CounSOULing Fearzzzzzzzzzzz

…………CounSOULing Fearzzzzzzzzzzz ……

12-12-2014 by quarksire


Frum years of counSOULing others for alcohol an drug addiction
i learn many things bout myself as a counselor, not to be a hypocrite – Practice what i preach – do as i say an say as i do, mean what i say an say what i mean!
an to live life to the fullest at every extent with indubitable courage. To practice what i preach is firstly most important, cuz what i see in others , well is only because i am able to find that same Dis-ease in myself 🙂 or have experienced it an got rid of it.,,, for we all reflect the truth back an forth from one another; or lies depending upon perception an the game of life being played. Because i have experienced it i can see it easy in others also! i also have to keep realizing. I Laugh a lot at these well educated! teachers an counSOULers that are drug abuse counsolers an or alcohol counselors an have never drank or used drugs? Is crazy the way i see it cuz these guys in town are so ignorant bout the DIS-EASE which they are counseling the person for…How can ya teach anyone something bout something if ya have never experienced it? i really wunder ? oh “i read it in college” wow great, if they never done it how do they have any clue how it feels or how the recovering or using client feels? an i also see many whom so to say “hide the bottle” or whatevr it might be they are addicted to, frum the other…an lie by deception for months on end only to find when they die the “STASH” they had that kept em going “RIGHT up an to THE END”
One of the main things i attempt to teach my friends that complain a lot an don’t have it together in their lives or are locked into a belief system or lifestyle they cannot get out of. Whether that is, frum believing that a God is “out there!” somewhere… or to believe in fear over love, or to be co-dependently unhealthy in releationships with others also. Dishonst…? i call it
HOnestly dishonest!…
Or sometimes i deal with the addict in denial, for weeks on end in many different scenarios and situations that need a solution in their mind before thay can move forward in life. They get stuck in their own victimization of their own mind and if they do not attend to the addiction before it gets a grip on their life ; even a lightweight addiction, even an overdose of something “good” like over meditating ! yep yep , can be hazardous for ur health. I say yep yep, even too much light can be a serious thing in ones life enuff to make one seriously ill in “BODY”.is really all bout balance in all areas… but well for we are not of this body but a cosmic light being inside really, an if people realize there is a subatomic werld that governs in a way how their whole life werks based on their responses and RE-ACTing to certain situations thrown at ya in life. i feel that if it is not good for ya in the end, it is something addictive personalities have to take a good look at, whatevr it is…….
Theres are old adages when i was younger that all the enablers in the bars an what not used to say; ” IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT! ” & ” too much is NOT ENUFF ” …. well shortly into an alcohol and or drug addiction that is outa control. {usually within a few years} the character of the ego an person changes, an they become blind even to their own actions and talk whilst under the influence. I see alcohol a LOT take young people who were soul mates an meant for each other etc etc. an eventually after a 3-4-er 5 year stint destroy the marriage and the family structure all around that also. If both people in a relationship are drinking an drugging “together” well, i have seen in the end that either they grow through the dis-ease of over use, an learn how to handle it or they totally go out of control and loose their lively hoods an all they own possibly before they hit rock bottom, an have to start all over. Some of the rock bottom ers! nevr recover also because of the mental destruction of the substance they abused, depending upon what the substance is is the answer to what the effects in the end will be,, for instance if ya are a speed head for many years, eventually u will end up being a neurotic wreck an possibly UNREPAIRABLE damage also, for it shortens the nerve endings at the bone connections throughout the body, which makes them not able to communicate very with with the adjoining limbs. This shortening of the nerves due to certain HYper substances that increase nerve communication for a time being, after a certain amount of degeneration is Usually NEVER repairable….Although with prayer hard werk a lotta walks an exercise it is possible to repair all these things i believe….. …
Point of the post here for the day is bout whether a person is repairable or not, after they have had certain afflictions of addiction,,,,i call it the ADDICTION AFFLICTION, for see everyone on the planet is ADDICTED to a certain group of things that make them whole in a way! In the ARAMAIC bible before KING JAMES f_cked with it , it said brethern chooose ur rackma<sp> wisely !…. they translated in king james to “choose ur friends wisely” an as a result lost it MEANING THAT IT WAS!… for what it really mean was Rakma<sp> = Habits……… It mean originally for to choose ur habits wisely, an in addendum it said we only had so much room for so many habits, so choose em wisely… for the habits u choose for ur life shall be the habits u live ur life for!
I know some folks throughout my life ; they suffer frum “NOT ENUFFITIS!” an “ME-ITIS” very beautifully charged people whom on the outside are bright loving wunderful and smiling individuals…but deep down are very selfish hearts an hurt people inside, they always need a reflection for the negative side an a person to blame it on an say it is their fault! an usually they are a victim to their own ego winning the war over the mind!….They “THINK” they are happy joyous and free, with their things that they got over the years by always using the next best person with the most for their own advantage, without regard to whom they hurt , they make excuses an blame it on the other party, all of the crazy actions of neglect abuse or irresponsible denial etc etc whatever it might be this particular week, every week the story will change, there will be a new victim, an another person hurt on by the selfish ways of people like this, an they don’t really have a clue because their ego say HA HA i know ME i know i am,they say! purfekt i am lewk @ me {an really they are not} ,,,an the negativity is U not me …that is why i am going to deny u an neglect U ya see…well isn’t that crazy the way i see it to make up excuses to neglect or deny others,,, an also excuses to actually take from others in one way or another an more than was giving spiritually and or monetarily ,,,either way is in a way criminal for minds to betray an deceive others for their own selfish reason of habits that are not in check…Some People are used to Being the “VICTIM” for many years… they seem to put themselves into the position to be the Victim all the time so they have someone to blame for the position that are in!…a living dichotomy of sorts is the divine dichotomy of opposites that exists in everything that exists practically, the way I see it.
Those who can see both sides of the mind at all times when they think an cannot distinguish from whether it is the positive system of love or the negative thought system of fear ruling their lives…..Science calls these kinna folks BI-POLAR…..
To me a Bi-polar person is simply a person that has mistaken the stimulus for the mechanisms in lifes doings…. In other words there are 2 ways to look at everything ,,it is what I believe to be the divine dichotomy…of though,,an which side we choose to focus upon is what makes us whom we are as a personality… if we choose to focus on the fear based side of thought the negative outcome it will prevail,,,an vice a versa,,,but well always focusing on the positive side of reality is the correct way to be if utr partner is not alike an kind an does not focus on the good but always on the bad an perceives thoughts of naught even {thoughts never even dreampt up let alone thought up} ….well there can be serious results an problems as a result.
Where there is no presence of love but only fear is but a sick mind.
For a Darkened mind in this negative fear based lie based state of loving that more than love itself, well, in the end the dark mind will sabotage itself plus the relationships it is affecting without honor an truth at hand all else fails…for then they hide in fear of making retribution an reconciliation for the wrongs they have done , many jest sweep em under the rug to pull out some rainy day….when hungry for pain they so do seek subconsciously from someone somehow…
So, I say if the light of their perceptual reality goes out then it is time to put the foot on the brakes to all the hostility an fear visible an invisible,,, for a fear based mind is NOT A SANE MIND!
Time to make a Choice I’d say for some
Love life or Fear Life
Ur choice
Which is it gonna be?
As u live in dis’
Divine Dichotomy

