da’ quest of conquering FEAR in ones life

well, my last prolific lol…post-it… i did here, spent 30 minutes on an it did not save so for another day i assume i shall have to re-write. Such as life in Q’s werld.. 🙂 So: This post-it is bout the quest of conquering FEAR in ones life!….well, best i can come up with here off da’ cuff @ 3 am lol. 🙂


Q sayz? …….do i? did i? will I? can I? should I? could I? would I? er well, what should one do when cunfused sayz da’ Q…Q? well, dat is well, da’ quantum equation thats makes it all werthwhile..when ya find the questions will ya see or hear the answers an then there is the next question, an whats it matter? an when ya get 20 answers which one is the right choice of things to do? gewd – bad – er indifferent! ?

Will it matter in 100 yearz?
does it matter? did it evr ? an should it once again? round the rosey rosey complex of the fragmented mind. creations/vs/reactions…..well if ur not familiar with what; i am talkin bout I am talkin bout the “thinkin disease” or the paradox of the over active mind that cannot be controlled? or thinks too much bout too much too often… {the analyze this complex} .an can’t figure out why most of the time? an what to do bout it? .. alot of the time the minds like this {like mine used to be} and are suffering frum fear memories when one gets down to the bottom of the analysis..an well, what is the solution? an is there an answer? they ask? well, yes indeed says da’ Q…….an to find da’ answers one might even go back to when they were way way young!


an the child chose dat special rock jest for U!

it’s a one day @ a time process to realize sumtimes that some drugs an alcohol have twisted ones mind…well that is; if ‘n ur like me an finally have hard fought for sobriety after many years of tormoulchulous drinking …after 26 plus years of drinkin’ i now got almost 20 years…sober alcohol free…wowza how my life has changed for the better since i quit escaping my very own personal reality wit booze…..

but not always sumtimes; it got werse an the challenges were harder , sumtimes i jest wanted to go back to drinkin’, but well, i thought drinkin’ would be the death of me! so i didn’t…only thinkin that did stop me frum drinking was fear itself???!!! how funny! so i used the force of negativity an fear i had in my heart, through meetings etc etc an all in my life to possess fear a hatred for alcohol that it kept me frum drinking…but eventually it caused lotsa stinkin thinkin! an reinforced the fear!
well in the end that wasn’t good for my soul because i still had what caused the alcoholism in the furst place…guess what that was .LOL..


was the force that was still fucking me up mentally..
an boy that has been the ultimate challenge to conquer!…
Then well after bout 10 years of being alcohol free i had to spend the next 10 years learning not to have fear based thinking as a way of thinking.They also taught me that in sobriety lol…..
is a hard thing to explain to people, so is another reason why i started an created this blog werld, so when anyone ever asked me what i meant by that i could jest lead them to one of my articles bout it lol…then i would not have to re-peat forever what i previously thought bout the specific things, an i could be freer an move on with my life without having to always go back in time……so ultimately, i would write what i thought, leave the rest behind an go forward to a new better future without denying the past or judging it or miss judging it also…

so! it has werked for me an has been quite a progression…a few things also come up over an over in my werld like…

crashing is not an option….an

…change the way ya think an the werld will change….

an think b 4 u act…

an dont’t belayte.

an a realization a day keeps the doctor away…

one step @ a time –

one day @ a time …. etc etc etc etc……

well all thoughts are gewd thoughts to live by once ya’ engrain good thoughts in the brain the way i see it…but well, if ur brain still has the same ol’ thoughts that caused the strain in the furst place ur jest going back in time over an over an need to jump out of that program an into a better one for urself …is bout the end of that story..is like when aa stops werkin for ya but ya want to stay sober u will find a better cause an won’t need aa anymore etc etc..jest an example..always finding a better cause for the next best step if u are moving forward in life an are not wishing to jest stagnate where ya are in the routine ur stuck in, whatevr that might be…for some they are victims to the werld they create,,,some are warriors, some are fighters, some are haters,, some are runners…, some are lovers, BUT.. everyone has a different way of doing it what i am saying is; no ON WAY is the only an best way! There are always multitudes of options an well, it is always up to U whether ya make the next best right choice at any particular junction in life…if u did not then u can always change ur direction the way i see it…

am i makin any sense ? well to many i am an to many more i am not…so i can only hope to make sense to the ones that matters right now…an hope to make sense for the ones to matter in the future that care to think an article bout staying sober matters or not! lol
whatevr it matters an however ..enjoy ur week an er night er day er whenevr u read this,,,whatevr it is ,,,jest get up off ur arse an do something constructive…4 ur self an another an well,,,,it might make ur day feel a bit better..Much better than watchin’ tv er sitting on the internet..unless ur reading some juicy provocative mind blowing stuff er whatnot..when done go play an play fair..an have a good one!…jest help urself stay sane an forget bout the force of fear!!!!!! an the past!….all i gotz to say 2 day!………
Keep on keepin on !
…..may all of ur tomorrows become ur kewl ………….yesterdays…………

in da’ many  days of da’ future past!

