No Option sumtimez in Recovery

What Next!?…..An all of a sudden?..that’s life!.wat a mess

options an no options! ? …& that’s life also!..

Night before last my younger brother past away! his birthday would have been this next week on the 31st 😦

last weekend now since he passed an i wrote this… 😦
sad to say..&.changed my mothers life 4 evr in an instant also…i pray for my mom… ❤
the one this has mostly affected. Although yesterday am i woke up @ 9 am an got that
all of a sudden feeling going…ya know the one where ya gots the flu an ya are outa control…yep..that one…so went on for bout 2 hours…till i was past the point of no return for driving myself to the hospital!………i was almost on the verge of going unconscious frum dehydration an high B.P. etc etc ..that goes with my illness…so, I called EMS…didn’t have anyone here to drive me to hospital…an i live a long ways out…most secrure measure i could do is call ambulance….cuz i knew i needed fluids in me at any cost…was getting seriously dizzy!… 🙂 😦
Was bout ready to pass out when ems showed up…but the guy that was a medic knew what to do right away! 🙂 ..was amazing….got me into bed in the ambulance in my drive way…i was aching in pain…he immediately started an IV into me for some fluid regeneration…an gave me a shot of pain killer in the iv also….ahhhhhh..within 2 minutes i was feeling better! was amazing….I think i need a nurse at home that could do this for me whenever it happens i need it lol… would save me a lot of trouble an EMS also…So; before i even left the driveway in the ambulance i was feeling better!…
So whats it CALLED? REcovery! ? yep… if i only knew what i know now then huh! i find myself saying a lot these days!….but is how one lives an learns i assume…I have been stranded many times in the past …so now this is becoming a norm i do not like…being sick with my pkd….wasn’t such a big deal when it was sumthing i could deal with my self.. but now it has reached far beyond my personal control…kinna like the spiraling out of control economy! haha…funny but so true….
As with my flying; SPIN RECOVERY is very important… the only way to get that recovery is by experience an doing what is necessary not to crash! @ whatevr it is ya are doing…me i relate it to my flying…ya really never know when the wind might toss ya over an ya might go into a spin…when that happens ya have to accelerate opposite forces upon it as the direction of the spin..only natural right…well, with a lot of practice is thata way..but for the un-experienced pilot could be deadly…so…i have to revert always to my most assertive of werds ” Crashing is NOt an Option!” an move on frum there….Even if u are “Experienced”…..
After beiung released frum the hospital on foot..without a ride home i hitchhiked…that is always a trip round here also …out of towners jest flip ya off an roar on by etc etc for 1/2 an hour …till finally someone i know drives up…gots me to almost home…an them within 1/2 mile of walking i got picked up again by a guy an drivin’ all the way up to my house way out in the middle of sumwheres lol…So had luck an good fortune running with me that day i would say! @ least!….
An also as i have stated in the past it is always a good idea to really have a back up plan Jest in case one might “crash” …accidentally…….if ya find ur self in that predicament remember this….time slows down during the crash! lol… An at that point the best one can do is try to counter it to crash softly!…an remember that the ground is the hardest part of flying….! ha……
So, they say i’ll feel better once i get to be on dialysis….well…? shall see how that goes…I have to be able to guarantee them (the doctors) an me that i can get to dialysis over a mtn pass…3 times a week 60 miles away for 4 hours at a time…so main thing is to attempt to have dependable transportation, an gas money to do it 12 times a month!…The docs say i will prolly be on dialysis for some time till i get my systems stabilized…@ that point he wishes to get a team together to be able to replace my kidney with a live kidney frum a donor..If not i will simply be on dialysis for the rest of my life!….

Not quite so easy as going to the auto parts store an buying a replacement organ!…or well i could have had my brothers kidney…but who’d know huh!..who would know…
so point of this post it today is .whatevr ya are doing ..whomever ya are…if ya gots pains an trials an tribulations…well, they too will pass, an the next time similar things happen in ur life ya will be better prepared with how to deal with it an also how to deal with helping others that might be affected by the loss also…..Keep in mind 🙂 ya are alive….
Point is what ya going to do with that alive 🙂 ? enjoy it the best one can is what i have to say to that …Jest make da’ best of it “One Day @ a Time”! 🙂

……..namaste’ frum da’ king of pain lol…….


ie remember! A realization a day will help keep da doc away…..jest maybe anyhew!

