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Did u Know u could send money free on the internet to anyone in the werld with paypal?

well, ya can an it is really awesome …within seconds ya can send someone cash…….if i did not have the internet…… it that it is jest “what it is presentlY” an i am lucky i do! weekly i travel the werld with all my subscribers…has become my full time job now…and am hoping my an all the articles an time i have put into this is werth something to someone out there in the world….

I know it has been worthwhile when someone that came across my page found sobriety an some extra strength out of reading the right article at the right time in their lives…i have had e-mails regarding that an warms my heart to know i made the correct decision years ago when i was on a limited budget in life…Internet or T.V.? well i chose the internet an for that am very thankful…so at this point in my life i need help keeping internet an myself alive it appears……any help at all would be appreciated 4 life by me…….4 every 20 bucks extra i got adds up to another 2 days of life for me… the gas ability to get to dialysis an back rides on this very fact!..So; out of the choices i have made over the years..this is one that means a lot to me…I have the internet still…but i keep loosing it every month cuza cash flow problems an go da last week er so without… cuza expenses related to kidney dialysis an operations an hospital visits etc traveling is costing me 300 plus a month. So here i am thinking bout; what if i DID NOT HAVE THE NET? i would have lotsa money for my expenses….
i have prolly bout 10,000 dollars of time an money invested into this site over the years…I do not have cable tv or streaming tv as a result of this choice also….

ckick here to help keep quarksire an his web werld alive!

  or if ya prefer the old way well, the mailing adress 4 da Q is Quarksire aka mike weed @ 1112 gunbarrel rd. pagosa springs ; colorado 81147
so now i feel it is time to put a donate here button on my page for those long term readers that have got something positive outa my post-it werld here…….if ya got a paypal account it is easy an free to send $$$ cept the amount u are sending lol…

Recently a relative sent me some money by wire an it cost them 25 bucks ; well with paypal it doesn’t cost anything to send money to anyone on the planet if they have an account! an within seconds also ; is 2 kewl fer skewl really!.

     So, ?  If per chance? ya have any extra resources i am in serious need to say the least,,,am literally fighting for my life on a weekly basis now…. I actually love my life as fuked up as it is it jest is that “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” BOUT IT!

In recovery every other day frum dialysis so i do not get a lot done anymore cept water my garden etc etc an werk on my car so i can get back an forth…..sleep till noon a lot. Then in the middle of the night i do internet stuff a lot. research, reading an blog posting etc etc…an e-mailin i get prolly 25-50 e-mails a day now frum different people around the werld an follow a lotta blog post-its also is my fun in my spare time an recovery …a way i can travel the werld in a way an reflect upon others lives etc etc an places an quite rewarding ..rather than watching tv…… for that i pay – an in the end i am hoping i can get some kinda return on my investment….

………………………………………….wish i could !…………

So…if ur a long lost friend that owes me money or a debt now is the time to pay up lol. an if ur a newfound reader please do not be sidetracked by me asking for help “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DATS ALL FOLKS…by the way i am also doing a go fund me site asap to help with this endeavor to LIVE…some more before i leave this ol’ planet… more bout da’ plight of my pkd below….da fight of my life……

Chronically Speaking

polycystic kidney disease

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12 Steps to Recovery

The Myth Of Love As Codependency

The division between men and women, and the lack of self-understanding, has perpetuated many limiting ideas and strategies toward love and marriage.


Many unions do not survive due to role limitations and dependency upon one another, including the unspoken expectation of one member to have the other member meet their needs. Resentment, anger, and contempt are inevitable if one plays the game, and the other benefits but does not reciprocate. Dysfunction will most certainly result unless both parties are responsible for and expressive about meeting their own needs. What happens then is the energy flow narrows and eventually closes off and love diminishes.

Too often the resentment one partner bares toward the other remains just below the surface where it smolders in an ongoing fashion like a fire beneath a former coal mining town, until the aggregate of all negative feelings breaks the surface and consumes the history of the relationship, resulting in irreparable damage. Or if it does not result in this explosion of expression, it slowly but surely builds a wall of separation on a day by day basis.

