Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

……….I jest got a Notification frum a freind whom knows my werld well, and knows bout chronic fatigue and ADPKD etc etc, told me i needed to re-post this for my day ; because well; the forces that be are what they are whether ya believe in them er not , “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” i accept my character defects and do what i need to stay on top of them, although having 5 years of ur life taken for anothers selfish cause for it to be all turnt against ya is insane in my bewk; as i have said before i am not here to fix others; unless they wish to be fixed…. namaste’ 2 one an all if ya know what that means well, i always meant it all along and am tired of being assaulted as a daily ritual in my life with no closure! fact is folks i have been abused and taken advantage of in more ways than one, spiritually morally, financially, and spiritually, I allowed this to happen because of LOVE for another ….. i guess for me thats what love is all bout now, my loss an their gain….IC THERE WILL BE NO AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT in her werld as long as her karma now has to take its instant toll upon her life for her deeds done … yeah another is what it is blog, if ya don’t like the fact i smoke pot and have to use medication for pain and might have a small genitilia as claimed well, then go troll somewhere else if not enjoy ur stay here today,,,,,,


I never ever deserved to have been hurt upon, but well, da kids in palestoned werld overt there didn;t ask to be abused or have missles fired at them either, 😦   for the GREATER OF THE MANY SACRAFICE THE ONE HUH! WHAT WAR CRIMES YES INDEED….. AS TODAYS LIFE IN DA LIFE OF q ALSO HAS been today…….one big war crime of judgement and falsities to create a reality that doesn’t even exist 😦 sad but true ,bless U, so sad but true there are “VICTIMS” even though i preach victimship denied! don’t know bout u but doing my best dealing with others assaults publiky for years through sick double minded and double toungued  multi  meaning poetry 😦

I guess some would rather be sacraficing love to keep fear and judgement alive in the heart 4 ever an remain a hipocryte to the holy spirit now forevr for all said an done 😦

Her greatest belief denied now,z golden rule

” do unto others that which u would have done to you!”


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12 sreps to surrender and alcohol sobriety is best for me 2

jest another day in the life of fighting and learning to live with invisible pains etc etc, don’t have to be pained by an unsupporting bigot or abuser or selfish user in my life when i need help even jest taking care of myself a lot, thought life was supposed to be a 2 way street i guess not when ur dealing with blue angels that are holier than thou 😦

Da Angels are Confused


Cosmic Awareness Speaks



The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY
a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote!
another one to add to the Ponderables List…by Q.
~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~
Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this Werld by design, god’s design.


And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss evr we have evr chosen or not chosen by our own ego, and not the designed plan. We all share a destiny and our understanding and joy…

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People who Lie through Art

sumtimes Life can be very screwed up as far as i am concerned So many folks have fake storefronts and yes even here at wordpress…sad how there ias that one in 10 it seems that is well not what they appear to be, sure they are beautiful and all , but once ya get to know em ya find out their fantasy art and their talk is all that jest fantasies and talk, all they do at werdpress is jest for thier ego? an to find another troll to abuse really ? with the same games over an over an over  4 their evr ness 😦 sad story really, 

an 55 years later she does it!

an 50 years later she does it!


