Howz ur PerCeption? Can U read dis?


Q’s Mind is Full Of SanD 🙂

? Cna yuo raed tihs? ? or dat?

dependin?on whateva an watnot
fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can!

i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was
rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a
rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the
ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and
lsat ltteer bein the rghit pcla e.

The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitllraed it whotuit a pboerlm.

Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raedervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wloh e. Azanmig ting huh?
Phenominal really truly!
..Quasi what?

I actually had no problem at all reading this Damn I am odd

how bout u 🙂 ? jest thought this was a good one for “believe it er not!” catagory!

believe it er not





One Day at a Time!

An remember “crashin’ is not an option!”

an Watch out fer da’ Other GuY!

frum Q 2 U


da’ challemge of change

Rob Williams discusses in this presentation @ the week long conference with lecturers an speakers…..

the challemge of change!

why hold back now huh?

why hold back now huh?

…..does perception re-write behavior?……

well, after listening to the last speaker {Bruce Lipton} talk bout behavior, in my latest post-it bout change…. Proof Epigenetics Is Real, i have come to the realization it’s lots bout perception also… yup…it really is all bout whether er not ya need

…. Change ….

an not the kinna change in ur pocket!


Here’s a listen to fer da’ morn er eve dat goes right along with that idea …enjoy!!

& Happy HalloweenY!!!


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place – No Boundries




an Beyond!

as ol’ Buzz would say!…….

Every one has a different Happy Place an tis’ weeks werd was jest that happy place


My happy place comes without a lot of boundaries also,


But the projekts ever so change on a monthly basis to yearly..


so is wunderful to lewk out at the view during my day …take a big call it my happy place












Projekts galore but lewk at da happy place without boundries :)

Projekts galore but lewk at da happy place without boundries 🙂

Changing projekts same view without boundries

downhill frum here! :)

It’s all downhill frum here! 🙂

🙂 .

..Have a splended week every one Q..

.”Keep on Keepin’ On!”

Have you ever felt like the world was being a bit too rowdy? Where things and people were pushing in, crowding out your quiet thoughts — the ones that need time and

space to surface?

Happy Place

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

This week, we want you to show us where you go to get your groove back.



This week, let’s explore the creative potential of limits, borders, and dividers of all types.

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Change

Life’s a grind – then ya either get over it er ya die .either way there is change…an some things will outlast this ol body


Lifes a GRIND then ya either get over it er die lol

Lifes a GRIND then ya either get over it er die lol



Change is commonly defined as “to give a completely different form or appearance to; to transform.”

This may be a drawn-out process that’s difficult to capture in a single photograph, or a quick transformation that’s depicted in a snapshot.


Perhaps it’s the change of seasons. A caterpillar becoming a butterfly. A shift in the weather.
I had many choices for CHANGE this week an well, this is the thing round my werld that has changed the most in the last few weeks!.


…besides even my mind bout many a things recently for to have a friend to help me call the4 shots an vice a versa…


so anyhow biggest change round here besides my mind comes materially! an it has been a wild ride for the last 8 weeks er so .an will be a wild ride when done i am sure of that

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat

Basecoat done now to sand an acrylic enamel an clearcoat More to come

.so a few pics above of change frum beginnin’ to end in the last 8 weeks of spare time lol whats that >? spare time lol…couldn’t show this kinda change in one pic so is what it is 🙂 enjoy ur week every one :)..Quarks been So busy with other peoples changes an mine own also in a very good way .so haven’t been on net in da’ last couple of weeks ——– more to come…such as lifes changes….

.over an out frum Q.