Many recommended, but limiting, rules of the marital union reinforce the confusion. The word compromise, for example, means to negotiate a common win-win solution. Compromise does not mean one gives up what they need in honor of another. It does not mean meeting someone half way, somewhere between what each desires, for neither is a single lifestyle. “Self-less” living does not mean giving up one’s needs in order to serve those of another—it is not about martyring one’s self, gracefully losing a win-lose competition, so another can win. It means rising above the competitive self-preservationary impulses to accommodate all three purposes for self and others. It means melding all parts of each self and designing a lifestyle of common Co-operative Goals:

A union between two people is a dynamic thing w/operative goals.
, growing with the passing of time because that is the desire and intent of both. This can only happen if both see the value of this growth. It need not sacrifice the evolving process either physically, mentally or spiritually. Rather, when each serves as a welcome mirror to the other’s progress, that intimacy can grow while respect remains intact.

Jest fewd fer thought anyhew 🙂 ….

Have a splendid one!


Divine Intervention – 4 Humans Only

Thinkin More Bout ETernity etc etc etc well.when dat a happenz, one seems to find out that there is more to life than sittin’ in front of ur computer screen….sumtimez when one reaches out etc etc…an gets into action one feels like they can touch infinity…no matta’ what is going on in his er her life!.

when one feelz as though they touch infinity!

when one feelz as though they can touch infinity! infinitly ferever an after 🙂

I cannot forgive the darkness without being the Light or BE the Light without with out simultaneously being the darkness..a thought that sticks in me mind! 2 day


Overcomin’ duality …..welllll?………..different stages levels etc etc of consciousness leads one to the experience of the absolute an or the supermental.well all teachers have different flavors, what precipitates in ur place in time in duration frum maybe spring till fall…till one hears that infoumaous call :)….well i was always told krishna was {way out there!} as a kid,once though ya go into space an it becomes eternity it is sum-times  indefinable but is a true presence of sacred philosophy. An well? whats the body really mean. one thinks more an more bout this as they age i am sure ,,an they feel the body of time more an more envelopin da soul yes~~~,,yes

“a realization a day keeps da doctor away”

Believe it er not !


an with sowin’ the seeds – we then have spiritual percipitation! / /what condenses in the end in this avatar of the Q …So?…i wunder ,,what path must one go 🙂 er down well, i jest do not know! we shall see what da’ future holds ….frum evolution to death to re-evolution i assume .? maybe so ? u tell me..tell then call me mr. fix-it an mr. dig-em cuz i dig what i do even if it comes down to diggin holeZ! fer da afternoon! have a Splendid one everyone 🙂


aka mikey frum wolf creek!

Dis’ one is fer U!

keep da’ sunny side up!


Divine Intervention – For Humans Only 2.3.4

Mirror Mirror

Thinkin More Bout ETERNITY! an funny faces!

Whence an where

lol…an who made who…

an then! jest to bring a bita humor into ur day!



…well above an beyond all things is the seriousness of not being serious sumtimes,,,seriously now! but? isn’t it really jest how ya perceive an lewk at things now?


i mean whats it gonna be ? i ask my friends an associates,,,well hopefully 5 years ahead will be productive, am “god’s ” mission lol whatevr that is will be accomplished…well at least for me that is anyhow,,,,we shall see where it all comes into play ie…fate verses destiny verses many other thousands of scenarios that could possibly exist!


so be it take it one day at a time an remember when! lol…. an seek to do it again,,,be young at heart an do it again whatevr it is u liked to do that makes ya feel like a kid again,


is the most healing thing i can think of today…keep on keepin on an take it one day @ a time follow ur dream even if it gets washed up a bit;


so ryde safe fly safe drive safe be safe an enjoin all ya do 2 day! lifes not over yet – jest change the plans a bit !!! an ride a different direction an choose a different choice for tomorrow to be a better tomorrow for a memory u can then call yesterdays past in ur future! in da dayz of future passed!…no that wasn’t a buncha gas..but well has been one really even the bad things taught me a thing er 2 id have to say! … 🙂

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

changing perception makes all da difference in da werld!

 Happy Thoughts ur way 2 day!

frum da’ Q


Quantumely Speakin’

Hold on 2 ur truth – Quantumely speaking!
Sumtimes in life one has to wunder whether they are re-writting the past er not ya know! don’t wann bore ya with things that sound like i am saying the same thing over an over,{redundancy ya know!} but in one way i am, an in another not!…it is a living dichitomy!