… PS: keep dreamin an wishin an hopin’ …
for deep down inside…

A dream is only a wish the heart makes!


Proof Epigenetics Is Real

Proof Epigenetics Is Real: Study Confirms Mother’s Diet an “Perception” Changes Gene Expression In Offspring


SO A FEW KEY FACTS…!st off most folks in the world are not aware of scientific findings  for approximately 10 years  after the finding, the facts dr. lipton shares here are new an are to be spread upon an about the education netwerk as time goes, but since we got internet the process of educating the publik is a lot faster, so is why this video is for ur viewing pleasure, …ah but whats a guy without television do, research an watch vid’s like this….so jest passin it on ! An remember .this note frum da’ mind of Q “heal the field – an ya heal the body!” . believe it er not! ….perception & behavior …an adaptive mutation?..what are evolutionary changes an adaptions verses perception? based on belief? does belief create? does perception an frequency? change genes an can it .? i believe yes. .”thoughts Create” yup yup i say! ..lets re-write history together! adjust perception adjust behavior ..when necessary? only…signals frum the environments? activating dna? etc etc? how do cells werk? well? …Ok! don’t be a victim of ur own thinking er stinkin thinkin!?..what signals in ur environment or belief system? creates the thought patters of the cells? {perception} controls gemes? yep yep! read on an

this vid is werth the watch!. fear er love folks ur choice!… the body an the cells are like a camera! yep yep!

. . Enjoy!…


Epigenetics is an emerging science that mainstream biologists and medical professionals have largely ignored. It details how our environment can deeply change a human being for the better or worse. Bruce Lipton, PhD has talked about the fact that our health is not controlled by genes for many years, but now, a scientific experiment has proven that the archaic understanding that genes determine reality is largely untrue.

Lipton explains:
“Medicine does miracles, but it’s limited to trauma. The AMA protocol is to regard our physical body like a machine, in the same way that an auto mechanic regards a car. When the parts break, you replace them—a transplant, synthetic joints, and so on—and those are medical miracles.
The problem is that while they have an understanding that the mechanism isn’t working, they’re blaming the vehicle for what went wrong. They believe that the vehicle, in this case our bodies, is controlled by genes.But guess what? They don’t take into consideration that there’s actually a driver in that car. The new science, epigenetics, reveals that the vehicles—or the genes—aren’t responsible for the breakdown. It’s the driver.”
For now, mainstream medicine tells us that if we end up with cancer or heart disease, it was in our genes, and the only way to really rectify the situation is to undergo invasive, and expensive surgeries or take prescription medications which the industry makes billions on. This is a patent lie. The study of epigenetics gives us our power back as individuals – to take responsibility for our health, and to heal what mainstream medicine has not been able to heal.
Just in time to prove that Lipton isn’t inhaling fairy dust, a new study has come out that proves beyond our genetic code in a few strands of DNA, our parents pass down some very different instructions that can determine everything from our health, to whether or not we’ll tend to be a happy, upbeat individual, or prone to depression.
Research from the Medical Research Council (MRC) International Nutrition Group at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the MRC Unit in Gambia published in the journal Nature Communicationsprovides the first proof that a mother’s diet can change the expression of genes in her unborn child.
Over 2000 pregnant women’s hair follicles and blood was sampled to determine what their diets were like just before conception. The researchers found that after comparing these samples to those taken from 2 to 8-month-old infants, the mother’s diet BEFORE conception has a significant effect on the properties of the DNA she passed down to her child.
This was observed primarily through a process known as methylation, whereupon certain regions of the genome are ‘tagged’ and placed into methyl groups. This process turns off certain gene expressions, and turns on others.
The researchers found that children conceived with a better diet had higher methylation rates. Higher methylation rates were linked to higher concentrations of important nutrients in the mother’s blood, especially homocysteine and cysteine. It was also no surprise that a poor diet led to lower methylation rates, as normal methylation requires nutrients such as choline, folate, methionine and vitamins B2, B6 and B12.
This study takes one of the most basic presumptions of medical science and turns it on its head. It was heretofore assumed that we got one half of our DNA from one parent, and one half from the other. Those 23 pairs of chromosomes were thought to be ‘God’ when it came down to what we would be like, but as we discover that humans have such similar DNA to rats, or spiders, it would make sense that something else was happening in the coding process. We share a quarter of our DNA with a grain of rice – so how could it be possible that all our potential was wrapped up in a few base pairs?
Even after mapping out 3.2 billion base pairs of DNA in the human genome project, we were none the wiser in understanding aberrant DNA. Might it not be in the way we think? In the foods we eat? In the people we choose to spend our time with?
To scientists like Rupert Sheldrake, the noted biologist and author of over 80 scientific papers, this is of course possible. It is indeed the reality of form in the resonant field.