is not reality, the true reality to them is the reality they are stuck in in thier own minds 😦 welp forgive the rant if ur an avid reader of me, but well someones got to freiking know i jest cant hide it inside forevr and hold a grudge forevr also…but apparently it appears that is jest what is wished upon for me to do this fine day ,,,jest another day of betrayal in Q’s werld,,,been so long ,Well ; one can only guess it wasn’t love,,,even though i was told i was loved a few hundred times er more, the hates outweigh the loves, the lies outweigh the loves, the betrayals outweigh the love, the theivery of time and money outweigh the love, the hundreds of lies i guess ain’t bout love either..
neither the dozens of false accusations and slanderous comments. the sick poetry bout my pencil dick she said she so loved an what not 😦 ,,, all i can do is think what a crime, when people have to become hipocrytes and liars to thier own spirits and gods to cover up the fear that they worship so dearly,,,ignorance and denial will never evEr excuse or liberate her from what she has done either, only making ammends wholeheartedly [if she had a heart} yeah the lady that wouldnt hurt a fly, well don’t believe that guys if ur evr told that line, think twice, when the fly she really wanted to kill was on the back of ur head all the time 😦 ……to me well what can i do now? jest pray for her that she finds a sane mind someday, pray for her that her karma don;t kick her in the ass as bad as she did me or she won’t handle it very well. wrong is wrong in my book and when u betray decieve lie to and or go against what ya said ya were going to do well , especially in the end for a dollar or 2 more well, to me thats jest whoring urself out to the fear worshiped 😦 simply insane when people become hipocrytes and liars when they said they could not even hurt a fly, then become a thief in the end, to steal money mind time and a heart and seriously bruise a soul for a long time to come:( greatest crime one can do to mankind is to be a liar cheat a whore a user or an abuser for a buck or 2 more and a selfish neglectful person whod let someone die before making contact again out of fear and false flags she made up in her very own mind ,oh what a crime that is and was 😦 ……oh what a crime it is to mis represent one self and play a game of {LOVE} and {HATE} the love hatre game ,,abusive games of neglect falsities, lies and selfish betrayal, when they say well,,,i got love in my heart; can’t ya see by all i say,… is cheap so is poetry no matter how eloquent….well all the art ya can do thats positive won’t hide the fact that she lied….nor all the lies she can now make up; will they evr hide it either ,,,can only be a hipocryte for so very long,,, say one thing to men and do the exact opposite 😦 in the end 😦 …oh what evr posseses a person to have 2 personalities? ,, one to show to the werld as if i am innocent and clean, and another with action against those she says she loves with hatred and menacing hsery and misjustice if i evr saw it, is like the hitler reicht all over again 😦 what this german bred lady has done to my soul 😦 hope she is proud of it for life , …next life she will know what the hell ,,,and regret her decisions in this life with Q… so the way i see it i am owed 5 years of my life back….yeah right not a chance gone now:( and i am owed over 2 er 3 thousand dollars { thatd be bout 1/2 } also……. gone now also,:( when i was in need she took the money and ran 😦 of to be with another troll and suck for more from another 😦 very criminal yes indeed 😦 ……..really freiking hard for me is all to even believe the fact that the last 5 years of my life and 50 grand plus more i am broke and alone and well……. all evrything tied up in assetts,,,lol wthout an ass to hang round with me 😦 how so very much fun is that..IN A 2 PERSON WERLD SHE HAS SET ME UP FOR HER PROOF OF FAILURE SHE WANTS ME TO BE 😦 SHE KNOWS I CANT DO IT HERE MYSELF 😦 … went by her story bewk TO BE LED DOWN LIARS ALLEY,,,down to the T an for what? guess to end up with a bunch assets and wasted time and money all for her,all in her direction, and the direction of this house for my place to retire and enjoy for the rest of my life,,, ah but all the dreams ,,,,were they really truths or jest lies to get to the means for an END:( ,,,,,she should have jest freiking killed me when she came and wasted 77 days of my life and a couple grand more way back then also:( how so very criminal is all i can say 😦 I DID EVRYTHING I PROMISED I WOULD DO AND MORE !,,yes ladies! VERY SAD MAN IN RECOVERY HERE << YEP SHE GOT TO ME MORE THAN ANY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET EVEN THE MURDERERS AND SUICIDAL MANIACS 😦 REALLY HARD FOR ME TO IMAGINE SHE COULD WRITE STILL TODAY A LOVE POEM …? WHEN IT ALL JEST A LIE.?? TO ME AND WHOMEVER SHE WRITES EM TO NOW 😦 SAME GAME DIFFERENT DUDE 😦 HOW SO VERY MESSED UP 😦 ALL I CAN SAY 😦 …JEST BREAKS MY HEART MIND AND SOUL RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND 😦 MR BELLITTLED RIPPED OFF USED AND ABUSED ON BY A BLUe ANGEL WOLF ……q… well…she not the only hipocryte and person i know here that does not practivce what they preach, but rather incriminate evryone that don’t livbe life the way they see fit…wow if they are gay or smoke pot well they are totally screwed with these kinna folks, and i see quite a few here now still playing the ego {edging god out} of ones life,,,even though they don’;;’t know it! they do it never the less…the brain and ego are out to disprove the mind,,,and well won’t happen in my life time…so they can be delusional and crazy is i guess the point of all this,,i can’t do anything to fix them ,,,jest protect myself now is all:( the queen has won her bnattle with the Q and sent him to her hell many a day to offten and more now with abuse and crazy werds assaults to my moral and spiritual integrity no more i say ,,,,,is simply crazy some can’t be honest enuff to make ammends with those whom they have wronged in thier life,,,they cant be the one with the bad werds or the knife in the back er what not or the kitchen lol. an not expect any dconsequences for thier actions,,,yeah an i am the guilty one here:( not quite ,,:( nevr did i dishonor or un love mis blue angel wolf angela for a minute in the last 5 years of my life,,oh what a waste of time and 5 years is all i can say 😦 for she said she was not like that …….yeah right ………whatevr is all i can say 😦 and be bummed jest one more day!.yeah be positive mikey….kinna hard to when folks from oklahoma to kansas to canada to missouri well,,,,,,,,,all turn out to play the same selfish game offer a hand,, in werd but in action well , is all BS!:( eventually to cast out and judge those they wronged,,,as some excuse for why they ever did it? so they can remain locked in thier own fear based belief system ,,,and call that love? how crazy is that,,,hey any sane woman lewking to lIve IN colorado well, i am entertaining offers,,,,,an i am serious,,,,since the ones i loved the most on this planet including ex wives /:( could care less 😦 tired of living alone ,,,,,,,,,,an don’t need no one setting “boundries” with me for LIES THEY ASSUMA AND MAKE UP EITHER! so about-failing



don’t let that be U …… Namaste’ 2 U from Q

A Lone White Wolf 4 Two Cents Tuesday

This White Wolf sees!
***** diggin’ fer truth *****

an is what it is postit* by Q

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to find Lies an betrayal instead :(