as da Quarked-bit turnZ

as dis’ Quarked-bit turnZ

well, lotsa things in personality that have grown over the years changes, an has to change either for the better or the werse depending upon perception…
So for me the biggest thing i can do a lot is wake up to the fact of how ” I THINK” an what i REALIZE”… sumtimes being one in the same an at others NOT!…to recognize things for what they are is one thing but to caste a judgement against it is another…when one uses judgment or pushes against these events, you are adding to the energetic dichotomy of what is occurring.Yes I know is hard to accept especially when another goes against ur will an their own even an bruises ur life one way er another. See it for what it is! is my lesson…an try not to be sad bout it, that’s the hard part really. As a human an one grows genetically an the DNA changes so do people, some for the better an some for the werse. depending upon the thought process they bear to hold, whether it comes from fear or love, like i have said in many posts before. I am awakening into an awareness that is occurring. And i have to realize i am in the middle of great upheaval an chaos world wide really, as a watcher at present. One can only watch an see things for what they really are, an not what another wants to make them. I have to realize and acknowledge that this is how events and actions have been viewed for most of human history. What is being offered, however, is an expanded way to shift these limited, chaotic, atrocious events.
I now have skills an knowledge I did not even jest a few years ago concerning thw Quantum Nature of thingZ. an how it all werks on a super-conscious level…check out my mirror blogs if u don’t understand….anyhow this shift of times, realize, that this awareness and this knowledge have been suppressed in the collective understanding of who i truly am…i have to realize an understand that i am a multidimensional divine presence here in physical form…an in so being, stay detached from many of the so called {negative happeningz} of the werld… an Not be an abuser as many “enlightened ones” have so become to me…A hard thing to accept…an forgive an forget the poetic mis-justice done to each of us 😦 in life. 😦 many things are.
Imagine though, that this reality and this dimension is created by the energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions of the entire collective. would not then ? Your life and experiences have been created by your personal energy, thoughts, beliefs and emotions…can u still keep “blaming it on the other” all the time .lol when it truly is thier deal! ? an U allow it to become urs….takers an indifferent fearful & neglectful people will get theirs i guess in their own due time, we as Q beings i call it have to leT it go…if not the repercussions internally could be even life threatening, taking on anothers illness or dis-ease in a way!…
When there is a transformation occurring in the evolution of consciousness in our collective reality, we become a very important aspect of that unfolding. More and more individuals like yourself and I are realizing that you have the ability to, and that you do, influence the outcome of events. So back to My blogs titled “watch it”
We an I have 2 choices…can either celebrate this awakening and awareness that is occurring..acceptance or non-acceptance? an choose love er fear, realizations must be had then in accord that i an u jest might be powerful creators, in more than one way.and that we are experiencing our focus in this physical reality. {believe it er not}having to know, however, and understand that the divine energy that animates our physical bodies is powerful beyond measure. I had not been taught or informed how to use this power in a manner that is life sustaining…it’s sumthing that we learn as we grow i assume. an as our DNA adapts to the changes…
we are here at this time, on a personal mission to be a part of transforming the dense, misqualified  energy and vibrations that continue to empower the chaos and atrocities. Pushing against, resisting or even ignoring these events is not the action of an awakened, empowered multidimensional being…but has been mine a lot in the past , an i have to jest learn how to let go…to things i cannot control…ie..people places an things,,no matter how much i might love them…even close family. One thing i have learnt in the 12 step groups!
I have to realize that this reality i am interfacing with is held in the neutral energy of the quantum field….that my mind can connect to an is a part of… This neutral energy, this quantum field, responds to what is being energetically offered. It will match the energy and manifest what is projected upon it by self {the observer} I have to continually remember the double slit experiment, an also, monty python ( believe it er not} famous for a quote “how can ya be in 2 places @ once when ur Nowheres at all!”} So, Now multiply this truth by the power of the collective consciousness offering limited beliefs, a sense of powerlessness, or the misqualified passions of righteousness. then i become instantly witnessing the results as the chaos and life threatening action of all those misqualified vibrations…. I have to realize there is a dichotomy that truly does exist here that i am not powerless although at the same time i have to be…….i have the choice to make it time to step up and offer the energy of a different reality. Begin to own that your every word, thought and emotion is making a difference. Begin to clarify censor beliefs about this only do I but also so do WE an U if u Choose!
