Cosmic Awareness Speaks

Breakin’ Da Chains That bind U.

Can be interpreted many ways…
Depending upon ur perception….
Whether Chains of Love
Whether Chains of passion or chains of hate,
or even Chains or resentment that might fill ones heart
Or Chains of Addictions AllSo, Unn-Naturally, so this is fer my blue angel wolf that is the female voice here that speaks to me!…AN ALSO AN INTRO TO ANOTHER OF MY “BIG BOOKS” I USE Fer Me Life 🙂

Believe it er not !



Everything I tried to be
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Let the poison into me
(My heart in silence weeps)

All the beauty my sins cost
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Everything that I have lost
(My heart in silence weeps)
Everything I tried to do
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Whispered me away from you
(My heart in silence weeps)

You are present in my sleep
You haunt me when I’m awake
My thoughts you always seem to keep
Is it too late?
If you and I cannot be one
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Then forever will be gone
(My heart in silence weeps)
Now that I have lost everything
My heart in silence weeps
is it too late?
couple of kewl links fer da’ day to u frum Q  is a link to the book of Cosmic Awareness if u are interested in a readin a bit

meanwhile enjoy ur holiday weekend


Above art Created and Done by Jennifer B. Chaz <{link}whom has allowed me to post her art on this page bout freedom and removing the chains that might bind us to a different fate or destiny that we might wish for, sometime one jest has to like give up ya know and break all the chains so one can have a chance to heal and werk n themselves, break the chains that bind us to addictions and people evrn are very hard thing to do but sometimes for ones very own sanity is is the best move to make at the time,,,,and jest say WOW

so? if ur an avid reader of me ? remember the blog bout Watch It! …well this is a deeper perspective and a long bok link also, to many an answers, this for the link at the bottom of page here a definite book  for future reference i do so believe please INDULGE URSELF &  click on the pdf link an check out the


Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny




couple of kewl links fer readin’ material da’ weekend to u frum Q 🙂 Open me to the authors of this beaten path…check it out u might really get intrigued 🙂

i was! once a voice got stuck in me head 🙂 lol…..

color me kwayz i know! yep yep !

question everything till ya get to the point where ya understand and then jest become a doer and a be ir 🙂 er not!



A Lone White Wolf 4 Two Cents Tuesday

This White Wolf sees!
***** diggin’ fer truth *****

an is what it is postit* by Q

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to find Lies an betrayal instead :(

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to jest find a snake Lies an betrayal instead 😦

TWO CENTS TUESDAY here bout my last 5 yearz
~~~~~~~~~ once upon a time ~~~~~~~~~~
till used an abused for 50 years
she was a innocent ignorant beautiful soul
till struck with da’ tree of knowledge…….of..
free flight an Loves delight….
till, NOW; a very dark wolf yess indeed…….
ignorance is NOW da’ excuse
to be a liberated from being human human 😦
but beyond gods judgement and or the universes also…
SO! cause effect and karma an dharma will now be so 😦
she decided to say farewell, and call him an old love….
whilst her bleeding heart is a soul now torn apart,,
such a sacrafice for the ego,
Intentional in ur face neglect denial of truths an
abuse and taking what is not hers 😦 her new life book story
all for the glory of what i wunder? for a few dollars more?
an oh yeah her art commission? wtf ?
torn apart from all her reality … to new creational beliefs 😦
she misses already the days of the future passed…
those days she knew would only last in…… da memory of her mind…
although would never come to again pass…….
on account of false flafz an false fears
deciding heart was not a home and home was not really a heart
love she began to see as torn apart…before it came to pass……
believing she deserved a heart made out of Gems of the Universe
he offered her all of that an more!
she then decided to become a thing of a promise never to be….
jest at last to realize……..that she herself didn’t “deserve”
his smile
his love
his soul
his life….
jest the money he sent to her for years
😦 yeah right well , well…
what was it she really yearned…..
all the poems and stories and fantasies turnt to lies
– so now…free at last!
Libeerated from having to be human…
she decided to be selfish instead and attack an berate…an falsify so….
not the angel he once met!
so take da’ money an run 😦
lies hiding deciet neglect disregard and pain
to became her story 4 her 4 ever in time…Hipocracy and dishonorable betrayal… akashically!
~ No longer an innocent soul ~
she decided shed be better off with the incriminating lying wolves
of darkness…than the “White Wolf”
rare in breed yes indeed! was dis’ wolf they called weed
a loner on a mountaintop….ol’ white wolf getting older by the day
waits for a not so similar mate to come thy way,,, i guess……….
so, but all one can do is dig in; an do what one has to do to survive
without the bluengelwolf hanging round lurking daily trolling and patrolling
~~~~~~~ My 2 Cents Werth ~~~~~~