Emerging Impulses

Allowing ur natural nature to learn :)..hey there hi 🙂


Da Quantum Q simply asks ya:)

What condition is ur condition in? 🙂 Well,
We all need an alignment ever now and again if driven hard enuff!
Attraction to Emergence…&….what is the law of emergence?
well listen up ya have the infinite potential to listen to this now
and create out of it what ya desire,,so……….change the story or not,,
activate ur life or not is a matter of choice.therefore we all emerge at different levels of existence,this is bout fullfilling potential and overcoming others having affects over ur life…how does one get from here to they get struck by lightning or step in frt of as semi truck,,what do ya create by principle and what nmature do ya want to tap into?…Dereks talk here is enlightening tonight and i needed to share it withe werld that might be following me and attempting to “wake up” also..well every dog has it’s day ,,,as so as i have,,,Enjoy ur evening..keep da connection…donm’t try to solve the problems alow them to by mind take a quantum leap to the next level , allow ur self to catapult ur self into a better life like a cattapillar does,,and eventually grows wings ,,,can a cattapillar imagine what it would be like to be a butterfly? well listen up:)? an wake up ..yep yep..why are we alive , well,,insights are good essential self contact and miracles happen instantly  so again listen in and listen up if ya wish to ,,its not to late ,,jest click on the link here:) tap in, go with the flow,,excavate ur visions:) and enjoy!cant make a demand on life that exceeds ur belief about it!? well derek says that her e tonight:) point of the day after listening to Derek………… a fun listen anyhow,,…Q………
we all need an alignment ever now and again if driven hard enuff!
NOW HAPPENING 🙂 Enjoy every one ,,,
Falling Forward:) & movin da mind:)………
COMING UP TONIGHT: Derek Rydall – From Attraction to
Emergence: How to Effortlessly Manifest Your Full Potential
After a life-changing near-death experience, Derek Rydall
seriously considered becoming a monk, then a minister, then
cloistered himself in his apartment without TV or news and
meditated for several years.
The world’s #1 expert on The Law of Emergence, as well as a
licensed integrative therapist for 17 years, best-selling
author, prominent life coach, and consultant to Emmy and
Oscar winners, Derek has touched the lives of tens of
thousands of people around the world.
In this call you will experience:
-Learn how to end the struggle of self improvement &
effortlessly fulfill your potential
-Discover how to never be a victim again no matter
what obstacles you face
-Understand why many manifestation techniques don’t work
— or even make things worse!
-Discover the difference between Attraction & Emergence:
It’s the missing link!
-And experience a Quantum Healing Treatment that will activate
your untapped potential and lift you to a whole new level!
(Many lives have been instantly shifted from this)
Find a quiet place, and settle in for an amazing call.
Thank you for joining us on this Manifesting Journey!
To Manifesting Your Greatest Life Yet,

TONIGHT’S CALL: Wednesday, December 4, at
5:00 pm Pacific Time, 6:00 pm Mountain Time,
7:00 pm Central Time and 8:00 pm Eastern Time
OPTION 1: Listen Through Your Computer (Webcast)
once again
we all need an alignment ever now and again if driven hard enuff!

good night or day whever u are on the planet.. have a splendid one regardless..whether ur dog snores er not:)….


Anomalous Deviations

An Anomaly – a deviation – a change of script
a change of plans – ordered by the Holy Ones!
the anomoly of the ego playing out a million choices in a life time,
acting out an insane play is totally insane,,,,I shall no longer re-act!

I shall choose rather to create!