Sheldrake explains how epigenetics works in his own words:
“Morphic resonance is a process whereby self-organising systems inherit a memory from previous similar systems. In its most general formulation, morphic resonance means that the so-called laws of nature are more like habits. The hypothesis of morphic resonance also leads to a radically new interpretation of memory storage in the brain and of biological inheritance. Memory need not be stored in material traces inside brains, which are more like TV receivers than video recorders, tuning into influences from the past.”
If, as Lipton and Sheldrake believe, the resonant energy of our field determines who we are, then of course eating higher-vibration food, listening to higher-vibrating music, and sharing ideas with more positive people will change our genes. There is no cancer without the consciousness that created it. It isn’t locked in our genes, as the current medical establishment would have us believe. Finding health and happiness can be as simple as eating more broccoli and putting on some Bob Marley on the way to work. Our genes are paying attention to those ‘codes.’
The latest research looking into the epigenetic effect of diet on an unborn child helps us to understand just how powerful we are to direct change. Other studies have suggested a similar fate.
For example, Dr. Linda E. Carlson and her colleagues found that in breast cancer patients, support group involvement and mindfulness meditation – meditation where practitioners focused on thoughts and actions in a non-judgmental way, ignoring past grudges and future concerns — changed telomere length.
Telomeres are stretches of DNA that cap our chromosomes and help prevent chromosomal deterioration. Shortened telomeres aren’t known to cause a specific disease per se, but they do wither with age and are shorter in people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and high stress levels. We want our telomeres intact. If we can affect this important part of our DNA with just a few meditative sessions, what else is possible?
No offense to Charles Darwin, considered the father of modern biology, but he didn’t know squat about the morphic field, and the ways we can direct our own DNA to be healthier, with entirely different outcomes than materialistic science might have assumed. We can change our DNA. Epigenetics has proven it.
Written by Christina Sarich of http://www.themindunleashed.org


About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.

