It’s all Bout Time!


[Rainbow Bridge]

an well beyond?….Well recently i read an article that said by research of the greatest computers in the world of all things, conversations, an texts, an computer talk an voice talk an in all writing…all things in common..the most is the WORD “TIME” … TIME ….was used the most of all in all contexts in all resources of the world communication…so i thought it was again bout time 🙂 to do a post-it bout “TIME”an introduce ya to a website dedicated to time…an a hero of my spiritual werld this time….also my congratulations to her for 2015.

Here are three considerations about time:

Time is of the mind. Change your time and change your mind. 

Time is the unifying field that holds all things together.

Time is art.

a FEW Meditations for a NEW TIME frum da’ foundation for the Law of Time 🙂 enjoy 🙂

Natural Mind Meditation
Whole Earth Meditation
Noosphere Meditation
Rainbow Bridge Meditation

Seven Planetary Initiations
Techniques of Galactic Meditation
Synchrogalactic Yoga

Fukushima Meditations & Incantations


Bout the bottom line fer me this time – over an out frum Q an a few other articles if interested in relationship to the law of time an cosmic awareness an such , enjoy if ya feel so inspired to click on the links in da’ werld of Q

🙂 Till next TIME! ..well then i might talk bout the numbers that make up that TIME lol 🙂 …..namaste’…… 🙂

Cosmic Universal Law

Chaos Has No Laws

Cosmic History Chronicles da’ Wizard’s Garden

The MYthic Self da’ 5th Force

7 dimensions of being rather than one…..

Believe it er Not Says Q….


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Cosmic History Chronicles da’ Wizard’s Garden

Welcome 2 Michelvecs werld of the Wizards Garden

Welcome 2 Michelvecs werld of the Wizards Garden

“Imagine a rainbow around the Earth and place that image in your heart. Keep it there. Turn to it; nurture it and yourself whenever you can.

my rainbos start @ home :)

my rainbows start @ home 🙂

That rainbow earth is our future. Yes, maybe through our hearts and mind’s collectively sending the right signal at the same moment in time, we can stabilize things before the worst occurs. Then we would have created our own best future, received the supramental descent, and evolved ourselves into supermental beings.” –Valum Votan

[Rainbow Bridge]

Cosmic History Chronicles Vol. 5, Book of the Timespace by José Argüelles and Stephanie South


the publication of

the publication of
I am writing today confirm that we, the Foundation for the Law of Time, authorize your usage of the Cosmic History Chronicles on All we ask is that you please give proper credit to the authors, Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan and Stephanie South/Red Queen – as well as the website

We thank you for sharing this most important information with the world.
Jacob Wyatt
Operations Manager
Foundation for the Law of Time
“Envisioning the Earth as a Work of Art!”

“Who owns your time owns your mind; own your own time and know your own mind.”
–Jose Arguelles

Cosmic Awareness Speaks

Breakin’ Da Chains That bind U.

Can be interpreted many ways…
Depending upon ur perception….
Whether Chains of Love
Whether Chains of passion or chains of hate,
or even Chains or resentment that might fill ones heart
Or Chains of Addictions AllSo, Unn-Naturally, so this is fer my blue angel wolf that is the female voice here that speaks to me!…AN ALSO AN INTRO TO ANOTHER OF MY “BIG BOOKS” I USE Fer Me Life 🙂

Believe it er not !



Everything I tried to be
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Let the poison into me
(My heart in silence weeps)

All the beauty my sins cost
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Everything that I have lost
(My heart in silence weeps)
Everything I tried to do
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Whispered me away from you
(My heart in silence weeps)

