Bill clintons shady meeting with loretta Lynch

Optical Collusion yes indeed Justice yeah right? ha 🙂 what a joke…


stretchin it out till after the election…state dept. expects 27 months before they can releasse any information…can we stretch timelines anymore folks….she married a rapist an he became president, she tried to become a attorney once upon a time to fail at that…an so many other falsities an stories…

Did lorretta make a bad judgement call, well i think so , to the max degree, of corrupting a system that was set up to prosecute guilty people for crimes they commit, an well lewk what happens now…

Insanity at it’s best the way i see it…Does any of it matter??well, ?

watch optical  Collusion!

an see what u think U tell me :)…

till then, have a splendid one!

… Q …


Bill clintons shady meeting with loretta Lynch

Donald Trump reacts to FBI’s Clinton decision

Quarksire’s Main News Sources

“Americans might flinch at the idea that US politics has anything in common with the Philippines or Russia,” Gideon Rachman, a columnist for the Financial Times writes in a recent piece. “But, in fact!


Trump exhibits many of the characteristics of the current crop of strongman leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, Narendra Modi, Viktor Orban and Rodrigo Duterte.”… is what it is HUH! ? well,
~~Sumtimes it is jest quality of research; sumtimes it has to be Quantified 🙂 Sumtimes it has to be Qualified…any way ya lewk at the Quasicle Quantatative analysis an Quantific calculations, well then one might see a different kinna Quality that becomes of thier thoughts they thought once Queer! in da Quinky dinkie Werld of Q; well sumetimes ya never know what one might find!

all dis cuz someone asked me “where do u get ur news?:”
where do i get my news??? well sumtimes yahoo when it’s a good article….OMG???or a WTF?
Then @ other times i jest like well, end up seeing the news of the TIMES 🙂
+++________ ++++
There are quite a few writers that are in the Publik ^ arena an up front that post in the wordpress community here, an across da’ werld. Exploring i find places i prefer to follow for the news in my reader, i follow so many now that my reader is always active 24/7 with both readers, followers an those i also follow. So when i get tired of the news on the net, i go to WORDPRESS where the REAL DEAL IS! it’s at this incredible site that connects the world an it’s readers, an is bot free, safe an secure to travel bout.

I have to hand it to the wordpress guys an gals for picking up where yahoo 360 an multiply left off …A good amount of my followers here because i did not change my nickname found me over here, those that did thanks a lot for following me over here…I check in an see my stats page daily an is amazing how many different locations on the planet come visit what i have to say an share 🙂 Quite a unique group of folks also, some are so very cool to me – very seldom do i get trollz er what not..But a lot of my followers have a lot in common with me in one way or anotehr an vice a versa for me to follow them back. I find wordpress more serious than FacEBewk


dis’ pic frum

Reason why i went off on this tangent today is because someone joked to me that these “PEOPLE” on the internet! can’t be ur “REAL FRIENDS” well i had to laugh , when i was questioned to how many of u i had face to face met. Any how this is the point, like when i was owner of a regularly visited always 24/7 chat room once upon a time, i shall have to differ! in many ways…….There are many people with nicknames i shall not mention here that have a place in my heart, some of them i know i have nevr met. But I have read thousands of blogs that go back over years upon years, of theirs an well after following their travels for so long, very much so u do “get to know” the “real sum one” sumtimes even more like than in real life also because many would prefer to share when there is a wall of the internet an their keyboard betweenst them an the ones that ar chatting with talking with or debating with etc etc….So – anyhow because of common interest whatevr,  it might be things like that an this bring people together on a scale that they had never before experienced. .I have several friends that are an were acquaintances on the internet. Several that well, jest check in every now an again to make sure we know we still think of each other, is kinna kewl. have never met them in person but some have video chatted with george jetson style lol…an other frum my web pages or me theirs, an started frum there an then chatting on phone also etc etc, eventually as anyone else on the planet this acquaintance holds a mark in ur psyche’ an mind an sumtimes in ur daily lives. Some folks live for their photography, an other for their perspective etc etc an other for both or all of the above…everyone has a different story..yes indeed…
different wordpress pages i follow in my reader…