Thinketh before talking – say what ya mean- mean what ya say an don’t be mean! & practice what ya preach, if ya can talk the talk – be sure u can walk the walk!
Bottom Line is; can’t fix another if they don’t wanna fix themselves  sad but true
……..FACT: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,
Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity

All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn
that you are not the self you perceive yourself to be.

Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can journey beyond all limitations.and the of words!

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition….

within disertations of and through this space this time:)…So…..

Time,,,,is an Eternity, Eternity – Limitless……..dichitomys? noway?

have a splendid day .either way! I say!

Over an out frum da’ Q



Mikeys Empty Room with Da’ Mindcrimes

Quarksire’s Operation Mindcrime in Mikeys Empty Rewm



My empty Room ! the night she died 😦 an ever since i been cryin’
2001 a space oddessy it was….as she lied there on the floor….
every day goes by ,,,i rememebr more and more…….
Is a cryin shame; Death that is when love is left apart; holding a cold hand.
Rolled her over cold ya know; her soul entered me; did not want to let go
evry time i see things i see; i see things that remind me of her
like memories wrapped round my throat;
i seen her for months inside me;
till she one day so gracefully; left me;
told me to go find and seek the eyes of a
loving stranger
i tapped memories beyond this time as a result of her
and my day of future passed and the dayz she lived inside me
In a weird way; well she’ll always be inside me
as i stare off my mountaintop where we should have
landed together here and me
now she became a bird so free
and went off into the universe to find a new destiny
although she was proud to have known me
and Will come to my side whenever i call her, soulfully,as she come to me in this silence, in my empty rewm, no speep today – i can’t pretend

even if i do have the eyes of a stranger with me
she was then always…jest lewking back at me….
here alone in my Empty Room….i sit an ponder?
What justice was in this fer her an me??i wunder now,,what universal justice…
Growing old,,,one day closer to seeing her once again
– Universes so mightingly willing -willing on this still chilly morning
i lewk back on thee,,,,and still see here
sitting on that hilltop with me.telling me…days before….
No matter what happenz mikey – I’ll always be over ur shoulder
watching .yes watching…..over YOu .over YOU!..
Ur free,i’m i’ll always be with thee..Jest call on me
Says my Angel so dear when i call upon thee..
She everlastingly tells me
,,,remember my name,,,
an never forget me
,,,….Dear …..Q….
Through and through Eternity
I shall see u In Infinity
Indifinitely – Intensely – effervessently – Equally –
One day again We Shall become ONE…
She told me……….
The Night before she died~~~~~
so now i Sit here …
in this Empty room , all in all out
I hear her voice even sumtimes flying in the wind
I lewk ,,no ones round,,in this empty room or about iwhilst in da’ air
she Keeps me there…
Always telling me…..
She might even one day be there…..
In the eyes of a stranger
once again years after seeing the mind,,,in this mt rewm well,,,destiny still has this holy charge for theee……no matter what where who or when i play the rest of my life out,,jest one of many angels voices i can call upon to myself through-out all of eternity,,the way i see it the quarked way now,,in the quasicle, quintiscent werld of Q

believe it er not poem frum Q…about Q an Once 4 evr an angel, an once said,yes widowed for life….Go find a new wife! after me she said, so to this day i am still ,,in My empty rewm!…….

Frum a true story of a heart torn apart,,by alcohol, drugz , and Insanity! in 2001 ,,,Quarks Space Oddessey …he’s been on evr since,,,knowing new better different realities…..besides my physical hereditary disease…I still of the realities, of the past, war, pain, and tragedies,,that have happened to thee over a lifetime of watching people’s die but having them 4 evr on ur mind…holding onto and keeping forgiveness….an realizing …….
of keeness, in perception and an overwhelming reality, that we are quantum in nature and once we know we might never forget that truth,,,an for me well thats something to Live for ,and also something to be willing to die for one can alwways be re-born to live again.One truth .one forever destiny, for all and all ya see..ok over an out frum Q
Hope all who follow me ….reach their very own personal Destiny – Yes there is a reason for all things..if nuting else an education to me ,,,those gone are my teachers,to the fact that what will be will be ,,,can’t control people places and things, but graciouslu accept and honor all that is offered to theee,,and to the very best one can.and be the very best man one can ,be…tillll death becomes over me;evry time i think im over it i have memories that remind me of U angel..lewkin back at me!

