Da’ Dangerous Business of Life Marching on

***** yeas because someone kept searching this search ” http://quarksire.com/?s=instructor+johnny

Link of da day > 10 links on this page to help anyone bored that wants to come fly with Q 🙂 tweahaa…..

FishTales and the new Student by Quarksire

snow is thawing an time to get back on the dirt an up in the air as much as possible ! so check out link an page some highlights .

“Crashing NOT an Option

So, Presently doing yearly service an rebuilding the frt end an brake system on trike now , hopefully will be in air soon again;  no fooling!!! April 1st is da goal 🙂

March On Top Dogs

Have a splendid Sunday… i be welding away! Hasta’

~~ Q ~~



It’s a dangerous business, Frodo,

going out your door.

You step onto the road,

and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

J.R.R Tolkien-

frumn da’ lord of da’ wingz



*** click on photo above or balloon below to come fly with me! ***



Have a Splendid Rest of the Weekend Werld

Howeva u fly er get around


*********** Quarksire **********


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2 Old 2 Fly I think NOT sayz Quarksire

***** tOO old to fly, well, not for these 2 ladies that come over and fly with Instructor Johhny! @ Top Dog Aviation



although The company auctually does not fly on sundays,,this post-it is in response to a fellow blogger tellin me she was too old to try it! ..so here ya be :),

  if ya want to fly ya might want to make it a weekday like these ladies did,


Weather permitting an health permitting, we fly an instruct wanna bees year round, but this is the best time of the year for new students, still a bit chilly but warming up finally here it is


next post-it i am going to put together some pics of my flight here round my place and even over my own house



so till laters, have a great even er morn wherever ya are on da planet!


check see my videos section if ya would like to see some vids of us flying round etc etc…


an click on related links below to see more 🙂