If people think they got to keep making the same mistakes over and over to eventually learn that what they are doing is the wrong thing to do, does one really have to think like that anymore 😦 i don’t think so, i think there is another way to lewk at it:)….i have to be the miracle werker i have always been, i have to be out of the loop of insanity,,,so well i have this to =say………. guess ya could call this my happy dream,,,I give UP! I DO! but i have to get a grip, set my own personal boundries and be who i am, so today i shall end this blog with these vids, and when i can i shall complete my blog Titled,,,”the death of da shamun, dedicated to my shamun friend Crow. so till then have a great day and know december is the start of a new werld, a new winter a coming, And healing for one and all………
the following might sound like conditions put upon love!,,,well in a sorta way it is,,,i do believe in love without conditions,,,but not if ur playing a cat and mouse game of hide and seek and assault and slander for years, is not love in my mind, nor my life,,,and to that End! i must say…..the following things:!
Please all – Forgive me for i sound intolerant! – well Life is too Short!
Life is too short to tolerate abuse and lies and discriminations 😦
I have certain CONDITIONS for friendship and LOve
for Love without conditions i have spoke of goes beyond truth to the holy spirits.
so If They all or she – were but Friends – I would not be thinking or writing this stuff!
it would be other stuff..of other reactions to other realities etc etc…whatevr is what it is:(
so what if – Friends?
If they are all but blinded by the Egos Lies  –
They can go find a new friend
If  the Egos Lies to Edge God Out –
they can go find another friend
if they cannot behold honesty –
they can find another friend
if they can not be respectable –
they can find a new friend –
if they cannot even attempt to be a bit wise –
they can go find a new friend
if they can not carry love in their heart –
they can find a new friend
if they carry hate and anger –
they can find a new friend
If they cannot honor a handshake and a kiss of truth –
then they can go find another friend!
if they are not honorable to thier own werds and writings –
They can go find a new friend
If they cannot be receptive –
they can go find another friend….
if they have no remorse for hurting others –
they can go find another friend-
if they are intlolerant of others truths and make up lies –
they can go find another friend-
if they cannot be consciously unconscious with good conscience –
they can go find a new friend-
if they cannot be supportive an instead turn a cold shoulder with a LoL 😦  –
they can go find another friend-
if they are unwilling to see truth –
they can go find another friend-
If they are unwilling to do a fearless internal self seeking moral inventory – of their habits and ways – they can go find a new friend-
if they are a hipocrite to their own werds both written and said =
they can go find another friend-
if they play hide an seek like a child –
they can go find another friend-
if they are unwilling to see that the faults they accuse others of are really their own –
they can go find a new friend-
if they control all conversations and is a one way street –
they can go find another friend-
if they have a selfish heart mind and soul –
they can go find another friend-
If they cannot find true Compassion –
they can go find another friend-
If they continue to point the fingers at others and not at themselves –
they can go find a new friend-
if they intend to steal my heart and crush my soul –
they can go find another friend-
If they want to suffer from and want me to suffer from LACK –
they can go find another friend-
If they lost da concept of what it is to be a friend forever because they buried the friendship in lies – they can go find another
TO ABUSE! friends
and as Christ said in Aramaic…
pick ur Rakma<sp? read and heard in lectures many years ago! :Wisely….. which translated into english meant HABITS not friends….so is what it is. Pick ur Habits wisely, Ur mind only has room for so many , so whats it going to be
they are all habits in one way or another!
accept it and pick ur habits wisely!, when ya fill ur mind with good habits don’t tempt the snake and the snake wont give ya any problems i say! I refer to keep a tamed snake!…….
u tell me?! friend
if they will not be responsible to me – then they can also go find another,,,so called friend enuff is enuff:(
is it Before I or is it friends:? one has to wunder at all even now:( or is it to be unforgiven! for faliure to take responsibility for ones owns actions and not see personal error causes the greatest karmetic effect in the future for oneself ,,,,Believe it er Not! Q:(………….Friends,,Yeah right well friends do not ignore or hurt nor deny a friend in need when in need is bottom line here , expecialy after giving ur heart and soul to the freind for 5 years , is insane:(.friends lovers fiance’ yeah right ……….NOT a chance 😦 i guess now:( too many rabbit holes filled with concr4ete and no “remorse”./////////////////////Namaste to one and all…………..Friend i am to the world that treats me like a freind, if not they will heve to be on their own merry way, let me go live my life and do what i got to do with out being un friended:(
let it be their own KARMA AN NOT UR OWN!
me jest putting a bit a reason ahead of all the philosophies and religions



So UnZipp ur mind!

Be the Uni Verse an Artist U are!