Above disertation by Quarksire aka Mikey in Colorado

13 years after 2001 a spaced out tragedy for Q

PS: YA DON’t Jest Die , as sheri tells me ya simply change ur adress,,in this place and time of universal 4 evr mind

even if it was a mindcrime – the way it turnt out fer me..perceptively

forgiveness has to rule # 1

Queensrÿche Lyrics below…….to the song that keeps her voice alive 4 evr in my head…
some angels voices ya will recgonize yes in eternity and heaven er wherever ya go 4 evr i do so believe……correct me if im wrong lol….ok once again over an out frum Q

jest another part of me eternal destiny!





Empty room today
And here I sit
Chalk outline upon the wall
I remember tracing it
A thousand times, the night she died.
Why? [why? ]
Theres no sleep today, I cant pretend
When all my dreams are crimes
I cant stand facing them
Now who will come
To wash away my sins
Clean my room, fix my meals
Be my friend?

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Geoff Tate – vocals
Michael Wilton – guitars
Mike Stone – guitars, vocals
Eddie Jackson – bass guitar, vocals
Scott Rockenfield – drums

Miranda Tate – backing vocals on “The Hands”
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals on “The Chase”

Half a Wish More

Q-Bird Say 2 Day
Jest a Half a wish an a wish fer morre :)….

Kinna evens out da’ score when ur havin one of them thinkin dayz!…

well my Julie was dis’ day an i got a shot of the intensity of the moment of ponderence upon da day!


above Quarked Photo { A Sad Day Fer Julie} i used asa 64 slide film and ya can clearly see the difference in the clarity and all 🙂

Bein’ careful of what i wish for , cuz well i jest might get it sumday.seems to be the only unsure thing that becomes sure now these fine dayz……..king of nothing i am, an king of all i am I AM 🙂 ,,off to never never land one day i am yes i am, an will be….is all there is to it, a fact to accept as a reality and move on with life one day at a time 🙂 ….to stress bout the fact of the matterz such as this well, will jest postulate and help make that dream also come true @ a closer time than one might think, so bless this day forgive this day , move forward without hesitation and enjoy every minute one has, cuz it might jest be the last minute one has, an who wants to move forward without the last minute being the best minute it could have been, is all a matter of perception ya see RIGHT! ,,,ok right on have a splendid eve er day, to one an all frum da Q

so for today: A Gewd Thought a Day Keeps Da doctor away!

where “CRASHIN’ is Not an Option!”

Make the best of ur DAY!

Keepin it Simple in Q’s Werld

Call Me Cloud

Call me cloud
Final fantasy VII – wish you were here (love story)
Last Moments;……….Wish u were here,,,,,

Nope not a Floyd blog,,,but well those that know me personally know i have held 3 of the dearest people in my life i have ever known loved and lost as cloud holds his in this video,
Held them in my arms with them not having any “breath” after “bodily “death”..prolly saddest thing to me i’ve had to have done.also possibly the most enlightening!….Well,  wishes can be wished all ya want but well, 2 of those times i was late to my destination and or it might not have evr happened, so i have held guilt for many years over it… can’t bring back anything but memories to this life, is why i strive forward in an attempt to move forward without hesitation and get on with life, best thing one can do the way i see it, will jest have to find a way to put in proper perspective for all the folks that come into my life what is real and what is not, those that have a crazy imagination or haven’t grown up enuff to respect my life well, i can’t do anything to save them, i jest have to move forward and pray for them no matter how much i love them. Because i have judged and do not agree with thier version of love does not mean it is right or wrong is jest what it is ,,,another last moments award for mikey!..cept this one is still alive……..So, Point is LAst Moments.,, well important to some not so important to others. I jest want my last moments to be moments to appreciate instead of hate!….good not bad note how we go out ya see, well some of us don’t have any choice, and some of us even have out lived our time,,

becaused we loved !,maybe again and again to stay alive,

so if we are always loving at everything we do then when that magical moment happens,

at least we know, we were doing the very best we could do!
i am a firm believer love helps one stay alive yes it does and lack of well does the opposite…and that the holy spirit we are does not die either* believe it er not* for i now have prooff…thank u higher order of thingz:).
an i know the video well, is jest a game an animation, and is mixed together from two different games with cloud and tifa/aeris/aerith ..etc etc,, this vid is, those who know well, don’t knock it is jest a game right and how ya play it is what counts in the end, not in how ya mix it up, even if it does get mixed up, the outcome in the end right before the end is whats important to me:) after whats mixed is thouroughly be it:)… LIFE THAT IS !  the way i see it!,,,no matter who ya are:).,Was told recently Reason for everything mikey!,,well i am glad that person has it all figured out , cuz well, i still don’t have a clue, My god told me to come here to have fun… enuffffff,,,frum da eyes of Q @ 3 am

heres to u whomever u are wherever u be,an also, if u know a better way through, jest drop me a line 🙂 would love to hear frum U.,,Till then…make the best of ur night er day , cuz well, ya never know….

