The Black Hole of Forgiveness

Its an all natural way for one to fall of ya know,
fer it is the only true way one can grow:) once we
fall from the place of comfort,
we need to re-create and find new shelter and sustinence to Grow:
^^^ Quark say ^^^

^^^ Quark say ^^^

this article; i have seen a few places now an in mail so i forwarding to U because; well i jest witnessed 3 healer type of lady friends of mine fall from grace an out of thier own light of healing an not able to help or heal others because they live in this black hole of false forgiveness, to hide thier true essence; which is that thay do not worship the front they put out in thier life, {love and light} , rather they worship thier very own fears, Deep inside the subconscious. This is why i am writing the article i am NOW bout the NOW instead of relying on the past to make us do what we do in the NOW! to rely on our very own intuition of an through love instead is the correct way, ask urself is this a love based decision or a fear based decision in every thing u do,,, an see what happens ,over an out frum Q
About the Black Hole of forgiveness
:::Let’s talk about the black hole of forgiveness. Many times, people think they are expressing forgiveness when they are really in denial. A false New Age idea has been promoted that to become a loving spiritual being you need to forgive everyone, even if they mistreated, disrespected and mislead you. People are so uncomfortable with anger that it has become a religious practice to skip that emotion entirely, and go directly to shutting down to fit in. This is called “forgiveness.”There is also a similar New Age idea which goes something like this: we cannot use judgment because judgment is condemning others, and to be a spiritual person, you must love everyone. In fact, scrutinizing, assessing and measuring what is happening is the good use of your intelligence, not an unfriendly act. The cabal worked hard, for good reason, to train us into believing that using judgment is identical to being judgmental. It was a deliberate and brilliant teaching to trick humankind into embracing blindness. If we had truly looked at them with clear judgment, we would have seen through their illusion and they would have been powerless over us.When you look closely at something, you allow the intuitive red flag response which instantaneously leads you to Truth and away from danger. But this would mean you have to use judgment. Instead, you are expected to be ignorant of what you feel, in order to make other people feel good, especially the ones who are behaving badly toward you. You are expected to accept all people just the way they are, even if, here again… they have mistreated you, disrespected you, and mislead you.The picture we have just described is so circular (forgiveness, denial, forgetfulness, denial, anger, denial, and blindness) it prevents you from ever getting to the point or the truth of what has actually happened. This attitude puts you forever at risk of repeating the mistakes of the past, when using your judgment and intuition would have allowed you the chance to bring your life to a higher level. So you are stuck in denial, because presumably, expressing who you are and what you think goes against forgiving others. This encourages endless tolerance toward people who should not be permitted the rights and privileges of being close to you.

This brings us to the third lie which leads to the Black Hole: By telling the truth, you are hurting others and “making waves.” This is not socially acceptable will bring rejection and abandonment (from the very people you should have already left behind). While keeping this circular emotional prison you can’t speak truly or express your feelings honestly. You are expected to beam love, or you risk being seen as intolerant, selfish and overly sensitive.

How can you be able to beam love when you have put all the resentment, rage and fear into your stomach, intestines, heart and mind in order to paste a big smile on your face and pretend all is just fine? This is not love, forgiveness, tolerance or spiritual elevation; it is denial. All of it is designed to prevent you from being free, and to prevent you from raising your vibration to be the brilliant Lightworker you really are. You have just signed on to wearing the ball and chain which will prevent you from rising to your own Ascension.

Therefore, denial really means you must put all people, events and personal behaviours that you dislike and that make you feel ashamed, angry, hurt or unworthy into a little box labeled “Things to forget.” This you place in a secret corner of yourself while you give yourself credit for having “worked this out.” By doing this, you adopt the cabal principle: “It happened so long ago it’s no longer true, so don’t bring it up.” Understand, that by doing this you cannot manifest your ideal life, because the vision of your ideal life dies with the denial of yourself.

If you are in denial mode, you can’t forgive yourself and you can’t forgive others.
How to resolve this paradox? First we must understand that there are two real forms of forgiveness.

First, there is the truth and reconciliation form of forgiveness, which takes place between two or more people who are present and aware of the interaction. It requires acknowledgement of responsibility, genuine regret and a heartfelt apology, “I promise I will never do this to you again” and they don’t, ever. Only then is it possible for the injured one to truly forgive and go on in the relationship without compromising their integrity and good judgment. (Beware the false apology which carries a tone of blame and entitlement – the “I’m sorry you made me do it” manipulation.)

The following conditions must be present in order to resolve the conflict:

– The one who has been hurt acknowledges their feelings and offers the other the opportunity to make up for their mistake. This is a gift of trust and good will.

– The person who has hurt another takes responsibility, expresses genuine regret, and asks for forgiveness. It creates an environment in which real closeness and trust can grow. From this fertile ground, a strong and healthy relationship can develop.

Genuine reconciliation and forgiveness requires openness, transparency, mutual kindness and conscious agreement before moving on. If you have not accomplished this, and you decide to stay, you are creating a recipe for disaster. If you haven’t seen all of the above elements, and you “forgive and forget” anyway, you are abandoning your freedom and the opportunity to be authentically yourself. It is wiser to walk away. Compromising your integrity in trade for resolution can only recreate the cycle of resentment and pain.

The second form of forgiveness is a solo mastery of feelings, apart from any continuing relationship. This is not to be confused with the above reconciliation/forgiveness. In this case, the perpetrator is unrepentant, unwilling to negotiate, or absent. This form of forgiveness MUST NOT be used as an excuse for playing on the dark side by supporting another’s bad behavior, or for congratulating yourself for being above it all.

We understand that the internal resolution of pain or injury from the past is the path to peace of mind. In order to accomplish this we must be willing to release all feelings of resentment or victimization, which keep us tied to the perpetrator and the darkness we experienced. Seeing that our own recovery is more important than revenge allows us to make the choice to release ourselves to love again in spite of past hurt.

