Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Between is the werd of the week for thee weekly photo challenge and well,

for me what better thing than to be between 2 buddies flying round Cortez after the snows thaws then it is to be between women lol..but is what it is so i go fly instead for now 🙂 anyone care to join in jest let me know 🙂 mikeys a loner here in need of a flying buddie and or a riding buddie? till then i got these 3 Top Dogs to go play wit,,,an me animalz at home 🙂 hasta’


…check see my other blogs bout top dogs and my

ultralight trike adventures

if ya wanna learn more…is a whole lotta fun

and don’t cost a lot either…

Ok fly safe to everyone in the werld

dat’ reads da Q



Danielle Hark of Broken Light Collective challenges us to photograph between. This week, capture something between two things, reflect on the process of transition, or interpret this word in your own way.

  • Want to participate? Each Friday, we’ll provide a theme. Publish a new post with a photo interpreting the theme. Include a pingback and we’ll list your post below. Learn More