..enjoy,…y’….. namaste’ …..2 u frum….



is what it is,,So, enjoy every day as if it was ur last over and out…an don’t let the werld or anyone else get ya down as hard as it sounds……. .Q……Aka Snow Covered Colorado :)……..
PS; nice to have a phone back :)… 🙂 ……


Windy Ways


~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance? Quark says: Paraglide fer Fun Quarksire does Colorado to Peru…whoohoo! Windy ways are jest another way fer a wayward mind, as boredom an 2 cupsa coffe this am allowed time to share a bit of Entertainment as my catogory for what i percieve as entertaining to be grows, so nevrthe less hope u find some of my vids entertaining also.…this am was an inch of snow on da ground but is bout melted now and time to get out an around before the ground goes to the night and it freezes once again, a day fer car repairs an firewood in colorado fer da Q….Puttin Snow Skiis on me trike for the winter here hoping to go out and soar above the winter playground here in pagosa springs. Enjoy ur day er eve…if ur stuck inside like i was this am, keepin da’ ol’ environment warm, and or bored , check out Q-Tube Namaste’ 2 U frum Q 🙂 if ya have a youtube acct leave me a comment and share ur page with me here also…at a later time i shall do a post to honor my top bloggers i read that have made a great impact on my life one way or another. Ans some of the top thingz! that have had an impact on me life also, we are also  different i love reading out others also 🙂 So? 🙂  Till then take care,,,Q aka Mike in Pagosa…….In da Wundurful rockies!! 🙂 an no, i don’t spend all my time in frt of the computer but well hen ya live where i do ya do what ya got to fer linking to the werld and Entertainment once again, I like to do blogs that are Educational and enlightening and might be integral to their life in some way to show em a better way, cuz thats what were all lewkin fer every day the way i see it , that ol home improvement thing hard at werk here anyways and my grandma would alway say: “anyways aint a werd mikey neither is aint” , so ever since well i like the twisted english language and twisting it round a bit also fer fun:) i do not have tv so i utilize Q-tube as much as i can, as much as my bandwidth will allow being up on satallite connection for my connect since i be way up in the hills..but way better than the crawl of dial up which used to be the werld LoL..what a trip..huh Have come a long way BB auctually,,,even though i don’t really go that far, but well, lewking forward to gettin out to see more of earth as when $ an time allows, anyhow till later, today manana er whenevr i get back to it Peace out~oh an PS: yep… come Fly or Ryde with Q anytime if’n ya dare to, “) chow! can ring me anytime on me yahoo mess in ger LoL as my nick is also quarksire there so is email but i don’t want the s p a m or even like to eat it LoL so well i don’t post it here. So, agin dare to soar with Q why don’t ya , ya only live in this incarnation once! ya feel better anyhow gaurnteed when ya get ur feet back on the ground as great as it is LoL 🙂

Mission Frum God



HIT IT ! “


Q is always on a mission frum god of sorts,

as things get sorted er not:) Image

So Have “No Fear”  & no more tears ! year after year …now…have a fun day whatevr ya do!



So have no fear nor belief in creation by fear either, as one goes about their day, for to fail well for me is to learn, and then only to get up once again , and get on with it whatevr it is, a mission frum god er whatever it be 🙂 it is what it is, winter is coming, get preppared, for preparedness is a key to being half comfortable in a time in need, so is a matter of perception that makes ones day what it is, shall i not allow selfish “fears” {false evidence appearing real} rule my day, but rather go about it knowing that which is EVIL{opposite of live}….shall be cast out for the LIVE ~


when ur on a mission frum god! remember who u are! life after loops LoL 

Have a splendid day!


Lightning has Struck

The perfect halo
Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against
The planet’s last dance

~NOW, ~I have had a couple of people on my mind for a couple weeks now ,since i had learned of them getting struck down by lightning. They were on their second honeymoon sitting on top of a nice spot to rest after a hike to the lookout, there was a storm brewing and lightning possing all round, they werk killed instantly upon impact, and well since i live in a lightning riden area, where riding the lightning storms can be an every day event for a few months a year during moonsoon season. I wanted to share a post bout Lightning, and its dangers,,,,,,The couple and i did not get their names, was sitting right here on this lovely spot to sit after a hike to the top, watch out folks………..ok…………cuz…well…… might end up being UR ETERNITy, it was thiers , forver together, they broke all chains with the werld they did in an instant. how sad an unlucky,,,,,all ENERGY!4 ever cuz they sat down to take a break and enjoy the wunderful cloudz.

 An estimated 24,000 people are killed by lightning strikes around the world each year and about 240,000 are injured.

Lightning struck and killed 238 people in the U.S.

, A total of 173 sheep were killed almost instantaneously on Tuesday when lightning struck a mountainous area in the Hoboksar Mongolian autonomous county in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.


An 18-year-old Mongolian herder recalled the incident as “a nightmare”.

“It started raining heavily at midnight and it hailed at around 1 pm. I was very scared and had to hide in the yurt nearby. After the lightning split the sky, the sheep outside bleated and they all died,” Alten Bagen said on Thursday.

The tightly packed sheep were sheltering from the rain under a pine tree, which acted as a conductor for the electricity.

In addition, 30 sheep were carried away by floods, Bagen said.

Bagen’s father, an experienced herder, was away in the mountains looking after their horses when the accident happened.

“A smell of burned meat filled the air. If I had been here, it wouldn’t have happened,” the 42-year-old herder said. “The animals were the only source of income for our family of four.”

Father and son collected the skins of the sheep, and buried the bodies.

“I’ll sell the skins and will make some money. But we can’t eat the meat because of our religious beliefs,” the father said.

Jangeq Chafu, a local herding technician, said it’s common for livestock to get killed by lightning in the summertime, but this was the first time that so many sheep were killed at once.

“The young man doesn’t have enough experience. He doesn’t know how to cope with thunderstorms in mountainous areas,” said Chafu. “It’s dangerous for sheep to shelter under trees.”