One who has been devastated by traumatic events or a life without love can lose their grip on themselves, on their faith in God and their self-respect. People who have been victimized can fall into a bottomless pit of self-blame and loathing. It takes courage, determination and focus to restore your Faith and to believe in yourself.

This form of forgiveness is fundamentally about your own recovery and the decision to live in the present, in love with yourself. Embracing the truth of your past rather than trying to deny it makes it possible to restore your sense of self-respect and worthiness. This is a real achievement. Learning to love yourself is the true key to forgiveness. It is the way out of the Dark Hole, and the path to manifesting the ideal life you came here to live.



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For further discussion on these issues, see Chapter 27, “How Can I Get Over It?” and Chapter 28, “Learning Forgiveness,” Who Needs Light? by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

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So, Back to my beginning of this blog! We need to re-create and find new shelter and sustinence to Grow🙂
So how do we find this new beginning ya see and envision its birth within me:)
…..welp , first chore fer me is ya see, to get outa the way:)!!!!
So the forces at werk in my life can be allowed to Re-create:)….
this saying i find so true as long as it is percieved correctly,,,
fer ones perception of god may be different than onothers!… but
the saying goes as this>>>>” Let go! ~ Let God”! <<<<<
to a certain extent I am a firm believer in it 🙂 ,
because of my interpretation ya see 🙂 !
For this werd that keeps coming up today fer me is to re-create:)….
well….it seems as in no matter of co-incidence un-natura l:) ?
what a sense or context; i put it my life is and should always be just about that 🙂
Re-creation 🙂
hopefully one day I can make a living just doing RECREATION<:)….ah but ya see now right:) okay:)darn oh well i guess i am making a living re-creating hehe…lol
RECREATION ` most simply put is not always having fun 🙂
😦 but sometimes might be a real chore
or task…but it is what it is, if ya lewk at it difinitively….
might even get hurt re-creating if ya mess up?
so be careful !
re-creation = recreation:) without the gap:)
So point of my thoughts to me today is to “LET GO” and not let thine ego direct the script:) but let
it be found within actions done out of discerned direction of the higher spirit:)….. ❤
Fer me to continue to let the higher order of things run the reels, and beware that my dicisions can
dramatically change the script:)..
so be poingnant bout my needs and directiveness is important today….
may today I be the best part of the script that I can imagine, and werk with truth and honesty,
and if it requires it….shut my mouth:) hehe and have a little wisdom bout me:)
..fer ..sometimes it
is wiser not to say anything at all, but just to see it fer what it is and experience
” it.”
..whatever it is..
so the least I want to forget today is my ability to Re-create:).
…for recreational activitys keep me
free and feeling like i am a part of the
“big picture show”:)
so jest fer today:)
“let go!” and
“let ur higher power show ya how to re-create”
and maybe have a little fun:) while ur at it also…
fer to give it up and let the higher order of things kinda show ya the path
won’t always be the better road as one may percieve but i’ll gaurantee ya this!
“it’ll be different”
and prolly a little cleaner 🙂
OH PS: dont let go too much..hang on jest enough so ya are enabled to still get to the top of ur stair way and destination without too much effort; is the way i see it and without interfering in the “plan” beyond me out to the universe 🙂 ? wallah 🙂 ….as soon as the higher order of things tells ya to get on the ball and re-create a specific thing,,,,wellll….get on the ball and do it!
dont fall! ~ and remember
“crashing is not an option”
beware of the ego and fear!
especially when ya are going to land 🙂
Watch ou fer the freeways, an Okies & hippies {watch out!} and the rednecks too 🙂 …viejo ~y namaste’ 2
easy to say huh….well into action should be my quest daily in every thing i do:)…
okay …gotta go and get into action 🙂 chow!
if nutin else i’ll scrub the floors, and do my dishes too 🙂
hmmmm maybe a little more too…



The Etheric Cosmic Warrior of Another Kind

The Etheric Cosmic Warrior of Another Kind..Some call them Witches..

Although, in the end this blog is bout


WARNING! STARTED AS A SHORT POST HERE; became intense an long , excuse me if u do not appreciate posts i do bout this kinna reality etc etc , it jest is what it is!

Take it er Leave it! Mikey da; Q…….

a yucky blog bout someone who was da' apple of me eye!

a yucky blog bout someone who was da’ apple of me eye! for years! and is 2 distinct personalities in one body