Quarked White Wolf Dug for Truth to jest find a snake Lies an betrayal instead 😦

TWO CENTS TUESDAY here bout my last 5 yearz
~~~~~~~~~ once upon a time ~~~~~~~~~~
till used an abused for 50 years
she was a innocent ignorant beautiful soul
till struck with da’ tree of knowledge…….of..
free flight an Loves delight….
till, NOW; a very dark wolf yess indeed…….
ignorance is NOW da’ excuse
to be a liberated from being human human 😦
but beyond gods judgement and or the universes also…
SO! cause effect and karma an dharma will now be so 😦
she decided to say farewell, and call him an old love….
whilst her bleeding heart is a soul now torn apart,,
such a sacrafice for the ego,
Intentional in ur face neglect denial of truths an
abuse and taking what is not hers 😦 her new life book story
all for the glory of what i wunder? for a few dollars more?
an oh yeah her art commission? wtf ?
torn apart from all her reality … to new creational beliefs 😦
she misses already the days of the future passed…
those days she knew would only last in…… da memory of her mind…
although would never come to again pass…….
on account of false flafz an false fears
deciding heart was not a home and home was not really a heart
love she began to see as torn apart…before it came to pass……
believing she deserved a heart made out of Gems of the Universe
he offered her all of that an more!
she then decided to become a thing of a promise never to be….
jest at last to realize……..that she herself didn’t “deserve”
his smile
his love
his soul
his life….
jest the money he sent to her for years
😦 yeah right well , well…
what was it she really yearned…..
all the poems and stories and fantasies turnt to lies
– so now…free at last!
Libeerated from having to be human…
she decided to be selfish instead and attack an berate…an falsify so….
not the angel he once met!
so take da’ money an run 😦
lies hiding deciet neglect disregard and pain
to became her story 4 her 4 ever in time…Hipocracy and dishonorable betrayal… akashically!
~ No longer an innocent soul ~
she decided shed be better off with the incriminating lying wolves
of darkness…than the “White Wolf”
rare in breed yes indeed! was dis’ wolf they called weed
a loner on a mountaintop….ol’ white wolf getting older by the day
waits for a not so similar mate to come thy way,,, i guess……….
so, but all one can do is dig in; an do what one has to do to survive
without the bluengelwolf hanging round lurking daily trolling and patrolling
~~~~~~~ My 2 Cents Werth ~~~~~~


The Werd Waz CelebRate

a note er 2 bout the dissertation above ……..

whilst i watch the wolves troll around an hipocritically

click like on all kinds of things than in front of my face blatently ACTS 1000% opposite of all said,,,true hipocracy in my eyes:(
song of the day? thought of da day? ……hmmmm? ran outa fluidity and thoughtz jest like my life has over the last few yearz… totally insane…to me when “Humans Betray Humans”. i mean why …… clue sayz dis’ ol’ white wolf…….why with intention dumping on and hurting on people u claim to love…
ya , so, when da innocent soul becomes not so innocent out of choice,,,one can only wunder what got into that soul in the first place to …..CHANGE ? what they said they were and how and why etc etc…well, one day at a time is all one can do an accept that if other wish to lie cheat steal or kill and mame minds an men etc etc, to viciously and cruelly publickly attack with sarcastic werdz an visions not of love, is disheartening to me,,, well all one can do is pray for them to find themselves someday again…Is hard to accept ya can’t change another whom might go mental, but ya can’t …they are going to do what they bred the mind to do anyhow…out of either fear or love is bout it….. so peace to those whove been hurt on so, if ur one of them also, jest got to move forward , one minute – one day at a time …an accept the fact ya can’t fix others , an the harder ya try well, will bring ya down to that level and space, and is not a space i can afford to be, so fact of the matter is i got to one has to change perception, jest a wee bit, to accept the insanity. move forward without hesitation and ask god to forgive those i cannot. simple as that i guess.but not so simple really So, ..for those that do not have the courage or spine to make ammends and be honest and true to those they hurt on and or do other totally way off the mark things like lie steal or cheat on ,,,well, all ya can do is pray for them…… that point an move on!!!.an if they well, kill themselves or drink themselves to death cuz they would not listen to u, or because their conscience finnally gets to them, well try not to take it to personal, if ya hold urself responsible for thier actions, even if they affected u in every way ?….well, sick people are jest sick is all there is to it, and well, only the god of thier understanding can save them from the lack of innocent they have now become……..Q
ps women an men alike whom strike blows with werds to get a negative reactions from thier mate really suck, some push it to the point of getting violent re-actions or werds thrown back for thier actions,,,which in my book is very apprapo,sumtimes, what can one do but defend themselves frum insane thinking anyhow.,,but well,, the accusers are always the victim it seems when they are really the ones perpertrating the crimes to start with, , an it goes frum there,,,then after that the lying and the denial and all the other bs that follows also,, what for to try to justify or rationalize it all and why they did what they did,,then to only but judge and act on the response as the FAULT! what herasey!,,,seems like i have been dealing with these kinna folks all over the planet, an for many yearz, ..where if i turn the other cheek i get slapped round and if i fight back well i am guilty of abuse like my abuser ,,,has the werld all reall gone that mad really now ,,i mean c’mon ,,maybe one day i’ll meet a lady whose got a grip ….and is honorable an not jest a gold digger out for a dollar or 2 more..holds a heart of love and not fear..yes definitely not a fear monger that hangs her god out on a cross to dry and well, an definitely not someone that says they are an angel that wouyldnt hurt a flY,,,,cuz in the end ,,,thats alwayz been the biggest common fly of the hurting kind 😦 whom lives with lacks and in judgemenbt and pain and misery of nevr having things jest right for them, 😦 always negative and not happy ain’t fer me; i’d rather keep living alone , …i don’t need no misery buddie!.nor hipocracy and lies I needed a woman that loved me was all , an she knew that, an it is a 2 person werld here but she knew that salso said shed be back to help after a 77 day stay? 4 years ago 😦 ….she calls her crap to me lifes lessons her abuseive fearbased jelous love 😦 ,,,then took the money and shut me off ,,,imagine that huh….yeah all her blogs were to me for the last 5 years, what hogwash huh My blueangel turnt wolf 😦 yeah lifes lesson to be ripped off by an
HONEST ANGEL THAT WOULD NOT HURT A FLY YEAH RIGHT :(guess thats what happens when ya grow up believing in humpty dumpty and cinderella and all da fairy talez lol.whilst being verybally an mentally abused by ur parents 😦 ..then all ur life ya dig for gold and once ya find gold like she did da Q here well, turns it all into sand instead,,,, well we all have to lie in our own bed, an if we got a conscience well….we know whatz in da head..all dere is to it no excuses no rational or lies will hide the factz! nor entitle one to not see it either ..the truth that is,,,some believe they are “entitled” to lie cheat and steal well well,,,is all i can think; bummer says dis lone white wolf, not on da hunt but definitely in need…oh what fun it musta been to burn on the Q here for years 😦 not , simply crazy… Q 😦