an when there appears to be no options…

there are always options

…as long as one is still alive….
Today my best friends dog had to be put down…is a very depressing event to have to go thru…she is devastated an ..cuz she is i am also now .i can feelher hurt an her loss……he was the cutest little lovable creature… well, i jest love dogs…especially cute little happy dogs….so sad to see him go heart an soul are with ya lady if an when ya read this…cuz i am not there ..know my tears flow also 4 u cuza u an ur mutt! ….wish i could be there to hug an hold ya…but as ya know in the next couple of days i have to deal with my surgery…ON THE ROAD 2 RECOVERY I SHALL BE round the block an back round to ssee everyone an get it back together once again! till then.HAPPY TRAILS keep on keepin on! 🙂

an as 4 me an my agenda in the next 48 hours are most important…i hate going under anastesia!…hope i wake up always…PEACE -OUT to one an all an all of my readers on the w.w.w

…… Q……

an after all that …no fooling round ..i deserve a road trip…john john is back to watch place whilst i run away for a few days...will keep ya posted…


Howz ur PerCeption? Can U read dis?


Q’s Mind is Full Of SanD 🙂

? Cna yuo raed tihs? ? or dat?

dependin?on whateva an watnot
fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can!

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was
rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the
ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and
lsat ltteer bein the rghit pcla e.

The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitllraed it whotuit a pboerlm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raedervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wloh e. Azanmig ting huh?
Phenominal really truly!
..Quasi what?

I actually had no problem at all reading this Damn I am odd

how bout u 🙂 ? jest thought this was a good one for “believe it er not!” catagory!

believe it er not





One Day at a Time!

An remember “crashin’ is not an option!”

an Watch out fer da’ Other GuY!

frum Q 2 U


Jest one more “believe it er not” post-it frum Quarksire


Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other
In ur mind frum ur mind before ur brain had knowledge ur mind had the knowledge of all, all one had to do was listen to the right side of the mind forgive the bad side an go on wit life..focusing on love is the strongest agent in our lives yes indeed, as we grow into reason an knowledge frum the past experiences we were challenged to be here to now learn! yes believe it er not!

believe it er not! You chose your parents, your family and those you would interact with during this lifetime , as crazy as that sounds!—but you needed those who would project or mirror to you the positive attributes you needed to integrate, and also the many negative traits you needed to overcome. All of the Souls in your life are a part of the grand drama you have chosen to experience here in this lifetime of existence! —each one in ur movie of life has agreed to play a part in what u script!, which would, hopefully, be mutually beneficial.Yes, thoughtz are things – believe it er not! Now, Ask yourself what positive traits your parents, your family, your mate and children have projected onto you—then think about the negative traits they have displayed also? even the “crazy” Illogical abusive thingz etc etc… within them are the lessons you set up for yourself to experience, and hopefully an possibly? to benefit from at da’ Soul level. the main ?question here then? is? Have you learned your lessons well? Are you displaying more of the positive traits or more of the negative traits that others mirror to you? Consider the tests and challenges as an opportunity to, once and for all, GROW!

The ultimate goal is to transmute all of the imbalances which are keeping you from stepping through the gateway into your new Fifth-Dimensional reality. To move beyond only the 3d but into a new dimensional kinna experience where all the thoughts u hear, frum ur mind with training {hopefully mostly positive} are fer real an none of the thoughtz are delusional! any more. but when u hear “the voices” they are really coming frum within to share an show the truth bout what is, instead of what could be if u only feared?..see so however ya lewk at things does make a difference the way i see it.Change the way ya see the werld an the werld changes – believe it er not! ..Once this is realized that it is a learnt experience to not ever experience the “BAD” things anymore but only the good as much as if one truly does seek love an compassion it wil find them an if they follow the lead of those thoughts then they will in the end FIND IT! whatevr it is…Life the way it waz meant to be for them, each an evry one a particularly unique but beautiful learning experience, as long as they stay on the love side of nature…not loving the bad things or fearing them either! but instead disregarding the bad dramatic crazy things as simply lessons frum the past an nothing to be feared upon. Once again NO FEAR …stay with the MIND an the MIND will stay with U whatevr ya pay heed to IN UR MIND! will be da’ focus of ur projection an experience also.

believe it er not!