I had to understand that what I have been taught is incorrect. and not dwell on the incorrect teaching or judge and make wrong those who offered these beliefs, simply observe and make a conscious shift. LET IT GO WHATEVER IT IS,,,,yes a hard thing to do! but changes perception!.if ya focus on da’ broken promises, things will remain broken 😦
Realize that each moment of the day i an U have the choice and opportunity to sculpt the events in our personal lives and add to the shift in the collective consciousness. Begin to envision your personal experience and the global events from a place of empowered awareness. Acknowledge that your thoughts and emotions join other like-minded, awakened beings in this neutral quantum field of manifestation{believe it er not} is bout perception ya the saying true? change da’ way ya lewk at the werld an the werld changes? hmm ?
Envisioning an thinking of actually creates, in many ways believe it er not again….although without the co operation of others sumtimes it does appear futile, things will get better an change as long as we believe in our visions no matter what they are,,,The better the vision the better the belief so they say,,,so choose to believe good things today , or not, is ur choice, Envision that those who are hungry are fed, those who are sick are healed, those who are homeless are sheltered. Envision that divine truth, well-being, love and light embrace all of life. Envision waves and waves of peace-commanding presence, surrounding all areas of conflict. Envision humans respecting one another for their uniqueness. Envision methods and solutions for clean energy. Envision methods and systems that support the health and well-being of all. Envision the reality of abundance and equality for all living beings. Envision wise leadership that befits your global connections…Yes harder said than done …when we have to realize …things are not the way we vision them.
NO matter what hold onto ur truths though, be them urs to hold… hold onto ur visions an hopes , no matter whom or what distracts u , another person health or wealth..hold to your visions in the face of all distractions and manifestations of the opposite. Remember you are seeding this quantum field with new realities. You are anchoring this shift and this transformation of consciousness. You are moving from this dense third dimension to the fifth dimension and higher. The chaos that you are witnessing is the result of what is being dissolved, what is being broken apart….again {believe it er not}..even if ur body is in pain etc etc…is ur mind that counts in da end!..
I decided many years ago to realize these new things, an now as a multidimensional one…so to say, a divine conscious being, something i have wanted to become all my life, we now i have to realize the dichotomous forces @ werk in all of it…i now have a choice to become a participant in the breaking apart of one reality and dimension, and the ascension into another. in my own at this point in time i feel i have unique awareness and gifts to support and assist in this awesome undertaking of an entire planet transiting from one dimension to another…again…believe it er not!
I now have to hold and anchor these divine truths that honor all life sustaining actions and manifestations. Believe in myself an others that we are beings of light an love…an believe that we are truly transforming all that is before us. I have to not be discouraged by what i have observed or judge it i can only an have to see it for what it is,,,i have to .even when i see beautiful people do ugly thingz….i have to…
..continue to envision a better reality and outcome, no matter what the situation in life is.
I believe that in time once again i will collect the conscious being that need to be in my life for the reasons that have been set forth, that other being of conscious awareness will again connect with me more an more as time moves forward. Hopefully as more of us connect the reality of conscious contact once again shalll exist an well, then life is in ur hands believe it er not so is ur destiny, don;t let another change it unless u allow or wish for them to , As much as their betrayal or bad thoughts or deeds have affected ya……..For it is their very own personal choice if they do not wish to be a being of light as u know they are, or if they choose to be a hipocryte an or liar an or thief er whatnot? if they affect u in a negative way the only thing u can really do is let go of that charge an move on as hard as it sounds,,,,well, is jest rambling food for thoughts today is all.. hoping someone might get something outa of it fer a change ………..All i can do is take it one day @ a time an do the best i can regardless of what another thinks er whatnot,,,an well the losses of the past are jest that , even if they might take me a life time to recover from, for i am not a rich man 😦 ,,, bummer some have to take more than they give back but is a fact of life in this werld we live in, there are honorable ones an there are not, the choice is urs to whether u want to be honorable to the dark or the light the way i see cosmic subspace ie….Creation or reaction – create or react our choice which way we wish to see it huh!..whatevr it is we do..okay enuff fewd fer thought fer the day get on with urs whatevr it is! jest do it…… do u see it? agree er not? well , ANY WAY have a SPLENDID ONE! Night er Day!  🙂 .thanks for coming round to read my variety of Q stuff 🙂 i not trying to change anyone’s mind by readin my stuff either but if ya do well that’s fine by me 2 🙂 namaste’ & chow.. honorably urs……