Source: www.themindunleashed.org

~~~~Belief creates yup yup!~~~~

see tags below!….~

Finding Your Flow Day 10: Activating Our Self-Esteem & Power

By connecting to our natural expression of strength, we become power-full, instead of having power-over. The flow of this energy is derived from the infinite power of the cosmos . . . when in balance and used harmoniously, actions and reactions benefit everyone and everything. This is how we activate our third chakra, Manipura. An Aint that so very true now huh! well since i could not comment on this post it today, i shall re-blog. it is an honor to do so 🙂 namaste’ 2 one an all that come by the werld of Q..werdless wednesday not in Q’s werld but is werth a shot lol.

EST. Manipura. मणिपूर. Solar Plexus Chakra.
Centering thought: “My life energy organizes life effortlessly.” || Mantra: Om Lakini Namah. “I activate my power.”

Today, we were asked to ponder the ways in which we would like to create change in our lives. By Because this is true power is: the ability to wish for change, create change, and flow with change. Deepak asks us to place our intention on the change we wish to see in our worlds/selves. If we feel we don’t deserve power, and hand off our responsibility to others, this is how we build up blocks to this energy. Think about your life and what you can do about it. Notice these these desires for change without judging them. We all have limiting beliefs. When you are confronted with a…this part blacked out…so click on read more below and read the rest of this blog is very commital to say the very least an i could not say it better myself 🙂 hasta’ Q…oh ps: the trick is to find self esteem and controlling the ego which wants to take over the mind with sensless chatter filled thoughts and fears that have no meaning but those u give to them 🙂 QPlease take the time to click ont eh link below and read the rest of the story here:) is is well werth the read….

View original 2,591 more words

Healey Institute for Healers


Journal: Wednes Day. Sunrise 5:59 am EST. Albany, NY 52° F. Sunset: 7:46 pm EST. Manipura. मणिपूर. Solar Plexus Chakra.
Centering thought: “My life energy organizes life effortlessly.” || Mantra: Om Lakini Namah. “I activate my power.”

Today, we were asked to ponder the ways in which we would like to create change in our lives. By Because this is true power is: the ability to wish for change, create change, and flow with change. Deepak asks us to place our intention on the change we wish to see in our worlds/selves. If we feel we don’t deserve power, and hand off our responsibility to others, this is how we build up blocks to this energy. Think about your life and what you can do about it. Notice these these desires for change without judging them. We all have limiting beliefs. When you are confronted with a…

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Infinite Possibilitys

Beautiful to behold ……


Even the smallest light cuts a path through the deepest darkness. Let the light of your own goodness fully shine, and experience the positive impact it imparts. 

Those who can only tear down and destroy grow weaker and more vulnerable with every action.

Those who sincerely respect and value life have infinitely more possibilities open to them.

Those things gained through deception, repression, fear and intimidation are never worth having. They begin to crumble even before they are realized.

Those things gained through creative, positive, loving and respectful pursuits, on the other hand, quickly spread and multiply. That’s because within each act of genuine goodness are fertile seeds of even greater goodness.

Each day life presents many and varied challenges. Every one of those challenges is an opportunity to confirm and intensify the truth and goodness with which life is filled.

Though it is often difficult, choose in each word, each thought, each action, to shine your positive light on the world. For it is in that choice that you will find a world and a life that is rich, and full, and truly beautiful to behold.

If ya can do that then ya have mastered over the get bye attitude 🙂 and wellinto the know zone”


not quite the blog ya thought it would be huh


well me either


DA’ Squirrels Nest of


Fallen Flight now Fallen Again

Lewk MOM Watch Me lol
Well when i was a child i started out ..
water skiing & running off the high dive! and hitting his head on the high dive, strong skulled Q call me, started then and a few skull fractures 2 glad i didnt end up like michael schumacher , prayers waiting to see if he will recover er not so by the way i ever tell u i am a 12 step member of PA – Paragliders Annonymous!,,we have a problem with not being able to control ourselves and the right time to fly and er not ..so another story!!




Whatevcer it is the one 2 – 7 addictions we all have we pick, christ said in aramaic – choose ur rackma wisely<sp> however its spelled, anyhow it was translated to choose ur friends wisely by king james,, allittle broad viewpoint confuscious say huh 2 Q 2 day!..once again..anyhow yues fault of mine and well courses again on this issue, getting rid of my addictions to different things like “People” especially or “arelationship” er what not ur pick……ok ahead we go here….fallen flight fallen again yep yep heregborn again 4th year in a row…fer da Q….

now i wunder if i should go call mom and tell her
I’m going to Jump off a Cliff LOL


Yelling for the EGO to be Watched 🙂 and appraised:) lol.for what it could do:)

NOw it seems to have become grander and way different 🙂

Life now is fer da birdz fer me:)
ya see
Have FUN wheether u like it er not!
it is the will of GOD!

Inevitably ? right ?

Whether one Decides to Straighten up and Fly Right er not?


left brain right brain hm? let me see here .which one shall i werk out of today some say?


don’t fer get da grey area with ur gray matta lol
while u stay here on planet earth!:)

as life and perception therefore thereof does!
change fereeeever till eternity!