you are here to experience & teach love, compassion an unbridled unconditional love, furst by loving yourself unconditionally. There are many of your Soul mates incarnated on Earth at this time, both male and female. Many that go back before the time of this present incarnated birth. Many Soul families are being reunited as you move deeper into the more refined finely tuned realms of Light. The spectral quantum werld if i may…the werld of the subspace..where u come frum.. The best way to help evryone involved an those in your family, your friends or work associates, ur blog followers , group sessions encounters an so forth the goal 4 u is to be a shining example….So they themselves have to face the questions they have an the experiences they have gewd an er bad..your part of their play is share Ur experience strength an hope an to forgive them for thier crap an move on…an let them learn what they have to learn themselves..because even a mom er a dad can’t teach evn a wife er husband if it get that bad….sum thingz jest got to be learnt on their own by experience frum the past good bad indifferent ugly or beautiful…any way it is a learning experience that they themselves have to go through..if it is crazy shit that they have to go through, stuff u already learnt years ago, sumtimes u have to leave em behind an move on so they are free to learn without ur interference..most the time like i have said before if ya don’t experience it it is harder to learn by someone elses experience jest telling ya what it is like,,,some things ya jest got to try so ya know how it feels so ya can help others that feel like u do in the future! if y know what i mean!


ok over an out b 4 i get dragged out into a myriad of other topics jest by thinking bout our free choices an how an why we deal with them.past present an future….Simply said if we stay in the now of what we want to do then the future is covered an we don’t have to woory bout the past well, the past is an becomes irrelevant cept for the learnt lessons gained by experiencing the thing we call life!…positive r negative

“believe it er not!”



end wit a quote not mine but so very true!

kinna like my booze waz to me


“It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on,

it takes a lot of strength to let go.”

~ J.C. Watts ~

New Moon Blessings of the Fifth Stage of Endurance: The Harrowing of the Soul

……..D & D Day fer me 🙂 no not Dungeons an Dwagonz but because of Dawn an Derek & Brandi! I start a new day, moving forward without hesitation!


With a bit of Endurance!

“It is because of the burst of new life that our life may seem again to stumble too near the edge, and jump right into the abyss again. But this time, the love of the inner masculine and the old Wild Self will sustain us as never before.”

ThanQ Derek H an Dawn & Brandi

for being whom ya all be 🙂

Da’ following is a long post-it so, get a cupa jave an sit down fer a spell an read if’n ya wish ,,, Peace out to one an all frum


PS: I did this re blog an post-it before they came up with the werd of the week Endurance 🙂 so i am jest linking this page to the wordpress weekly photo challenge: Makes it an easy one fer me 2 day! Endurance

Werd of da' week Endurance

Werd of da’ week Endurance

Have a splendid weekend everyone


Healey Institute for Healers


Please, join in where ever you are. Awake or asleep. Read this and reflect, and meditate. Wednesday, September 24th 2014 at 8pm EST.

Three months ago, we began a journey towards wholeness by diving deep into our psyches. Through calm reflection and/or meditation, we have explored the foolish “devil’s bargains” that we have made in our past, and what we have given up or what has been taken away from us. We have discovered and continue to discover the things and people which no longer serve us and have learned to healthily cut and break free from them. We have begun to learn to wander with instinct and eat that which feeds our minds, bodies, and souls, and now we delve into what the Sufies call “The Longing, in the wilderness of loneliness” or the pain of the soul.

(I shared and wrote a brief article yesterday on the subject of The Longing:…

View original post 4,695 more words

A short update on the energies – September 3, 2014

……Simply that bygones are bygones, and now, these bygones keep accumulating at an ever increasing rate…. Amazing Werds fer da day are as follows – and – please follow the link provided at view complete article , until laters ….an remember > For here is still so much of you to embrace, and for every second of the day now, you continue to widen you grasp on just who it is you really are, and why it is you came here in the first place…step by step and piece by piece.

” Keep on Keepin on “

” One Day @ a Time “…..

Peace-out 2 U an Namaste’ frum da Quasicle Q 🙂

Colorado Stickbug Keepin a Grip

Well now today they take the color option out of the text editor an pagebuilder ?  like whats dat all bout i got to wunder ?…….why can’t things that werk good jest get left alone i do not know anymore Oh well …



and why 5 out of 10 people are positively negative or stuck in false judgement i jest do not know anymore, what happened to good ol’ value systems, honesty and integrity, that were kinna in one way set up around the world as a standard once, lol, yeah the book of standards the united nations way…..thats right…NOT!…. why are so many folks at war in their life?, a war they gots going between the brain and the mind, the brains fears always trying to one up on the mind with a false ego ussually made out of lies made from alcohol or other things that cause dillusional thinking, yeah thats some smart stuff huh! lol..