You are present in my sleep
You haunt me when I’m awake
My thoughts you always seem to keep
Is it too late?
If you and I cannot be one
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Then forever will be gone
(My heart in silence weeps)
Now that I have lost everything
My heart in silence weeps
is it too late?
couple of kewl links fer da’ day to u frum Q  is a link to the book of Cosmic Awareness if u are interested in a readin a bit

meanwhile enjoy ur holiday weekend


Above art Created and Done by Jennifer B. Chaz <{link}whom has allowed me to post her art on this page bout freedom and removing the chains that might bind us to a different fate or destiny that we might wish for, sometime one jest has to like give up ya know and break all the chains so one can have a chance to heal and werk n themselves, break the chains that bind us to addictions and people evrn are very hard thing to do but sometimes for ones very own sanity is is the best move to make at the time,,,,and jest say WOW

so? if ur an avid reader of me ? remember the blog bout Watch It! …well this is a deeper perspective and a long bok link also, to many an answers, this for the link at the bottom of page here a definite book  for future reference i do so believe please INDULGE URSELF &  click on the pdf link an check out the


Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny




couple of kewl links fer readin’ material da’ weekend to u frum Q 🙂 Open me to the authors of this beaten path…check it out u might really get intrigued 🙂

i was! once a voice got stuck in me head 🙂 lol…..

color me kwayz i know! yep yep !

question everything till ya get to the point where ya understand and then jest become a doer and a be ir 🙂 er not!



Essence of Inhumanity by Quarksire

The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY

a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

Egoic trolls,,,,ah but beware,,,yes even u too may be or are a perceived victim er what not to what ya think and also judgementz and what u think I think! beware trolls…is what it is in this universal new time spaced paradigm here believe it er not and also for many of u who have no clue what i am talking bout and what happened in 2012 to help mankind gain syncronicity with time space and events fortold to be not to be er what not by a higher self that is beyond time and dimension…well, u believe it or not i am never going to ever force any particular belief on anyone anyhow cuz i am temporarily blinded by the light of shattered love and the existence of thet very core energy system we hold amongst our nervous systems and the body which we live within, yes everybody is not created the same, physically i am sorry to burst your bubble if’n u think so but is very true…so very accroost da’ board here with a multitude of topics all within one post-it, here we go…The human body is made up of materials and minerals found on the surface of the ground, and not from the core of the earth. Oxygen, being the most abundant element on the earth’s crust or on the ground, makes up 65 percent of the human body, and carbon, also abundant on the top soil of the ground, is 18 percent, and hydrogen is 10 percent. The 59 elements found in the human body are all found on the earths crust…an so if that is true what bout the YOU! what bout who u are? What are u made of an why? an hopw by whom er whatnot da preverbial question of mankind that hears this eternal “voice” inside his er her head! are’n’t u no more or no less than a dinosaur or a bird i must ask, well, when i fly in the air and an eagle hawk or a crow or a raven even to the little humming birds which i sure don’t wanna hit at 60 mph well, they all seem to have different personalaties and egos etc etc especially the hawk variety and sparrow hawk etc etc, they are very terratorial>sp like; lol lets twist the spell checka today, anyhow the eagle well he likes to challenge me and then show me he is a superior pilot. The hawks want to soar with ya if they are out free soaring as so do the vultures and big birds of prey is very fantastic auctually,


whenever i come acoss the big birds and we come eye to eye a communication of sorts does exist i absolutely say,,,i slow down and come to thier speed in the air ussually bout 35 er 40 er so and well they sometimes even as a gropup of 2 er 3 er more show me where to soar by in a way say follow me ,,, so i do and i find the lift right behind the buggers,,,i can see when they find a swift thermal at 100 ft per minute er so whatevr and follow them into it hear my vario beep louder and louder as i climb right behind them as they soar above me in a flock round an round i can never catch up with them and they know it unless i power up and that would not be fair so i fly their speed and follow the leader, they have been doing it {flying} more and longer then me as a whole anyhow so i learn from the birds! yep yep! the more i fly on the internet or fly in the sky the more i learn is all there is to it as the more i drive or ryde also, always sumpin’ new to learn and see if ya keep ur eyes open….! jest being part of it all whatevr it is to me is good enuff to celebrate life as a daily event for me, cuz well one never knows if they will be here tomorrow to keep on seeing this Ol’ picture show called life:),,,so anyhow enjoy it whether ur a troll or a life liver and adventurer, or a homebody or a movie goer or a band groupie or a tennis or nascar junkie,,,or a highly educated, oh but prolly the talented golfer 🙂 a or all the above whatevr ya are , my point is ya are what ya think in the end result somehow in this quandatious thing i call life,,,somehow genetics and how we think what is reality creates what is in our environment and the werlds around us, make any sense to YOU? …i know it do to me but then well,,..hmm? all U can do i guess is take it one day at a time till ya either get my drift or fly away to another werld, whatevr it is i hope ya have fun doing it, no point in anything if ya can’t relate to it in the eyes of a higher power, unless one goes bout as so many do ,,,trollz an judgemental vipers that feed offa’ all da negative perceptions they can create…as also believers in a higher power though which has a grip over their lives and judgements even if so called in the perception of love.Fear!!!! is what it is ,,,need to release from fear based dillusional thoughts before one can reccover from being addicted or victim to any one thiong from trools to alcohol to plaugerisin’ thieves etc etc,,,u know what i mean,take care an watch ur back is all i can say, can’t a change the werld if it don;t want changed but we can certainly change ourselves and the way we lewk at it ,ah but the serenity prayert, what it does to help in times of focus like these ..