***so well, heres as good as any place to say it, any single ladies that might be in for a change, Q is only gettin older an is tired of living on his colorado mountaintop “ALONE” …not like i am taking applications here lol…but well, maybe it is me thats applying 🙂 so yeah thats it turn it round a bit 🙂 i have lived the single life 5 years 2 long now! an a few years before that so, thought i knew who my eternity was an well that is only me..presently, an a buncha eternal  good times an bad times a past i guess, was livin single and celebate for honor an a reason, but well, those following me know da story, so anyone single, footloose an fancy free ? fer some fun let me know, well i think it’d be fun, depends on what one does now huh whether its “fun” er not an i like to have fun, yes that is in my agenda, she said fun an wunderful! was not in hers so, i am ,,,well right here right now all there is to it 🙂 who be U ?

******* Q *******

quarksire at the big Y dot com

why because dats me an i am yes lewking for a mate to come hang out with me in colorado 🙂 chow! 🙂


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my answer in many situations….

Ur Love WILL Conquer All Thingz:)


2 U frum Q

> Rage for Order Neue Regel <

Sometimes just being with somebody, rather than words, is all that is needed to help…well so that was my 2 cents werth……Hope everyone has a great HUMP DAY!



Imperishable – Of This Place

2 more poems1 more day of another spiritually clipping Q’s binding me infinitly to the ……




Through this night I have slept little.
My eyes, closed like shutters
with slats that remain open,
wait to invent dreams
of some charred reality.
I sense you, but no weight on my bed.
No shift or creaking other
than my own restlessness.
Wandering words
self-gathered, self-formed,
and released to the night
like a mantra slowly drowned in music.
Your presence grew with the music
devouring it in silence.
You came to me so clear
my senses aroused in electric storms of clarity.
The buzz of mercury lamps
alongside rutted roads,
shedding their weightless light.
In all of this waiting for you
no fortress or foxhole bears my name.
I lay on the Savannah
staring at the sun hoping against hope
it blinks before I do.
My wounded cells,
tiny temples of our mixture,
have weakened in your absence.
I can feel them wail in their miniature worlds.
My feet resist their numbness,
deny them their war.
As I lay here alone
waiting to be gathered into your arms,
I ask of you one thing,
remember me as this.
Remember me as one who loves you
beyond yourself.
Who pierces shells, armor, masks,
and everything protecting
your spirit in needless fervor.
Remember me as this.
As one who loves you unmatched
by the deepest channels
that have ever been forged.
Who will love you anywhere and always.
And if you look very closely at my love
you will not find an expiration date,
but instead, the word, imperishable.

Of This Place !

Her heart ran
in the wilds of deserted plains.
Sun-etched land barren of clouds
and singing water.
If she listened closely
her hand would call
and signal its thoughts upon her brow.
But in this place
she could only offer her arms to the sky
like a tree its branches
and a flower its leaves.
In this dusty basin,
silence gathered like smoke
clearing the mind of the scoundrel.
The infidel of thoughts.
Blots of yellow leaves and white bark
could be seen hiding in pools of life
surrounded by red rock spires.
Clustered sand monuments held together
by some other life form.
She wasn’t sure.
Perhaps one life is the same as another
only tilted sideways.
Caught from underneath
by some invisible hand that animates
even the coldest stone of this place.
A smile emerged and perched upon her face
drinking the sun’s clear ways.
She could spear
a million miles of air in a glance
and send the window of her flesh
into the cloudless sky.
Upon this ocean a hawk sailed ever closer.
She watched the silver speck
spiral overhead dreaming through its eyes.
Feeling the winds gild her wings
in the softest fold of time.
A tree of pine sent its sky roots
deep within the air to weep its sweetness.
She entered,
gliding through branches
to every needle in their factory of air.
So strange to feel the pull of earth in flight,
but she knew the antagonism well
in the splendor of this place.
She knew it had settled deep,
lodged like permanent ink
in the heart of her.
Under skin, muscle, bone
it fought the single path.
What madness calls her away?
What dream is stronger than this?
What heart beats more pure?
Of this place,
it is so hard to know which is host
and which is guest.
Which is welcome, which is pest.
Which is found and which is lost.
Which is profit, which is cost.
She gave her prayers
to the skypeople and waited for a cloud–
her signal to leave.
She should return home
before dusk settles in and the golden
eyes peer out against the black code.
In a single breath she held the ancient ways
that never left.
She turned them inside out
and then outside in.
Again and again.
Waiting for her signals in the sky.
If not a cloud…
then perhaps a shooting star.
(Besides, it was too dark for clouds anymore.)
When the first star fell she held her breath
afraid she would miss its spectral flight.
She wondered with whom she shared
its final light.
What other eyes were heaven bound
in that secret moment?
Was this their signal home as well?
And what was it they found
buried so deep in a whisper of light
that none can tell?
She waited with solemn eyes
for more stars to fall,
to gently sweep her away
from the magnets of this place.
If she listened to her hand
it would scratch a sign in the sand for another
to take her place.
It would touch the land
in honor of its grace and wisdom,
and become a tree, rock, hawk, or flower.