Move forward without hesitation!

Some times it’s the BACKFLIPS one does in ones life that make all the Difference in da’ werld:)


knowing the SPOT and ALL
fer sumtimez
>>>THe Beauty of it all is in the recovery:)
…it it done with grace and love or does one fight the AIR!

For Even when one travels at high speed

Time has to slow down to be able to comprehend RECOVERY


when ur in the proximity of being able to show off a bit do it!
Ya only Live Once!

LIve life as if ya might dissapear like a fly on da’ wall!

Then ya will see the justification in it all, all the crazy stuff mankind does:)
for virgin ears have never been there before ,
doesn’t mean they cant go there:)
or listen uP^^^

proximity is what it is ……
close er not

deep inside ur virgin ears…
whats to stop ur yearning now
.but to stop all of ur fears crystal fears?:(

all the crystal fears we all hear ..
face ur fears!……
if i could only make it so very crystal clear!

deep inside ur yearning and learning we all got to face da fears
to make it Crystal Clear.

when ya fly by the spots in life where brothers and sisters have Crashed
May we only hope for our own lifes dream not to be the same……

Before Making the U turn @4;20 …U’ll see…..turn away from the death ^ to a new approach2life
Remember……what Goodness ya see think feel and say..
let it be ur guiding way.to a new day………

but that they themselves that have gone before have taught us how to be more sane!
and how to play this game of life.sane er not.
is what it is.
…….all the same……JUMP er not!?

 well Q sayz Jump! Fer its not as hard as one might think!


?Enjoy ur Sunday an week ahead to everyone who pops into my quarked werld to read me 🙂 was fer a SERIOUS! Laugh With a serious point where the point needs to be asserted, well, we shall see who ends up riding out the rest of this deal with da Q,Dis Deal Called Life ..Hay ladies I think i might be taking Interviews, so stay tuned, lol…,,in the days of the future past – who will she be , er will i go out alone hm? er will there be a she again ? onluy spirit knows ? an my holy ghost i guess. Although, In the  NOW i Be ok BUT IN pAIN PHYSICALLY! …but ok, need to go do some werk out fer a few out on me cliff,,cya on the rebound 🙂 Q?


believe it er not.well i attempt to lol..if ya can call it that…good to stretch as much as possible as tight as my morphed back an abdomen feel.ok take care over an out frum Q till next time .got werk 2 do !

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All The Promises

This Duet This Dance

below photo by; Quarksire

All the promises!
Is there some other way out of here?
Somewhere I could find myself?
Can’t sleep enough, can’t stay high.
All the promises . . . just another lie.
I’ve always been afraid except . . .
in the moments that I loved you.
The only time I felt strong
was when you stood next to me.
I could make a stand if . . .
I could hold your hand again . . .
The road I’ve traveled is the hard way down,
always playing another man’s fool.
They offered a way inside
with the promise of forgiveness. It’s a lie.
she says; ? Could you forgive what I’ve done?
they say
We had it all, but couldn’t see anything,
the blind leading the blind
through the darkest night.
he says
When you said you loved me
it made me feel alive.
When you said you loved me it made me feel . . .
like I could fly.
I’ve always lived afraid except . . .
in the moments that I loved you.
The only time I felt strong was when you stood next to me.
I could make a stand if . . .
I could hold your hand again.
We had it all, but couldn’t see anything,
the blind leading the blind through
the darkest of nights.
When you said you loved me it made me feel alive.
When you said you loved me
it made me feel . . . like I could fly.
I’ve always been afraid except in the moments
that I loved you
weell well i dont want to be one of the blind leading the blind to the darkest depths of the mind ? for what the sake of love and sickness an more dis-ease,,jest MENTAL.,..
well, well, All the promises broken and or kept to one side of the mind or the other well? ,,,well well,,On top of chronic pain well; do i really have to pay attention to lies?can i forgive!? wel i have no choice really ya see!, there is another way to see all that is, if one bothers to keep their own promises to their own lives and do the things they said they would do. My last blog was percieved in the eyes of dellusional fear based thinking is jest that i have to accept that for There is a correct way to percieve things and even gurus get some things wrong in life, because they think wine is better, but in the end of all things they might end up protecting inherintly their under cover link to the alcohol… different gurus all over the planet are influenced by the spirits of society to percieve even and see things in a bit of a different way, but does that mean the other guy is wrong! well yes ,,,in the end the way i see it is we have to not use excuses to behave one certain way or another! Certain gurus are anti Pot and others not,,,depending upon again upon perception and how their structured universe is. Some gurus and shamans disagree to a certain extent on a few things, but does that mean on guy is better or werse than the other, well i can’t really go their, cuz their very own personal and political influences etc etc are jest what they are, one might think wine is better, but then on the other hand tell u it is bad to drink ,,like sadguru,, but i am not in a debate with him bout perception, i can only take the good with the bad and throw out the bad information i know better bout for many years,,toss it out the windows of perception and take the good out of it i can get if any i can out of why they percieve things the way they do or are influenced by society or the united nations er whatnot because of thier complying attitudes towards, the right or left wing of society , some themselves can’t stay at the focal point they preach eternally auctually, because they still even as themselves as a guru or a shaman have JUDGEMENTS bout how a certain thing should be! Remember all things are not the way ya see em; personally i prefer don juans and or moojis laughable behavior concerning marijuana and drugs etc etc…for all chemistries are NOT THE SAME and different rules apply to different types of people in the game of life on this planet ya see..all can’t fit into one box ya see really even though some great masters even believe so or have believed so i have to let that part go and live with my own beliefs based on my own experience and percetion, !…
