WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Grid


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

cageddogWe often superimpose a mental grid over things we photograph to help with composition. This week, let’s go literal.

caged2As photographers, we often envision grids over scenes we’re shooting to hone in on that just-so composition — goodness knows we’ve talked enough here about the rule of thirds, one of the simplest and most effective ways to use a grid to improve our photographs.

jakebegsSome of us also use grid overlays baked into our cameras and phones to help.

jake_cage❤ ~~~~~~~~~ 🙂 ~~~~~~~~ ❤
This week, let’s take the humble grid out of the shadows, and make it the starI made da animals a star so i could add them to the  Weekly Pet Share🙂


This week, make a grid the centerpiece of your photo. Next week, they can lapse back into our photographic subconscious, but this week, let’s give them some time in the sun!



twas’ a good day fer a PetShare

Shadows of the Past frum a dogs perspective!

a good day 2 jake! yep yep

Twas a gewd day fer jake!   yep yep 🙂

….Jake says .lewk at me ….

JAKE THINKS BEGGIN is all Lifes bout! an playin yep yep.

JAKE THINKS BEGGIN is all Lifes bout! an playin yep yep.

.this is what i call a gewd day! Then he gives ya those eyes!

come on lets play! says jakle!

come on lets play! says jake!

…life is jest bout playing an having fun right says the dog!


…….yep a new perspective on life sumtimes it is frum a dogs point of view! an a pet share 

mess wit my crop i mess wit ur head says jake!

mess wit my crop i mess wit ur head says jake!

lol. have a great day werld! says JAke !..so anyhow folks{edit adendum} the whole point of da’ bit bout da’ dogs perspective is …he don’t care bout da’ past nor shadows of da’ past to affect his todays present ,,,he says instead..”lets play!” ? hard to keep up wit jake yep yep lotta energy..glad he is my friends dog an not mine…although i love him to death he is one of them “2 kewl fer skewl dogZ!”..

a good day 2 jake! yep yep

a good day 2 jake! yep yep

an da’ rest of me aminalz!….well they love jake! 2

cageddogAnimals Only No People Allowed

Weekly Pet Share

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge


Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge 1 year anniversary

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup 1 year anniversary

mommy was rotweiller an daddy lab

mommy was rotweiller an daddy lab



Trial an Error.. Jake thinks he can dig em out unda 🙂 lol.. well we fixed dat prob 🙂 was jest a situation really that needed a solution not really a problem :).gerald jest fed jake more an problem solved,,hes to fat to fit unda now lol….an was werth the photo


2 see last weeks pet challenge entries click on the logo or any of the links below i missed last week once again wouldn’t ya know


over an out frum Q





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