The WingMakers are a small team of Sovereign Entities that have designed time capsules that are catalytic in forming a Sovereign Integral perspective. Each time capsule is, in actuality, a selection system that attracts specific entities to utilize their human instrument in wholeness. This develops their sixth and seventh sense, which enables them to learn how to step out of time and the hierarchyís control. When they can do this, they can design the synthesis model of existence within terra-earthís hierarchical system. These entities will be transforming time-space universes from ladders of consciousness to inclusions of Source Reality. In other words, Source Reality will be extended into time-space universes, and all life forms therein will experience this extension through a new hierarchical structure that is completely aligned with Source Intelligence. What some call “heaven on earth” is merely an echo-realization of this impending future time. What is truly bearing down on the time-space universes is the expansion of Source Reality through the accessibility of Source Intelligence information to all entities regardless of form or structure. Let there be no mistake, however, that the fulfillment of the Primal Blueprint is indeed the direction all entities are traveling. While entities of all levels are bestowed free will within their own realities, they are not, as aspects of Source Reality, given free will to choose their ultimate destiny. The origin of entities is Source Intelligence, and it is Source Intelligence that determines destiny as well as origin. Still, entities are provided tremendous latitude of choices to propel themselves from origin to destiny and re-emerge into an expanded version of Source Reality with a renewed vision of their identity. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special Note: For a translation of this inspiring philosophy into everyday English, click here. For how the original WingMakers website was strangely changed, click here.





Another Life Carrier MIA

2 poems one page another & life carrier!…..


One skin may hide another,
I remember this from a poem when I
launched a fire across a field of deadness.

At least, to me, it seemed dead.
I felt like a liberator of life force
renewing the blistered and dying grasses.
Actually, more weeds than grass,
but nonetheless, the flora had flat-lined.
I peeled back skin with holy flame
and brought everything to black again
as though I called the night to descend.
From blackness will arise a new skin
cresting green architecture from a fertile void.
As the flames spread their inviolable enchantment
I saw your face spreading across my mind.
Remember the fire we held?
I hoped it would unfurl a new skin
for us as well.
I still hold this hope.
Forever it will roam inside me
invariant to all transformations and motions.
One person may hide another,
but behind you, love is molting a thicker skin
than I can see through.
No flame can touch its center.
No eyes can browse its memory.
I want nothing behind you in wait.
Seconds tick away like children growing
in between photographs.
I will not forget you in the changes.
Cursed with memory so fine
I can trace your palm.
I can inhale your sweet breath.
I can linger in your arms’ weight.
I can hear your exquisite voice
calibrate life with celestial precision.
One purpose may hide another.
I heard this as the fire died out
to reveal the scent of the wet earth
and growing things.
I could feel my love decompose
returning to the uninhabited realm
where it belongs.
Where all hearts belong when
love is lost, and the code of the mute,
coiled in fists that pound,
reveal the wisdom of another.
Life Carriers
Life carriers spawn in the primal waters
of a giant embryo.
Their progeny will settle in human dust.
Pieces of clay
with tiny thoughts of flight.
Knife-points veiled in turbid cloaks
that shun the light of a tranquil star.
In the remote wilds the life carriers
emerge and perch upon
the shoulders of gray stones.
They signal their desires to fly,
but their homes are suited
for the comforts of rain and earth.
The sky must wait.
(The dirt companion smiles.)
Circles break.
Barriers overrun.
Life carriers deny their ancient pull
from the ground.
Wings sprout like golden hair
sinuous with nature’s artifice.
Ragged feet are left behind.
The earth replaced with vivid sky.
Gravity shines its menacing stare
to hold them
with assertive hands.
Homeless cages
are left to rot.
To sink behind the groundless sky.
Earthen faces have dropped their smiles
and lost their smell of fresh dirt.
The dream of flight
has invaded somber walls–
life carriers have bounded
to the other side.
There they meet the next rung
of the endless ladder,
and trade their wings for wisdom’s eye.

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The entity model of expression is designed to explore new fields of vibration through biological instruments and transform through this process of discovery to a new level of understanding and expression as a Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is the fullest expression of the entity model within the time-space universes, and most closely exemplifies Source Intelligence’s capabilities therein. It is also the natural state of existence of the entity that has transformed beyond the evolution/saviorship model of existence and has removed itself from the controlling aspects of the Hierarchy through the complete activation of its embedded Source Codes. This is the level of capability that was “seeded” within the entity model of expression when it was initially conceived by Prime Creator. All entities within the time-space universes are in various stages of the transformational experience and each are destined to achieve the Sovereign Integral level as their Source Codes become fully activated.

Calling forth the perceptions of the entity within the human instrument is the ideal method to access a lasting sensitivity to the Source vibration. This is how an individual can develop the ability to observe Source in all things. It is not only that Prime Creator is within every individual manifestation of energy, but is also the wholeness of life itself. Thus, the principle requires an observance of Source in all ITS diverse forms of manifestation, as well as in the wholeness of life.
Read more bout the philosophy behind this poetry, painting and this music found in chamber 5click here


One Day & Missing


One Day
One day,
out of this fleshy cocoon
I will rise like a golden bird of silent wing
graceful as the smoke of a fallen flame.
I will dream no more of places
hidden–secreted away in heaven’s cleft
where the foot leaves no print.
One day,
I will walk in gardens holding hands
with my creation and creator.
We will touch one another
like lovers torn by death
to say goodbye.
We will lay in one another’s arms
until we awaken as one
invisible to the other.
One day,
I will isolate the part of me
that is always present.
I will dance with it
like moonlight on water.
I will hold it to myself in a longful embrace
that beats perfection
in the hymn of the Songkeeper.
One day,
when I curl away inside myself
I will dream of you
this flesh-covered-bone of animal.
I will yearn to know your life again.
I will reach out to you
as you now reach out to me.
Such magic!
Glory to covet the unknown!
That which is
is always reaching for the self
that cheats appearances.
Who dreams itself awake and asleep.
Who knows both sides of the canvas
are painted, awaiting the other
to meld anew.