However, Chafu also said that it is sometimes difficult to help livestock escape from lightning.

“The pastures here are in a mountainous area. Locals are used to herding sheep on the mountainside in the summer. They take their yurts and live with the herds. When lightning strikes, the herder can hide in his yurt, but the animals have no place to hide,” said Chafu.

“The sheep’s wool also generates lots of static electricity, which may make them more vulnerable to lightning,” he added.

Chafu said that the government should install lightning rods on mountain peaks.

Fifty-three pigs were killed on July 5 when lightning hit the roof of a barn in a suburb of Shenzhen, South China’s Guangdong province.

The pig farmer, surnamed Chen, said the pigs were sleeping after their meals when lightning struck.

“After a streak of blue light flashed by, I heard the pigs scream. Then they were silent,” she said.

The neighbors said that the ears, nostrils and mouths of most animals were bleeding, and that their bodies had traces of burns and a slight burned smell. The only pig alive had a broken rear leg and struggled to stand up, but couldn’t.

“The simplest way to prevent lightning in high places is to install a lightning rod,” said weatherman Yao Chuping, who has worked in the field for more than 20 years.

~~~a share a song by snow patrol~~~

~ “the lightning strike” ~
What if this storm ends?
And I don’t see you
As you are now
Ever again

The perfect halo
Of gold hair and lightning
Sets you off against
The planet’s last dance

Just for a minute
The silver forked sky
Lit you up like a star
That I will follow

Now it’s found us
Like I have found you
I don’t want to run
Just overwhelm me
quark sire: What if this storm ends?
And leaves us nothing
Except a memory
A distant echo

I want pinned down
I want unsettled
Rattle cage after cage
Until my blood boils

I want to see you
As you are now
Every single day
That I am living

Painted in flames
All peeling thunder
Be the lightning in me
That strikes relentless


but i did get a pic of my lightning dude! that chases me round a lot lol…

so enjoy an be safe an watch it ,,,an watch out fer lightning when it be round,,,,,

namaste 2 u frum


Eternal Realizations

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition

from one sentence> comes realizations bout realizations….

do they matter?

When it’s time to deal with this reality one might say!


it’s time 2 deal with it!


enuff is enuff!

in one sense this might be nonsense this time lol

and in another it might make some


I used to say the following a lot,

“a realization a day keeps the doctor away”

now I often wonder what the realizations matter…?

once ya have surpassed what ya have to learn bout time?

and matter and analysis, and perception,

and the mind of the god u believe in er not?

so lets go roundy round here with q this time:) if ya got the time?

Time is a Limitation, Eternity is Limitless, eternity has no definition…can only be destorted in thought nt reality..

within disertations of and through this space this time:)…So…..said when done….

Time,,,,is an Eternity, Eternity – Limitless……..dichitomys? noway:)

FACT is: Time is a limitation, eternity is limitless. Time stands within and
functions through its definition,
Eternity adheres to no
definition in its infinity
. All that you experience within this form
has been allowed for your to be able to learn,. It has been placed forth simply so that you can learn
that you are not the self you perceive yourself to be. Therefore its tools, as limited as they are, have been made useful so we can

journey beyond all limitations.and the of words!

is anything absolute and does it really matter? this time?

so what bout the limitations of time this time…and how shall we react to the future or the past or the future past?…i wonder if one concerns themselves with what came first or what came last? Wonder where thier analytical conceptual ideas are now…this time around? those concepts are not a pre requisite for my knowing or not knowing:)…for no matter what happens within one’s life ya cannot learn the concepts or “presence” of peace…in ur life through right understanding alone.  Cannot know or learn what true authentic love is either from jest the knowledge without the experience of it:)…Do ya think there will be a test where all of the conceptual one way beliefs will be evaluated for u to judge or to be judged uponst? I think not!

will it matter in a hundred years?   

answer : unknownst to me that one is!

Should I or we concern ourselves with memorizing all the phrases givin to live by?…for these practices mean nothin to me<.or u either in the log run..wondering where the true desire lies? to invest onself deep within words, definitions, and concepts is that of ones own choice and space and place…not my place…I have gone far enough beyond now that I choose to jest “be it” to jest “do it” and enjoy it while i can:) whatever it is…in whatever time and place and space…make the best of this place I can is all i can do…this time around:)…while ya gotz time!

will it really matter in a hundred years er less?

so words rule and words gain,,,and words can cause pain?…but what about time …do the words remain????for beyond all conceptual thinking this time I know that there resides a “peace”..and a place..beyond ideas of definition is this place and this space where there is Peace and Serenity… matter what is happening in ones life i do so believe…ya can see this place and space foretold:)

even if on feels like a pebble on the sea bed of rocks bigger an better than they?!


^^ jest a pic from the frt yard here ^^^

well nonsense …or no sense at all this time…is what it is bout…eternity……and how ya want to feel this time:) this is the moment , year, and day…this is the time to sense who we really are…not to limit oneself by beliefs and other’s directions,,, but to find a road of our own, the road to peace..which is so seldom found by so few in this world today!…..for many have so many obstacles to peace of mind within thier own mind……….the  obstacles to peace there fore is these concepts and values that are clung to so tightly as so to keep from percieving peace but to be always searching for it

OUT THERE? somewhere? ,e jest a pebble in da sea of rocks larger than life.


ERE? somewhere?

when it’s in there!…………..okay I lost it at the rondeveus point ..but i think ya understand this place in ur space where time and eternity become one and concepts and theology and religions are thrown right out the window!:)

~ it’s auctually so very simple ya know ~



Then I said  no way:)

BUT?/AND so! ~ now i know:)

Time is of essence….I was told

…… no way! ~ not this time:)…but whats true seems to be true again….

So proudly I wait and stand beside u:) whomever U are:) releasing all the obstacles in the mind this time