Since nothing is accidental, it can never be said that change is real. You cannot say, “that wasn’t supposed to happen”, for instance. To say “the script is written”, means simply that all of perception is about the past. The future, too, is just a deceptive loop of ego thought. The future is not different from the past. All choices in this world are the same choice. Find out what is different, truly. In fact, Free Will does not involve choice. There is no choice in Oneness. Ask only—in every situation—”what is this for?” The purpose you give anything is your only choice.

Invisible Guide in my Mind



Let Wisdom:)…Tell Ya the Next Best Thing 2 Do:)


……Maybe it’s Slow Down?


a blog to me bout myself believe it er not….




Let todays wisdom show u the way – as ya choose ur fate:) 2 ur destiny!

Abounding within the mind…U are attached to ….part of …and

Within this mind is found Wisdom….

Somewhere out there not really …

somewhere in there …well not really either 😉

somewhere inbetweens’t yep…

right smack dab in the middle of it all!

Right in the middle of it all is Wisdom:)…..

Let it Know U ~ and vice a Versa!

Millions of bits of Experience always put into jest 1 second:)

 the second of a life u live

when ya take action….

Wisdom lets ya know in a split second how

to determine which road to take

when there are many different paths to go!:)

As with Joy ya don’t have to arrange for wisdom to appear…

Wisdom jest simply is..

IT IS>…..It’s own ellaborate self calculated by the past

condition in the mind it is… is billions of bytes of info hapening all at once:)

Wisdom will jest BE if ya let it….guide ya along da way…w/trust.

Reflecting upon whats the right thing to do …is the wise thingz of the mind werkin’ to make thingz better the next go around……however and whatever that is about…is each and everyones individual chosen path…all slightly different …some dramatically, some not even close to the same….Although any way ya lewk at lifes experiences ya have to allow for Wisdom to show its face through out the day…….

Cuz ya see what would life be without hopefully making a few wise choices?….or experiencing a few stupid ones lol…

Then it seems as though one must allow wisdom to expose our very own weaknesses, and protect us from making a wrong turn when on a precarious road, whatever kinda road it might be:)……

Like hanging out on my wing a lot i have to let pure instinct and seat of the pants sensations tell me the next best right thing to do, in an instant, the next correct action to take,….I used to experience that in most all sports i have done as snow skiing, moto-x,auto racing, paragliding to triking to soaring. Anything that involves velocity, Motion, Speed, I have to allow my own personal self to disconnect to the degree that the devisive action whether flying running down a hillside or whatever, that action is determined by something i rely on a lot, it would be for me, wisdom, and billions of bits of experience that come into play , all within a split second to help ya make the next best wise choice…..instantaniously…!


Let it BeLet the voice inside do 4 U🙂

~ trust it ~ from experience belief creates ~




Wisdom and Wild Honey

do the dance and make the right move ~ it’s up to whatcha choose!:)