Facing another evening without you
I am torn from myself
in movements of clouds,
movements of earth spinning
like the sure movement of lava as it rolls to sea.
Yet when I arrive
you are still gone from me
23 footsteps away;
a cluster of punishment.
A bouquet of the abyss.
When I look to the east I think of you
softly waiting for the vines to abdicate
their portion of your heart.
So you can be chiseled out of the matrix
with smooth hammer strokes
from my hands.
Freed of the coal, the black rot
of untouched shoulders,
you can open your eyes again
flashing the iridescent animals,
valiant vibrations of your rich spirit.
Centerpiece of my table
I stare at you in candlelight,
the windows behind, black in their immensity,
only enlarge you.
Making you more of what I miss.
The procession of prophecies
has entered me again
casting doubt in my mind like rain
on dead leaves.
I go among your body
to feel the presence of your heart beating
something golden spun from another world.
You cannot feel me.
I am invisible in all ways to you, but one.
A reflection in the mirror.
Beneath your eyes
you see me dancing away the body.
Dancing away the mind.
Dancing away the incarnations
of my absence.


The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY

a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw


There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:
1) Universe relationship through gratitude
2) Observance of Source in all things
3) Nuturence of life
There are so many layers of relative truth that if you listen to the language of externals, you will most likely abandon your own power in favor of the proclamation of language. Language is seductive to the ego’s drive for power and control, as well as the mind’s inclination to surrender to, and believe in, the language of externals. It can lure the unsuspecting into believing images and ideas–real or imagined–for the sake of holding individuals in bondage to a lesser truth, or keep individuals supporting the hierarchy when it no longer serves a purpose. The time is fast approaching when the veils of control at all levels of the hierarchy will be rendered obsolete by entities who are destined to pull down the veils and allow sovereign power to prevail over hierarchical power.
When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning to its apparently random events–both in the universal and personal contexts……..Read more bout the philosophy behind this poetry, painting and this music found in chamber 4.



 frum time capsule 3

***** :: Bandages of the Beast :: ******


There were many Random Omens

sending olive branches with thorns was

only one of ur repertoire.

You offered me a book

where all the answers lay encoded in some strange dialect.

Symbols Undulating like Serpents restless for food.


If i was a windbone as a lambent seed

you would still the air, and I would fall into the thicket.

If i yearned for sweet water

you would pass me the bitter cup 😦

If i was an injured fawn you would flush me

from the cloister, corner me against cold stone,

and admire my fear



Everywhere i steer i seek the look of love;

yet love humbles itself like a mannequin

changing its clothes to accomodate the dressmaker.

Underneath there are bandages of the beast.

Underneath there is a tourniquet of deliverance.

But beneath the shell there is Emptiness,


It is clothed in finery that neither dressmaker nor beast can touch


YOU have mistaken my search as my soul!

Raking through it for clumps of wisdom,

you have found only what i have lost to you!

Held like rootless dreams

i will vanish in ur touch.


If u pass ur rake over this emptiness

you will feel clumps of my spirit.

You will find me like tiny pieces of  Mirror Broken

apart yet still collected in one spot

Still staring ever skyward.

Still reflecting one mosaic image.

Still the accompanist of myself.

~~~~~~~~~~HALF MINE?~~~~~~~~~~~

When I see ur face I know u are Half mine

separated by the utmost care to remember all of you

When I undress my body I see that I am half yours
blurred by sudden flight that leaves
the eye wondering what angels carved in their hearts
to remind them so vividly of their home.
When I see your beauty I know you are half mine
never to be held in a polished mirror
knowing the faithful hunger of our soul.
When I watch your eyes I know they are half mine
tracing a trajectory where sensual virtue is the very spine of us.
When I hold your hand I know it is half mine
wintered in kinship, it circles tenderness
beneath the moon and well of water when the feast is done.
When I kiss your lips I know they are half mine
sent by God’s genealogy to uncover us
in the delicious cauldron of our united breath.
When I hear you cry I know your loneliness is half mine
so deep the interior that we are lost outside
yearning to give ourselves away
like a promise made before the asking.
And when I look to your past I know it is half mine
running to the choke cherry trees
invisible to the entire universe we found ourselves
laughing in sudden flight
eyeing the carved initials in our hearts.
Sparing the trees.

There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:

1) Universe relationship through gratitude
2) Observance of Source in all things
3) Nuturence of life

When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning to its apparently random events–both in the universal and personal contexts.

Universe Relationship through Gratitude
This is the principle that the Universe of Wholeness represents a collective intelligence that can be personalized as a single Universal Entity. Thus….to read more bout the philosophy of chamber 3 click here.


 well, of course anyone that really knows me an my story for the last 5 years well, knows this one is directed at my lovely “blueangelwolf” once again sorry to say


is what it is.although nothing is half mine 😦 especially the money i spent, and time and all MY LOVE …yeah right …MY LOVE…what a crime  😦 over an out frum Q



This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter whats it mean!? well, INFINITY^^^!Yes! above letter means that!? is it greek to u ? er Indian? er what? an well, this letter? wellll whatz in a letter anyhow though huh? er aa misteak! lol a squibbly line under the werd lol…okay well..this post is bout 3 letters i have pics of dat are letterz of importance to me 🙂 so …be it as it may or not be..

“is what it is” as da doc sayz!

Love Knot or Love Note – or a Love Letter??
~~~~Well letterz becometh werdz so…~~~~~~
More like a note than a buncha letters it was a supposed to be!…whats it all mean, a buncha letters,

Whatcha gonna letter do?