Q in colorful Colorado…lol when its not all covered in this white stuff anyhow lol….. Namaste’…….Q

…an da’ ty[poes? well some things ar jest meant to be…..ok don’tBlayte go
be productive er go back to bed ur choice ! yep yep 🙂 …….

Two-Cents-Tuesday-challenge across the board

Question your assumptions.

Across the Bored

Presumptions and postulations with a twist

well my 2 cents werth Tuesday anyhew frum

Q fer 1

“Two Cents Tuesday



Let Wisdom:)…Tell Ya the Next Best Thing 2 Do:)

……Maybe it’s Slow Down?

a blog to me bout myself believe it er not….

especially when ur only 1/4 of the way to florida lol

Let todays wisdom show u the way – as ya choose ur fate:) 2 ur destiny!

Abounding within the mind…U are attached to ….part of …and

Within this mind is found Wisdom….

Somewhere out there not really …

somewhere in there …well not really either 😉

somewhere inbetweens’t yep…

right smack dab in the middle of it all!

Have a Bowl Of Quarksters wit ur coffee this mornin'

Have a Bowl Of Quarksters wit ur coffee this mornin’

serve up some quarksters today,,,ahhh detail but detailz :)!

Right in the middle of it all is Wisdom:)…..

Let it Know U ~ and vice a Versa!

Millions of bits of Experience always put into jest 1 second:)

 the second of a life u live

when ya take action….

Wisdom lets ya know in a split second how

to determine which road to take

when there are many different paths to go! 🙂

well, ya either have one of 2 choices with every think said or thought er done in ur life is it a love based thought or deed or not?

well, ya either have one of 2 choices with every think said or thought er done in ur life is it a love based thought or deed or not?

As with Joy ya don’t have to arrange for wisdom to appear…

Wisdom jest simply is..

IT IS>…..It’s own ellaborate self calculated by the past

condition in the mind it is… is billions of bytes of info hapening all at once it is in Q’s WERLD ANYHOW THATS FER SURE IF NOT URS IS IN MY UNIVERSE! AS YA CAN SEE BELOW! 🙂 LOL:)

Quarksires quantum werld is also Inside U!

Quarksires quantum werld is also Inside U!

Wisdom will jest BE if ya let it….guide ya along da way…w/trust.

Reflecting upon whats the right thing to do …is the wise thingz of the mind werkin’ to make thingz better the next go around……however and whatever that is about…is each and every-ones individual chosen path…all slightly different …some dramatically, some not even close to the same….Although any way ya lewk at lifes experiences ya have to allow for Wisdom to show its face through out the day..don’t do Stupid thingz…INSTEAD!..

or smoke a bowl of quarksters have a glass of H2O an Simply "Have Fun"

or smoke a bowl of quarksters have a glass of H2O an Simply “Have Fun”

IMAGINE DAT! LOL .Cuz ya see what would life be without hopefully making a few wise choices?….or experiencing a few stupid ones lol.ur choice when it comez down to dat one yeah dat one!..

Then it seems as though one must allow wisdom to expose our very own weaknesses, and protect us from making a wrong turn when on a precarious road, whatever kinda road it might be:)……


Like hanging out on my wing a lot i have to let pure instinct and seat of the pants sensations tell me the next best right thing to do, in an instant, the next correct action to take,….I used to experience that in most all sports i have done as snow skiing, moto-x,auto racing, paragliding to triking to soaring. Anything that involves velocity, Motion, Speed, I have to allow my own personal self to disconnect to the degree that the devisive action whether flying running down a hillside or whatever, that action is determined by something i rely on a lot, it would be for me, wisdom, and billions of bits of experience that come into play , all within a split second to help ya make the next best wise choice. Even if i feel like i am on top of it all! Disconnect enuff to connect 100% if ya know what i mean and be in the NOW no matter what it is u DO!…MY 2 cents werth 2 Day! 2 U..

Quarksire says jump to it get er done an live in da now! NOW!

Quarksire says jump to it get er done an live in da now! NOW!


Let it BeLet the voice inside do 4 U🙂


~ trust it ~ from experience belief creates ~



~ SO ~

Question your assumptions.Jest my 2 centz werth

this groovy 2 cents werth tuesday it is, “a good perception a day keeps da’ doctor away” says da Q an da’ sleep monkees also lol hasta’

…Q-Bird over an out!.oh PS:

join 2 cents werth challenge here 🙂 and don’t forget ur pingback now dat i have given my 2 centz werth fer da’ day well how bout U?:)

Join da' The 2 Cents Challenge broought 2 U Tuesdays here by Q - put ur 2 cents werth in 2 Day!

Join da’ The 2 Cents Challenge broought 2 U Tuesdays here by Q – put ur 2 cents werth in 2 Day!


Join Share the werld here and see what otherz round da' werld are up to in da' werdpress community! :) don't be shy click on this werld here now:)

Join Share the werld here and see what otherz round da’ werld are up to in da’ werdpress community! 🙂 don’t be shy click on this werld here now:)

quarksire is

40,000 What?