EXPERIENCE THIS PAIN IN MY BACK FOR 10 MINUTES AND TELL ME IF YA SOMETIMES WOULD LIKE TO NOT HAVE THIS PAIN TO DEAL WITH,,,WELL WE EACH HAVE OUR DIFFERENT KINDSA PAINS to deal with in this incarnation, we are here to learn how to LOVE with FORGIVENESS no matter how many stones are thrown at ya and how many false werds of hipocracy etc etc..
No matter what keep on keeping on and
“FORGIVE THEM FOR THEY PLAY IGNORANT FOR THAT WHICH THEY DO” cuz their EGO wishes to win over their mind.so is the HUMAN CONDITION i’d have to say ,,generally across the planet is the condition of FALSE JUDGEMANT from LACK OF EXPERIENCE Instead of FORGING LOVE THAT SHOULD REALLY LAST AND LAST forever ya know!
no matter the cardz dealt to one in this deck of chance called life…
oh yeah well ur perception of the higher power might be different than mine , but please recgonize dearest human that well…no matter what ya need to stop fighting in ur brain put the ego down and let the mind do the walking …and have faith this higher power will guide ya along thru the steps ogf this so called thing called life….
over an out once again
Queensryche – All The Promises
when a husband a wife become one and sing a song together to the werld of love and peace and forgiveness..instead of misperceived hate in an awkward state of false judgement in the brain and mind!

Comes back to my song of this blog and what my life is all bout, between relationships, and all and how they are percieved and dealt with even relationships with ones own mind based upon perception or not being in a good light or the bad light, your CHOICE to the REALITY U CHOOSE…either ya decieve ur self into thinking the things ya say and do that are wrong are ok or ya cop to it and accept that ya have allowed LOVE TO TAKE A BACK DOOR to fear and pain…2 kindsa fear and 2 kindsa pain there is ,,,I personally get to learn how in this incarnation how to deal with them all, so as my life becomes a living dichitomy, so i can learn to shed the shamans skin and be even unlike the gurus of almost perfect, {we all have our flaws} even the so called saints!and we have to offer forgiveness for what we have to deal with that they have never experienced, cuz most of em are healthy! by NATURE and do not have any chemical imbalance by genetics that needs balanced to stay afloat,EXAMPLE: I personally right now at this very second am in so much pain in my lower flank from my kidneys and surrounding ares and the thousands of cysts that have now grown round them and migrated to my pancreas and liver well, if i did not get my meds yesterday! yes pain killer, a moderate version now!.thay want me on 24 7 morphine but well, i don’t want to be crazy i jest want the pain numbed.
On top of the Physical pain the last thing i need in my life is the kind of pains that have been thrown at me spiritually and emotionally in the form of lies and misperceptions and FEARS , i cannot allow that to also cause more pPAIN!..is insane! :(…
Back to the point of this blog and this song! i’d rather forgive what was done than judge it, but i have to use my judgements as wise as i can based on personal experienced…The melody of my life for a few years has been a sad one, cut into many part and a happy one also cut to pieces really for me to see what ity really is and is for and not for! LIFE THAT IS! and how my feelingz are important to my mind now as the ego’s fire has been squelched to a big well – well of acceptance..I have to accept the happenings others pull on my life ..and move on .cry my heart out for all the wasted time and money, take the pain and walk away and do the very best i can and be the best man i can, is all one can do assaulted an all as i was today in my blog werld,,,it jest makes my heart sink to read and have to acknowledge some one that said they loved me says the things like she did to me this am, makes me all blurry eyed and can’t even type on my keeps, an not out of self pity, bout out of the shame and judgements so falsely offered to me for my personal perceptions of reality etc etc…
This song to me is bout how a husband wife duo ought to be! and how making a stand and not taking any more abuse but offering forgiveness and love for no matter what is said and goes down….truth bout it in my mind is though , what a waste of time in the end and 5 years of my life trying to support someone embedded in fear and false lies that will not release that and get on with her life,,,in a positive loving manner, without deception to mankind and trying to prove to mankind they are something they are not!? an egos game a of shame i shall not allow to be happening to me on top of all the other pains and misery i have felt and had to deal with in the past let alone the pains like i have right now that floor me to the ground and make me cry cry cry ,,,feels like my grandma is slowly knitting that blanket inside my self
so? all her promises jest alie ? well well well is all i can say after 5 years of forgiveeness to come to jest false judgements in the end:(
i have made my stand! and know that i could hold the hand in forgiveness 4 evr! but if only to be believed in my anotHER human being is all i evr wished for ya know!
a pack of lies it has been is what i have to accept it now! is all i can do……
accept i do not wish to have a pack of lies to own for a lifetime that come from what calls themselves love…i jest need to mover forward without hesitation and enjoy my life the best i can