Whatcha gonna letter do?

or is it jest werds, one has to ask when they lewk at the same letters for 4 yearz……..what a trip huh,well, time to take this letter! or set of letters! or should i say note that don’t mean a thing down, and start a new day!….with some new Letters!

These letters mean "Moving Forward Without Hesitation"

These letters mean “Moving Forward Without Hesitation”

^^^^^^means moving forward^^^^^^^^ -without hesitation! MY NEW LETTERS!,on the right side of my motorcycle

,,even if it is greek to U ,,,er Indian !

as it might be 🙂 lol……… chinese ya jest say ,,wow datz greek to me!….Well……

its jest LETTERS RIGHT!.

Don’t mean a thing…lol…or do they ,,one has to wunder when they see different letters…frum da’ past an the new..when werds is jest werdz and letters are jest letterz what can one say,???,, what means what and what means the mostest!?..

3 letterz an p.o.t. lol geez oh well…..

Plenty Of Trouble as they said in da ol dragnet show lol…


the letters i have  above are from my motorcycle..right and left side covers, the one means “INFINITY”! and well the other Means




long letters short letters, one letter 2 letter 3 letter

4 whatcha gonna letter do?

i wunder says the HP! lol..

“”””””Hasty letters , Nasty letters, Love letters, Pain letters, Gain letters, Same letters, Naughty letters, Naughty thoughts bout naught, Nice letters,Trained letters, Naked bodies, neglected mind Blamed letters? frum da sarcasticaly blind!

Insane Heartbreaking letters? to Smokin letters, Refraining letters, to Sustaining letters…that are well maintaining letters of truth or consequenses or not! er senseless? what evr was the plot?“or the cost”jest a heart broken is all! an letters lost!”

windy long letterz of a lotta though T bout naught?:(, wacked letters toa a kind one ever now an again its been…


“””””””oh love knot –

~ give it a thought er not ~
was all in the knot  tied eons ago – once upon a tyme
once upon a tyme –

when i wrote a ryme so kind
an loving with a letter to send on the mend-

from this mind so kind
all the same werds is jest werds without action ya know,
Was all dem Letters Jest Werdz er what-knot ove love er thought?
one here has to really wunder a lot bout what one was taught……
when all that was evr really sought
was a kind

Guess I gonna LETTER do whatevr she wanna do ! say da’ Q..time to move forward without hesitation to my infinity! an beyond,,,

Namaste’ 2 u frum Q.

Can’T always live life to the “T” ya know.da’ purfekT!..sumetimez dere’s gotz to be a Z lol…or a me an not jest a U…lol..



For this week’s challenge, share a photo with letters — no matter the alphabet. As you look through your lens, think about how your image might convey something bigger: a snapshot of how we communicate with one another, even if we don’t speak the same language.

Image of the Brooklyn Flea Market by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.

Chances are, if you’re a publisher and reader on the internet, you’re interested in language — in the way we communicate with each other, and the pieces we put together to do so, whether in English or Spanish, Arabic or Korean, Thai or Greek.

We type sentences on our keyboards and scribble notes in journals. We spray tags and murals on walls everywhere in the world. We carve our initials on wood to mark we were here or there. And we stumble upon letters and words wherever we go — in outdoor markets, on doors, across storefronts, or inside bathroom stalls.



well, –  SUMTIMEZ!

ONE LETTER! jest don’t say it all …sumtimes ya got to use 2 er 3 er 4 er more to get ur point across,,,if ya evr do ,,,well that all depends upon what letters ya choose to use don’t it now,,,sumtimez ya jest got to stop also one letter short of  uckin’ up if ya know what i mean also, well this is werdpress ya know,,,keep on keepin on everyone, and enjoy da’ picture show er as it might be today Da’ Werd Show 🙂


it’s all up to u and yes as always “Crashing is Not an Option!”

An over an out from Q 4-25-2014

~ Jest Fer 2Day – Live fer it now while it is what it is! ~

This Letter Means Infinity!

This Letter Means Infinity!



The Daily post weekly photo challenge gives us many things to Ponder

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Dear BlueAngelWolf


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change{you}
the courage to change the things i can{me}

I AM Now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad.
I pray that u now remove from me every single defect of character which
stands in the way of my usefullness to you and my fellows.
Grant ME STRENGTH as i GO FROM HERE! to do ur bidding……AMEN!

Grant me the strength not to attack back as visciously attacked:(




Grant me the Strength to know i don’t have to defend myself against FEAR? anymore
{FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL}…that it is jest what it is a LIE!:( by FEAR!

i GIVE ALL UP TO GOD NOW! my whole life!…..
 God, I offer myself to THEE!
to build with me and do with me as thou wilt.
 Relieve me of the Bondage of SELF.that i may better do THY WILL