     Well i have a couple of so called problems with a couple of people and people i love in my life that well, have jest become plain ignorant to their own spiritual path, and well, “Karmetic Realities” will become their own future as they bring upon all the stuff for the things they did against love and or other people in thier life, an “Karmetic Justice” all i can do is pray for them, and move forward without hesitation,,and 40,000 things on my mind all the time, most of all which are all out of context and not even able to be followed such as our laws,SO here is a little rant frum Q. Some are too busy “door chashing” to be able to properly make the best next right best decision they possibly can is all there is to it. Me well, now i jest prefer “Chasing My Own Shadow” instead of my tail, an everyone elses lol.


Frum Quarksires Wizardly UNIVERSE He’s back to playing his song! frum memories 2 da future

When Q gets tyopijng as fast as Q can think:) enjoy! er not is up to ur Perception huh!. ok well,,,,,,I used to say then head of a big business ignorance is really no excuse ” unless u were really that ignorant” but if it was intention and harmful to ignore another of the situation at hand well there could even become the point where it could become criminal , in the eyes of the beholder or accused or accuser, depends on perception.
To BUy or not Tobuy? hmmmmm? and what BS: do ya buy and fer why? i ask?,,fer they are very shed carefully mnean and backstabbing mostly!.over 50% of em rich political guys i met over my years!of lobbying and testifying before senate meetings, county and different business meetings in the state of California. i moved to Colorado in 1996 to get away from all the alcoholism, hard core drugs, {was raising a family at the time} {glad they all gone now} an i got at least 40,000 hours single lol….anyhow,,,I moved here to sober up get a grip start a new life and stop focusing on all the bills etc etc i could not stop the creation of back door style, I believe all senate and congress decisions etc etc,should never and never at anytime include a “BACK DOOR RIDER ON THEM” and handled one by one individually..but of course that would change the true game that is now into an “HONEST AND FAIR GAME” for the institutions at hand to handle in their voting processes; but well, jest my opinion. Jest another “Pining Reflection” frum Da Quarked one here

This is how it really is; IN the “REAL WERLD”  They say “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. but now listen to this?! point at hand?!with over 40,000 new laws and bills coming into effect every year over our whole nation, throughout the states; We all automatically become lawbreakers 40,000 times over. Our nation of states employ and pay people: ourselves, to constantly make and change laws. Forty Thousand Laws per year. Every time I think I’m not a lawbreaker along come 40,000 new laws I must be breaking and have to change 40,000 behaviors that I have no idea are no longer acceptable. These laws are made in order to dictate a behavior that another of US wants another to conform to under threat of penalty meant to cause enough discomfiture that we will go against our own will to conform; Your name is TOBY.
WE allow our governments to employ ourselves (elect each other) to enact under the false guise of “For The Public Safety” or “Child Safety” etc.”the ability to enforce behavioral changes we have morally ingrained in us as acceptable.? We employ ourselves to rob each other allowing them to constantly maintain public confusion as to just what one can do and cannot do so we can be constantly and for any reason (contained within the 2 million 800 thousand, in one’s approximate lifetime, dictates of behavioral modification’s) an be held accountable to a government agency for almost anything at any time.
Each of the almost 3 million law changes come with the threat of a penalty if found that one has not conformed to the changes; Usually in the form of money, Money, MONEY! Your money, my money! or Worse!taxes an money!
Money to me, my wife or fiance or lady or family &  children, means food medicine shelter, gasoline etc. an so very much more sumtimez. Might end up becoming a matter of life or death over 100 bucks…..ya never know..

Especially if’n ur “Core Beliefs System” is messed up!