First off, if u are a female reader I have an ANGEL and she will stalk u if u show any interest in me publickly, so if ya want to be my close friend email me , instead of leaving wunderful posts on my site for her to snake onto. She will send u letters an or call u to tell me how bad a guy i am 😦
is what i have to live with still after all these years imagine that, all my readers that have been reading me for some time realize an know that i was betrayed by someone i loved more than all my heart, gave all my time and money to, an bought many things also. But it never ends, the POETIC MISJUSTICE TO ME * I can’t get one female friend on the net here at wordpress close because somehow she connects with them an prospers her lies about me to them and , well then done deal i am shut off by anoter potential loving friend because of someone else intrusion and lies 😦 how can one get around it? i guess ya really can’t …anybody who stalks friends and all my connections need to find a heart an soul…the way i see very disturbing to me to constantly have evry new relationship i get here destroyed by this crazy woman 😦
This woman  came into my life with her beautiful love honoring kind poetry 5 years ago only to turn onto betraying love poetry over time,,,dumped me a long time ago with publik abuse calling me names in her betraying poems etc etc.she has deleted her super nasty poems about me so the publik would not see em i assume an her blogs with her naked body to tempt me an other men?..but now still she is at my back daily, writes people that connect with me here and tell them god knows what bout me but next thing i know that person i was having a great time with blocks me and turns me off….:( I have been contacted now in both singles sites and on the net annonymously liking my blog etc etc,,,an wanting to get to know me, and after doing research i find that the same ip adress as my angel that loved me so much is that person, Jest messing with my head for fun, like nothing better to do for her heart an mind in canada? also see that multiple identities an blogsites for the reason of personal protection an profit is a must for this person multiple walls across borders from here to canada. she feels protected i assume 😦 prolly does same as she did on me to guys all over the werld for profit an sex an fun 😦 😦
So; if ur a lady an showed any interest in me , well i’m sure u’ve been contacted by my illustrious poetic angel 😦 especially if’n ur canadian even though she detests french canadians for she is a german canadian an discriminates 😦 an well friend? ,if i do not hear from u now , i now somehow she connected to U..has happened more than once now in the last couple of years , an all i can say is one day karma an soul an heart will catch up with this ladys nasty deeds to hurt on this guy Q…it has werked an now i stand another day with a broken heart because she prolly has connected another person that attempted to care bouyt mikey here…… such a jelous heart…an to e well is criminal , not only did she steal my time for 5 years she stole my money and my heart…..betrayed every good word she evr said and broke 2 years werth of promises built up…. I should have known better , when she came here an visited me for a couple of months an showed she honored fear in her heart more than love. cuz love to her when she was young was abuseive an neglectful to her and is even now in denial, with her she exhibits all those for me to reflect back to her now, i do not choose that hall of mirrors to walk in..….
What i have to say to that sad enuff is karma will be hers in the end for all this changing my destiny and fate with friends an people in my life for years now she has 😦 demonically demonised herself when all her friends call her angel lol….. hezzzzzz:(
alll o can say to her is this > u got another thing coming woman mean mistreater thief an liar in denial of ur own relentless un empathetic un-remorseful ignorant neglect.

So as a result of this an all my werk with where this blog started: forgiving her for her crap she has pulled against me for 5 years now with a passion :(… i want to post this frum a very wise lady an article bout writing our way to forgiveness~~~

as for my abuser, well she is jest going backwards more an more in this incarnation and will have to come back an do it all over again 😦 the way i see it, meanwhile she changes my fate an destiny daily with people on the planet by her interference:( not a lot i can do 😦 truly is disheartening an unkind:( an not the angel i ever met! but who is what they appear to be on the outside anymore really huh .are you ? well if so email me an don’t pay any attention to her crazy stories…..relate to me talk to me, let me tell u the truth ! namaste 2 U over an out frum Q

033heres to lewkin @ you! frum Q


~~ All I Ever Wanted!<link

^^^^ A short story by Q ^^^^

i halped her get to the other side an she dumped me anyhow

i halped her get to the other side an she dumped me anyhow

November 22, 2014
From Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace On-line Course
Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace
by Dr. Sherry Reiter, LCSW, PTR-M/S, RDT-BCT
The following is an excerpt from the “Write Your Way to Forgiveness and Peace” on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.
I think of this process as “Thunder n’ Writening” and through the series will repeatedly use this phrase. Anger is like thunder; it can be startling, shocking, and shake us to our very bones. The process of writing out all of those things that thunder through us emotionally can help to bring clarity.
Lightning streaks through the sky, and lights up a dark night. While the thunder may frighten us with its’ sudden sound, lightning lets us “see” what is happening. Awareness sometimes hits with the suddenness of lightning; at other times knowledge grows slowly and gently into our consciousness. Let us begin.
Feelings make themselves known physically. There are different theories of emotion. While one theory is that there are four basic physical sensations: anger, sadness, joy, and sexual feelings. Other theories include love, surprise, and disgust as major emotions. The important thing is to learn to recognize the different emotions, so you can appropriately respond to them.
We develop habits for how we respond to our feelings. That habit is likely to be based on the template provided to us in our childhood. If you were taught that anger outwardly expressed is harmful, then you may have learned to block it with that thought. That thought, (UH! OH!—I must not let my anger show—it is harmful or nasty) can block the expression of emotion.
Conversely, the toddler who is told , “No! You can’t have cookies before dinner,” and who feels powerless and needy, may throw himself down to the ground in a full scale temper tantrum. If the parent gives in, then the child learns than anger and screaming will get a person whatever they want. The original feeling of powerlessness is deeply buried. Twenty years later, the boy is now a man who keeps his family hostage to his rages. Early trauma and humiliations may also be masked and emotional bullies are born: “This person is out to hurt me and I will have to show this person not to mess with me” becomes an automatic response of habit.
Any time an emotion is linked with a thought, that thought has the power to compromise its energy. For example, if sex is equated to sin, if joy is thought of as “childishness,” or if sadness is linked to the thought of weakness, you may unconsciously block those feelings from your awareness.
Until you begin to notice and use your awareness, you are slave to your thought processes. As you begin to regulate the flow of your awareness of your body and relate it to the people and events in the world, your emotional habits will become more obvious.
Do you try to rationalize your way out of anger? Or perhaps you are a person who tries to ignore it until the angers accumulate, the pressure builds, and suddenly erupts like the lava of a volcano, taking everyone by surprise. People experience anger in many different ways: a turn-on, scary, uncontrollable, repulsive or all-powerful. Anger may be accompanied by nauseousness, burning or heated sensations, tightness in the neck, head shoulders, headache and constricted breathing. In terms of behavior, people respond with a variety of different behaviors; they may become controlling, sarcastic, attacking, aloof or robotically rational.
For this exercise, DON’T ANALYZE YOUR FEELINGS. SIMPLY OBSERVE THEM AND THEIR EFFECT ON YOUR BODY! My suggestion is to start an Anger Journal. For daily tracking, a small pocket notebook you can carry with you at all times is ideal. Recording a blip on your screen of anger will only take two minutes. Just take note of the date, triggering situation or comment, and effects of anger on the body. Pay particular attention to breathing.
Include your Anger Level (1-10 with 10 being the most angry and 1 being slightly irritated.) A journal entry should have 5 columns, labeled: DATE, ANGER LEVEL, FEELING, THOUGHT, BODY SENSATION. You may choose to set this up in a spread sheet for your own convenience. See samples of possible entries under each column.
5/07/12_____ 4___ Rejected___ “He treats me like dirt”____ Nausea
5/17/12_____ 8___ Victimized__ “She betrayed me”_____Clenched Fist
Awareness is key to learning. I suggest two notebooks for your work. An Anger Journal can be used for your daily writings; get into the habit of putting aside fifteen minutes a day for mental clearing. Side note: We don’t think twice about taking out the garbage, but we let a lot of garbage accumulate mentally. Take out the garbage by spending a few minutes a day on “the write path.” In addition, a small notebook that fits into your pocket is ideal for tracking your moods and jotting down quick notes as you go about your day. Record any blips or irritation, annoyance, or anger that appear on the radar screen of your consciousness. Reserve fifteen minutes every day to review your notes and write reflectively in your larger paged journal. Use your mini-notebook for seeds of thought that can be expanded in your journal later. Develop your own writing practice and let your journal accompany you like a good friend. Remember: AWARENESS OPENS THE DOOR TO FREEDOM OF CHOICE. No doubt! you have tried other methods to master anger. Now try the “write” path.
For more information visit:

PS: To thine own self be true where honesty integrity truth and love are the # 1 thingz in life – let it be so ; Back to one day at a time fer me an let go let god , serenity first paoin second etc etc etc…. 🙂 –


Clearing Entities Metaphysically

If ya ever feel possessed or like u gave ur control over to another spiritually, or are u a healer or a lover with a problem such as this? this article might interest u!

which_wayonly ur heart knows da right way, correct or not… it knows…right frum wrong…!


have a great week everyone


Clearing Entities

There are quite a few ways to clear entities but as I have explained they are not all equal. One method that is being used and which is becoming quite popular is very simple and easy but it is also somewhat ineffective. With this method the healer simply goes up to God and commands that the Entity be removed, in fact they may just go up and command that all entities be removed from the individual being healed. Before doing this the healer must ask permission from the client and if they say yes please remove the entities then it is seen that free will has been respected and it is all ok. Well the problem here is that the individual does not understand what an entity is, they do not see how the entity or entities have been effecting them, they do not see why they caught the entity in the first place and therefore their own emotional issues that lead to the problem and so it is not possible for the person to truly choose to have the entity removed. If someone does not even understand what they are giving permission for then how can it be said that their decision was based on their own free will? Besides this the entity has not been consulted whatsoever and so the entities free will is completely overlooked. Now this method can indeed remove the entity but it will almost certainly not clear it properly, it will simply be removed from the individual as this is what was commanded. It will almost certainly try to get back in and if that fails it will go for someone else. Aside from this the person who had the entity cleared still does not understand why they caught the entity and has not dealt with their own issues so there is a good chance that a new entity may be attracted to the same area as the energy there will be weak for a time. Keep in mind that what I have said is not based on a theory of how these things work but by a direct observation. I have seen many times how these types of clearings fail.

My method for Clearing Entities:

The method I use to clear entities first requires that the client be induced into an altered state of consciousness so that they themselves can see the entity, how it effects them, why they caught it, when and where. To access this state the client is guided into the space of the third eye. This is a simple technique and it is not hypnosis, the client remains fully aware during the entire process and can stop at any time. Once in the space the client is in a relaxed state of consciousness and may feel like they a floating in space. The client is lying down during the process while I sit beside them and I also go into the space. By doing this we create a connection to our guides and to the light. This makes it very easy for the client to get into the space even if they have never meditated before. Once we are in the space I will feel in my own body what the client feels in the area where the entity is attached. By doing this I get a good feel for what is happening and I see the entity very clearly. I then put my hand over the area on the clients body where the entity is attached to help them focus on the area. The client is then asked to feel the area for any emotions or feelings that may be present. Typical areas for entities to be attached are usually near the chakras, most often in the belly or in the chest regions.

The client is able to feel much more clearly their energy and emotions in the deep state of consciousness of the space. They will usually feel some emotion like sadness, anger or whatever it may be. Then the technique is to simply help them feel it more deeply and to guide them by asking simple questions. As I can see the entity and feel the emotions myself it is quite easy to guide the person but I do not tell them what I see, the idea is simply to guide them deeper into the space and into their own energy so they can see for themselves. It really is amazing how much people can see, feel and remember while in the space. They will remember when they caught the entity and it will be very clear, they will be able to see and feel how the entity has effected them and they will be able to see and feel the entity itself and know what it really is. I should probably tell you here that this is not scary. The entity is seen for what it is and so the fear of such a thing is greatly diminished if not completely eradicated.

Once the person has seen enough and understands what has been happening they are then in a position to choose for the entity to be removed as they have truly learned from the experience now because they can see it from a higher level of awareness. The talent for helping people through this process is empathy. By me allowing myself to feel the deep buried emotions within someone else while we are in this expanded state of awareness it makes it very easy for the person to feel it themselves. This is the starting point for the clients exploration and as I can feel what is inside them guiding them is much easier.

Now when it comes to entities the same very same mechanism is used. If I continue to see the entity the way it appears outwardly it will not change and it will not allow the light to come in and clear it properly. If the light is brought down at this stage and the clearing performed it is more likely that the entity will try to jump out of the person being cleared and jump onto me or someone else in the vicinity. If there is nobody else it will flee and start looking for another host. This is not what we want. If however I allow myself to feel the entities deep buried emotions instead of just seeing its outward appearance then the entity will feel its deeper emotions as well. At this point the entity has already been opened up to some degree. An entity is a very simple being, it is not nearly as complex as a person, it has one core emotional issue and its outward personality is based on trying ot escape or not feel this one core issue. SO as soon as the entity is brought closer to its own core emotional pain it is opened, it is changed and it loses its direction. Once this occurs if the light is brought down the entity will not run from it but the light will actually get inside the entity and open it up further. it will not just put it into contact with its core emotional issue but it will begin to heal it. At this point the entity very quickly becomes loving instead of angry, scared, depressed, hateful or whatever its outward emotions were. It will be sorry for what it has done to the client and it will want to be forgiven. The entity will now choose to go into the light as it feels so good, the entity is literally absorbed into bliss and all pain is dissolved. This is a true clearing, the entity will never come back anywhere and its pain has truly been healed. If the entity is not cleared in this manner it will continue on earth to search for a living host and its painful emotions will continue in itself and in the hosts it chooses.

