Word of da’ week “Rare”

 …Werd of da’ week is rare


Rocky Mountain Lynx by Quarksire

4 da’ werdpress werldwide photo compilation.so …i didn’t have to dig far to get to the rare one of a kind shots..


da’ white wolf dat digz it by Q

i have a few





rarely do one see animals like these an get to photograph em,


Da’ Eagle by Quarksire

it is also rare even in the winter to get Icicle starz also.


a Superspike by Quarksire



da’ ramstar by Quark

an in da moonsoon months it is rare that i get a kewl shot er 2 of lightnin’ storms also..


a shot frum my frt porch

cya on da’ flip side everyone.



For this week’s challenge, show us something that stands out from the everyday.


enjoy ur week ahead….



Animals Only No People Allowed,  WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Face it!

A mind of Full of Faces yes indeed.

I had to face IT! i can’t keep to jest one !.


…we all have one…

willie 001

Quarked dog “Willie”

~~~er 2~~


Face of da’ rocky mountain Lynx by Q

~~~ er 3 er 4 or more ~~~
werd of the week this last week waz Face….

WordPress Worlwide Weekly Photo Challenge
an well; thru 3 days of rain here; i thought bout which face or faces to post! LoL…
well, i could post pics of my fav human faces an prolly catch hell for doing that

~ SO ~


Finally coming to the conclusion that besides the many human faces i have photographed over the years, the photos i have with UniQue expression of face…are those of animals…..so

Animals Only No People Allowed..4 dis post-it! 2 day


sad faced sugar with hurt arm

Some faces remain in da’ mind fereva, jest like a persons face remains in the mind forever..


..It would have to be a collage hundreds to express what i think of when i think of the werd FACE lol truly..

Like that which dreams are made of is the millions of choices for FACE! lol. This Face etched into my mind forever and onto film also in front of me one night I call the face of MY LIGHTNING DUDE!. Artificial face ,,yes an no lol.

lightnindude3c_by_Quarksire 001

facin’ up to da lightnin dude!

an well, subjecktively speakin in another interpretation i could say things like FACE THE DAY! er whatnot….Er Face da Night…..Er Face da truth if ya Dare..Face da facts!….But instead i keep dis’ 2  some faces of animals that are deeply embedded in my mind an soul…

Jest Like the Faces of people they also stay within the mind for a long time i believe, other faces do too!,,


Miss my missy i sur3e do!

that is if it is a memorable FACE fer some reason er another…


if ya were lewkin fer people faces well, not here not today on dis’ rainy day in paradise..Animal kinna day it is till the sun decides to shine in again!



over an out frum Q .hope ur not at all bored are ya lol ? 🙂



4 2 see people faces in Q’s werld click here….
People Photography

Weekly Pet Share Patience

Weekly Pet Share

Round-up and start of new week (86)~ I had 86’d this challenge fer a few weeks also cuz i didn’t have any new shotZ..

dinnertime @ Q's place

dinnertime @ Q’s place


Patience is da’ name of da’ game

@ dinnertime round here!


whilst dinner is made!


all who took part this last week!  Here they are :


The Telepathic Dog Who Knew When His Owner Was Coming Home

i don’t do a lotta re-blogs, but i have done this test myself an yes folks it werks, da dog trick that is the rest ya can figure out for urself 🙂 😎 hope all my readerz are  having a splendid week  🙂

Please click on the original article an watch the video an check out the other related articles…if’n ur interested is some fun stuff!… Q

I shall return! lol……..

Weekly Pet Share My Child Eats Bugz


…. PolariZes da’ brain! lol …..


Believe it er not!



Michelles Pet Challenge


Weekly Pet Share




peace-and-love-1Last week was all bout mo dog 🙂

Weekly Pet Share Shadow-Walker-Mo

Deep an Heavy

,,,,,,, Deep an Heavy  ,,,….


see the ski tips above there is a snowmobile under dat there pile a snow 🙂 lol jest as all the snow was bout melted off an we were having a fake spring this happens!

Dis’ is all i gots to say bout da’ last day er so an …snowshoveler beware…winter is not over! 


” more on the way!”







Weekly Pet Share Shadow-Walker-Mo

“presence” of peace an Playful Love is what it’s all bout sumtimes when Raising a newborn child



an no they are not all the same, some have better traits than others, Mo-mo here er mo {short for Geronimo} well he knows his names an when i am serious an not – has a mind of his own but wants to be guided gently by me, he is of a very gentle spirit with a bear like back side


…but of course what pups are not playful right, well whats important is that i teach him how to play nice an listen to daddy lol…or whome evr the people is that is around …obedience training is a must here, an it is starting now with a few simple tricks!

size of my foot no more :)

size of my foot no more 🙂

Mo is now bigger than shoe size lol.


but could’nt resist showin a couple of shoe sized pics!

whilst he still be a kid 🙂

smart dogz smell gewd pussy lol

smart dogz smell gewd pussy lol

The Kats used to be bigger than him!

molongshadowbig shadow behind me keeps chasing me lol

but he is still skeered of his own shadow sumtimez lol

moshadowednow i be chasin’ da shadow how bout dat!

Weekly pet Shares i miss a lot because of Where when an whatnot an whatevr but this one i am on time at beginning of week,trying to combime this post with my Mag mondays post! ever so often when i get “roundtuit” with all my TuIts! lol

Magnanomous Mondays,

here is last weeks


by Hope Da’ Happy hugger..

see more..

🙂 ..below are last weeks challenge photos.. 🙂

Sydnee Pee and mom Waggin Master Tired Royal
Raewyn Forbes becca givens Gail
Passionately Bored Living With My Ancestors scrapydodog
Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man scrapydodog
Elke Quarksire – More mo
Priceless Joy Little Binky

an as usual I’ll let the sweet picker pick the photo they want for next week frum my page here TjanQ very much for checkin out my page bout mo while he grow



Weekly Pet Share More Geronimo


The theme is da same but the name has changed..so since me an my dogz have been buried in snow which is finally now thawing in me werld,.I thought i’d share a few pics more of Mo …short fer geronimo!…..


Has changed frum  Michelles Pet Challenge to


Weekly Pet Share

missy an mo

missy an mo

…an mo well he be growin fast!


finally hes bigger than the shoe

finally hes bigger than the shoe

…..so more of mo another day another post-it!

have a splendid weekend everyone!


A warm thank you to all who shared this week.

 Here they are:

Mumsy’s Little Chancy Man Waggin Master Nato
Passionately Bored Emily Michelle
Raewyn Forbes becca givens Lola and Lexy
Elke Lor B The Carrs
Little Binky Quarksire – Meet Geronimo
Priceless Joy scrapydodog