Love and fear are the only emotions we as human entities are able to express. All the others are just sub-categorical emotions. For example, on love’s side there is joy, peacefulness, happiness, forgiveness, and a host of others. On the other hand, fear reflects: hate, depression, guilt, inadequacy, discontentment, prejudice, anger, attack, and so on.

Love and fear can not coexist. Where one is, the other can’t be also. The one will leave immediately, should the other enter its presence. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing great joy, and are suddenly overtaken by fear, the joy is gone! But it works the other way too: If you are terrorized, frightened, or otherwise threatened in any way, all you need to do is turn to the love within, and the fear disappears.

Publication of My Wings!

My Wings - By - Just Patty

My Wings – By – Just Patty

You can give a child strong foundations
So powerfull that they break away
And when they exceed your expectations
There is only one thing to say
Fly my little girl, grab your wings
Let the world know that you are here
Musing upon many things
Your mind bright and clear
You gave us so much to think
And you never lost control
Sometimes you were on the brink
With confessions of a lost soul
Fly my little girl, the world is yours to play
Never let your heart be still
And whatever people may say
Just listen to you own will

Just Marijke
after reading all this i am out of werdz an cannot say anymore {but then i’d be fibbin’ now wouldn’t i :)} jest do so hope that those whom might wish to go to pattys werld and get the book, if a 1000 wordpress followers do it jest think what it might do for a struggling poet with a condition such as mine that ois very disabiltating and hard to live with but as patty an I know we do the best we can any given day “One Day at A Time”
Patty is a great example of what many of the great poets angelic and educational – an beautatious here can do if they put their mind to it again “one day at a time” where 10,000 baby steps makes one big step for mankind, some how some way in the days of the future past- Believe it er Not; I now also werk with a publisher and if anyone wants real authentic printing press books made ad created jest drop me a line, I can get ya quoted; i do internet marketing and publishing for those whom might be interested also, an web design assistance, some for free.


I shall Forward this to all my poetically inclined human beings and hope they can reach out this next month and get a copy of Pattys stuff and support her a bit, jest think ur only one person but add that by 10,000 folks that might GET IT and the book also, over time it really helps in the world of writers that are sincere in sharing FEELING amongst other things, in this poetic way, i applaud ya patty and when ya get to book 13 ya will have to start a new volume is all there is to it keep em comin i say 🙂 peace out &,,Over and out …Da Q 🙂 GREAT JOB PATTY CONGRATS LIKE I SAID AN KEEP EM GOIN FLYING ROUND THE WERLD UR WERDS THAT IS ! Hang in There ! 🙂

Quarksire aka  Mike




Don't mess with patty says Q or the WordPress Wolf Pack will Get Ya!

Don’t mess with patty says Q or the WordPress Wolf Pack will Get Ya!


As of today, you can buy my poetry book My Wings by following this LINK

Yay! I am so exited! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Wings is a collection of poetry written by the heart and soul.

Cover My Wings1

This collection contains 111 poems divided into two parts: My Dark Wings & My Light Wings.

Part 1: My Dark Wings is a collection of dark poetry describing some very recognizable emotions like: grief, fear, frustration, melancholy, depression, but also the strength and courage to battle on no matter what.

Part 2: My Light Wings is a collection of light poetry containing motivation, love, support and the will to enjoy life.

This poetry book is illustrated with some amazing black & white photographic artwork.

a peek inside 3

Soon available on Amazon as well.

Get your copy today!

Read the first two reviews of My Wings below.

Thank you so much Phil and Adrian. ❤

Lots of love,

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Queensrÿche: an Lita

So be it a March Meltdown in Colorado

If I Close My Eyes Forever!

Will u still remember me?


Quarked photo of miss Diana McDee here is 35mm Black & white original by Quarksire

asa 400 in the warm afternoon Sun of da’ arid desert

da place to get away from the cold mountain weather here is only an hour er so away 

Quarksire dissertates on

Queensrÿche: an Lita Ford
Let the sun shine in and meditate on a better day!
Cuz someday U will close ur eyes for EVER!
Believe it er not!


I call this post March Meltdown!
Jest takin in some sun and hopefully will be happy in the end of this day I suppose
Out of the linear time-space world of separation and guilt and fear. Healing occurs instantly when the Presence of the Present is honored and valued and respected in awareness.  Let not your mind drift to the things of the world of past and future, for these distractions are not worthy of your attention. You are worthy of Love, Divine Love, and actually you will never rest content with anything else!

Eternity Calls, and we cannot help but  Answer with our willingness to listen and follow the Holy Spirit’s Gentle Call. Wish ur wishes, close ur eyes, an think of 4 ever!.


Be simple.  Be a passersby.  Do not give in to the temptation of bigger, better, and more, when Heaven Calls you Home.  Materialism, the focus on things and stuff and accumulation and building, is the great distraction from Stillness.  I love to see the witness of sparkling eyes, of beaming smiles, of bursting laughter, radiating the simple Joy of Presence!!!
Here is my Happy message: you can walk away and leave behind the rat race of striving and competition and false responsibility.  If the world is symbolized by commerce,  by the marketplace, by Wall Street, be the Lamb of Wall Street by demonstrating the Pure Innocence that transcends the reciprocity called ego.  The ego never had the power to contain or control you, the Holy Child of a Loving God.  I rejoice with you Now!!! Jest go wit da’ flow an do it, whatevr IT! Is!