Grant me the serenity to accept the things i can’t change {you} the courage to change the things i can {ME} and well, the wisdom to know the difference,,,,cuz we are only “all ONE” whence an ewhere it is at at the given moment…..monumentally speaking……….famous last werdz fer Q this afternoon 🙂


~~~~~๑❤๑~~~~~ take a gander at related postes below by quarksire if’n ur interested!

while well, some folks that were close to me , make it a POINT! to not show up er around to see what kinna negative stuff they can draw up? think up er well???well,,, ahatevr read on! er not 🙂


Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

Da’ 4th Dimension

Synchronic Sight & da 7th Sense

The MYthic Self da 5th Force

Touching Infinity Microworlds_Beyond

Cosmic Universal Law


Da’ 4th Dimension

Changing the shadows? how is that done >?

??Time what time, when? how why?

The 4th dimension, the clock, time and money being objektefied.? Whats it all bout?

It’s a seasonal thing and repetitive – over and over forevr for some

Repeating the same mistakes over and over and over…

is like some strange addiction to being stuck and a victim i guess?



check out this vid…..whats ur perceptual feedback all bout and do u believe time is money ? etc etc? do u have the philosophy of materialism or do u jest enjoy ur time and the time u have without limitation? whats ur beliefs? system in ur life pattern of continuity is ur very own choice and frum that belief alone it becomes a belief that is valid? ,,,

Believe it er NOT!!. Can u peer out to see this reality frum the 3rd dimension to the 4th er 5th?



or do u see shadows or a reality that is from where is the light cast…….Did u forget u Live in a Cage spinning through the universe?…….do u suffer from caged beliefs or shadows and believing in things that are not even auctual reality? do u know ur own mind? what the hell i am talking bout? do u get the answers u want or wish or jest percieve or fear? whats inside i say…assumptive reasoning or truth? theoretical confusion exists all over the planet, Why is this?, what are u part of? in the 4th dimension!! What is ur model of reality? is their a higher consciousn4ess? and a play at werk we need to syncronise with? er ? possibly what? read on listen up and be driven to ur choices that are correct and right for u!..i will get a bit deeper talking bout planetary elementals etc etc next time.we go here or there! Now, first – though -time to learn bout the noosphere if ya don’t know what it is.

Believe it er NOt again




RELATED! Video below is on the universality of telepathinc timespace.and ur velocity u move through it! an ur thoughts..about it well? guess thats all up to u now ain’t it !


Synchronic Sight & da 7th Sense

Universal religion is the measure of spiritual unification attained by intelligent species throughout the different world systems of this and other Galaxies. a quote by Pacal Votan..

brought to u by



Synchronic sight? & the 7th sense? sound intriguing well, read on , if ya missed out on the past ! 🙂 frum deep within the crystal conscioussness became what is YOU!..from starseed to starlight to seed again and back to you,,,believe it er not :).. yes
Consciousness is always alive and continues the nature of the holograms and the holgraph u decide to super impoose up on ur very own mind, another beliueve it er not ? .we;;…i need not explain any more ,,jest listen to what michelvec has to say bout it “the universal messengers” etc etc if ya can believe in such a thing…frum the noosphere right on down the queens road i have the depths of the deepest book from history! the lost werlds at the bottom of all things..believe it er not agaibn 🙂 .to find out many truths that exist are that we as human beings are MUCH MORE THAN % SENSES 🙂 LoL …would u believe 7? well……..would u believe in synchronic slicing,,,or even wish to know what it is at this juncture in ur life,an can ya handle it ? lol some can’t so is what it is, some can’t handle the fact that they are a simultaneous extreme being human and syncronous in many ways with the universe they live within,,,and yes folks there are many universes , we all create one also , believe it er not :).okay