The Werd Waz CelebRate

a note er 2 bout the dissertation above ……..

whilst i watch the wolves troll around an hipocritically

click like on all kinds of things than in front of my face blatently ACTS 1000% opposite of all said,,,true hipocracy in my eyes:(
song of the day? thought of da day? ……hmmmm? ran outa fluidity and thoughtz jest like my life has over the last few yearz… totally insane…to me when “Humans Betray Humans”. i mean why …… clue sayz dis’ ol’ white wolf…….why with intention dumping on and hurting on people u claim to love…
ya , so, when da innocent soul becomes not so innocent out of choice,,,one can only wunder what got into that soul in the first place to …..CHANGE ? what they said they were and how and why etc etc…well, one day at a time is all one can do an accept that if other wish to lie cheat steal or kill and mame minds an men etc etc, to viciously and cruelly publickly attack with sarcastic werdz an visions not of love, is disheartening to me,,, well all one can do is pray for them to find themselves someday again…Is hard to accept ya can’t change another whom might go mental, but ya can’t …they are going to do what they bred the mind to do anyhow…out of either fear or love is bout it….. so peace to those whove been hurt on so, if ur one of them also, jest got to move forward , one minute – one day at a time …an accept the fact ya can’t fix others , an the harder ya try well, will bring ya down to that level and space, and is not a space i can afford to be, so fact of the matter is i got to one has to change perception, jest a wee bit, to accept the insanity. move forward without hesitation and ask god to forgive those i cannot. simple as that i guess.but not so simple really So, ..for those that do not have the courage or spine to make ammends and be honest and true to those they hurt on and or do other totally way off the mark things like lie steal or cheat on ,,,well, all ya can do is pray for them…… that point an move on!!!.an if they well, kill themselves or drink themselves to death cuz they would not listen to u, or because their conscience finnally gets to them, well try not to take it to personal, if ya hold urself responsible for thier actions, even if they affected u in every way ?….well, sick people are jest sick is all there is to it, and well, only the god of thier understanding can save them from the lack of innocent they have now become……..Q
ps women an men alike whom strike blows with werds to get a negative reactions from thier mate really suck, some push it to the point of getting violent re-actions or werds thrown back for thier actions,,,which in my book is very apprapo,sumtimes, what can one do but defend themselves frum insane thinking anyhow.,,but well,, the accusers are always the victim it seems when they are really the ones perpertrating the crimes to start with, , an it goes frum there,,,then after that the lying and the denial and all the other bs that follows also,, what for to try to justify or rationalize it all and why they did what they did,,then to only but judge and act on the response as the FAULT! what herasey!,,,seems like i have been dealing with these kinna folks all over the planet, an for many yearz, ..where if i turn the other cheek i get slapped round and if i fight back well i am guilty of abuse like my abuser ,,,has the werld all reall gone that mad really now ,,i mean c’mon ,,maybe one day i’ll meet a lady whose got a grip ….and is honorable an not jest a gold digger out for a dollar or 2 more..holds a heart of love and not fear..yes definitely not a fear monger that hangs her god out on a cross to dry and well, an definitely not someone that says they are an angel that wouyldnt hurt a flY,,,,cuz in the end ,,,thats alwayz been the biggest common fly of the hurting kind 😦 whom lives with lacks and in judgemenbt and pain and misery of nevr having things jest right for them, 😦 always negative and not happy ain’t fer me; i’d rather keep living alone , …i don’t need no misery buddie!.nor hipocracy and lies I needed a woman that loved me was all , an she knew that, an it is a 2 person werld here but she knew that salso said shed be back to help after a 77 day stay? 4 years ago 😦 ….she calls her crap to me lifes lessons her abuseive fearbased jelous love 😦 ,,,then took the money and shut me off ,,,imagine that huh….yeah all her blogs were to me for the last 5 years, what hogwash huh My blueangel turnt wolf 😦 yeah lifes lesson to be ripped off by an
HONEST ANGEL THAT WOULD NOT HURT A FLY YEAH RIGHT :(guess thats what happens when ya grow up believing in humpty dumpty and cinderella and all da fairy talez lol.whilst being verybally an mentally abused by ur parents 😦 ..then all ur life ya dig for gold and once ya find gold like she did da Q here well, turns it all into sand instead,,,, well we all have to lie in our own bed, an if we got a conscience well….we know whatz in da head..all dere is to it no excuses no rational or lies will hide the factz! nor entitle one to not see it either ..the truth that is,,,some believe they are “entitled” to lie cheat and steal well well,,,is all i can think; bummer says dis lone white wolf, not on da hunt but definitely in need…oh what fun it musta been to burn on the Q here for years 😦 not , simply crazy… Q 😦