When the light comes down it will clear all the energy from the entity in the client as well as deeply heal the clients own energy body. It is a beautiful experience and it is very blissful for the client. They will often see a bright light and they will always feel a blissful warmth in their body where the entity was. What is also very interesting is that the client will also see the entity change. It is amazing to watch an entity change in front of your eyes and then hear the client say “it just changed, its not angry anymore, its sorry” etc. They are seeing exactly what I am seeing. It is extremely tangible and there is absolutely no doubt as to the validity of the experience.

Now although the clearing experience is amazing and will certainly have a deep impact on the client because they have seen with their own senses something that is of a non physical nature it is the after effects which are the most exciting. Once a large entity that has been with someone for many years is removed they are freed from a very heavy energy. They will feel more and more themselves over the days and weeks after the clearing and the change in them is very tangible. True healing may now occur where an entity may have been causing a very real emotional problem. Well the entity wasn’t really the cause of the problem but they can certainly amplify a problem and make it very hard to heal while the entity is still present. Keep in mind that an entity is a simple being, nowhere near as complex and powerful as a person and people can be full of emotional problems with no entities whatsoever. Still entities are real and they do need to be dealt with in a proper manner.

Clearing entities should not be practiced by someone without a good understanding and empathy. Empathy is the most important aspect for a clearer for to be able to feel what the entity feels removes all judgment of the entity and its actions and allows one to just feel what is at the core of a being. The same goes for helping someone to delve deeper into their subconscious. By feeling their emotional pain it takes some of the edge off for them and allows them to deal with issues that may be too painful on their own. The entity may never be able to delve into their subconscious without the help of the clearer because they are simple and lack the required awareness to do this. So the greatest task of the clearer is to allow themselves to feel the emotional pain of both the client and the entity. It is therefore very important that the clearer works hard on their own energy as they will be picking up negative energies from the client and the entity during the clearing session. This is the reason for so many healers and psychics refusing to do clearings or for them charging extremely high prices for such a service. It is also the reason for the clearing methods that do not work properly as the clearers do not wish to engage with the entity on a deep level or the client for that matter, due to the risk to their own energy. It therefore seems to take a certain type of person to perform this type of job properly. I hope the above explanation may help other people in this line of work to do the job properly.

To learn more about Metaphysics, Entities and how to clear them please go to and


Empyrean & Seperate Being


The gateway into your future is through the completion of this blueprint, and this blueprint is encoded deep within your species. At your root, you are not an immortal psychic impression, or mental echo, but rather, you are the faultless triune of First Source, Source Intelligence and the sovereign entity, colliding in a dance of energy that is evermore. Your mind must grasp the fullness of your true nature and depth of your being, or you will fall prey to the psychic impression and mental echo of your lesser self

Wingmakers 14

Empyream &

a Seperate Being

He walked a higher ground
like a soul untethered to human flesh.
Darkness implored–
demanded his searching stop
and match the drifting gait of others.
But his pathway unwound like a ball of string
sent upward
only to fall in a sentence of light.
Collisions with fate would unrail him
and send him the wishes of obscurity.
The lightning of desire.
The curse of empty dreams.
The witness to unspeakable horrors.
~~He would laugh at the absurdity,
yet aware of the dark ripples
that touched him.
Humanity was a creaseless sheet of blank paper
waiting to be colored and crumpled
into pieces of prey for the beast-hunter.
Why did they wait?
The palette was for their taking.
The “distance” betrayed them.
The shallow grave of the deep heart
killed their faith.
He knew,
yet could not form the words.
Nor draw the map.
The ancient casts of the empyrean
withstood definition.
Paradise lost to the soundless blanket
of the clearest thought,
of the loneliest mind.
~Separate Being~

Waking this morning,
I remember you.
We were together last night
only a thin sheet of glass between us.
Your name was not clear.
I think I would recognize its sound,
but my lips are numb
and my tongue listless from the
climb to your mouth.
Your face was blurred as well,
yet, like a distant god
you took your heart and hand
and there arose within me
a separate being.
I think you were lonely once.
Your only desire, to be understood,
turned away by some vast shade
drawn by a wisdom
you had forgotten.
So you sang your songs
in quiet summons to God
hoping their ripples would return and gather you up.
Continue you.
Brighten your veins
and bring you the unquenchable
kiss of my soul.
Drunken by a lonely name
you stagger forward
into my nights, into my dreams,
and now into my waking.
If I try to forget you
you will precede my now.
I would feel your loss
though I can’t say your name
or remember your face.
I would awaken some morning
and long to feel your skin upon mine
knowing not why.
Feeling the burn of our fire
so clearly that names and faces
bear no meaning
like a candle flicking its light to the
noonday sun.

Check out da interview with james from wingmakers click here

MAHA MAYA·75 videos


 The above is a result of me crashing and landing face first on da’ ground, Knowing sumtimes well, jest to get up off the ground is a good thing, even if recovery might be quite some time now :(…. oh well is what it is…….. Q

Your mind must grasp the fullness of your true nature and depth of your being, or you will fall prey to the psychic impression and mental echo of your lesser self

Believe it er not!

Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

……….I jest got a Notification frum a freind whom knows my werld well, and knows bout chronic fatigue and ADPKD etc etc, told me i needed to re-post this for my day ; because well; the forces that be are what they are whether ya believe in them er not , “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” i accept my character defects and do what i need to stay on top of them, although having 5 years of ur life taken for anothers selfish cause for it to be all turnt against ya is insane in my bewk; as i have said before i am not here to fix others; unless they wish to be fixed…. namaste’ 2 one an all if ya know what that means well, i always meant it all along and am tired of being assaulted as a daily ritual in my life with no closure! fact is folks i have been abused and taken advantage of in more ways than one, spiritually morally, financially, and spiritually, I allowed this to happen because of LOVE for another ….. i guess for me thats what love is all bout now, my loss an their gain….IC THERE WILL BE NO AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT in her werld as long as her karma now has to take its instant toll upon her life for her deeds done … yeah another is what it is blog, if ya don’t like the fact i smoke pot and have to use medication for pain and might have a small genitilia as claimed well, then go troll somewhere else if not enjoy ur stay here today,,,,,,


I never ever deserved to have been hurt upon, but well, da kids in palestoned werld overt there didn;t ask to be abused or have missles fired at them either, 😦   for the GREATER OF THE MANY SACRAFICE THE ONE HUH! WHAT WAR CRIMES YES INDEED….. AS TODAYS LIFE IN DA LIFE OF q ALSO HAS been today…….one big war crime of judgement and falsities to create a reality that doesn’t even exist 😦 sad but true ,bless U, so sad but true there are “VICTIMS” even though i preach victimship denied! don’t know bout u but doing my best dealing with others assaults publiky for years through sick double minded and double toungued  multi  meaning poetry 😦

I guess some would rather be sacraficing love to keep fear and judgement alive in the heart 4 ever an remain a hipocryte to the holy spirit now forevr for all said an done 😦

Her greatest belief denied now,z golden rule

” do unto others that which u would have done to you!”


Learn bout ADPKD HERE

and Learn Bout Chronic Fatigue Here

Learn bout what quark says bout smoking pot here

learn bout chronic illness an how i deal click here.

12 sreps to surrender and alcohol sobriety is best for me 2

jest another day in the life of fighting and learning to live with invisible pains etc etc, don’t have to be pained by an unsupporting bigot or abuser or selfish user in my life when i need help even jest taking care of myself a lot, thought life was supposed to be a 2 way street i guess not when ur dealing with blue angels that are holier than thou 😦

Da Angels are Confused


Cosmic Awareness Speaks



The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY
a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote!
another one to add to the Ponderables List…by Q.
~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~
Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this Werld by design, god’s design.


And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss evr we have evr chosen or not chosen by our own ego, and not the designed plan. We all share a destiny and our understanding and joy…

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Wingmakers 13 My Son Nameless Boy

A tribute to both of my sons! with honor! and love! 4 ever!


My Son

My Son
My son is two.
I watch him walk
like a drunken prince.
With his body bare I can see
his soul better.
His shoulder blades
gesture like vestiges of wings.
His features stenciled upon pale flesh
by hands that have been before me.
He so wants to be like me.
His every movement like a dusty mirror
or awkward shadow of a bird in flight.
Every sound an echo heard.
Every cell pregnant with my urges.
But my urge is to be like him.
To return to childhood’s safe embrace
and certain honor.
If I return to this place
I hope my eyes will look again upon his face
even until his blades are wings once more.
Until I have circled his creaturehood
and know every hidden cleft
where I have left my print indelible
unable to be consumed.
Until all that he is
is in me and our hands are clasped, forged,
entwined, in voiceless celebration.
Until we are alone like two leaves shimmering
high above a treeless landscape
never to land.


Nameless Boy

Nameless Boy
Beyond the frontier
where borders blur into unknown thoughts
there is a nameless boy–
a drop of pure human light.
Through narrow cracks in the splintered fence
I watch his innocence with envy,
searching for the right meaning of his movements.
The twilight of his smile
nourishes my heart
like crumbs of God’s light.
A longing in my mouth to speak,
to weep,
and gather this child into my arms
and encipher his nature into mine.
Through the exchange of eyes–
glances, purloined and routed into blindness,
our language annulled.
I can only grope towards him
with antenna thoughts
that dance in praise of his youthful beauty.
I am waiting for stones to bloom.
For venomous skies to wander into oblivion.
For tracks to emerge like dust in a beam of light.
Life’s clever poison
is closing the gate.
The cracks are mended–the vision expunged.
And the nameless boy dissolves,
for there was no earth inside him.


Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection between the individual and Universal Entity. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair, hopelessness, and abandonment. However, it is these very “pockets” that often activate the Source Codes of the entity and establish a more intimate and harmonious relationship with the Universal Entity. Time establishes separation of experience and this creates doubt in the Universal Entityís system of fairness and overarching purpose. In turn, this creates fear that the universe is not a mirror but rather a chaotic, whimsical energy.

When the human instrument is aligned with the Sovereign Integral and lives from this perspective as a developing reality, it attracts a natural state of harmony. This does not necessarily mean that the human instrument is without problems or discomforts, rather it signifies a perception that there is an integral purpose in what life reveals. In other words, natural harmony perceives that life experience is meaningful to the extent you are aligned with the Sovereign Integral, and that your personal reality must flow from this strata of the multidimensional universe in order to create lasting joy and inner peace. 


*an if’n ya are bored this eve check out the interview with james frum wingmakers below 🙂


Arrival Wingmakers Chamber 12

Chamber 12 artwerk  - wingmakers new mexico

Chamber 12 artwerk – wingmakers – new mexico site



..I have held a vigil for lucidity
out in the horizonless fields where nothing shines
but the light of my fire
and the silver disk of the endless night.
Suddenly, it’s clear that I’m alone in the wilderness
without human eyes to reach in to.
Alone with my treasure of sounds
in the pure silence of arrival…

low an slow

low an slow


I am destined to sit on the riverbank
awaiting words from the naked trees
and brittle flowers that have lost their nectar.
A thousand unblinking eyes
stare out across the water
from the other side.
Their mute voices seek rewards of another kind.
Their demure smiles leave me hollow.
Am I a perpetual stranger to myself?
(The thought brands me numb.)
Am I an orphan trailing pale shadows
that lead to a contemptuous mirror?
Where are these gossamer wings that my
destiny foretold?
I am waiting for the river to deliver them to me;
to lodge them on the embankment
at my feet.