I radiate peace and stand beside U…without belief but the knowledge of just “knowing” I AM who and What I AM:)


U are as special as ya are …forever and forever…for an eternity!

Much Love and Peace sent to U this day:)!

for this prolly won’t be the only time either lol:)

sumtimez is jest a repeat of the all….

fer questions and answers to be in the same sentence is a living dichitomy…yeppurs, it sure is!…………

believe it er not!

Jest a little Part of the quazicle werld of Q

Q…aka mike in da rocky mtns. in colorado……

WoW Moments

Another layt night and just soaking at the Pagosa Hot Springz and checking my e-mails….whew.First thingz First:)

A wow Moment {WISH ONLY WELL!}and a long blog to follow concerning the topics of Passion to Trust to WoW!Image

^^^ from 300 feet above ground @ sunset over Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Quarksire ^^^

…..had a wild couple of weeks….got a few kewl stories to tell when i get more time on line here….bout animals and men and women alike lol.and yes i am still in love,:)…not to change prolly till the day i die jest grow greater and greater:) all my loves and my life that is:) stay tuned I havent gone really very far…cept the long blogs that I write myself have been put into note pad form at home on my computer there…so when i get back to having more time i shall start posting the pics and stories then:)….

this is possibly a blog that turns back the hands of time concerning obstacles overun by love and living and knowing what is verses what isn’t:)…even across the expanses of the globe as we see it today…:) the i net has made the earth seem a much smaller and a much larger place all at the same time:).in my werld…so is living and overcoming obstacles from passion to trust to wow:)

experiencing passion and trust on grander scales takes even more trust but the passion has to come for the trust to happen and vice a versa…kewl combo here i think anyhow:)

then i say WOW 

hope alls well in ur werld this fine day er night from Q:)


A DAY TO FLY ! 🙂 by:

Quarksire aka mike in da Rockies 🙂


When the sun comes up in the eastern sky,
I head for the mountains, it’s a day to fly.
Such a feeling to sit and hold this wing :),
to know before long, I’ll soar past my woes.
From up in the sky, things seem so small,
my mind is at peace, nothing bothers at all.
If I can keep the calm feeling of peace so strong,
the task that awaits me, won’t take too long.
Soaring with Eagles,
Memories for Eternity
Our Tiny little wings are not that of a jet,
but it can take us to places some have not seen yet.
Free as an eagle above the lofty clouds,
I take a deep breaths and then I descend.
Disappointed that the day will soon end,
I look forward to soaring like a bird again.
So here’s to the wonderful times spent in flight,
no words can describe the beauty so right.
Always in my mind and in within my soul.
Is the light I receive from each Flight:)
Lewkin’ towards more of those beautiful Sunset Flights
so that was a dream come true
this is jest another reality of sorts
cuz i feel u should be allowed in every hearts Desire to Lust Passionately 4 evr for the love of ur life:) whomever that might be.
so heres Jest a tidbit
For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion”:


“WHERE HAS MY PASSION gone?” you may have wondered at
times. “Will it ever return?” “I just don’t feel like doing
anything,” may have been a persistent thought for far too long.
Or perhaps, “I don’t know what my purpose is, what I am doing
here, or even what excites me anymore!”
Passion is one sure thing that returns when much of everything
else seems to be leaving our lives. Although it most assuredly
leaves for awhile, it always comes back. And when it does, it
comes back in a dramatic, intense, and more purified way. Like
two ships passing in the night, when the energy surges arrive, out
goes the darkness and in comes the creativity.

I can remember a time when I was feeling all the unpleasant
feelings that come when we are in darkness…because when it is
up and ready to depart, we are really in it. But at the same time
that the darkness was leaving, intense and compelling amounts
of creativity were arriving. What a strange combination of
feelings and experiences! But thank goodness for this creativity
which arrived through the vehicle of the “pushing” energy surge.
It made everything much more bearable. When the higher
vibrating energies arrive, they always bring with them higher
ways of being and connecting. And creativity through passion is
a mainstay of the higher ways.

If passion were to be defined in energetic terms, it would be all
about non-resistance in regard to our physical vehicle, which is
the conduit for energy to move through. When we are
passionate about something, we are ready to go for it with
absolutely no hesitation. This state of non-resistance, with
absolutely no hesitation, creates a very open vessel for energy.
Passion can occur when we first meet that certain someone. In
the beginning, we may think that they are oh so perfect, and
therefore, a state of passion for them is created. If they have no
resistance back at us, then there is really passion! Planning a
creative project can also create passion. In order to create this
energetic state, we usually plan everything in our minds exactly
the way we want them to be. In this way, there is no hesitancy or
resistance, and energy therefore pours through in full force.
When we get very passionate or excited about something, it is
because we feel it deeply at every level and we just know it is
right. Passion exists because we know that something is in
alignment with what we are about. When something matches our
vibration and our purpose, it then creates a state of passion, or
uninterrupted energy flow.

Although there exist times during the ascension process when
our passion is completely gone and we can really feel as though
it may never return, it does. Through ascension, we purge and
release much of any darker or denser energies within us. These
include fear, insecurity, lack of confidence, and a powerlessness
to be able to get what we want. After these states begin to leave
us, what is then left is a much more defined sense of who we are
and why we are here…and what we are here to create! It is then
that our passion returns.

The higher vibrating energies bring with them great amounts of
creative energy. So this part is intact. But what takes awhile is the
ascension process itself in regard to releasing the dis-connect
parts of ourselves. We cannot be creating from these aspects. We
need to be creating from a strong connection to Source. When we
feel passion-less, we are simply rebooting and readying for the
next phase. All things are coming into a better and higher
alignment for the “creating” times to come.

After so much releasing within, we eventually arrive at a place
where we are very ready to create through this uninterrupted
energy of passion. This powerful energy needs an outlet and