Well, is easy i said “ONE DAY AT A TIME” My mom told me when i was a child i shall never forget
one day when i was complaing and it changed my life from that moment on when i was 12  well,
CHANGED FOREVER! she said to me
  I have for 5 years now been since the passing of Crow have been blessed with
numerous MIRACLES!  He is now shaking his head up and down and sideways also for the different directions the HOLY SPIRIT has led me! uP AND DOWN FOR ALL THE GOOD THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED & SIDEWAYS IN DISSILLUSIONMENT?:( AT WHY PEOPLE DO THE THINGS THEY DO?
Thousands of dollars and 5 years laters i get this now after all the dark poetry against my soul, when she said “i’ll call ya tomorrow” day after i got out of hospital 3 weeks ago, have jest seen silly poems in response sent and been told now this<link,,,I loved this lady more than myself and all things in my life!,,life sucks when abused for years by another ya love with all ur heart and soul but what can one do huh 😦 but cry cry cry , no matter who ya are it hurts when those ya love betray ya 😦 and lie to ya and decieve ya and neglect ya and are in denial of anything that resembles truth anymore :(. well is what it is folks 😦 .all i can say 😦
     FOUND MY CAUSE WHICH WAS AND IS WHAT I AM love AND WELL I ONLY TOLD 1% OF THE LAST 4 YEARS ABOVE:( WAS A VERY CONDENSED VERSION:( PLAUGERIZED BY FEAR IN OTHERS LIVES MY LIFE HAS BEEN. Folks that are suicidal mentally and forget and loose track of who they are because they listen to the FEAR inside:(…for she don’t even have the courage to show her face or talk to me anymore but will talk to her new man here:( throw it in my face well, KARMA will be the best friends of those who betray love and saint peter will say nope to them when they wish to enter heaven! cuz well, hell say u go back 3000 years plus you got more lessons to learn u are not ready to ascend!:( a sad story in Q’s werld right now it is:( was not ever going to post this but figured if MISS BLUE ANGEL WOLF WANTed to make publik her affairs and her personal life well then so be it there are 2 sides to every story!.thanks for commenting mill love ya have a great day! er eve as it is!..mike…these are the kind of things that women make men die over them for one way or another:( is a drag i do not like the new movie the one i LOVE MAKES:( IN HER HEAD AND LIFE WITH MY ENERGIES:(

Can change some of the things in life but can’t change fear based people to make them love based nor can ya change an alcholic or druggie into a sane person, the person has to want to change themselves, i am powerless over people places and things, and things i can’t control i knew that years ago, but is not what true love is all bout, to bad she forgot that along the journey in her book of life 😦 karma will be the lesson in the end for the “GREAT DECIEVER”!

Warm Memories

~Happy Birthday Blueangelwolf~

~ Warm memories ~ Thank You! ~ 4 ever an after!


We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
As our external sun diminishes
An internal sun brightens,
The flow of all
Is the intensity of the immediate ~
Flesh on flesh opens
As a flower to the sun’s rays ~
Each of us cosmic holograms,
Each of us completely all other
Wedded to loss and sweetness of consciousness,
Wedded to love and the terrible terror of this life ~
Mourners sprawled onto the shifting sands,
The beach of eternal unknowing,
This tentative foothold we have in forgetfulness
Slipping away as it must and as it should in reaching
More more more as we thrust into quantum fields ~
Feedback of the indifferent sky searing our eyes.
Walk into the flaming suns within yourself and come back to you,
The you of molten gold on the bottom of your soul crucible
Mired in denseness and dread of not-feeling darkness,
Slimy thickness of black oil covering the water of life ~
As within so without,
Within a desert ~ so without,
Or within the fountain eternal springs creative fires,
Twitch and ripple out of your jaded skin,
Throw off the pelt of ego needs
Suffocating in the shallows,
Reach beyond on the waves rolling to the thousand rays of a sun burning
Into the heart of you me and all ~
Veins and arteries are all the mangled branches desiring realignment
Unconditionally to the cosmic order of Love ~
Part of the great sigh of completion
In harmony with absence imbued with light ~
A universe squeezed into a tiny infinite burst of Joy!
In this pivoting between perception and recognition
Associations abounding,
Snapping past the two plus two
Making five the pointed stars of our bodies
Outstretched against the black void,
Our two-stranded DNA snapping electromagnetic
To the rhythm of blinking stars,
All of us together
A mating ball of snakes
As the Dreamer rolls the dice of the eternal now
Along the alley of space-time
A wave of tangled light in the void
Gathering points of luminosity ~
Consciousness glowing and growing
Entering the dark uterine presence ~
Generating a new physical world ~
Continuous creation.
We are each one a grain of sand funneled by cosmic winds
Onto a god’s mandala ~
A grain of sand sighing through the umbilical of a breath of moonlight.
** Just passing through **

above poem by blueangelwolf – aka angela ! 🙂

Above blog a tribute and thank you and a happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Angela 🙂

loving thanks & cheer an best wishes 2 U 4 ever ,

with warm memories!



Above & Beyond – You Got To Go (MJ Cole remix) – 0:00
Synkro – Everybody Knows – 2:45
Tolerance – Chamber of Secrets – 6:25
Phaeleh – Losing You – 7:46
BT – The Emergency (Gemini remix) – 9:36
Thrice – Broken Lungs (Adventure Club remix) – 12:35
Down Jones – Can’t Walk This Way (Command Strange remix) – 15:22
Little Dragon – Twice (16 Bit remix) – 17:00
Asa – Catch You (Koan Sound remix) – 18:20
Birdy – People Help The People (TIP’s Sunken Hearts remix) – 20:25
Glebstar – Major Tom (Dubstep Remix) – 22:50
Submotion Orchestra – All Yours – 24:18
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands (Kashii remix) – 27:00
Enigma – Now We Are Free – 28:55
BT – Every Other Way (GZUS remix) – 32:06
The xx – Night Time (Synkro remix) – 34:25
Unquote – Cold Tenderness – 36:16
Blackmill – Journey’s End – 38:13
Mt. Eden & Ruby Frost – Oh That I Had – 40:05
Loz Contreras – Sarajevo (Blackmill remix) – 43:30
Shorterz & Enigma (feat. Little Palm) – Rag Doll – 46:45
Tolerance – Timeship – 48:40
Gemini – Blue – 50:28
Phaeleh – In The Twilight – 53:13
Hiatus & Shura – Fool’s Fortune – 56:30