What? why ? where? when ..? :)

What? why ? where? when ..? 🙂

My feet are shackles from another time.
My head, a window long closed
to another place.
Yet, there are places
that salvage the exquisite tongue
and assemble her wild light
like singing birds the sun.
I have seen these places among the stillness
of the other side.
Calling like a lover’s kiss
to know again what I have known before;
to reach into the Harvest
and leave my welcome.
These thoughts are folded so neatly
they stare like glass eyes fondling the past.
I listen for their guidance
but serpentine fields are my pathway.
When I look into the dark winds
of the virtual heart
I can hear its voice saying:
“Why are you trapped with wings?”
And I feel like a grand vision inscribed in sand
awaiting an endless wind.


Will these wings take me
beneath the deepest camouflage?
Will they unmask the secret measures
and faithful dwellings of time?
Will they search out the infinite spaces
for the one who can define me?
Wings are forgotten by all who travel with their feet.
Lines have been drawn so many times
that we seldom see the crossing
of our loss though we feel the loss of our crossing.
We sense the undertow of clouds.
The gravity of sky.
The painless endeavor of hope’s silent prayers.
But our wings shorn of flight
leave us like newborn rivers that babble over rocks
yearning for the depths of a silent sea.
I have found myself suddenly old.
Like the blackbirds that pour
from the horizon line,
my life has soared over this river searching for my wings.
There is no other key for me to turn.
There is no other legend for me to face.
Talking to flowers and gnarled trees
will only move me a step away–

Invisible wallz

Invisible wallz

when I really want to press my face against the windowpane
and watch the wing makers craft my wings.

****to go to the original wingmaker 12 poetry page click here ****


*an if’n ya are bored this eve check out the interview with james frum wingmakers below 🙂


Circle Awake an Waiting

Frum chamber 11 wingmakers timecapsule Healing musik’ Poetry and Philosophy 2


frum da’ Q

Wingmakers Chamber 11

Wingmakers Chamber 11


I have found the ancient mirror
that leads me.
I have seen its ruthless eyes
that always stare,
burrowing their way to the crown I wear.
I have sensed the holy fire
like a blazing cocoon
that offers no judgments
amidst its power strewn.
I have felt the innocent light.
Of clarity in flight over native land
where we are birthed apart
from one command.
I have touched the gentle eye that outlasts me.
The huge patience upon my brow.
I have offered all my earthly wisdom
for the symptoms of its tongue;
to drop its seeds into the fields that I plow.
I have seen destiny’s path
gathering its flock
for the journey of endless spaces.
I have watched futures fall with eyelids closed
and the gnawing tears of torn places.
I have seen the Tribe of Light
return the clock to the black pocket
where all divisions occur.
Where weeds secure the humble land
of fires unlit, yet pure.
I have heard the masters of masters speak
to every cell of my body;
cutting new pathways in flesh
like fear’s executioner.
I have watched the galaxies twirl
like star wheels that spiral to the thought
of a holy vision.
I have felt my spirit follow
the one sound that is free.
I have vanished before.
I have taken this body to an inner place
where none can see.
Only feelings can hear the sound of this space.
This sacred place alone
has brought me here to recover the thread.
To see the weaving dance that calls my name
in a thousand sounds.
That draws my spirit
in a single, perfectly round,

Awake and Waiting

.Awake and Waiting
Child-like universe emerging from darkness,
you belong to others not I.
My home is elsewhere
beyond the sky
where light pollinates the fragile borders
and gathers the husk.
In the quiet of the desert floor
my shell lingers in the pallid dusk
of a starved garden.
What holds me to this wasteland
when others clamor for shadows
and resist the vital waters?
Where the ripening magnet
holds us blind.

Far away,
kindling the presence of a timeless world
hunting for memories of a radiant love;
wingless creatures
tune their hearts to the key of silence.
It is there I am waiting.
O’ Paradise shore
give me the heart to bear.
Give me the lamp that sings at night.
Give me the wings to strive against wind.
Give me the smile to translate life into light.
Time obliterates the human moment.
No one is absolved
while beauty burns to charred ash
too frail to last
too secret to call.
I will see clearly again
past lives coarsened by time’s reign.
My light will retake its wings
its evergreen roots will embrace the sane earth
once again.
And this tiny fragment,
spinning in silence among giant orbs unseen
will resolve my soul and help me find
the one heart awake and waiting..

above poetry frum da wingmakers capsule 11 at the new mexico site! to read more bout the wingmakers and their story and the story of james and the wingmakers philosophy of life well, click here 🙂

an enjoy the upcumin week an dance as much as possible , even if it hurtz …itz gewd fer ya 🙂 says da Q

Wskazania: Słuchawki…i odpływamy….

*an if’n ya are bored this eve check out the interview with james frum wingmakers below 🙂