creativity is then very necessary to our lives. When our passion
comes in again, it is time to create what you have always been
about and what you came to create.

For a long while, my passion was gone, as I was really going
through my process. Always a very passionate and exuberant
person, I though that I must be getting old or was simply
withering away. I didn’t know what it was like not to be
passionate and so I felt like only half of a person. But passion
returns…and especially for our very New roles. I have never been
involved in and more excited about so many different things! From
art to humanitarian projects, to much of anything else, I can barely
keep up with myself. And with everything falling at our doorsteps
in the higher realms, it can be hard to choose!

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to define your
passion and begin creating. The energies are most certainly
building for you, as you are readying to bring forth something
very dear to your heart. When your passion returns, it indicates
that “all your ducks are in a row,” and you have successfully
completed the first phase of ascension. Have fun and good luck!”

above  an notez below info i got frum from Karen’s Werld
For your reading pleasure from The Ascension Companion:“TRUST”“TRUST, TRUST, AND trust some more.” This could easily be
one of the most pivotal mantras of the ascension process. Going
through this many times confusing process can create feelings of
bewilderment and perhaps leave one wondering if everything
and anything is in divine right order at all.
As the ascension process slowly but surely creates a higher level
and higher vibrating human, when we reach these New and
higher ways of being, they are not always how we expected them
to be. And with so much leaving our lives along with so much
change occurring, we may wonder what in the world is going on.
Even though we may not consciously know at the time why and
what our lives are evolving into, simply trusting in the process
can bring us great comfort and relief. At lower levels things may
not make sense. But at the higher dimensional levels they always
make perfect sense. Although the phrase “All is always in divine
right order,”
may at times sound trite and repetitive, and get old
as well, when we are able to see through personal experience that
this process is in total perfection, that old, trite phrase begins to
make some sense.Over and over again, as I have viewed things from a higher
dimensional level, the perfection is always evident. Things are
always working like a perfectly oiled machine
. And even though
it may appear otherwise, these strange and confusing
experiences are here to support us in every way.

For instance, one typical higher level scenario involves the
separation of partners. So many times I have seen individuals go
through what they interpret as an “error” or a painful experience
of being left behind or “dumped” by their romantic partner. This
painful experience usually places them in the victim posture.
What is almost always occurring is an immense expression of
love at higher soul levels
. One partner knows that the other is
ready to experience more of their higher purpose, or ready to
expand and grow, and hence, will then leave the other in order to
give him/her this very important opportunity.

In this same arena, another scenario can also express itself.
Partners separate because the vibration of the planet has reached
a certain level. Before we were born, we agreed to fulfill certain
roles and purposes. Each of us has several soul partners and
there are many in our soul groups. We came to serve as
companions and supporters for each other…not necessarily as
romantic partners. When the planet reaches certain frequencies,
we are then activated according to our pre-birth plans. In this
regard, we separate from those we have been with during certain
phases of the ascension process. We need to now fulfill New and
different roles, and therefore, need to go in different directions.
At lower levels this may manifest as a sudden “not able to get
along” experience and reality. But the truth of the matter is that
at the higher levels, we need to separate and will then create an
impetus at lower levels. If we are not fully conscious at higher
soul levels, scenarios will then occur that inevitably get us where
we need and have chosen to be.

There is always great and expansive love at higher soul levels.
This is also very evident in regard to the love shown us by our
non-physical “guides” or those non-physical beings that have
chosen to watch over us during this process. We are never
abandoned here. We are only left alone so that we can grow and
expand through experience. Losing jobs, loved ones, money, or
our health are all part of the process designed to get us where we
need to be. Things are always being navigated at higher
dimensional levels

If you have chosen this page, you are being reminded that all is in
divine and perfect order. You are being asked to trust, even
though you may not be consciously aware of the reasons for your
current experience. As you evolve through the ascension process,
and rise to higher levels enabling you to “see” beyond the veil,
you will in time come to know and understand what this
experience was all about.”


To access the newest energy alert, kindly utilize the link below:

q says thank you karen for all ur kewl stuff:)

I say sometimez it seemz like
The only things we ever keep
are the things we give away.


Hope everyone has a splendid
whatever it is ur havin:)
glad i could share part of mine with U::)
other times all I can say is

I think. Therefore, I Wish Only Well.


Do you realize that if you Wish ONLY Well,
you can create your own world into what you wish?
And what is your own world?
It’s the place in life where you are:
your present conditions, circumstances, family, friends,
work, environment – in other words, your LIFE.
By Wishing ONLY Well, you make your own world
the whole world better.
It’s neither altruistic nor selfish..’s logical!
You reap what you sow.
Of course that doesn’t mean that
exactly what you did will be done to you.
That would be too easy.
It means that you will never know
the exact moment that you will shine or will fall,
depending on how you live your life.
Choose the high road, and expect the best.
You create your own world, and by extension the whole world, every minute.
believe it er not
so quark says let urself be wowzad:)

Say WOW, smile…and pass it on!

WOW 101

used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure
An outstanding success
to impress greatly

Wish Only Well
To desire; to long for; to hanker after;  to have a mind or disposition toward.
So and no otherwise; no other than; exclusively; solely; wholly.
In a good or proper manner; justly; rightly;  not ill or wickedly.

WOW is Wish Only Well

and on that note I WISH YA ALL WELL !