Anyhow…….Dis way, by their rules (we think they are our rules)even the back door riderz, {LoL} not funn really!  any government whether local or nationwide have almost 3 million bases covered where upon we can at any time, for not being aware of any given one of the 3 million changes to be shaken down, robbed, or detained until you give them your means of sustenance…..YOUR money……..and possibly in the end ur silence, er ur life depending upon whom ya are and what ya are about!
The governments then immorally siphon OUR sustenance to their special interests in the form of billions of OUR dollars which in turn is laundered and given back to them via election fund contributions. The govt’s control this situation; The manipulation of our masses through poverty….so is it kewl being poor?.or better off being rich?…well i liked the half way in betweenst but that seems to be shriveling up in the usa the great ol usa where we used to have er 4 distinguishable classes of people, or 4 upper class, upper middle class , middle class, then kinna 2 classes of lower in a way the not so rich the ones jest above poverty .lower class.then there is very low class… though it seems as though it is slipping to the arena of being jest one big giant upper class,an ssmall {Super Class}{way super Rich} the one percenters!  and a very very lower class,then below that there is poverty level….the way i see it from the sixties till now we should have cured the poverty class and have all middle class and upper class to higher and no people in need, i see that as baing so very possible but with all the stats i can pull up like tha above on the internet here well u tell me folks what u think>?? what should we do with all this info ,,should we go bury some laws…….Well years ago when i was in politics i was pres. of an organization and what we did was go to the state and federal level and go get old insignificant laws that were still on the books off and also lobby against mean rude unreal back door bills political nimrods use as a skam to deal in bills all on da sly for their own personal benefit always etc etc ,,,,,,,
So again i wonder if anyone even reads my stuff that makes a diff in the werld politics and well if so ,whomever ya are woman or man wish ya would take some of what i might have to say back to the forces that be and are controlling are country and let the drug offenders, of natural plants! outa jail and stop the war on drugs and kill the cartels etc etc,,,get back into world hemp production and be the king leaders and make it an industry for power to clothing to plastics,,,,,,,oh well enuff outa me today i am done researching th above stats and whew is a trip what uya can undercover when ya seek on the mighty ol’ internet here……………..what condition is ur condition in and do u have emerging impulses, that are rightfully honesty sane an true blu?

Inside it er outa it?…..Neva sure which a lot these days:)?

Peace out and blessings to one and all……And remember ,Don’t stress over the little shit”
tomorrows another day ,,,,,,,,,,,and well take it “One Day At A time”

“Hold Fast to YOur Dreamz”
Quarksire  over and out ….chow 4 now 🙂 Jest


Anomalous Deviations

An Anomaly – a deviation – a change of script
a change of plans – ordered by the Holy Ones!
the anomoly of the ego playing out a million choices in a life time,
acting out an insane play is totally insane,,,,I shall no longer re-act!

I shall choose rather to create!


If people think they got to keep making the same mistakes over and over to eventually learn that what they are doing is the wrong thing to do, does one really have to think like that anymore 😦 i don’t think so, i think there is another way to lewk at it:)….i have to be the miracle werker i have always been, i have to be out of the loop of insanity,,,so well i have this to =say………. guess ya could call this my happy dream,,,I give UP! I DO! but i have to get a grip, set my own personal boundries and be who i am, so today i shall end this blog with these vids, and when i can i shall complete my blog Titled,,,”the death of da shamun, dedicated to my shamun friend Crow. so till then have a great day and know december is the start of a new werld, a new winter a coming, And healing for one and all………
the following might sound like conditions put upon love!,,,well in a sorta way it is,,,i do believe in love without conditions,,,but not if ur playing a cat and mouse game of hide and seek and assault and slander for years, is not love in my mind, nor my life,,,and to that End! i must say…..the following things:!
Please all – Forgive me for i sound intolerant! – well Life is too Short!
Life is too short to tolerate abuse and lies and discriminations 😦
I have certain CONDITIONS for friendship and LOve
for Love without conditions i have spoke of goes beyond truth to the holy spirits.
so If They all or she – were but Friends – I would not be thinking or writing this stuff!
it would be other stuff..of other reactions to other realities etc etc…whatevr is what it is:(
so what if – Friends?
If they are all but blinded by the Egos Lies  –
They can go find a new friend
If  the Egos Lies to Edge God Out –
they can go find another friend
if they cannot behold honesty –
they can find another friend
if they can not be respectable –
they can find a new friend –
if they cannot even attempt to be a bit wise –
they can go find a new friend
if they can not carry love in their heart –
they can find a new friend
if they carry hate and anger –
they can find a new friend
If they cannot honor a handshake and a kiss of truth –
then they can go find another friend!
if they are not honorable to thier own werds and writings –
They can go find a new friend
If they cannot be receptive –
they can go find another friend….
if they have no remorse for hurting others –
they can go find another friend-
if they are intlolerant of others truths and make up lies –
they can go find another friend-
if they cannot be consciously unconscious with good conscience –
they can go find a new friend-
if they cannot be supportive an instead turn a cold shoulder with a LoL 😦  –
they can go find another friend-
if they are unwilling to see truth –
they can go find another friend-
If they are unwilling to do a fearless internal self seeking moral inventory – of their habits and ways – they can go find a new friend-
if they are a hipocrite to their own werds both written and said =
they can go find another friend-
if they play hide an seek like a child –
they can go find another friend-
if they are unwilling to see that the faults they accuse others of are really their own –
they can go find a new friend-
if they control all conversations and is a one way street –
they can go find another friend-
if they have a selfish heart mind and soul –
they can go find another friend-
If they cannot find true Compassion –
they can go find another friend-
If they continue to point the fingers at others and not at themselves –
they can go find a new friend-
if they intend to steal my heart and crush my soul –
they can go find another friend-
If they want to suffer from and want me to suffer from LACK –
they can go find another friend-
If they lost da concept of what it is to be a friend forever because they buried the friendship in lies – they can go find another
TO ABUSE! friends
and as Christ said in Aramaic…
pick ur Rakma<sp? read and heard in lectures many years ago! :Wisely….. which translated into english meant HABITS not friends….so is what it is. Pick ur Habits wisely, Ur mind only has room for so many , so whats it going to be
they are all habits in one way or another!
accept it and pick ur habits wisely!, when ya fill ur mind with good habits don’t tempt the snake and the snake wont give ya any problems i say! I refer to keep a tamed snake!…….
u tell me?! friend
if they will not be responsible to me – then they can also go find another,,,so called friend enuff is enuff:(
is it Before I or is it friends:? one has to wunder at all even now:( or is it to be unforgiven! for faliure to take responsibility for ones owns actions and not see personal error causes the greatest karmetic effect in the future for oneself ,,,,Believe it er Not! Q:(………….Friends,,Yeah right well friends do not ignore or hurt nor deny a friend in need when in need is bottom line here , expecialy after giving ur heart and soul to the freind for 5 years , is insane:(.friends lovers fiance’ yeah right ……….NOT a chance 😦 i guess now:( too many rabbit holes filled with concr4ete and no “remorse”./////////////////////Namaste to one and all…………..Friend i am to the world that treats me like a freind, if not they will heve to be on their own merry way, let me go live my life and do what i got to do with out being un friended:(
let it be their own KARMA AN NOT UR OWN!
me jest putting a bit a reason ahead of all the philosophies and religions