…well, one thing i have found is way evident is ya can control some of the people some of the time, and the ones ya can’t well? depends upon what they do, how the world rocks and rolls now it it poetic justice for the love poet to be hater at heart 😦 why there is so much dis-onor an hipocracy in the world also, i jest don’t have a clue, always for a dollar or 2 more it seems, the ol money and material things and how big and bad things are being more important than truth and honor ? ..

Anyhow watching this bug crawl up da wall was a trip, it uses the cracks, as a climber would the crevices and cracks up a big horizontal wall, was very kewl u could auctually see the bug analysing the next best step, anyhow , a reminder, to take life

one step at a time

one day at a time

with precision,

No Crashing now

still got a way 2 go!

if ya wanna make it to da top!

ya know!

nuff said fer one day…


click on either one of the pics to see the full size version of

dis Colorado stick bug


Wednesday Wind Warrior By Quarksire

Well, heres a few pics i tewk while i was flyin’ round my arena here in pagosa springs, once again,

Mike an his balloon was also out an another also , but never made it over to that side of the valley…….

So  jest had a day of thinking though da’ THOUGHT fer da day AGAIN


A Windy Wind Warrior Q is again on a Wednesday in Pagosa Springs! Colorado! Fun no way!  🙂



Cold still at 6;45 am ,,, no way,i am still half asleep!  i tear off da mask once the suns been up an hour till then it be chilly at 9000 feet 🙂 lol.


in the pic above i am bout 150 feet above my house lewking east at 7 am


















~ spring has sprung! an 99.9 % of the snow is gone cept for spots in da shade and at high altitudes…leavin’ some kewl ponds round but not as many this year as last this year most all snow is gone below 9000 feet at june already,


so well go figure


in dis’ blank state when we awake, where do we go frum here? wellHAVE A TERREFFIC THURSDAY whatever u daooo,,,qnan remember


1DAAT folks

“Keep on Keepin on”

“take it Easy!”

over an out frum

link of da day below 🙂



wingin da’ Pitts


Hope all is going well withz quarked friends and readers out there this fine Evening er morning