***so well, heres as good as any place to say it, any single ladies that might be in for a change, Q is only gettin older an is tired of living on his colorado mountaintop “ALONE” …not like i am taking applications here lol…but well, maybe it is me thats applying 🙂 so yeah thats it turn it round a bit 🙂 i have lived the single life 5 years 2 long now! an a few years before that so, thought i knew who my eternity was an well that is only me..presently, an a buncha eternal  good times an bad times a past i guess, was livin single and celebate for honor an a reason, but well, those following me know da story, so anyone single, footloose an fancy free ? fer some fun let me know, well i think it’d be fun, depends on what one does now huh whether its “fun” er not an i like to have fun, yes that is in my agenda, she said fun an wunderful! was not in hers so, i am ,,,well right here right now all there is to it 🙂 who be U ?

******* Q *******

quarksire at the big Y dot com

why because dats me an i am yes lewking for a mate to come hang out with me in colorado 🙂 chow! 🙂


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my answer in many situations….

Ur Love WILL Conquer All Thingz:)


2 U frum Q

> Rage for Order Neue Regel <

Sometimes just being with somebody, rather than words, is all that is needed to help…well so that was my 2 cents werth……Hope everyone has a great HUMP DAY!



Marijuana Legalization by Quarksire


LONG OVERDUE BLOG AND LONG VIDEO FRUM Q…The prohibitionist organization, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, are getting desperate to make up stories that cannabis is bad. I have this to say in response.More frum lot 420 here bout POT!.The Gov could not stop pot coming from Mexico and now they think they are going to stop it flowing from weed legal states.So here goes our Govt spending all our tax dollars on something that has been proven time and time again to not work. a SILLY WAR ONJ DRUGS SINCE YEARS AGOO…..


No matter how many BAD GUYS you catch you are not stopping anything. nOT UNTIL YA BALANCE THE ODDS I SAY AND THE SYSTEM! When an everyday American tries to do something to make extra cash he gets thrown in jail. When a corporation kills thousands of people, animals, and ruins our oceans, they get bailouts.WTF is wrong with this folks?