PS: trust ur machine is oiled well now:)
i in the process of getting all the quirks
and gremlins out of a new car i jest
bought fer my angel and I:)…is very kewl:)
till layterz:)

so with wing tips a flexin

and clouds high in the sky

breaths as balloons full of air

from way up there ya know


I now fly fly fly:)

Mindmelting once again

into unbelieveble but so very true territory

i do i do fly so high…yes i do:)


hopin i don’t get 2 high:)

when thinkin from down belowst

shes like an earthquake in my soul


a tornado in me heart:)

a hurricane in me head


Like a wolf hound

she sings to me night and day


my blue angel wolf:)

Q’s werld

 a place by wolf creek in america in the rockys mountains:)

where Balloons an Ultralights and hangliders and paragliders can fly freely around:)


Do the WOW sign!

ccfp.jpg (16342 bytes)

Show the world that you Wish Only Well

My Life

MY Life, I will not let you go except you bless me, but then i will let you go.
                                                       a quote by Isak Dinesen.

^^^ closest i get to heaven is flying above cloudz,lol ^^^

A few comment here concerning the above quote!………after a bit of ponderin’ an editin’ & after lewkin’ at a blank page ……..a blank messenger window for almost 5 days:(….a blank response and a blank stare for dayz.

There is something very honest and noble in the meek spirits of those whom battle DEATH, who cling to life like there is no tomorrow every day. Most intelligent and compassionate people are moved by their daily struggles jest to get by sometimes, Yet sometimes well, perhaps it is a nobler thing to do jest to let life go when the right time comes. Letting go is a very hard thing to do if one is truly in love though, especially with others. Sometimes all one seems to want to do is hang on and do for others, while they are here and alive, no matter how much those others they might love could really care less, or deep down have the vengeance of the devil in them to hurt them for one reason or another, know in ur heart, mind and soul those are not ur reasons to live!:(….but rather to let go and jest die……..let go of life huh, let go of the reigns, put it all in the hands of god, and have faith.
    Letting go?, well this makes sense only if one can lewk back on their life lived and we can or are able to believe we have lived life to the fullest and to the best degree we had, with the only resentments being of not thy self, but of others that betray and let one down in the journey. We really would not wish to die without knowing we had stretched our limits as far as possible, and inhabited them as greatly as we could have chosen to do. Not in a worldly sense anyhow, perhaps {spiritual breath} can be as exciting as travel, sport, flying, diving, romance or even grand worldwide achievement. It is and was the limits of our brain and heart we want to test, especially without being tested by others! and for that well, we could live in one room… in isolation forever jest connected by the fibers of light the keyboard and puter have to offer. Instead of getting out and doing and being! and trusting we will be, and our siblings and sons and daughters will be alive another day sometimes it is better and easier to jest give in and give up when u have lost the game of life with another or health.
     Not everyone on this planet is blessed with robust energetic always physical health, some have to werk hard to achieve it, really even those disabled trying to get by jest one more day well, they also still might have the capacity for spiritual health and adventure. It is all up to the individual story at hand how it all plays out i guess, and the choices made, whether one choose to have a life based on Fear always or on based on Love and Faith?……Self examination {that self seeking internal moral inventory i have mentioned before step 4} and meditation {thinking nothing …absolutely nothing for at least 10 minutes} {that so called spiritual breath &sound of silence}, well these are the tools for all the Self Knowledge and Serenity one could ever hope for, living the DREAM and truths of LOVE become the most important thing in that persons life, cuz they also are aware that thier days are numbered and they should live em to the fullest instead of allowing the life to be shortened by self resentments or hatred and lies from others and selfish actions of purposeful neglect, shame on those who choose to do this to others the way i see it,,,,,shame on me if i allow others to do it to me:( first time shame on them second time and many times over if allowed is shame on me over and over for allowing it and jest hurts the Heart-field, punches holes in the chakras, and wants to make it collapse, and well upon full collapse, this would be death, to bad so many allow themselves to react and die over others mean-ness and dis-content, i mean why make urself dis-content and want to die jest cuz someone else wants to die or kill a relationship ur involved in or what not? or even kill themselves?:( why not jet go on and forgive them, {for they know prolly what they do? and will have to live with their own conscious someday, if they have one?:(?:(} but whatever, even if they don’t forgive themselves or u for thier falsities, is all ya can do and go on…sad as it is. If ya can’t find the courage deep inside to ACCEPT that their lack of of LOVE is not urs and keeps condeming themselves forever for actions of others , well the sure result in this choice would be death, unless a miracle would appear, before it happened
     Unknown adventure truly awaits us in our hearts minds and souls when and if we ever choose to seek within and know thyself and outrselves better deep inside our individual soul in the multi-Universeal Werld,,,,also multi-dimensional if one might be able to open their mind to be able to see from the perspective of undying everlasting all giving LOVE IN THE HEART
     On that Note; My Spiritual journey is the only real and honest and true one in my life, all lies and mis-perceptions told by others put aside, i am the only thing that really matters inside this head for this journey, i make what i want of it no matter what anyone else…”does to me”…i have to move on,,,I have to fly on, fly in circles like a glider pilot and thermal again to another cloud, Find the cloud that is the real one that i can again climb my way back up to heaven with, the souls journey should not be alone i believe but with another, male/female…as one eternal flame that never burns out.{if that is possible?} On this road or path or flight, well, this place is the place where true blessings of the heart mind and soul shall again be encountered or not.
       I guess ,,,story told one at the end of hers=his journey must gracefully let ones life go so another life can then again be lived!…….

believe it er not!……..

Namaste’ 2 U frum



” To Thine Own Self Be True”