whatevr part of Mother Earth U are on…

This is my 2 cents werth fer Tuesday!




~~~~ as it goes round Keep it Simple – hard as that sounds ~~~~~~~~~


~ So, Dis’ is da’ message here ~


Quarked one sayz when ya got to let go… let go…do it with forgiveness and ease though, especially if it is of another person or an addiction, or even werse being addicted to another person or someTHING!?…ie…alcohol, drugs, abuse, or whatevr it is ya choose to be addicted to we only have room for so many addictions, so choose ur addictions wisely, and fill ur brain with them, the ones that are not good for u LET GO! JEST GO! no matter how hard it sounds of the “BAD”, if it’s not good for ya, is pert simple shouldn’t do that right!, well jest ask the alkie or smoker who has tried to quit for years an cannot, or the abused husband or wife who loves the wrong choice. Let it GO LET GO LET GO…Do the 12 steps over it Person, place er thing? whatevr it is,,and hold no resentments {they are truly heart killers}…..and then forgive urself and them and get on with gettin on to a new better different reality

TOMORROW TODAY! yep yep! sounds easy right! well, jest do it!


PS: It werks only if an when ya werrk it! Expect the unexpected and do the very best one can.

So, Until the next Mission at wordpress Quarked one be flying BYE BYE !


Wingwalkers don't need no bars!

Wingwalkers don’t need no bars! this red bird as it says on tail knows life is da pitts – she does the best she can is all 🙂

1DAAT – means one day at a time

the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected

need i say more..a good morning to u..this is the 4th pos-it frum Q-bird this am all shorties fer fun 🙂 read back ,,,anjoy ur moning bowla whatevr and er coffer er whatnot an …..well,,,,


ingrained into your psychewill be my balloon pics fer da start of ur day,,wit ur morning coffee



i knew ud be here but did u know i still would be; they call alcohol spirits ya know,,,cuz all the different varietys are different spirits , jest like all the strains of bud are different spirits also,,? question is which spiritual path do u wish to walk down today…well booze not for me here,cuz then i caan’t fly and ryde and act with any sanity…,so how bout u ,,kleenin’ up our act is up to each owns soul ya know,,tada’






Love Me I Need You

All I can say is it was absolutely love at first sight

Trading one love for another is a hard thing to do

but knowing when marriage is right or not is what counts

Tending to fall in love easily and swayed a lot always at

how her body is and how her body fits mine, Lost Beyond time

I became as i cradled in my the cradle of my new love, Tonight

was quite the adventurous day id say today,

Jest to get to and to meet my newest love, Hopefully she will outlive me.

I want to keep her in the family! I do !

She will then be my wifes if i end up with one,,, or will be my sons when i die:)…….LoL……..


thought i was talking bout a wonman huh! welp in a way but not really oday.

It;s a mistU ! 3000 GT

today i rode the small harley 120 miles across and through Radical lightning

and thunder storm to get to meet my new love here,My New Red Bullet…Which will turn into a black bullet with a Red an Fine teardrop Blue streaks on da side sumday 🙂 Will lewk Unique.Maybe a custom artist I know can do some of the tears for me, since she does tears good, makes em goo id say!.even if ya don;t think tears are good , is what it is, jest a bit a blood sweat an tears! ya know , finally pays off, and a bit of faith and higher order guidence and not listening to ME jest following moment to moment or the miracle would have never happened.

The Saab is now jest an old love will be sold:) for a little gold.
So this brings me to well i don’t know .?? everlast?…well i am jest happy that the higher order of things were with me when i wished for this deal this am when i saw the guy post this car and asked him if he might want a motorcycle, and well he did, so he traded me straight across for this i feel good because ill be the fastest pizza delivery around lol and well anyhow is faster than ill probably ever go in it. Does 200 kph or 140mph in like a snap on the runway! wowza…So is another thing i own that needs a wing lol, unlike my ultralight airplane the wing on this ladys back, is to keep her on the ground at mach speeds….

Jest found out my mom and a couple of other close friends read my blog here so, i wanted to share this right away to let everyone know the higher order of things is with me yes, and if ya know me this is more my style than the saab and it gets good gas mileage also, next mission is studded tires for the winter i suppose, ok, over and out enuff from me..and well a few titles from some of Angelas poems in RED! and comments of mine in blue….okay over an out …Q yeah still dancing with the angel if she wants to , but well, I simply still do KNOT KNOW!:(:)..


Just Say Hello –  My dear

    What a MessNo Fear

    Proceed With Cautionand lewk Forthright

    Harmony or NotFearless when Thought alot

    Forgiveness ~~ and Counter blessingz

    Epicenter Love ~~~ A Way of Life

    Bubble Blast ~ Into a new life

    Bubble Blessing ~ a new life with a new wife:)

    Purgatorium no Longer has to be:)

    When Time PaintersCome to Time Everlast!

Oh How so much true blue here cuz i sure miss U!



an one last lewk at her behind lol………………

some of the Gaurds Red stays as part of the sheme i doing on the side of this lady I am Painting This Car 95% Black,,,,,,,,,,


so today i married a machine i hope she treats me well and well, loves me cuz well, i need her more than she can ever imagine, to bad she really can’t imagine, or id prolly sleep with her lol….I hadn’t been doing good for the last 5 years i guess at anything i been picking on to love, frum anybody to anything, everything and everybody seems to break, well not this time, with a bit of TLC,

The guy that ended up with the sportster will love it, i put 140 miles on it today alone jest taking it for the visit, I am sure he will get quite a few thousand miles of fun and rally time outa it, is a nice rally bike 🙂 I believe his wife will like riding it a lot once she gets the hang of it also 🙂 Best of luck to them, So, I am sure glad i did have evrything happen as it did today the failures got me to a success.was the end….., and am thankful to all the powers to be for this to be back in my destiny, at least my kid will inherit something nicer than a volkswagen Someday, hopefully not soon….lol:)….

an this time it won’t be the old story of TLC  MY OLD WAY WAS our old  LLC LoL {Takes Longer Costs More}…LoL…so well, hope this babe will love me back as much as i already love her, one damn nice handling car , i got to hand it to mitsubishi, since they used to make airplanes in WW2 to fight USA with ,,,now Car of my dreams, closer to the fj-40 than the Saab anyhow.handles more like my vette did but i believe better handles like the generation 6 vettes..ok, over and out for realzzzzzzzzzzzz…night alzzzzzzzzzz er day wherever u be:)


over and out Q