Then i get a comment frum a chap named robert who lives in alabama….says this… “I’m watching this with real interest, how much money the state will take in, save from the people not tied up in the court/prison system, police not spending time on smokers. I have known a lot of folks that smoke and most were really good people. they had good jobs paid their bills and contributed to the community. As more states move into the 21st century on their pot laws I’ll be green with envy knowing that the backward state of Alabama will need 150 years to join the enlightened and profitable. Just look at the stupidity the lawmakers here have shown in regards with having a state lottery or casinos. Millions of dollars go to Florida and Georgia lotteries plus more millions to Mississippi casinos. Stupid, backwards and filled with Christian hate is no way to run a state government”..


sumtimes all i can see is silly mr nixon waving both his hands with the peace signs on em each lol….then he still has a war on drugs,,how freiking hipocrytical is that ,,and a war on a plant that was used for thousands of years as a product! for thousands of uses? i am jest blown away by all the ignorance of those that will sip on their whine or booze and well…an in the amount of time…while they had that glass of booze another guy jest beat his wife cuza alcohol and another guy well jest killed himself…and there were 30 car wrecks across the country,,,an so on an so on…till the great day it happens to them cuz they were to ignorant to see that the progressive disease of alcoholism,,one drink one day at a time was killing them,,if they evr do…so, hopefully with the legalization if posibly so nationwide 😕 Hopefully this will continue and stop the waste of money the war on drugs has been. The immigration issue is linked since millions of pounds of drugs come from Mexico. I know here in California no one will smoke the Mexican dirt weed but all over the country these cartels make billions. While we spend billions and billions of dollars to try to stop a plant from growing and our roads and education system is being neglected. Regulation makes more sense and will be safer for people; gateway drug theory is a hoax. is only for morons to believe in, jest cuz the cartels sell the other shit alseo and push it, shut down the cartels u shut down the powder etc etc…..The people that buy pot have to go through shady drug dealers that also introduce them to other drugs. You cannot die or overdose on Marijuana so I find the law insanely outrageous especially the amount of resources we spend on this, research cannot be done medically because this is a schedule one plant to the feds. Regulation will be a major blow to the cartels and enforcing the immigration laws will help this country. Weed is considered more dangerous than cocaine and opiates to the feds which is outrageous to anyone that has an education. We need to legalize this plant and enforce our immigration laws!!! Stop the violent cartels destroying countries south of the border. The first time i evr smoked some pot when i was 13 years old i laughed my ass off and said u got to be kidding me ? why is this illeagal,,,when the beers we drank last week and the wine made us sick as shit?…At that point in my life i should not have started the beer and whine thing to lead to the hard stuff for the end of my drinking days, id be dead if i still had kept drinking.. is a fact…i’d also prolly lead myself to a quick death also,,,because alcohol unlike pot well alcohol u pick up where u left off, pot u start all over each time,,,alcohol u pick up where ya left off believe me many time off and on “trying to quit the booze” the pot is what helped me quit also… no wunder the booze companies lobby against evil weed ever since it took over the “feel good” market for usa and most of the werld in the years past..betrayed by big business the weed has been for years. ps i am living proof of it for many reasons and books to tell in the future if there is a future really for any of mankind to have to deal with as a species we call human rant rant rant,,,read my related pages bout pot also… then read my pages bout alcohol and recovery and then u tell me wtf is up ….so Considering all the dangerous chemicals that end up on your plate legally, this should be a no brainer to get on the whip stick with the pot plant and the hemp industry again. I had a big cancer spot the4 doc said theyd have to cut out on my arm, well i took some hash oil..poured in into the open wound showing bare meat , half the size of a dime,,,and ya know what …left it on for days and kept covering with more ,,,and well when washed all off and it peeled off the sore was virtually gone and almost non existent, as with many i have healed thata way over the years! …jest another way to deal with an open wound,,yep hash oil i know a few ways,,,