Take on a down-to-earth attitude when handling the more practical aspects of your life today, which might mean that you are more likely to make decisions based on common sense and logic. Having a realistic view of things can be a grounding influence, and you might find it useful to use the earth’s centering energy to help you in your affairs. While making decisions today, you may want to briefly bring you attention to your feet, noticing their connection to the floor. As you focus on this areas, breathe deeply, imagining that through your breath you are bringing in solid, stabilizing energy into your being. This connection that you have created could not only make you feel more centered, but it might also give you greater confidence in the decisions you make.
The energy of the earth is supportive, nurturing and also grounding. Calling upon this energy is a wonderful way to infuse our being with a sense of strength, allowing us to feel that the decisions we make are based in the reality of the moment. When we consciously use this energy, we make it easier to steady ourselves when we need to – decisions that might otherwise have thrown us off-kilter may not affect us nearly as much and we are ale to make sound choices based on reason and good sense. By being aware of your connection with the earth, your decisions will be rational and rooted in the practicality of the moment today.


laugh at me also says Q! that’s ok, ur inner voice knows what ya are an what ya do inside, remember:
” Crashing is Not an Option ”
The eyes an ears of da werld are lewking over ur shoulder
At any given time u can choose to also listen
To all the good things the werld in there and out there has to offer
So- March On! an have a Splendid Week

Peace Out



Queensrÿche: Eyes of a Stranger

Queensrÿche: Eyes of a stranger

Lewkin_at_you_Q 007

Quarked photo above is 35mm Black & white original normal florescent lighting with umbrellas; keepin it simple nutin’ special, jest a 2 am Ready Redeye photo shoot 🙂 2 people lewking into each others souls, jest one happens to have a camera in hand at his end LoL 🙂 lol….@ mark da sharks photo studio and yes ready to get da soulful shot in a handful of shotz taken dat am wit qt’s @ Qk’s photolab 


Q say Da’  Mirror Never Lies

This is an awesome song. We all know who the stranger is, This song takes me back to days when i have lost fellow participants in this life.. You become a stranger to yourself and i think its the only thing that can take you to the brink of Insanity. You lose yourself, because a part of who you are has been ripped away. Somehow we find our way back, but we are never who we once were. An amazing an prolific song, and I hope people get enjoyment out of it as I have. PeAcE!
To u frum Da Quarked one today!
I’ve been hewked on Geoff’s voice fer yearz
in da mind of da ol
The Song Remains the Same
when we lewk into the eyes of a stranger!
[ page ]: dr. david, telephone please. dr. david
Dr. blair, dr. blair, dr. j. hamilton, dr. j hamilton
All alone now
Except for the memories
Of what we had and what we knew
Everytime I try to leave it behind me
I see something that reminds me of you
Every night the dreams return to haunt me
Your rosary wrapped around your throat
I lie awake and sweat, afraid to fall asleep
I see your face looking back at me
And I raise my head and stare
Into the eyes of a stranger
Ive always known that the mirror never lies
People always turn away
From the eyes of a stranger
Afraid to know what
Lies behind the stare
Is this all that’s left
Of my life before me
Straight jacket memories, sedative highs
No happy ending like they’ve always promised
There’s got to be something left for me
And I raise my head and stare
Into the eyes of a stranger
Ive always known that the mirror never lies
People always turn away
From the eyes of a stranger
Afraid to know what
Lies behind the stare [lies behind my stare]
How many times must I live this tragedy
How many more lies will they tell me
All I want is the same as everyone
Why am I here, and for how long
And I raise my head and stare
Into the eyes of a stranger
Ive always known that the mirror never lies
People always turn away
From the eyes of a stranger
Afraid to know what
Lies behind the stare
Copyright; Geoff Tate aka Queensryche
into the eyes of a stranger


Queensrÿche: Someone Else?

frum Breakin’ da silence to silent lucidity all cuza of an operation mindcrime an false incriminations all round…Is a Queen of the Ryche week fer da quarked one in Colorado;


yes, Queensryche with Geoff is back with all new members, as geoff well knows betrayal is all in the eye of the beholder huh, Integrity comes far and few between as we all chase the sun… Whats it all bout,,well not all bout $$$ cuza ifn it was the debut would not be in Q’s little werld at the Sky Ute Here hear!


…Who is this someone else we are all lewking for and wish to be?, or are ya one of the ones that jest decided it is easier to cover the truth with lies, well if this were the only lifetime for there to be then yes, might be easier thata way, but sorry to say folkz , this is not ! and well KARMA will be the future behold no matter what path ya take in life! whilst some prosper from sarcastic negativity, one could only hope somehow, someway, in this lifetime, that they would find the correct path to move forward without hesitation and fear, instead of playing the same ol fear game year after year!..and what for anyhow? peace an security of an EGO to only Edge God Out in da end….to me personally it’s more fun to have fun in da end’…..For Yes U gots more than one life to live 🙂 and yep ; forevr is jest what it is,,and Karma is jest thata way also…..IN Da END!



Fer me myself an I – it is preferable to attempt to have FUN in The End 🙂


So now there what bout…Q…?Now in da beginning of the end well, click here