Downstream What is found here chamber 10

Accepting i am powerless




Open me.
Take me from here to there.
Let the wind blow
my hair and the earth’s skin touch me.
*Open me like broken bottles
that bear no drink
yet think themselves worthy of the trash man.
Open me to the clans from which I sprout.
Are they colors separated, cast apart
like memories of drunkenness?
Open me to Africa, Asia, America, Australia.
Open me like a package
of mystery left on your doorstep
in the sweetness of laughter.
Open me to the crudely made lens of love
that screams to be of human hands
and lips.
Open me to the glance
that comforts strangers like the tender overture
of a mourning dove.
Is the wisdom of horses mine
to harness?
Is the muscle of wolves
lawless or the healer of sheep?
Is the black opal of the eye
the missing link we all seek?
Open me to the authors of this beaten path
and let them flavor it anew.
Bring them flecks of the rumored and rotten
slum that waits downstream.
Show them the waste of their watch.
The shallow virility that exterminates.
The ignominy that exceeds examination.
Open me to the idols of the idle.
Let me stare open mouthed at the herdsmen
who turn innocence into fear.
Is the plan of the sniper to uncivilize
the nerveless patch of skin
that grows unyielding to pain?
Open me to the stains
of this land that original sin cannot explain.
Let these symptoms go
like dead, yellow leaves fumbling
in swift, guiltless currents downstream.
Downstream where the slum
lies in waiting.
Downstream where the idols’ headstones
are half-buried in muddy rain.
Downstream where animal tracks
are never seen.
Downstream where
the lens of love is cleaned with red tissue.
Downstream where the herdsmen
herd their flock and beat the drums
promising a new river that never comes.
Downstream there lives
a part of me that is sealed like a paper envelope
with thick tape.
It watches the river like the underside of a bridge
waiting to fall if the seal is broken.
To plunge into the current when I am opened
by some unforgiving hand unseen.
To be drawn downstream
in the gravity of a thousand minds
who simply lost their way.
A thousand minds that twisted the river
away from earth’s sweetness
into the mine shaft of men’s greed.
So it must be.
So it must be.
Open me to the kindness
of a child’s delicate hand when it reaches out to be held.
Let it comfort me
when my bridge falls and the swift, guiltless currents
pull me downstream
where all things forgiven are lost.
Where all things lost are forgiven.

What is Found Here

What is found here
can never be formed of words.
Pure forces that mingle uncompared.
Like dreams unspoken when first awoken
by a sad light.
What is found here
can limp with one foot on the curb
and the other on the pavement
in some uneven gait
waiting to be hidden in laughter.
What is found here
can open the swift drifting of curtains
held in mountain winds
when long shadows tumble across like juries
of the night.
What is found here
can always be held in glistening eyes.
Turned by silence’s tool of patience.
Like feelings harbored for so long
the starward view has been lost.


above poetry frum da wingmakers capsule 10 at the new mexico site! to read more bout the wingmakers and their story and the story of james and the wingmakers philosophy of life well, click here 🙂

an enjoy the rest of ur week says da Q

Wskazania: Słuchawki…i odpływamy….


Velvett Fogg – Once Among the Trees

Another Blast Into the Past Here For Weekend Fun and of course a point to be made…but to who anymore i am not sure, point here though is bout as it is,,” is what it is” and also “Is what it isn’t” an if ur clean an sober well, forgive the rant if u need to keep werking on steps to keep sober read on! the lack of acceptance here is what will make me go out and get drunk!


jest got to accept it no matter how much it hurts to be deceived lied to stolen from and abused, and realize i am not the victim, jest the affected by what i allowed because i loved 😦 how dumb huh 😦 and i got to let it go, hard as it sounds, watching betrayal and lies in action and not being able to to anything bout it 😦 a sad way to be at the moment is all i can say an this to shall pass!.is the kinna resentmants that make one want to go out and get drunk ya know, but i got 15 years can‘t let that happen today no matter how bad i jest like loosing another person i love in my life is all, but hurts werse when it is their ruthless betrayal and them making themselves villians to me:( in the end no angel :(…So…..This Velvet Early morning Fog Amongst the Cool damp rain soaked treez….all i can do to muster up not to think of thee..hurts to watch another abuse themselves mentally bipolarilly and me every twisted way beyond da trees!…ah but to write poetry to lie and steal hearts and time all for a few dollars more in the end:( and more sex with others 😦 what a crime to me 😦 ..

Yes, what a crime 😦 to me anyhew :(is what it is,,get over it mikey huh! she is what she is and has become to you and nothing u can do bout it, but pray to god to save her soul from the pain she has caused and the retribution karmetically at play now to return to her handz 😦 sad enuff ,,,sorry bout the rant , but i am upset over all the insanity thrown at me..? an for what? a few dollars more 😦 how insane 😦 LOVE yeah right,,,twisted love thats right .!

my answer: to thine own self be true ,,, Karma and Darhma will be theirs for all time their new karmetic reality 😦 for tha akashic records of all time to behold,,,what a shame what a crime,,,this mind crime has been against da Q oh well huh such as life i am told to jest shake it off an move forward,,,,we shall see

Velvett Fogg – Once Among the Trees (1969) Psychedelic Rock
and yes this song was recorded by “THE BAND” years laterz….


Once among the trees
There must be escape
Down along the farm
There I must be safe
How did I get in here
How did I open the door
How did I get in here
How did I open the door
Did somebody help me there
Has someone been here before
Up and on the highway
I’ll walk down the road
Confiscate the evidence
Not to mention my load
Frozen in the farm
Frozen in my mind
Frozen in the farm
Frozen in my mind
The dog’s are getting close
Not very far behind now
Once outside the area
Outside the vicinity
I can make my way in peace
From here to infinity
I discovered you looking
At me down on my knees
I discovered you looking
At me down on my knees
I didn’t think you’d notice me
Once Among the trees
Songwriters: Kieth LAW
Once Among The Trees lyrics © SEPTEMBER MUSIC CORP

Lyrics and Music by Keith Law..

an all i can say in da’ end too bad she didn’t touch and see da real me behind da velvett fogg in her mind,,,

once among da’ trees!….


Be at peace even if u have been hated on and betrayed like me ….


Simply “Rise Above it All” as they, sarcastically 😦 without honor an dignity do, as they run in fear and speaketh verbally murderous lies…accept it an move on is all i can do and go for a ryde today!.Can’t be sick over others that are sick and torturous,,,well unless it affects ya, and well like me ya jest got to get over it some how,,okay back to step 4 😦 bummer 😦 .whats sucks is doing a step 4 over someone and not being able to resolve the issue because the other party cheats runs and plays against ya,,what can ya do huh? then,,,how does one let it go ,,,when i figure it out ill let ya know!.!