Once the number one industry in the werld all shredded upon by the profiteers and the shredders, an i mean the oil companies and the paper and chemical companies, that replaced hemp based products with thier new fangled stuff, for plastic which u can make frum hemp well they have to get oil? and well, for paper which they can have regeneratively evry 3 months, well, instead they cuut down forests that should be illeagal to cut, my take on cutting trees is if a tree is older than me…and it is not a matter of life or death ? then why kill it huh!? it helps create the oxygen we breath….
so now regarding the taxation of pot,,in colorado at this stage of the game after since they legalized it…,Tax revenue at 40 million.Saving another 40 million by reducing penalties.That’s 80 million dollars that the state did not have before legalization.10,000 jobs created and more to be added. Now think about the impact this would have on the US economy if this could be repeated in every state of the union.The best part is that these numbers will only go higher year after year until it levels off. I think they have to keep the tax down to a werkable reasonable amount and not try to be whoremongers over it the state i mean,,,12% is kinna crazy? but well is what it is? lewk at what the state is saving on the other side of the coin ,,,how come folks don’t put it all into perspective i jest do not know anymore…and how the christian so called right wing operated profitering alcoholic states ? well,,,sorry guys to rain on ur parade but the party of “SPECIAL CHRISTIANS” an all the 2000 year old sects lol… when there is COSMIC HISTORY if mankind even bother to lewk at it ya know,,,well wunder if mans total overall intelligence will catch up with itself or if the majority of folks as a whole will 4 evr be searching for who they really are and where they are NOW and where they are headed besides death and what opportunities are ahead if any after life…welll…. hang on folks time is a changing,,,and those in the know seems like they get taken outa the pic evry day,,,and for years if ya talked against the system or attempted to show the werld that mankind has been here done this a time er 2 in the past believe it er not,,,an even on other planets,,etc etc eons ago…the spirit of ? well if not man then an intelligent enuff spirit to cause the meltdown and extinction of 2 planets for sure,,,one to be obliterated,,,and another to loose its atmosphere…now we be werking on momma earth ol terra here…in a new anatomy and well…lets see what happens this time…oh but hey for the ones that do not believe really in what thier religion teaches ! that one does live forever!~ this quantum thing that inhabits this body will jjkeep on and keep on inhabiting “bodies” as long as it is coherent and cohesive enuff to be able to in the transition of death..wide awake and not unconscious…evolution or devolution all a matter of choice an belief ,,,BELIEVE IT ER NOT .FRUM q OK I SHUT UP FOR THIS MAGNAMOUS MONDAY HERE IN PAGOSA SPRINGS HIGH IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAIS,,WHERE THE AIR IS CRISP AND CLEAR AND THE SKIES TRUE BLUE …CHECKIN OUT HERE FROM HERE TO YOU THERE BYE FOR NOW…Q PS: so ? fer u today? what do u think …are u an old soul or a fresshy? do u believe u only live once ? er do u believe that somehow the human form has found a way to tap, a creational existence that keeps on going and going by chooice evolving as it goes,,,well? till its all gone like the dinosaurs and or the tigers etc etc,,but then do u think they had souls also? er not? er is man jest that smart that he imagines all these out of the body experiences he has etc etc and quantum happenings unexplainable? well..if so whif so what? u tell me old soul new soul…..or are we jest a spec of insignificant sand that comes and goes like the waves in the ocean….

