Quantumely Speakin’

Hold on 2 ur truth – Quantumely speaking!
Sumtimes in life one has to wunder whether they are re-writting the past er not ya know!..an don’t wann bore ya with things that sound like i am saying the same thing over an over,{redundancy ya know!} but in one way i am, an in another not!…it is a living dichitomy!

as da Quarked-bit turnZ

as dis’ Quarked-bit turnZ

well, lotsa things in personality that have grown over the years changes, an has to change either for the better or the werse depending upon perception…
So for me the biggest thing i can do a lot is wake up to the fact of how ” I THINK” an what i REALIZE”… sumtimes being one in the same an at others NOT!…to recognize things for what they are is one thing but to caste a judgement against it is another…when one uses judgment or pushes against these events, you are adding to the energetic dichotomy of what is occurring.Yes I know is hard to accept especially when another goes against ur will an their own even an bruises ur life one way er another. See it for what it is! is my lesson…an try not to be sad bout it, that’s the hard part really. As a human an one grows genetically an the DNA changes so do people, some for the better an some for the werse. depending upon the thought process they bear to hold, whether it comes from fear or love, like i have said in many posts before. I am awakening into an awareness that is occurring. And i have to realize i am in the middle of great upheaval an chaos world wide really, as a watcher at present. One can only watch an see things for what they really are, an not what another wants to make them. I have to realize and acknowledge that this is how events and actions have been viewed for most of human history. What is being offered, however, is an expanded way to shift these limited, chaotic, atrocious events.
I now have skills an knowledge I did not even jest a few years ago concerning thw Quantum Nature of thingZ. an how it all werks on a super-conscious level…check out my mirror blogs if u don’t understand….anyhow ..in this shift of times, realize, that this awareness and this knowledge have been suppressed in the collective understanding of who i truly am…i have to realize an understand that i am a multidimensional divine presence here in physical form…an in so being, stay detached from many of the so called {negative happeningz} of the werld… an Not be an abuser as many “enlightened ones” have so become to me…A hard thing to accept…an forgive an forget the poetic mis-justice done to each of us 😦 in life. 😦 many things are.
Imagine though, that this reality and this dimension is created by the energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the entire collective. would not then ? Your life and experiences have been created by your personal energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions…can u still keep “blaming it on the other” all the time .lol when it truly is thier deal! ? an U allow it to become urs….takers an indifferent fearful & neglectful people will get theirs i guess in their own due time, we as Q beings i call it have to leT it go…if not the repercussions internally could be even life threatening, taking on anothers illness or dis-ease in a way!…
When there is a transformation occurring in the evolution of consciousness in our collective reality, we become a very important aspect of that unfolding. More and more individuals like yourself and I are realizing that you have the ability to, and that you do, influence the outcome of events. So back to My blogs titled “watch it”
We an I have 2 choices…can either celebrate this awakening and awareness that is occurring..acceptance or non-acceptance? an choose love er fear, realizations must be had then in accord that i an u jest might be powerful creators, in more than one way.and that we are experiencing our focus in this physical reality. {believe it er not}having to know, however, and understand that the divine energy that animates our physical bodies is powerful beyond measure. I had not been taught or informed how to use this power in a manner that is life sustaining…it’s sumthing that we learn as we grow i assume. an as our DNA adapts to the changes…
we are here at this time, on a personal mission to be a part of transforming the dense, misqualified  energy and vibrations that continue to empower the chaos and atrocities. Pushing against, resisting or even ignoring these events is not the action of an awakened, empowered multidimensional being…but has been mine a lot in the past , an i have to jest learn how to let go…to things i cannot control…ie..people places an things,,no matter how much i might love them…even close family. One thing i have learnt in the 12 step groups!
I have to realize that this reality i am interfacing with is held in the neutral energy of the quantum field….that my mind can connect to an is a part of… This neutral energy, this quantum field, responds to what is being energetically offered. It will match the energy and manifest what is projected upon it by self {the observer} I have to continually remember the double slit experiment, an also, monty python ( believe it er not} famous for a quote “how can ya be in 2 places @ once when ur Nowheres at all!”} So, Now multiply this truth by the power of the collective consciousness offering limited beliefs, a sense of powerlessness, or the misqualified passions of righteousness. then i become instantly witnessing the results as the chaos and life threatening action of all those misqualified vibrations…. I have to realize there is a dichotomy that truly does exist here that i am not powerless although at the same time i have to be…….i have the choice to make it time to step up and offer the energy of a different reality. Begin to own that your every word, thought and emotion is making a difference. Begin to clarify censor beliefs about this reality.no only do I but also so do WE an U if u Choose!