fer what side are you gonna choose rests upon

how much Wisdom, dignity, integrity and honor is in

~~~ one’s mind ~~~


quote’ of the day!:)

Wisdom comes only when you stop looking for it and start living the life the Creator intended for you..

A Hopi Proverb



Stone is Enough to Break a Glass……

One Sentence is Enough to Break a Heart……One Second is Enough to Fall in Love……and One Misunderstanding is Sufficient to Break Friendship.

Friendship is the Rainbow Between 2 Hearts.




a view from the front  yard:)


and possibly a small amout of wisdom for the day:)

Some fewd fer thought:)



Native American Wisdom..

An elder Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me…It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves.

One wolf represents fear, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, pride and superiority.

The other wolf stands for joy, peace, love, hope, sharing, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, friendship, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

This same fight is going on inside of you and every other person too.”
They thought about it for a minute and then one child asked his grandfather,


“Which wolf will win?”


The old Cherokee simply replied.


.”The one I feed.”


~ SO ~

as the weather changes I hope every one out there i know has a splendid day or eve, whatever ya are doing….and remember:)

Change is Inevitable:)..

.but you yourself have the choice to make the changes that will make the personal difference in ur own life….so whatever the change…and however it changes…try to enjoy it…even if its just loose change:)….

If ya be bored or lewkin fer sumpin to do fer a few~~~

check out Q-TUBE

HAVE A GREAT DAY! er night whateva it be 4 U !


hey tomorrow when i wake up I shall realize that I have danced with the bear another night an won 🙂
…and rarin’ fer a few more at least!:)

******EnJOY TIAMAT I have for Years now :)*******


Tiamat – Wildhoney (1994) [Full Album]

1. Wildhoney
2. Whatever That Hurts
3. The Ar
4. 25th Floor
5. Gaia
6. Visionaire
7. Kaleidoscope
8. Do You Dream of Me?
9. Planets
10. A Pocket Size Sun

Genre: Doom/D Metal
Country: Sweden


Another one bout Lewkin UP

Lewkin Up to Brighter Skys 2 day:) To Rise Above it All:)
photo: edge of my helmet and da parawing above:)
blue skys everywhere:)and links Galore on this page here i posting today,,,jest wave ur hand across the texts and photos an take a lewk see:)….
~ SO ~
^^^^^^^TO RISE ABOVE IT ALL^^^^^^^
When some particular difficulty has you feeling like you’re surrounded, which way do you go?
 The best way to go is up.
 A powerful strategy for overcoming the challenges
 is to get yourself on top of them rather than in the midst of them.
You have a powerful tool available to you. It’s something
you use all the time without even realizing it
, something you’ve been using since you are a child.
 It’s known as visualization
It can positively and definitively change your mind,
 your attitude, and your energy level.

And by so doing it can change the reality of your life.

When you’re deep within a difficult challenge,

visualize yourself rising above it.
 Close your eyes, and see the challenge surrounding you.
 Imagine that it has color and texture.
In your mind, give it a size and shape.
Then, using the same power of imagination,
see yourself rising above it, like a hot air balloon
or an ultralight, lifting off the ground and into the air.

Jest a Fly by to say HIGH!

Jest a Fly by to say HIGH!

Get high enough above it and you’ll see what’s beyond it.
 Imagine yourself high enough above that challenge
and you’ll know, with absolute certainty, that you have what it takes to emerge victorious.
Whatever challenge confronts you, give yourself some valuable perspective.
 In your mind, rise above it.Jest
Quarks Above it All

Quarks Above it All

 And in your actions you’ll find a way to make it through. Watch it though! think safe be safe!
have a splendid one:)
some video LINKS OF THE DAY FROM Q:) 2 U:)here below

Yoga Sutras: Yoga Meditation is outlined in 196 pithy statements or Sutras, summarized on one page so as to see the “big picture. See also: Summary page | List of 196 Sutras | Introduction | Narrative | Patanjali | Download | Chapter outlines | Seven Keys | Questions | Yoga Sutras in PDF.

~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance? ~
u can fly up above ur shadows
can fly above the rainbows
Risin above it all

Risin above it all

u can fly through the arch of a rainbow:)
but it may still may be ur only dance?:(..
so we fly very carefully:)..
know this: “crashing is not an option”, nor getting bucked off the horse anymore! ~
gettin sick of the horse game!~~~~
horses don’t have a throttle, and heck i’m safer flying:)..
no seat bealts or harnesses to keep me on the horse?
Especially if it’s the saddle of ur flying angel!
twisting the throttle or pushing it
sounds much safer to me:) than horses
Famous last werdz huh:)
but now my flying angel…..?????
she is a bucking horse i guess
maybe i should ride a mule lol…
Mikey jest don’t know anymore….Fame er life lol
he be da’ UpsideDownSmartMan lol hebeda jebeda lol
all i can do is keep lewking up and move forward…without hesitation, ride on or fly on into the yonder, and know da’ heart was true blue an one did the best one could…
is the best one can do:)
travel safe, however u travel this fine day!
Means-Moving Forward-Without Hesetation

Means-Moving Forward-Without Hesitation

Namaste’ to one an all that reads stuff here an dere!
Peace out