an well whats national geographic have to say bout POT? well check out the vid below 🙂 Q

.and follow the links below if’n ur interested in what i got to say bout the “evil” weed that has saved my life!



< an article by Q

< another article by Q

frum da Q



This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter whats it mean!? well, INFINITY^^^!Yes! above letter means that!? is it greek to u ? er Indian? er what? an well, this letter? wellll whatz in a letter anyhow though huh? er aa misteak! lol a squibbly line under the werd lol…okay well..this post is bout 3 letters i have pics of dat are letterz of importance to me 🙂 so …be it as it may or not be..

“is what it is” as da doc sayz!

Love Knot or Love Note – or a Love Letter??
~~~~Well letterz becometh werdz so…~~~~~~
More like a note than a buncha letters it was a supposed to be!…whats it all mean, a buncha letters,

Whatcha gonna letter do?

Whatcha gonna letter do?

or is it jest werds, one has to ask when they lewk at the same letters for 4 yearz……..what a trip huh,well, time to take this letter! or set of letters! or should i say note that don’t mean a thing down, and start a new day!….with some new Letters!

These letters mean "Moving Forward Without Hesitation"

These letters mean “Moving Forward Without Hesitation”

^^^^^^means moving forward^^^^^^^^ -without hesitation! MY NEW LETTERS!,on the right side of my motorcycle

,,even if it is greek to U ,,,er Indian !

as it might be 🙂 lol……… chinese ya jest say ,,wow datz greek to me!….Well……

its jest LETTERS RIGHT!.

Don’t mean a thing…lol…or do they ,,one has to wunder when they see different letters…frum da’ past an the new..when werds is jest werdz and letters are jest letterz what can one say,???,, what means what and what means the mostest!?..

3 letterz an p.o.t. lol geez oh well…..

Plenty Of Trouble as they said in da ol dragnet show lol…


the letters i have  above are from my motorcycle..right and left side covers, the one means “INFINITY”! and well the other Means




long letters short letters, one letter 2 letter 3 letter

4 whatcha gonna letter do?

i wunder says the HP! lol..

“”””””Hasty letters , Nasty letters, Love letters, Pain letters, Gain letters, Same letters, Naughty letters, Naughty thoughts bout naught, Nice letters,Trained letters, Naked bodies, neglected mind Blamed letters? frum da sarcasticaly blind!

Insane Heartbreaking letters? to Smokin letters, Refraining letters, to Sustaining letters…that are well maintaining letters of truth or consequenses or not! er senseless? what evr was the plot?“or the cost”jest a heart broken is all! an letters lost!”

windy long letterz of a lotta though T bout naught?:(, wacked letters toa a kind one ever now an again its been…


“””””””oh love knot –

~ give it a thought er not ~
was all in the knot  tied eons ago – once upon a tyme
once upon a tyme –

when i wrote a ryme so kind
an loving with a letter to send on the mend-

from this mind so kind
all the same werds is jest werds without action ya know,
Was all dem Letters Jest Werdz er what-knot ove love er thought?
one here has to really wunder a lot bout what one was taught……
when all that was evr really sought
was a kind

Guess I gonna LETTER do whatevr she wanna do ! say da’ Q..time to move forward without hesitation to my infinity! an beyond,,,

Namaste’ 2 u frum Q.

Can’T always live life to the “T” ya know.da’ purfekT!..sumetimez dere’s gotz to be a Z lol…or a me an not jest a U…lol..



For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.

Image of the Brooklyn Flea Market by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.

Chances are, if you’re a publisher and reader on the internet, you’re interested in language — in the way we communicate with each other, and the pieces we put together to do so, whether in English or Spanish, Arabic or Korean, Thai or Greek.

We type sentences on our keyboards and scribble notes in journals. We spray tags and murals on walls everywhere in the world. We carve our initials on wood to mark we were here or there. And we stumble upon letters and words wherever we go — in outdoor markets, on doors, across storefronts, or inside bathroom stalls.



well, –  SUMTIMEZ!

ONE LETTER! jest don’t say it all …sumtimes ya got to use 2 er 3 er 4 er more to get ur point across,,,if ya evr do ,,,well that all depends upon what letters ya choose to use don’t it now,,,sumtimez ya jest got to stop also one letter short of  uckin’ up if ya know what i mean also, well this is werdpress ya know,,,keep on keepin on everyone, and enjoy da’ picture show er as it might be today Da’ Werd Show 🙂


it’s all up to u and yes as always “Crashing is Not an Option!”

An over an out from Q 4-25-2014

~ Jest Fer 2Day – Live fer it now while it is what it is! ~

This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter Means Infinity!



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