So anyhow u are who u are, Now get after it and open up ur mind 🙂


Synchronic Sight – The Seventh Sense

A Telepathic Civilization


~ Pendulums ~ Crystals and Amulets ~
Toolsz of the devil!
I should say not… all a matter of what is!
based upon perception….jest as Nooogenesis is!~
the keen perceptual abilitys deep within all of us are key ingrediants
to finding out who we are?:)
Who are we?…the question from long ago that still supercedes all
questions mankind asks about life today!… today?:)!
where does intuition come from and why?
This is being typed on the forefront
without any previous thoughts except for the theory or grand conceptual point I wish to
make with this blog….
The Use of Ur own Keen Perceptual abilities are very keen and right at the fingertips of everything that u do….
The INTUIT is the one whom knows INTUITIVELY whether or not any
specific this or that is being done is the WILL!…
Ya say the Will of what! ~
Well I say the “RIGHT WILL” ~
They say where there is a will there is a way…I do so agree that if the will exhuberated and acted upon was the wrong will?
what whould happen then?
I say to all those that think they are infallable,
and the ones who think that they always make the right choice,,,”because there is no difference” they say.???
..between right and wrong” WTF
jest what do they think they are basing the illusion on?
Symptoms Or Illness ?
or symptoms to the discovery of the truth? which is it?
How u choose of course is ur own choice!,
whether or not ya choose what is right?{ the correct thing to do} is
a matter of intuition and Intelligence….
and finally choice.
Some Say Ignorance is an excuse and some say not!
….another u decide one fer me……
some say they will jest stay put and not make a decision!….
blinding themselves to the fact that to decide to make no decision at all is the werst fall of all!..
for ya still made a decision…
the decision “not to decide”
a very devastating and stagnating one for many…..
Back to the Right and wrong thing!,,,,
people keep telling me theres no difference! Bah humbug
in one sense there isn’t and another there is
life is like a living dichitomy!
I say….because if they are such a great healer and so omni-powerful…
and there was really no difference in right and wrong,
then they could quite possibly pick up this bottle of Acid
and drink it…
Wouldn’t be a problem at all for a person like that right….
I am told that whenever I Declare sumthin’ as wrong?!
that I am being Negative! and should not do that!….
and I am manifesting a negative reality….
well not in all cases…is what I am
attempting to get at here….
…..and that negative becomes a positive force!
….to keep ya safe from harm.
Natures safer way to Heal the un-intelligent
is to jest give em Intuition….!
The Intuitive mind and the questioning thinker are always the ones that ending up protecting the others…
whom are the others? welp, they are the others whom are ignorant, cuz they are blinded, not by the light but by the lack of knowledge they are sent by the media….and the mis-construed knowledge they are asked to lay upon the masses to get them to react in a certain way, ussually preying upon the fear of the indivuiduals to be what makes theinstant decision to drink the acid for a change?
….not knowing that drinking it will be instant death….
for thier body!…..
Anyone get the drift of what I am attempting to say here!?…..
right vs wrong and yes vs no?
some believe in truth verses lies
some believe in fact verses fallacy?
all based upon
putting out to recieve the answer they desire
and the way they wish to see it
correct or not!
it is
all a matter of perception!
finally a matter
of ur choice!

as Transcendence is also a choice or not!

& thought fer da day! Ya Know!
85 people control more wealth than half of the human population of the earth


The Return of Telepathic Civilization 5.12