I had to understand that what I have been taught is incorrect. and not dwell on the incorrect teaching or judge and make wrong those who offered these beliefs, simply observe and make a conscious shift. LET IT GO WHATEVER IT IS,,,,yes a hard thing to do! but changes perception!.if ya focus on da’ broken promises, things will remain broken 😦
Realize that each moment of the day i an U have the choice and opportunity to sculpt the events in our personal lives and add to the shift in the collective consciousness. Begin to envision your personal experience and the global events from a place of empowered awareness. Acknowledge that your thoughts and emotions join other like-minded, awakened beings in this neutral quantum field of manifestation{believe it er not} is bout perception ya know..is the saying true? change da’ way ya lewk at the werld an the werld changes? hmm ?
Envisioning an thinking of actually creates, in many ways believe it er not again….although without the co operation of others sumtimes it does appear futile, things will get better an change as long as we believe in our visions no matter what they are,,,The better the vision the better the belief so they say,,,so choose to believe good things today , or not, is ur choice, Envision that those who are hungry are fed, those who are sick are healed, those who are homeless are sheltered. Envision that divine truth, well-being, love and light embrace all of life. Envision waves and waves of peace-commanding presence, surrounding all areas of conflict. Envision humans respecting one another for their uniqueness. Envision methods and solutions for clean energy. Envision methods and systems that support the health and well-being of all. Envision the reality of abundance and equality for all living beings. Envision wise leadership that befits your global connections…Yes harder said than done …when we have to realize …things are not the way we vision them.
NO matter what hold onto ur truths though, be them urs to hold… hold onto ur visions an hopes , no matter whom or what distracts u , another person health or wealth..hold to your visions in the face of all distractions and manifestations of the opposite. Remember you are seeding this quantum field with new realities. You are anchoring this shift and this transformation of consciousness. You are moving from this dense third dimension to the fifth dimension and higher. The chaos that you are witnessing is the result of what is being dissolved, what is being broken apart….again {believe it er not}..even if ur body is in pain etc etc…is ur mind that counts in da end!..
I decided many years ago to realize these new things, an now as a multidimensional one…so to say, a divine conscious being, something i have wanted to become all my life, we now i have to realize the dichotomous forces @ werk in all of it…i now have a choice to become a participant in the breaking apart of one reality and dimension, and the ascension into another. in my own life..an at this point in time i feel i have unique awareness and gifts to support and assist in this awesome undertaking of an entire planet transiting from one dimension to another…again…believe it er not!
I now have to hold and anchor these divine truths that honor all life sustaining actions and manifestations. Believe in myself an others that we are beings of light an love…an believe that we are truly transforming all that is before us. I have to not be discouraged by what i have observed or judge it i can only an have to see it for what it is,,,i have to .even when i see beautiful people do ugly thingz….i have to…
..continue to envision a better reality and outcome, no matter what the situation in life is.
I believe that in time once again i will collect the conscious being that need to be in my life for the reasons that have been set forth, that other being of conscious awareness will again connect with me more an more as time moves forward. Hopefully as more of us connect the reality of conscious contact once again shalll exist an well, then life is in ur hands believe it er not so is ur destiny, don;t let another change it unless u allow or wish for them to , As much as their betrayal or bad thoughts or deeds have affected ya……..For it is their very own personal choice if they do not wish to be a being of light as u know they are, or if they choose to be a hipocryte an or liar an or thief er whatnot? if they affect u in a negative way the only thing u can really do is let go of that charge an move on as hard as it sounds,,,,well, is jest rambling food for thoughts today is all.. hoping someone might get something outa of it fer a change ………..All i can do is take it one day @ a time an do the best i can regardless of what another thinks er whatnot,,,an well the losses of the past are jest that , even if they might take me a life time to recover from, for i am not a rich man 😦 ,,, bummer some have to take more than they give back but is a fact of life in this werld we live in, there are honorable ones an there are not, the choice is urs to whether u want to be honorable to the dark or the light the way i see it.an cosmic subspace ie….Creation or reaction – create or react our choice which way we wish to see it huh!..whatevr it is we do..okay enuff fewd fer thought fer the day get on with urs whatevr it is! jest do it……..how do u see it? agree er not? well , ANY WAY have a SPLENDID ONE! Night er Day!  🙂 .thanks for coming round to read my variety of Q stuff 🙂 i not trying to change anyone’s mind by readin my stuff either but if ya do well that’s fine by me 2 🙂 namaste’ & chow.. honorably urs……


Q in colorful Colorado…lol when its not all covered in this white stuff anyhow lol….. Namaste’…….Q

…an da’ ty[poes? well some things ar jest meant to be…..ok don’tBlayte go
be productive er go back to bed ..lol ur choice ! yep yep 🙂 …….

