta jump ya gotta jump!!


..one path i guess..

especially if’n ya live on the edge like i do Lol

.Q says Jump.

!or go back 2 bed!

..it’s jest a quantum thing ya know! ..

.jumpin’ dat is.

…pic of the week…


frum da’ land of



Brought 2 u by da’ Quantum Quarked one Q

WordPress Worldwide Weekly Photo Challenge Trio

>>Good things ‘c’ome most often in three so i gots 3 shots of 3 here fer da week :)3 of my favorite top dogs in da’ pic above ^^^an da one below


so 3 topdog ultralights here


Tres’ Kittys 🙂 below @ da’ hanger on da hill 🙂


What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.>> ….Twas’ da’ directive fer da’ weekly photo challenge,so my werld jest goes to da’ top dogs in da’ air an da ones on da ground round here also3againso?

🙂 tada fer now ,over an out frum Q 🙂

ground ed with da’ dogs an kats fer now i am 🙂 Hopefully i’ll get round toit an mount the skiis to my ultralight for some winter flying this season – we shall see., funny theres a nother whole set of 3’s also… my prop has 3 blades, my trike has 3 wheels or skiis…an it is a TRI-ANGLE wing also ..kinda a tripo the werld of 3’s

..stay warm werld..


What comes in threes? Submit an image for this week’s photo theme, Trio.

For this challenge, share your own take on the week’s theme, trio.

Off-Road Hover Bike Will Be Available in 2017

Hoverbike combined the simplicity of a motorbike and the freedom of a helicopter to create the world’s first flying motorcycle.

Possibly Available in a couple a years :)

Possibly Available in a couple a years 🙂

When compared with a helicopter, the Hoverbike is cheaper, more rugged and easier to use – and represents a whole new way to fly. The Hoverbike flies like a quadcopter, and can be flown unmanned or manned, while being a safe – low level aerial
workhorse with low on-going maintenance.

Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

Hoverbike: is a revolution in aviation, designed to do what a helicopter does, but cost less and do so better.

Off-Road Hover Bike Will Be Available in 2017

Is the hoverbike about to become reality?

oH PS: Besides wanting one i thought i’d give the creators of star wars credit for this one lol 

🙂 🙂 🙂

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Symmetry

Symmetry is da werd of da’ week for the daily post


..an togetherness in like an kind quality {LKQ}


is what i’d consider a bita symmetry





4_old_ww2_guys_by_quarksireSymmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts

For this challenge, share symmetry. Don’t limit yourself to architecture — you can bend this theme in any way you’d like.

Werd of da' week is Symmetry

Werd of da’ week is Symmetry

A portrait of your twins? A window grille? The yellow lines of a busy road? A row of sharp points along a metal fence? Let the world inspire you.

Your interpretation of this theme might be quite different from mine, as symmetry doesn’t necessarily equate to peace and calm.

so dis’ & dat’ waz

Symmetry by Quarksire

Da: Snowmakers frum Hell

snogun1_by_quarksire 001

frum da’ Top of da hill


****To Da’*****

frumda_depths_below_by_cweeddepths below

da’ snowcat shop the lodges an the parking lot come the night crew



to do what they do best, to help the snowmakers from hell make snow, yes i used to be a snomaker frum hell an a snocat repairman among other things also 🙂  lol…

Tip:don’t skii in front of or walk in front of a sno gun will tear ur skin off!


i somehting they know how to do good. snowmakers frum hell: so is place the guns round..anyhow,,,follow q’s pic show a bit here fer a fun night on da hill er so 🙂


…jest sumpin differnt an fun to do,,,the skiers don’t have a clue as to what the night guys do to make their day trip to the mountain an enjoyable one 🙂 

da' Los Angeles basin frum backside of snowsummitt big bear, ca.

da’ Los Angeles basin frum backside of bearmountain, big bear, ca.

.da snow cats we gots 5 here will come out evry night to “groom” da hill an push round the manmade snow also……

top_of_da_hill_by_quarksire 001

..10,000 gallons nightly in diesel fuel for generators pumps an snocats to run all night long……

quark on left inspect broken kat track

quark on left inspect broken kat track

kasbo320_by_quarksire320 hp mercedez turbod with hydrostatic on hand drive an other had to control blade functions


winchcat locked at top of hill winching cat below up

winchcat locked at top of hill winching cat below up




big_pile_by_quarksire^^ an over head winch cat here by kasbo^^^


makin a jump fer the snoboarders :)

makin a jump fer the snoboarders 🙂


trying to finish loading ramp before skiers arrive

trying to finish loading ramp before skiers arrive

one of 240 guns on da hill

one of 240 guns on da hill




frum da 16 million gallon pond @ top of da hill

it all comes frum frum da 16 million gallon pond @ top of da hill


an u wundered why it cost so much for alift ticket lol..THis shown above is jest a micro piece of a very large operation to make skiers have a great day on the slopes 🙂 more to come…

don’t want to bore ya with 25 pics an too much info in opne page anyhow 🙂 



….^^pushin piles @ basecamp lol ^^^….

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Depth

.. Depth Word of the week ..

WordPress weekly photo challenge

cweed_an__by_b_weed a day of hunting with no visibility

I didn’t have to dig deep but had to go way back to like 1968 in da first pic here 🙂 a day of hunting with practically no visibility an deeper ya went well darker it got lol..mom took dis pic…

cweed_an_mneil 001

Not always measurable
Depth can also be superficial just like superficiality can accommodate profundity.
“Dictionaries stop where the heart starts”
*David Foenkinos – french author and screenwriter*

………then frum da’ depths of da unknown well…….werkin on da’ next blog here to explain where this photo comes frum 🙂




…. have a splendid one everyone ….

……. over an out frum da Q …….

Weekly Photo Challenge widget by CardinalGuzman.wordpress.com

^^^^ new 2015 gif photo by cardinal guzman ^^^^


Whether visually or emotionally, this week let’s dig (or dive) deep.

Pagosa Springs Colorfest

an Ultralights Perspective

an Ultralights Perspective

Pagosa Springs Yearly Colorfest


brings lottsa happy balloonerz



Is not really flying to me the way i do it , but never the less is jest another way to get high up in the air…


So Da’ Whole weekend was filled with ballons


every day fer 3 er 4 days evry day at 7;30 am they would ascend in flock weather permitting!


it even enlightens a dreary day seeing these balloons all over town




fer 3 er 4 days

Green Light fer Balloons even though a dreary day

Green Light fer Balloons even though a dreary day


Another Day Another Green Light

Another Day Another Green Light

Keep on keepin on evry one an have a great Hump-Day lol…. Q

🙂 !