Those above are jest a sample of a few that come across my reader as the day rolls along an posters post…so is where i get a lot of my news yes indeed, then on top of that well i follow most of the followers that follow me also so whenever they do. a post it it shows up in my reader frum somewhere in the world, someplace different with a new or different or even similar topic…The wordpress Worldwide Weekly Photo challenge has become something all in itself now, with a great community of people.up to 1000 entries some weeks…all different but having fun in one way or another in the arena o the weekly challenges, posting pics frum all round the werld an also different ideas an cultures that are shared is a great blessing, that when i grew up you could not experience without going there, well now u can go there on the internet…is amazing truly…
One day i was playing yahoo pool…when the yahoo pool game was really kewl; an had its chat at the bottom also…u could play anyone that came round to play in ur room er whatnot er vice a versa, haven’t been there in ages but …one afternoon i was playing with this guy with a nic gizmo…an he was good, we played several games before he had to break fer a sec…ah possible enemy sniper fire..he says false alarm..lets keep playing… well as it turns out as we played an chatted he was underneath a tank in Afghanistan! with his laptop.part {a mine patrol searching for iud’s ied’s etc etc an bombs planted in the roadways}……playing pool with me in the usa…we played an talked for almost an hour till our connection got severed..So anyhow a year er so later i had him visit me at my web site an thank me fer the fun afternoon way back when……I have had a few different people frum round the world connect with me thata way the flying an car community an thru my ebay sales amazing who ya meet cuza this ol internet is my point of the day!!!!….so who says they are not or can’t be ur friend???whomever it is ya are relating to on the internet,if everything is truly quantumly connected then well every good connection is “meant to be” for one reason er another…the way i see it….cuz i never know what kinna weather or people will come in to my life Going with the flow now an not having to be slave to someone else is an important thing in life 2 me now.such a release! yeahhhhhaaaa. makes me wanna go jump off da’ cliff in my frt yard!!


….hopefully soon i will finish my summer restore of my wing an trike cables etc etc…replace all pins etc etc,,,for a new season of flying ahead…Balloons were out every day this past week almost so flying is great in the early am before all the clouds build up an kick ya outa the air lol…


The Life Of Donald Trump an Interesting video


I think dis pic is halarious an might possibly show da state of mind lol… and I don’t think This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected but thats the title of the vid…

Although it is a perty interesting watch bout the life an times of sir’ donald trump. his bid fer da’ election – his viewpoints- an whys- what he knows an what he don’t know!.

I watched this vid an found it to be very entertaining an i learnt a few new tidbits also…, even though i am not a political site here it is nice to be informed by truthful an honorable journalism. I can appreciate a production like this…whether i am voting fer donald trump er donald duck er bernie…either way ..I can only hope whomever it is that becomes not a warmonger!


dats a lot fer


Jest a bita history is all all i can say is be an educated voter! an not a predjudice one…that for starters might help this country out…for all u lbgt people watch it! if ya dare, he is on ur side!

“believe it er not!”..




.also is his true viewpoint on the orlando nightclub an what he really thinks bout the pride community..whether u agree with the lifestyle er not i think he is right on bout the fact that we should have freedom of thats a fact that is right on!…my best friend is a Somalian refugee who was illegally transported an trafficked to the usa, molested an raped years ago on her trip to the usa, had a child as a result… well, she is pro- trump so go figure ok! she likes his immigration policy ideas also, so go figure! studying usa law! she is an the english language, been round da werld a bit, frum africa to usa, an knows 4 languages..!!she is anti radical islam! Prefers to be thought of as  “christian” in thought form also instead of the Moslem way…an she thinks he has it together in what he has to say!! also trump is pro guns! an she is anti violence an says we should able able to keep our guns! even though her middle name is mohammad. She likes trumps viewpoints on human rights etc etc! an laughs at the fact that he refuses to be politically correct! lol..if ur really bored or interested watch the related vid at the bottom the trump barb walters interview…

over an out frum da Q




as donald would say ! lol my laugh fer da day! he don’t care whatevr is fair is fair!

Trump Barbara Walters Interview

Although i am not a politically oriented website, i still felt i should give my readers a chance to decide for themselves what the TRUTH is…


Personally i hope the people this man is talking an speaking against don’t somehow find a way to take him out of the picture…after you see this interview u might agree…Truly amazing how the media slams a person with so many great qualities an character also, i do not think that there really has been a candidate like him in a long time that was not hooked into the oil barons an the new werld order an the money…so watch if ya wish don’t if ya are not interested, if u are a voter i suggest u watch!…Take care .over an out frum da Q Should title this blog post the time is NOW! an put it in the now post it at wordpress weekly photo challenge , but well i don’;t have any pics i have taken myself now of mr trump …so,will do another post for “now” laters….have been buried under lotsa snow here still digging out. :0 have a great one everyone till next post it bout Now…Manana………


Donald Trump responds to his critics

it’s kinna biased but  is werth watching concerning the same subjekt 🙂 tada 🙂 over an out frum Q