Eternal Realizations

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition

from one sentence> comes realizations bout realizations….

do they matter?

When it’s time to deal with this reality one might say!


it’s time 2 deal with it!


enuff is enuff!

in one sense this might be nonsense this time lol

and in another it might make some


I used to say the following a lot,

“a realization a day keeps the doctor away”

now I often wonder what the realizations matter…?

once ya have surpassed what ya have to learn bout time?

and matter and analysis, and perception,

and the mind of the god u believe in er not?

so lets go roundy round here with q this time:) if ya got the time?

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition…can only be destorted in thought nt reality..

within disertations of and through this space this time:)…So…..said when done….

Time,,,,is an Eternity, Eternity – Limitless……..dichitomys? noway:)

FACT is: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,
Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity
. All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn
that you are not the self you perceive yourself to be. Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can

journey beyond all limitations.and the ..tools of words!

is anything absolute and does it really matter? this time?

so what bout the limitations of time this time…and how shall we react to the future or the past or the future past?…i wonder if one concerns themselves with what came first or what came last? Wonder where thier analytical conceptual ideas are now…this time around? those concepts are not a pre requisite for my knowing or not knowing:)…for no matter what happens within one’s life ya cannot learn the concepts or “presence” of peace…in ur life through right understanding alone.  Cannot know or learn what true authentic love is either from jest the knowledge without the experience of it:)…Do ya think there will be a test where all of the conceptual one way beliefs will be evaluated for u to judge or to be judged uponst? I think not!

will it matter in a hundred years?   

answer : unknownst to me that one is!

Should I or we concern ourselves with memorizing all the phrases givin to live by?…for these practices mean nothin to me<.or u either in the log run..wondering where the true desire lies? to invest onself deep within words, definitions, and concepts is that of ones own choice and space and place…not my place…I have gone far enough beyond now that I choose to jest “be it” to jest “do it” and enjoy it while i can:) whatever it is…in whatever time and place and space…make the best of this place I can is all i can do…this time around:)…while ya gotz time!

will it really matter in a hundred years er less?

so words rule and words gain,,,and words can cause pain?…but what about time …do the words remain????for beyond all conceptual thinking this time I know that there resides a “peace”..and a place..beyond ideas of definition is this place and this space where there is Peace and Serenity…..no matter what is happening in ones life i do so believe…ya can see this place and space foretold:)

even if on feels like a pebble on the sea bed of rocks bigger an better than they?!


^^ jest a pic from the frt yard here ^^^

well nonsense …or no sense at all this time…is what it is bout…eternity……and how ya want to feel this time:) this is the moment , year, and day…this is the time to sense who we really are…not to limit oneself by beliefs and other’s directions,,, but to find a road of our own, the road to peace..which is so seldom found by so few in this world today!…..for many have so many obstacles to peace of mind within thier own mind……….the  obstacles to peace there fore is these concepts and values that are clung to so tightly as so to keep from percieving peace but to be always searching for it

OUT THERE? somewhere? ,e jest a pebble in da sea of rocks larger than life.


ERE? somewhere?

when it’s in there!…………..okay I lost it at the rondeveus point ..but i think ya understand this place in ur space where time and eternity become one and concepts and theology and religions are thrown right out the window!:)

~ it’s auctually so very simple ya know ~



Then I said  no way:)

BUT?/AND so! ~ now i know:)

Time is of essence….I was told

…… no way! ~ not this time:)…but whats true seems to be true again….

So proudly I wait and stand beside u:) whomever U are:) releasing all the obstacles in the mind this time

I radiate peace and stand beside U…without belief but the knowledge of just “knowing” I AM who and What I AM:)


U are as special as ya are …forever and forever…for an eternity!

Much Love and Peace sent to U this day:)!

for this prolly won’t be the only time either lol:)

sumtimez is jest a repeat of the past..is all….

fer questions and answers to be in the same sentence is a living dichitomy…yeppurs, it sure is!…………

believe it er not!

Jest a little Part of the quazicle werld of Q

Q…aka mike in da rocky mtns. in colorado……