So UnZipp ur mind!

Be the Uni Verse an Artist U are!


Since nothing is accidental, it can never be said that change is real. You cannot say, “that wasn’t supposed to happen”, for instance. To say “the script is written”, means simply that all of perception is about the past. The future, too, is just a deceptive loop of ego thought. The future is not different from the past. All choices in this world are the same choice. Find out what is different, truly. In fact, Free Will does not involve choice. There is no choice in Oneness. Ask only—in every situation—”what is this for?” The purpose you give anything is your only choice.

Rally Time

Meeting and transcending the times.Year after year ,

What comes round here is the 4 Corners Motorcycle Rally 

2different rallys auctually come to the 4 corners every year, brings approximately 50,000 Harleys and assorted machines to Rock the Rockies!


is the most fun time of the year for me ever since i arrived in this area 18 years ago, i then took my 3 1/2 year old and bought him his first leather jacket and biker cap wish i had that pic now id post it…..Rally time here brings many different happenings….Calendar of EVENTS HERE!<

.Many things can be found to do on the 3 er 4 days or the week of bikes running round the 4 corners, Starting the 29th when the gates open there is music and a variety of fun things to see and do, music and entertainment of one kind or another till September 2nd…Below i want to show a few pics i got of Ignacio rally and this blog was bout where to go if ya jest want to see some injuns dance, some very kewl people all out to jest have Fun! and well for me is tiimes when i wish i could drink but i know better so i shall keep my senses so i can ride along free and happy a soul survivor


.4 corners 2012.Image

Designated drinking areas  many requiring a designated driver! :):)

Image………Image…whwre kid and adults come to have fun….maybe see the what not…


2012^^^ @ ignacio………Image.

photographic fun festivities galoreImage

an so much more Image

an hell if i am lazy and jest want a few fun shots i can go have my bike washed what the hey huhImage



Q says all in all it should be kinna a photogenic fun week, am broke, but have camera in hand werking bike and Time on myhands to escape reality of No reality offered to me, and jest be me and be accepted and enjoy what i choose to do

this week…


above shot is my little skeleton dude that rides with me……lol…..

in case y never clicked on aboyut Q well here is a pic of my bikes below, gees can’t ride both at the same time so ill have to pick an choose days to go play with what!


Raining outside now here so hope this moonsoon stuff don’t keep up all week,,will have to pick and choose when to go ride with the flocks i guess….okay till next time over and out