WordPress Worldwide Weekly Photo Challenge eye spy

Quarksire’ thinks of eye spy

Lewkin_at_you_Q 007

*Variations on a theme.is dis post fer da’ week fer me: Enjoy my eyespy photos:)


eye spy” makes me think of my many photos i have taken that are of subjekts an them not being aware the pics are being taken, with my telephoto lenses er whatnot:

vic_by_quarksire 001

….people an animals included.


one of my cameras i have 12o times optical zoom so is fun exploring things u can take pics of 40 er 50 yards away an have em lewk like ur right there in frt of them:


…so is my idea of eye spy: when ya can capture feelings etc etc frum a far away:


… doing weddings, concerts, sporting photography, an lotsa people functions with camera in hand sumtimes one can catch some very kewl shotz playing “eye spy ” frum far away :


Outside inside wherever ya are at camera in hand with telephoto on it is a fun thing to have round:


Never know what ya might come across in ur travels across or upon this planet:


So thats my interpretation of EyeSpy in mikeys werld here aka quarksire da’ Q


.Julies eyes an well, ..the werds of the week at wordpress worldwide photo challenge 

Eye Spy

We’ve got our eye on your photos this week. (See what we did there?)

🙂 “EYESPY” 🙂

till next time over an out frum Q

333 Responses an quark was 333 how kewl is dat! lol 🙂 tada!


Quarksire’s – Queen of the Reich

 Queensrÿche: Operation Mindcrime: By Quarksire-Ignacio Colorado 2014


Da’ shot Above is of Geoff Tate and Queensrÿche in Ignacio Colorado this past month a concert attended by the Quarked one here 🙂 was an awesome performance of Operation Mindcrime. Approximately a 2.5 hour concert. I am sorry that my video cams disc ran out of space so i could not present more video, so instead i ended up spending the rest of the concert taking still shots which many i shall share here in this blog…If ya missed my last blog bout that can click on the link below. This post i am posting only my short video clip and a buncha stills i got, so any Queensryche fans that happen to come across my page, well I hope u enjoy this post! Meanwhile back at the Bar it’s beer thirty for the gurlz.  Imagehttps://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/03/24/queensryche-eyes-of-a-stranger-live-in-nyc-2014/

to read more bout it and wht i have to say click on link above 


was a great show

Geoff and the Fem below


Quark sayz if Queensryche is coming to ur town; there are still werth the buck for the show


shotz  taken with my sony digital HandiKam


Sony Digital Mini Disc Handycam has 120x Optical zoom 6.0 megapixel most of these shots from 100 ft away


ÿ sayz Q – well Fer Fun an a serious message bout da’ world revolution; Drummer moved Very fast fer my shutter speed!


Geoff and Fem Again


The Queen of The Reicht




Lay it on the line says Geoff


Sopeoplebout the end of my picture show fer the eve.

more to come on another post with a poem of mine


da Q aka quaked onesayz Over an out

Take it easy

“One Day at a Time”

see related blog posts below for the whole concert on cd, and more photos an topics on Geoff Tate and Queensryche

frum Quarksire